Why Normies Suck

Steve writes:

Urban dictionary says normies are 97% of people. You despise 97% of people…have you gone off the deep end or are you trolling?

97% of the people are not normies. My last two girlfriends were surely not normies. One was an artist, and the other was a hippie who was a bit of an artist too. Nor were any of the other women I have been involved with, including women in their 20’s. My male friends are absolutely not normies. Bottom line is if you are a normie, you probably will not make friends with me or go out with me.

Neither two of my siblings nor my Mom are normies, though they can have tendencies.

However, my mother is a bit normie about certain things, and that is why I really do not like to go to public outings with my Mom, as a normie lecture seems inevitable, and I find myself very worried and inhibited the whole time I am out with her.

One sibling can be way too normie about some things, but that makes no sense considering their own mental health. The sad thing though is that when they are quite ill and their symptoms are bad, they are hardly normie at all. But when they get better, they can get badly normie, but they really are not healthy even then, it is more that the illness in this phase looks very angry, and angry people love to be normie. The few times I have seen them nearly symptom-free in the last 40 years, their normieism completely vanished.

One of my siblings is rarely healthy anymore either, but during the rare times when they are healthy, their normieism goes way down. The more ill they are, the more ferociously normie they get.

Unfortunately one of my siblings is a normie, but that’s precisely why they suck among many other reasons. On rare occasions they become a bit depressed, and then a lot of the normieism goes away. That may seem odd, but the normieism takes out their omnipresent personality disorder, and the PD causes the most vicious normieism.

My father was way too much of normie for most of his life, and that’s one of the main reasons why he sucked. He calmed sown a bit towards the end of his life though, which was also the time when his lifelong personality disorder finally started to wane somewhat.

If you have been following along here, you may have noticed that as people get more mentally ill, they often get dramatically more normie. This is because mental illness is often associated with anger, hostility and general all around assholery, and anger feeds normieism because being a normie is a great way to beat up on people around you. This way you can take out your anger or drag people down to your level or whatever it is angry people are doing. Normieism gives you a menu with about a million different reasons to hate someone for not being normie in some way, and this is why so many angry people are so normie. Social rules tend to be used as weaponry by far too many angry people.

Most of my relatives are not normies. I have two aunts and three cousins who live near my Mom, and none of them are normies. But your family members often won’t be very normie towards you.

Normies suck. And yes, I do hate them.

But as you get older, it seems like there are fewer normies. Most people start doing whatever they want and they also get a lot more tolerant of others. They seem to realize that their own shit does stink after all either, so a lot of their arrogance goes down and with it goes the normieism. Also as people age, they tend to get a lot of wisdom and knowledge, both of which normies lack.

Most smart people are not normies, especially as they get older. It’s a bit hard to find an older intelligent person who is a normie unless they are a scientist. Both age and intelligence work strongly against being a normie. However, many intelligent young people, even those who fashion themselves artists or hipsters, are insanely normie.

Dumb and uneducated people of all ages are very normie. Normie tends to be synonymous with both being stupid and being uneducated.

Most writers are not normies, though I have seen some young web writers are pretty normie. I have known a number of people who write books, and not one was a normie. Novelists are usually not normies. Academics are typically not normie at all, but as you get up into administration as in deans and whatnot, you get a lot more normies.

Scientists vary – some are extremely normie, and others are not at all.

Unfortunately, modern science cultivates a sort of vicious normieism that calls itself skepticism, so most scientists are extremely normie about fringe science, etc. In addition, the excessive normieism of scientists called skepticism leads most scientists o be completely spiritually bereft and actually extremely incurious, which is sad because science is nothing if it is not curious. Science without curiosity can only be a religion, and that is why modern scientists often resemble so closely the religious people they love to rail against..

Frankly I do not see how you can be a modern scientist these days and have any sort of a soul at all. This sort of ultra-skeptical “scientism” they so cultivate is almost spiritual poison. Its gospel (and modern scientism is indeed a religion – see above) seems to be that humans are machines. That is an interesting philosophical concept, but how can you believe that and have a soul? Machines are clearly soulless things, and if we are nothing but machines, we must be soulless too. Obviously if you believe that people are just machines, you can only be soulless.

Most therapists and even psychiatrists are are far too normie, and this is just terrible considering that the folks they work with and are supposed to be helping are not exactly normie at all. How can a therapist or clinician possibly help mentally ill people if the clinician is normie? How can you work closely with eccentrics if you are an anti-eccentric? It seems to defy reason. I believe that normies can be effective clinicians, but they cannot possibly be empathetic ones, since being a normie and having empathy are contradictions.

Arrogance and youth feed normieism, and humility and age tone it down, which makes a lot of sense if you think about as arrogance and youth are linked just as humility and age are.


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16 responses to “Why Normies Suck

  1. Kareem

    What is your definition of a normie? Someone who doesn’t think critically?

    • It is hard to describe. None of you commenters are normies. Normies come here all the time, but they generally come in the door swinging and get banned right away. A few comment for a bit, but then they leave. There are normies all over the Net writing about this site and how weird, bizarre, odd, nuts and crazy I am based on what I write here. See, normies look at this site and they think I am either totally bizarre, completely insane or even dangerous. That’s because they don’t get it. They don’t get the site. They don’t understand it. If normies don’t understand something, they think it is weird, bizarre, strange, odd, disturbing, insane and often dangerous.

      • Can you try to give some kind of definition because I still have little idea what a normie is. What does it even mean? ‘Normal’?

        • No! Being normal is fine. It’s more than fine. It’s wonderful! Everyone should be normal as in free from mental illness or serious personality defects or social irritants. People should be able to get along with others well hopefully, and should have a sane attitude towards themselves and others and hopefully towards life in general. There is nothing good about mental illness, especially the more virulent varieties. I am a partial to narcissism at a moderate level simply because it feels good. But at some point, one becomes so narcissistic that it is a huge problem.

          I don’t see why people should act obviously weird. It’s helpful when you go out into society and meet the public to be as normal as possible, even if that means following various conventions. Personally, I try to be as normal as possible. I just think I am not very good at it. Also I hate a lot of the stupid rules, so I break them on purpose. But generally when I am out in public, I try to act as unweird, unstrange and normal as possible. It helps to put people at ease and it makes it a lot easier to talk to people if you act more normal. The weirder you act, the harder it is to talk to people.

          THIS is Normieism:


          That guy is a Normie on steroids and the views and rules of social interaction that he embodies are the very essence of Normieism. It’s just not ok.

          Also notice what an asshole he is. Normies are assholes, though it is often well hidden.


      • oh I guess you kind of answered below. Literally never heard this term until I saw it in your post the other day.

  2. Jason Y

    Yeah but aren’t weirdos the kind of people social conservatives, and also the alt left hate? For instance, you can’t get any weirder than an effeminate man petting a poodle, LOL

  3. Jason Y

    I especially hate normies who suggest other people are gay to their face, they are so annoying. Also normies who attack someone’s racial features or weight are a terrible bunch.

  4. Gay State Girl

    Hippies and artists can be normies as their culture has become commodified.

    • Normies doesn’t mean normal. The hippies and artists who are normies are lousy hippies and artists because if you are a hippie or an artist, you are not supposed to be a normie. That said, some of the worst normies I have ever known were very successful professional artists.

      Normies are the idiots who go around calling everybody else weird for not going along with the program. In fact, if you use the word weird at all to describe others without elaborating, you are probably a normie right there.

      Normies are the people who make you feel very inhibited and like you are walking on eggshells because you are always afraid of doing or saying something not ok or socially inappropriate or whatever. No matter how hard you try, you are always being “inappropriate” or violating some bullshit social rule or custom. You can’t win with normies. Everything you do is somehow not ok.

      They’re assholes!

      I will give you some examples in future posts.


      • Matt

        I’m inclined to describe situations as weird without much elaboration, mostly just to fill dead space. I don’t usually refer to people as weird, unless ironically.

      • Gay State Girl

        My mother used to beat me for crying in public.

  5. Can SJWs be normies? As outwardly freakish as some of them are, they are just as conformist as normies.

  6. Jason Y

    Human beings tend to be creatures of habit and like to fall into comfortable behavior, that is, for them, but when they try to force it on others then it’s not cool.

  7. Jason Y

    The posts about mixed race like tran-nigger as well as the stuff about trans-sexuals hinted of normie thinking. Of course, the trans-sexual thing is a total thing for choice, as opposed to mixed race which someone is born with. People have been mixing since the start of time, and many groups like the Irish and Scotch Irish normally have members with frizzy curly hair etc.. Fortunately they don’t enslave them 😆

  8. Love it

    I love this, man.

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