Yes, Nonconformist SJW’s Can Be Normies Too

Nebulous Maximus writes:

Can SJW’s be normies? As outwardly freakish as some of them are, they are just as conformist as normies.

Actually some of them are.

I recall a friend of mine who I used to hang out with all the time in LA. He was a professional artist who worked for movie studios. On the one hand, he was deliberately eccentric and so were a lot of his artist friends. He was a “deliberately weird hipster artist type.” On the other hand, he was unbelievably Normie to the point of being a serious asshole. He was exactly like the guy who made this website, as big of a jerk as the guy who runs the Adult Social Skills site.

His behavior was partly my fault, as from 1982-1986, I was was in very bad shape mentally off in OCD Space World to the point where I was nearly insane.

There are some Cultural Left types on the Net who hate me, and they play Normies when they bash me. They call me weird, bizarre, insane, pedophile, crazy, lunatic, senseless, nuts, all that stuff. They come to the site, they read, and it makes them mad. Plus maybe they are too dumb to understand it, or maybe they are just blinded with rage.

When you hate someone, you can often call them names like weird, bizarre, crazy, lunatic, senseless, idiot, mentally ill, dangerous, pedophile, bla bla. It helps if you don’t understand what they are talking about. So in that sense, Normie can simply be a role that just about anyone can play in order to beat up their enemies. There are about 1 million social rules about how to act and 10 million about what to say, so playing Normie gives you a nice big bag of tricks you can use to beat up on people you don’t like. I have noticed that when people don’t like someone, they often start accusing them of being odd, strange, nuts, weird, crazy, mental, dangerous, pedophile, etc. The person doesn’t even have to do anything.

For instance a Normie thing to do on the Net is to call people autistic. I assure you that I am not even 1% Aspie or autistic. I do not know how many times I have been called autistic or Aspie. I don’t know why they say that, but on the Net, you call anyone Aspie if you don’t understand them or if you want to insult them by saying they are social retards.

It is quite difficult to judge whether someone is socially retarded by the stuff they write on the Net. I can typically never tell how good or bad anyone is socially just by reading their prose. How could I? I read some guy’s blog and think, “Wow he must get three new women a week?” Then I read some other guy’s writing and say, “This guy is obviously a social retard, and clearly he’s a virgin who’s never been laid?”

How could I possibly do that by reading someone’s prose? Keep in mind that I make part of my income in mental health. It is almost impossible for me to learn anything about anyone’s psychological state by reading their prose.

There are a few exceptions.

Some narcissists are so over the top that it blares out like a foghorn. And honestly, I did run across a couple of Aspies, but it took me quite some time to figure them out. They were commenting on my site, and they actually were socially retarded in the ways they were commenting, but it was not clear right away, and it took me maybe six weeks to figure it out with each one. Generally speaking, you can’t make any sort of a mental diagnosis by reading someone’s prose. And it is almost impossible to tell well they are socially. That stuff simply doesn’t come through in prose generally.


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13 responses to “Yes, Nonconformist SJW’s Can Be Normies Too

  1. matt

    I feel like in some ways SJWs are super normies. So easily offended and freaked out by anything even slightly out of their frames of reference.

    • Jason Y

      You mean they don’t like the word nigger or want to vomit at the sight of a Swastika tattoo? Well, you can’t really blame them, and considering where I live in the south, it’s about time somebody stood up to crappy language.

      For instance, when I was growing up people were so racist, they’d yell “Look at the nigger run !!!” 😆 when they’d watch their favorite football team. Even members of my family would even make smartass comments when they simply saw black people on TV.

      • Matt

        If you think this is what it takes to evoke their sense of constant outrage or grievance, you haven’t met any. They are to outrage what bloodhounds are to escaped convicts.

    • Stary Wylk


      SJWs seek to dominate by disapproval. I believe they would try to do this even if they lived in the Utopia they claim to want and try to bring about, that what they really want is to bitch at people and will complain no matter what.

      • Jason Y

        The redneck sub-culture does the same thing. You can’t break their taboos or your finished, your an enemy of the people.

    • Indeed, SJW’s and Cultural Left types in general are Super Normie nowadays. The SJW’s and the Cultural Left have written a whole new encyclopedia of behavior that would leave Miss Manners in the dust. And to be Cultural Left now is to be utterly conformist, at least around these parts anyway.

      • Jason Y

        Redneck normies still exist and are just the other side of the coin from the liberal normies. It depends on what crowd your hanging around and what area your in. They’re are a lot of redneck normies and they aren’t any different than they were in the 80s or 90s.

        Actually one community college I was at I managed on their bad side, and the homophobic insults, being told I suck, or I was nigger just wouldn’t stop. Note this was community college which supposed to be full of mature adults. Other instances people were calling me a gook lover even way back in 2004 just for traveling to Asia.

  2. Jason Y

    I looked up SJW. Social Justice Warrior seems to be another word for PC police. I’d say they can have pretty douchebag behavior. I think the problem with them is they’ve never been in a situation where they’ve been persecuted for being white. For instance, in the W. Bush years, you could run into all sorts of people overseas who viciously hated Americans (aka white male pigs).

    • Jason Y

      Canadians would be the ultimate SJW normies hiding behind thier Maple Leaf flag, using it as a shield so they don’t have to be associated with those smelly Americans that nobody likes. Oooo. Gross, those white male American Christian pigs… 😆 Oh gosh… It almost hints at Marie Antoinette snobbery.

      Maple leaf on thier backpack, maple leaf tatoo on thier ass. What else?

    • Gay State Girl

      Did you serve in the military?

      • Jason Y

        No, but you only have to be American to be hated overseas, or at least that was the case during the W. Bush years. I actually tried to distance myself from Bush and even tried to be open minded but the bullying from SJWs wouldn’t stop.

        • Matt

          At first, I thought a Social Justice Warrior was a social justice warrior, someone who fights for social justice. So I woould have the same reaction you did: “Whats so wrong about social justice?” All I can say is good luck to anyone who wants to reclaim the once honorable term, “social justice,” from these whiners and, yes, bigots.

  3. “For instance a Normie thing to do on the Net is to call people autistic. I assure you that I am not even 1% Aspie or autistic. I do not know how many times I have been called autistic or Aspie. I don’t know why they say that, but on the Net, you call anyone Aspie if you don’t understand them or if you want to insult them by saying they are social retards.

    WNs think they have majority support for deporting all non-Whites, that Trump supporters hate Jews more than Muslims, etc.

    The former, at least, would indicate they literally never leave their house and interact with people at all.

    Which would lead to the idea that they are autistic, not as an insult, but as a matter of explaining behavior.

    So you believe it’s not autism but just plain idiocy?

    Most of 4chan or DS types admit they are autistic. Autistics do not like lying.

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