“Evil Commies Killed 10, No 20, No 40, No 60, No 110 Million People!”

Found on the Net:

Pro-Commie: Famines in India killed 56 million people under British rule.

Anti-Commie: Yes, and how many people were killed in India since 1947?

First of all, I want to say that I agree somewhat with a famous Russian dissident who said, “The only thing I hate more than Communists is anti-Communists.”

Next I will answer the question of how many people were killed in India since 1947.

200 million excess deaths since 1947 compared to China, and that includes all of the deaths under Maoism. Mao set a world record for doubling life expectancy in the shortest period of time. It went from 32 in 1949 under glorious Chinese capitalism to 65 in 1976 under Mao. Yes, Mao killed many people, but tens of millions must be an exaggeration. There were 1 million excess deaths during the Cultural Revolution, but the economy grew 10% every year, and the number of schools and medical clinics exploded.

China and India started at the same place. Indian capitalism or whatever it was killed 200 million MORE people than Mao did. There were 200 million excess deaths in India than in China. That is, if India had gone the Chinese road, 200 million lives would have been saved. And they probably would have put in a one child policy too.

So every time you hear “Commies killed X million,” or “Mao killed 100 million,” or whatever the drivel of the day is, just remember, no matter how many Mao killed, India killed 200 million more than that!

Let that sink in a bit.

Capitalism surely continues to kill.


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5 responses to ““Evil Commies Killed 10, No 20, No 40, No 60, No 110 Million People!”

  1. Jason Y

    It’s debateable though whether Communism is needed to smash feudalism, the real source of the problem. Communism will smash feudalism no doubt, but is it needed? Note the USA became modern without becoming Communist and so did the UK, but then again you could argue the fruits of imperalism gave them the fuel to do so.

    Anyhow, all a nation really needs is just a modern outlook: real industry, good schools for everyone, good healthcare. Whatever government can accomplish this is moving in the correct direction.

    Finally note religion is a major thing holding nations back. Look at Haiti, it has the same racial demographic as Jamaica but 100 times the poverty, mainly cause of Voodoo.

  2. Jason Y

    Feudalism/ Capitalism might work in a third world nation, assuming we are talking about before the green revolution and vaccines. After that thing, the poor population exploded, but there was no plan, no desire for one, which would involve birth control of any sort.

    Right, a primitive area with few people is ideal for capitalism. For instance, the USA in frontier days etc…

  3. Khef

    What exactly does an “excess death” mean anyway? Is there a society on the Earth where there are no “excess deaths”?

    Or are there any excess deaths at all? What if we live in the best of all possible worlds? What if those “excess deaths” were the best possible accomplishment, given the time, the place, and the culture?

    Still, these are interesting estimates.

    • Life expectancy. Comparing India to China as they both started out in the same place. China made massive strides in life expectancy while India lingered far behind. Compared to China, India had 200 million excess deaths than if they would have followed the Chinese model and had the same results as the Chinese. Get it?

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