Aggression and Violence in Mental Disorders: Anxiety Disorders

I think a good concept is that energy either goes in or out. I suppose it can be static, but it doesn’t seem to be in most people.

Extroverts, Cluster B types, sociopaths, manics, etc. all propel energy outwards, often dramatically so. They also project guilt and fear outwards, often transforming the fear into aggression because aggression is often “fear/guilt energy” turned outwards. Everybody thinks it is cool to be an extrovert, and we all think introverts are dangerous, but the truth is that extroverts are statistically vastly more dangerous than introverts.

And when introverts do act violently, that is when they are projecting their fear/guilt energy outwards for once. In addition, introverts are divided into angry introverts and passive on “non-angry” introverts.

I will admit that angry introverts can be dangerous. All of these introverted mass shooters running around are angry introverts, every single one, I can assure you. On the other hand, extroverts are statistically at least as violent as angry introverts and probably far more so. Go to a prison and look around. 95% of the offenders people and almost all of the violent offenders will be extroverts. Obviously people who not only propel all energy in general outwards but also project all aggression out at the world are capable of quite a bit of havoc.


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6 responses to “Aggression and Violence in Mental Disorders: Anxiety Disorders

  1. Another William Playfair Web

    I have severe anxiety/depression, but I don’t ever feel the need to be violent. I feel bitter, it’s like you have the general feelings of loss from depression, but then you rationalize the feelings of loss by obsessing about irrelevant things/being paranoid that you are going to lose something.

  2. jan

    aspergers and depression here,
    Tried suicide once from my perspective it was an act of violence towards society because i was angry at it.
    but i guess that still falls into inwards aggression.

  3. SD

    Violent offenders rarely display any signs of mental illness because Psychopaths and Sociopaths are not mentally ill.

    In fact they are free of the phobias, depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses that isolate other human beings. They do not even feel fear to the extent that a normal person does.

    Some schizophrenics are paranoid types who, with a gun in their hand, can be dangerous but these are rare. Schizophrenics mostly are not a danger to anyone but themselves.

    Psychotics who burn down the school because they hear voices are really, really rare. Their delusions do make them more randomly dangerous but most of them simply sit in their house hearing voices.

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