What It Means to Not Be a Normie

Jason Y writes:

Yeah but aren’t weirdos the kind of people social conservatives, and also the alt left hate? For instance, you can’t get any weirder than an effeminate man petting a poodle, LOL

You don’t understand! People who are not normies are not necessarily weird at all. They have just stopped playing a lot of the society games and/or more importantly, they don’t particularly care if other people have stopped playing the society games.

My aunts and my cousins are not normies but I doubt if they are all that weird. If you met them, you would not think they were weird. They just don’t hate people who don’t play the game or play by the rules, that’s all. They’ve made up their own mind what’s important and what’s not.

A lot of the time my Mom is not a normie, but my Mom is the least weird person on Earth. She thinks a lot of society stuff is just complete shit though, honestly. You mention a lot of normie stuff or rules or ways of looking at the world to her and she will say, “Those people are idiots…Well, they’re lying…That’s stupid…They don’t understand…etc.” You get the picture.

To not be a normie just means that you are kind, empathetic, understanding and humble. You try to understand why people act the way that they do instead of blindly condemning them.

The favorite normie word is “weird.” They are all always calling everyone weird. I guess half the world is weird to normies. And they hate everyone who is “weird.” Now, when you tell me that someone is “weird” and you scrunch up your face, you have not told me one single damned thing about that human being. Am I supposed to hate them now or something. I try to envision what this person is like, but I have no clue because I have no idea what “weird” even means.

I never call anyone weird or if I do I will always give you a detailed explanation of why I think they are strange. Generally instead of using weird or strange or other bullshit words, I will simply describe the person’s behavior. Weird means a million different things. You told me someone is “weird” and you made an ugly face. But it’s perfectly possible that I might meet that person and think there is nothing weird about them at all.

Another world normies use is “crazy.” The problem is your average normie knows nothing whatsover about mental illness, so they have no business calling anyone crazy. If you tell me someone is crazy, what have you told me about that human being? Absolutely nothing at all. Are they nuts? Well, maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. I have met lots of people who get called crazy all the time, and I do not think they are even 1% nuts. To me, there’s nothing wrong with them, except maybe they aren’t playing by the rules or they are doing their own thing somehow of maybe deliberately being eccentric or a character.

A word normies use a lot is “eccentric.” Except when normies use it, it means you are crazy or weird in some disturbing or dangerous or seriously mentally ill way. Eccentric is one of the world things a normie can call you. Now me, I happen to like a lot of eccentrics. If you tell me someone is eccentric, you have told me nothing about this person. What am I supposed to think about them. Eccentric is a retarded insult. It is not even a good description. If you tell me someone is eccentric, I want to know some exact details. I want to precisely what this person is doing that makes you call them eccentric. Then I will make up my own mind if they are really eccentric or not.

Keep in mind that part of my work is in mental health. We don’t like to call people crazy, weird, eccentric or any of that. We are supposed to avoid using terms like that, first because they are insulting but second because they have zero explanatory value. Those words tell me nothing whatsoever about a human being. If you think someone is crazy, weird, or eccentric, no problem. But I want you to describe exactly what it is about this person’s behavior that makes you call them names like that.

Are you starting to get it?


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16 responses to “What It Means to Not Be a Normie

  1. Jason Y

    I generally draw a line between stuff people can control like being gay or trannie or some weird crap, and stuff people can’t like thier racial heritage. The first stuff is up to people to decide if they like or not, the 2nd stuff isn’t up for debate, any attack on it is heartless and evil.

  2. Jason Y

    It’s possible to be too weird. For instance, somebody in my family in weird in an incredibly annoying way, bringing up conspiracy theories (like aliens are transmitting radiation to Obama’s brain, LOL) in front of everyone, including educated people.

    Therefore, wouldn’t it be expected such a person will be made fun of? Of course, his conspiracy theories at times can be more believeable than alien stuff, but still generally he has the reputation of the fool.

    The main problem with this guy is his mind is so full of superstition and religion that he has lost crediblity with most people. To top that off he’s an incredibly bigoted and racist person and that offends liberal members of my family, who really don’t like it, but they won’t say it to his face. And finally he smokes pot which really lowers credibility as well as lacking even a high school education.

    Of course, you know, the Dominos pizza guy I mentioned in other comments is similar to this guy. Note while the Dominos guy might be funny and entertaining, he has no credibility and over time it’s easy to hate him and make fun of him, especially if your liberal.

    • Jason Y

      I think a lot of the stuff is cultural problem is you melt the Bible Belt way of thinking with this sort of hippie Charles Mason type people. It produces something either very scary are very idiotic, or maybe both.

      To top it off it’s the like first guy, and it’s a guy who like Kenny Powers on Eastbound and Down show who makes fun of people in a cruel way, then you got the recipe for some monster you want to crucify.

    • Jason Y

      Radical athiests seem to be a weird group with more social acceptability, yet so many of them are douchebags, and well, cunts. They’re definitely pushing stuff people find annoying. Of course, this stuff would be coming from the “weird liberal” direction as opposed to the weird white trash direction I mentioned in the other comments.

      I mean, it’s no big deal if people enjoy Christianity and whatnot, just as long as it doesn’t fall into the hands of idiot pot smokers who believe in a coming race war. 😆

      • Jason do you see this website here?


        Normies are like the guys who wrote that website and like the “popular” people he writes about in that site (not the ones who are rejects).’

        Normie doesn’t mean just rejecting people for being conspiracy freak weirdos, or race war advocates, highly racist people, etc. There’s nothing wrong with thinking people like that are idiots, though they are probably not weirdos. I know quite normal people who believe in all of these things. But I can see condemning the behavior.

        • Jason Y

          I think all people have a need to belong, kind of an inner child. Nonetheless, as you were saying, people are wanting others to compromise pride, dignity, and humanity in order to gain acceptance.

          Ultimately it boils down to some people thinking their superior when in reality they’re not. For instance, people claiming thier beautiful when looks are really subjective etc.. So next, they would want to force their ways on others.

        • Jason Y

          Especially the thing against fat people gets old. Even I was watching these old episodes of Good Times, and it was funny to note speaking against blacks wasn’t cool on the show, but they were always making fun of the black landlord’s fatness. Isn’t kind of hypocrtical? Why do shows have to resort to making fun of people to be funny?

        • Why do you keep insisting that Normie means being a conformist? That’s not what it means, but of course all Normies are conformists. But not all conformists are Normies. Normies are people who act like this guy and the “winners” he writes about (not the “losers”).


          How many times do I have to repeat that until you get it into your head?

          It’s not that Normies conform. Yes, they do. But they’re assholes about it, and they beat up on people who don’t conform, and they believe a bunch of stupid, cruel minded bullshit just because that’s what society tells them to believe. And they use those beliefs to beat up on to her people.

          It seems like you have a hard time understanding that concept.

    • Jason Y

      You gotta understand why I have negative views of pot. Iv’e not seen that it’s produced anything but idiot monsters. There are so many I know and it’s just of my opinion that staying straight in the mind is the only way to maintain crediblity and humanity for that matter.

      • The thing is that I have known many adults that are potheads who have been smoking it for even decades and they are the most normal people you will ever meet. And they are not stupid at all by any means. They are very well adjusted and they make decent money at their jobs.

        • Jason Y

          Of course, there are good potheads. It just seems like the ones I know in my family and from school were always the worst variety. Perhaps because the worse ones seem to gain all the attenton, with their mouth, and on social media, it appears that ALL potheads are out of their fucking mind, in a bad way.

  3. Irma Aguilar Delfin

    I like you 🙂
    I think of normies as opposed to Aspies but your definition of “not normies” includes not Aspie persons who are, well, smart and honest and kind, me thinks.
    Still, I’m in the mood to design a bumper sticker that says “Normies are WEIRD”.
    Or graffiti it. Or getting it tatooed. Ugh.

    Yeah, I know your post is 2 years old and this is way out of context. Google’s fault :p
    Be well 🙂

    • Hey so nice to meet you dear! Really enjoyed your comment. Please stop by anytime you want.

    • Beauregard

      It seems like Aspies can be manipulated just as bad if not worse than normies. There is just a different way to appeal to them.

      Aspies may be good at identifying irrational propaganda and human tendencies but they cannot discern the motives as to why this occurs and how it is planned….precisely because they are socially inept.

  4. Jason Y

    They use “crazy”, “gay”, all that stuff. Usually, what sets it off is the weird person says something weird in a classroom or something. Now, some guys will just kick your ass and bully you – but the normie, just starts to look at you like your retarded and call you all these names – sort of – out of the side of their mouth. It’s kind of girlish really, cause girls seem to do that!

    • Jason Y

      Really, what the normie is, is a coward. He snickers like a little girl – mocking all the “gay” “crazy” and other eccentric people around him. However, though, the other side, the bully, is also bad, of course, as instead, he marks you with a “death wish” pounding on you with harsh verbal abuse until there’s a reaction.

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