The Jews: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

My comments section is now full of Judeophiles lavishing praise all over the Jewish people. I am never really sure why people do this. It seems that with the Jews, it’s love em or hate em for some odd reason. Or you could just be like me and try to ignore them as much as possible, but no one seems to be able to do that.

All of you slavish Judeophiles are as nutty as the anti-Semites. To the anti-Semite, the Jew is the both the center of the universe and the font of all evil. To the Judeophile and the Jew, the Jew is the center the universe and the font of all that good and wonderful. Do you see how both sides are screwing up? Both sides are insisting that the Jews are the center of the universe! They agree! Jews and Nazis agree! 99 44/100 of all Jews and Nazis agree that the Jews are the center of the universe. It’s just that the antisemites think the Jews are the center of all evil, and the Jews think the Jews are the center of all good.

Obviously, they’re both completely full of crap. The Jews aren’t the center of much of anything, except in their own swollen and silly heads. Personally, I think they are pissants and highly annoying pissants at that. The less I think about Jews the better I feel, mostly because Jews give me a headache.

Exactly how well do you Judeophiles know Jews anyway? How many Jews have you known? How much time have you spent around Jews?

I’ve been around Jews my whole life because my parents were slavish Judeophiles. But even my Mom is better than the folks in my comments section because she admits that Jews can be sleazy businessmen (lie, cheat and steal for money) or white collar criminals, and she also says that they can be obnoxious and rude. And my Mom is wildly Judeophilic. But she ain’t stupid. She’s Jew-wise. She knows them too well, and so do I.

Now I am very much Jew-wise, and I have become more and more cynical about this pissant little tribe of penny ante humans as the years have gone by. The Jews are a mixed bag, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. The truth of the Jews would be a book called The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. You Judeophiles only see the good. Trust me when I tell you that is there is very much a bad side to the Jews, and there’s even an ugly side too, and it’s pretty damned ugly.

At their worst I simply find Jews annoying, tiresome and idiotic. This is a group of humans who is so wrapped up in themselves that they think they are the center of the universe or maybe that they are the only humans at all in the universe.

This little analogy will help you to understand the Jews. It’s really about the Jewish religion, but the Jewish religion is the Jews. Even atheist Jews are all wrapped up in the Jewish religion, and that’s the whole problem.

Ever seen a spotlight on a stage? The stage is dark, completely dark, you cannot see a thing. Then the spotlight appears, and there is one person standing in it. That one person standing in the spotlight is the Jews. The spotlight is the lousy Jewish religion. The rest of the stage, all in darkness, is all the rest of the world, all of the non-Jews. The non-Jews are in the darkness. It’s not that they’re evil or subhumans or any of that. It’s more  like they are not even there at all. Nothing else really exists except for the Jews.

Now personally, I think that is a pretty shitty way to look at the universe, but this is the worldview of the Jew. A lousy one.


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  1. This is the best Jewthartic thing I’ve read in a long while.

  2. Another William Playfair Web

    you’re no longer a mensch, Robert 🙂
    I assume I was one of the “Judeophiles”

    I don’t worship the Jews, I am pro-Palestinian, something quite quite rare in Prole/Mainstream U.S.A.

    Jews have quite remarkable History, and our so resilient, that’s what I admire…

    • Another William Playfair Web

      are not “our”

    • their history is mostly made up, by themselves

      also, they are Pharisees, nothing to do with the biblical people of Judah :

      The eminent Rabi Louis Finkelstein, the head of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (often referred to as ‘The Vatican of Judaism’) in the Foreword to his First Edition of his classicThe Pharisees, The Sociological Background of Their Faith, on page XXI states:”… Judaism… Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes in name…the spirit of the ancient Pharisees survives, unaltered…From Palestine to Babylonia, from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy, Spain, France and Germany; from these to Poland, Russia, and eastern Europe generally, ancient Pharisaism has wandered …… demonstrates the enduring importance which attaches to Pharisaism as a religious movement…”

  3. Another William Playfair Web

    “The Jews are a mixed bag, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.”

    Of course…

  4. Another William Playfair Web

    Ben Shapiro (who is a Jewish mainstream left commentator, syndicated columnist, and former Breitbart writer) has been re-tweeting hate he gets on twitter from fringe Nazi groups for all Shapiro’s followers to see (a way of exposing the vitriol of the Alt-Right, and bashing them).
    Stuff like; his whole family should be sent to the gas chamber,
    a caricature of him as an evil Jew, etc.
    He has balls, but at the same time,
    only a Jew or Black would do something like that.
    the legacy of hate

    • Another William Playfair Web

      mainstream right I mean…

    • That’s the nutty thing about the Jews.The Jews actually LIKE antisemitism. As long as the antisemites don’t get too deadly, that is. You see, antisemitism is great for the Jews because it prevents assimilation. The mother’s milk of the Jews is their Victimhood. Do not ever try to take away that sense of victimhood from a Jew. They will kill to retain it, their most prized possession.

    • Gay State Girl

      It was probably new to him. I’d tell him to grow a pair as it is only going to go downhill from here… 🙂

      • Another William Playfair Web

        It was probably new to him. I’d tell him to grow a pair as it is only going to go downhill from here…:)

        But in all seriousness, that’s what seperates a Jew from someone like an Iberian Criollos like Jason was talking about.
        The Jews weren’t handed anything, whatsoever, even know they have to fight for what they have.
        They were really abused by the European gentiles, and it backfired, with intense natural selection they now have a very bright/shrewd race.

        The mistreatment of the Jews embodies White dysfunctionality that I like to talk about.
        Whites not only kill their own (every group does), but delude themselves into thinking other Whites (i.e. Jews, and my people) aren’t one of their own; they’re delusional!

        Japanese never said the Chinese “weren’t Asians” as far as I can see…

        • Another William Playfair Web

          even now

        • the Jews were handed the biggest gap of all, the gap to practice usury. Once you control the money, issued out of thin air as chits of paper IOUs on which they obtain a decree of legal tender to collect interest, then you ultimately control everything else.

          the Christians and Muslims in the middle ages were seriously barred from practising usury. By then the Jew had taken the gap and the rest is history.

          the Muslims are still barred from usury, under the that of death, while so called Christians who are usurers , are a day late and a dollar short.

  5. Another William Playfair Web

    That’s the nutty thing about the Jews.The Jews actually LIKE antisemitism. As long as the antisemites don’t get too deadly, that is. You see, antisemitism is great for the Jews because it prevents assimilation. The mother’s milk of the Jews is their Victimhood. Do not ever try to take away that sense of victimhood from a Jew. They will kill to retain it, their most prized possessi0on.

    Of course Jews have been the victim, and it’s rare that a people don’t have their own state, however, plenty of African tribes are broken up between multiple countries, not representing a Majority in any? What about the Gypsies. A major source of contention in discussions of History between Jewish and Gentile friends of mine is the other victims of the holocaust;
    Gypsies, Homosexuals, Socialists, the disabled, Slavs, Romanians, Spanish Republicans, etc.

    I think Jews are perhaps one of the most victimized in History, but anti-semitism in the mainstream TODAY. Bullshit. Absolute Bullshit.

    The mainstream Neo-Con twit thinks Barack Obama is actively planning for another holocaust, and the darn stinky Brown Arabs are destroying Israeli (‘absolutely 100% White like my Anglo family’) civilization.
    That’s where it’s stupid.
    And stuff like what Shapiro is doing is not atypical.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      that came out sort of weird grammatically, I’m sure everyone can decipher it, however.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        I do get exasperated at mainstream right (basically anybody but Trump at this point), bowing before the Jews, and, for perhaps the first time in her miserable life, Ann Coulter was right about Rubio and Huckabees’ Jewish love…..

  6. Jason Y

    Jews are just another master race like the upper class Hindus. These master race type peoples are good and bad. In some ways I can sympathize with them, seeing that so much hate directed against them is jealousy. Nonetheless, the master race groups love to rub people’s faces in it. In other words, the Jews or high caste hindus deserve all they have because they’re on top, and also they deserve to abuse all those below them.

    So yeah, ok Jews run Hollywood, porn, control congress, but again, probably in thier mind, they think that’s thier natural right, just as some rich pure-bred person in Brazil think he is better than the mulattoes in the favela.

    • Jason Y

      Meant to say they deserve the right to abuse all those below them. What they do isn’t abuse, because all of nature’s laws say the poor deserve to be poor because they don’t practice the eugenics of the top group, and also due to personal failure.

    • Jason Y

      Perhaps why Jews, upper caste Hindus, upper class Latin Americans seem like such assholes is because they don’t want to share their royal status. They want to to horde everything for thier group, which of course, makes sure all the lower groups never become them or challenge them.

      it’s a sort of sadism where they won’t help those below them, but rather keep them in a sadistic low IQ zoo for thier own amusement. Kind of like how southern USA gentlemen would get off on owning black slaves or having black servants. Maybe have a little sambo statute in the yard. LOL

  7. Gay State Girl

    I don’t know

    I’d say I grew up in a cult of fear. If someone so much as criticized another Jew (perhaps for reasons unrelated to Jewishness) you had to regard it as a personal attack and fear for your safety.

    • See. This is how they are raised. I have known this for a long time now.

      Frankly, it is not a healthy way to raise children. You’re just going to create a lot of people with paranoid-masochistic characters, with a huge chip on their shoulder, and with a sense of resentment, wanting to get even and wanting to screw over the Gentile enemy.

      Jews shouldn’t raise their kids that way. It’s sort of sick actually.

      • Gay State Girl

        “You’re just going to create a lot of people with paranoid-masochistic characters, with a huge chip on their shoulder, and with a sense of resentment, wanting to get even and wanting to screw over the Gentile enemy.”

        I broke free from the cult of the hollycost when I was about twelve or thirteen. I realized how exploitative it was. How Jewish Organizations played on jewish fears (assimilation, intermarriage, antisemitism) to attract donations and other forms of support.

        I’m trying to educate the people around me, just by pointing out the macroscopic effect the I/P crisis has on the global economy, and how in turn it hurts them. I don’t think they understand.

        If Netanyahu ushers us into WW III, I will light myself on fire in protest. I could not live with that.

      • Jason Y

        See. This is how they are raised. I have known this for a long time now.

        Frankly, it is not a healthy way to raise children. You’re just going to create a lot of people with paranoid-masochistic characters, with a huge chip on their shoulder, and with a sense of resentment, wanting to get even and wanting to screw over the Gentile enemy.

        Jews shouldn’t raise their kids that way. It’s sort of sick actually.

        Isn’t that just the normal behavior of a lot of African Americans, and also of WNs? Could we also bring gays into the party too?

  8. Another William Playfair Web

    *”I don’t know

    I’d say I grew up in a cult of fear. If someone so much as criticized another Jew (perhaps for reasons unrelated to Jewishness) you had to regard it as a personal attack and fear for your safety”*

    That’s something Neo-Nazi gentiles are jealous of.

    I’m sick and tired of the American Gentile. They are destroying their own country, and then deflecting blame everywhere else, like a child.

    They claim to love their race but they will reject members of their race without question…..

  9. OY VEY, SHUT IT DOWN!! ……just kidding…haha

    “How many Jews have you known? How much time have you spent around Jews?”

    Plenty! Well, because…my mom’s side of the family is 100% Jewish. I grew up having it practically drilled into my head how awesome and smart and superior at everything (except sports) Jews are.

    “Jews. It’s really about the Jewish religion, but the Jewish religion is the Jews.”

    You hit the nail on the head. It really is a religion/culture of narcissism. So many Jews seems to talk about nothing but other Jews. And yes, even many of the secular/atheist/nonreligious Jews are fully invested into Cultural Judaism, which (as you mentioned) is a religion itself. Often my mother’s primary criterion for judging a person’s character is whether or not they are Jewish. OR, if they have strong leftist leanings, as she always proudly identified as a Marxist “revolutionary,” despite being pretty gung ho about Jewish relatives who earned huge wads of $$$. Basically, Jews making money = Good, WASPs (i.e. the competition) making money = Bad! WASPs are evil incarnate in her eyes….having been married to one (my dad) probably shaped her attitude on that to some degree.

    The rest of the Jewish family I try my best to avoid. Beyond the immediate branch (my uncles and their families) I don’t really give a crap about them or their lives. The immediate branch is fine, they’re decent normal people who are pretty liberal and mostly nonreligious. But once we expand out to 3rd and 4th cousins it goes more Orthodox and the money seems to pile up. Orthodox Jews creep me the fuck out….that whole culture strikes me as being particularly slimy and amoral. It seems like the more religious the Jewish sect is, the leas ethical it is.

    Thankfully I was raised in a total secular household and was never even nudged an inch toward partaking in the religious aspect of Judaism. To this day, I attend two Jewish holiday dinners a year with family but it’s hardly a religious affair at all; just family getting together and sharing some delicious food over very general conversation. The immediate family I have dinners with are Reform Jews….which beyond the occasionally Hebrew utterances in temple is barely distinguishable from other hippy-dippy liberal denominations like Unitarian Universalism. It’s basically peace, love and kumbaya + Seinfeld jokes.

    The good part about the Jewish side of my family is that is tight-knit and everyone tends to be take care of one another to some degree….unlike the WASP side where they tend to be cold and distant and suffer from various addiction problems.

    Good, bad and ugly is a good way of summing up the whole thing. Jews certainly aren’t the center of the universe and frankly I just wish all the Jews living outside of Israel would eventually assimilate into their host cultures. Though I do like my immediate family, I feel no loyalty toward the tribe as a whole. If I were put in a situation where I had to hide my Jewish background for whatever reason, I wouldn’t think twice about doing so.

    • Gay State Girl

      Not gonna happen. Ultra Orthodox is growing exponentially.

    • Mike H

      “…she always proudly identified as a Marxist ‘revolutionary,’ despite being pretty gung ho about Jewish relatives who earned huge wads of $$.”

      A full belly as salvation. The Whig/Calvinist historical view and the Marxist historical view are nearly the same in all essentials but with a different Elect.

      But, yes, even in acknowledging these similarities, the sheer fluidity with which some notable Jews can transition from Communism to capitalism is often astonishing.

  10. Jason Y

    Actually Northeast Asians, especially Chinese and Koreans, are quite wrapped up in themselves much like the Jews. Also, this behavior, as Robert pointed out, lies with upper caste Hindus. Seems to be a bi-product of a high IQ

    • Jason Y

      Also most high IQ groups are into building systems of wealth. In other words, they want to own everything on the block, of course causing resentment of local people doing Negro work at McDonalds 24/7

  11. lal

    nice & balanced article!
    someone hating jews for their success/domination etc. is just like desperately expressing that he/she is a total loser/inferior being.
    The funniest thing is, haters never feel tired of expressing their inferiority complex.
    If you can’t defeat em by brain & IQ, just stfu! no point in basing jews with fake id white-nationalist,You look too funny when you complain like babies.

    • Jason Y

      If Jews own everything and that bothers certain people, then why don’t they take the inititive to own things?

      Also WNs have been complaining Jews own everything all thru the 20th and 21st century, but haven’t made one attempt to try to own anything themselves.

  12. S.D.

    Japanese-Americans, Indian-Americans and even Arab-Americans do not complain that Jews own everything.

    This is strictly an Anglo remark.

    • James Madson

      Because those groups in America are not targeted by Jews for displacement and eventual extinction. Non-white immigration and diversity are encouraged by Jews. Only whites are targeted by Jews.

      • If it is what you think, convert to Islam or Hinduism.

      • It may also be that third-worlders are about to go out of fashion all of a sudden, as workers suddenly did from 1970 onwards once the old European aristocracies that had opposed them were reduced to mere shadows of what they used to be and made obedient to their cause. It may be that all of a sudden White racism goes back in fashion again, once the New White racist theory is to the effect that one is white in as much as his has more Jewish genes in his DNA. The oldest form of White Anglo-Saxon supremacism used to be thus Biblically justified.

  13. Another William Playfair Web

    Apparently in something similar to “holocaust” denial, some on the Alt-Right claim the Spanish inquisition was started, and primarily committed the Muslim Moors who ruled Spain until the late 1400s.

    What is an Alt-Left position on this?
    Is it even dignifiable?

    • Not dignifiable, nor is Holocaust Denial.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        That’s good.

        More evidence Alt-Righters are monsters(although I understand the point, Whites are not gods designed to control the populations of other races as they please);

        “Bill Gates is anti-White enemy number one”

        ‘That gosh-dang commie gives Malaria nets to the Culoreds, and he sells Oboummer’s schools computers to give tricky jew tests to beuatiful whaite children’

        Bastards. What a bunch of disgraces.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        Although Jared Taylor is including a token MexicanT (White) as a speaker, so I guess they’re not all bad…

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Although I’m sure Jared Taylor is a perfectly friendly/personable person, and is decent outside his work, my biggest problem with him is that he is really not that intellectually honest.

          He posts reactionary titles like “An astounding lack of diversity in Silicon Valley” but then later says that’s exclusively not including many “Blacks and Hispanics”, avoiding the fact, that of course they’re are a ton of East Asians and Non-White Caucasoids working there, but shhhh he needs to keep feeding his stupid base pro-White kool aid.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Jared Taylor is like if the smartest Bushman moved to China, 120ish is still a respectable IQ, but relative to the Chinese it’s not a sanctimonious level IQ…
          (Bushmen are like the White Supremacists/Alt-Righters, the Chinese are like the HBD/general scientists’ community)

  14. To paraphrase Norman Cantor, Jews believe they are persecuted because they are special (read: superior). It’s an interesting tactic where supremacy operates under the moral cover of victimhood. I’ve argued before that victimhood is an essential component of the Jewish identity. It is infact the sum total of what constitutes spirituality in Judaism. Jewish spirituality is to celebrate the Jew, and this is a spiritual exercise in which even atheist Jews can participate. Zionism’s founders were all atheists.

    The Jew is ultimately his own god, which is why he believes conventional morality does not apply to him and his tribe.

    • Jason Y

      The Jew is ultimately his own god, which is why he believes conventional morality does not apply to him and his tribe.

      You could say the same for Chinese, Koreans, Upper caste Hindus, upper class Latin Americans (to some degree)

      isn’t it this philosophy that Hitler also tried to use, by saying Germans were the master race, hence they should feel no tears for breaking morals, as morals don’t apply to them? Wasn’t Nietzche’s philosophy saying morals were for the weak, specifically the slave classes?

      • Jason Y

        All this stuff is just the end road for the worship of genetics, eugenics etc.. That’ s why this stuff is evil. Human beings don’t have the moral compass to be able to handle it with wisdom., and more importantly heart.

  15. Jason

    It is true as you said that moral particularism is endemic to non western tribal societies. However, many of these cultures have still produced civilizations that have celebrated certain ideals. These ideals are celebrated in art, poetry, literature, music, philosophy. and science.

    Ancient Israel produced none of these things. They had no philosophical tradition like the Greeks, no musical tradition like India, no distinct cuisine like China, no mathematics like Babylon. Their literature is a collection of tribal fairytales that do not celebrate any higher ideals, but celebrates the Jew and just the Jew. It is universal Christianity that took these obscure tribal fairy stories and imbued them with a spiritual content that was previously absent. This is why Christmas is universal while Hannukah remains an obscure tribal holiday.

    The Jews that contributed to science and philosophy over the centuries were operating within the superior cultural framework of western civilization and Abbasid Islam (at the time). The Israelis that win Nobel prizes today also operate within this same Western framework.

  16. S.D.


    Above the laws? How many Jews commit crimes like rape, muggings, assaults, drunk driving, child molestation?

    White-collar stuff yes. Otherwise, no.

    Usually they obey the laws better than others. They won’t jaywalk.

    Not that all of them are nice people. Neither are all the Brahman or Latin Creoles. To the extent that they have any power, they abuse it. Spanish Creoles in Mexico or Central American do this to the extreme.

    But their crimes are not on the street.

    • Jason Y

      I never said Jews were to blame for the decline of America. Nonethless, we have to look realistically at the role that Anglo-Celts, blacks, or whoever play in thier own downfall. In reality, it’s a very complex issue, and throwing around extreme stereotypes, like saying they’re all on The Devil’s Rejects movie, or work at Glass Slipper Adult Entertainment is massively misleading.

      Generally a lot of poorer groups have a downfall due to the fact life is difficult, and as I said in another comment, they’re facing life rather than being mama’s boys or girls about it.

      • Jason Y

        The decline of America seems to be about a human desire for freedom rather than some Jewish plot. You might even say it’s a plot by Satan, but you can’t really say it’s Jews. Then again, OK, the devil doesn’t make anyone do it. Right?

        I suppose if people could handle freedom from the things churches are always telling people not to do, then it would be ok, However, has society over the past 50 years given the indication that people can handle freedom without everything going downhill?

        • Jason Y

          Meant to say “I suppose if people could handle freedom fto do the things things churches are always telling people not to do, then it would be ok, However, has society over the past 50 years given the indication that people can handle freedom without everything going downhill?

  17. S.D.

    JASON Korean-Americans do not care about Jews. Indian-Americans do not care about Jews.

    Why are Anglo-Americans so obsessed? Because as white people they are more successful, generally.

    • Gay State Girl

      Asians are generally smarter. They adopt a form of philosemitism (especially with Korea making the Talmud as part of their curriculum) and have their daughters to marry jewish men.

      • Jason Y

        You gotta be joking, right?

        • Gay State Girl

          The part about Korea making the Talmud part of their curriculum is true.

          If you look at the most prominent Asian American women, a significant chunk are married to Jewish men.

  18. Robert, don’t flee the issue, you are first and foremost a Jew. The only thing seemingly separating you from Jews is your absence of religion, but the most Jewish of Jews get along without Judaism qui easily, being wary of all human religion is a better token of Jewishness than Judaism proper. The proof you are a Jew is the fact that despite the fact you are an American without qualification (Mex-American, African-American, Irish-American, German-American…), you possess a soul nevertheless. America has no soul but Israel (mark my words : not no soul but Israel’s, but no soul but Israel), and any effort to have or save one’s soul in America cannot but ensure your soul is a Jewish one. Not to have a Jewish soul in America, not to be a Jew at a certain rate in America, is to have no soul at all, unless you are a qualified American having some kind of double belongingness like French-American. This already explains why Jews are so intent towards multiculturalism even without any question of material interest justifying it : without multiculturalism there is either Jewish culture or pure anti-culture, pure soullessness, and soullessness alone always ends up wreaking holocausts. The reason is that right from the start America was defined as the mere physical body, both a stubborn ass and a dumb elephant, of a soul called Israel. When America got its independence it did not become sovereign in the European sense of then, this would have necessitated in the categorical framework of that time the instatement of an American Royal Sovereign, born of an European princely dynasty, this would have necessitated the presence of a nobility capable of intermarrying with other European nobles. The only way independence could be achieved, and made acceptable to the Puritan protestant middle class of that time, was the replacement of the oath of loyalty to the British royals and to England by an oath of loyalty to Biblical Israel, to the kingdom of Israel, which was then virtual, but of which America was to define itself as the Western Hemisphere colony and appendage : anybody there who defines himself as a non-Jew is but a lesser citizen, though the protestants of then used to define themselves as better Jews than Jews in the traditional sense were. America was New Israel so to speak, but it had the duty to do its best to revive it in the Old World too. If you don’t live the Jewish epos in one way or another, you are not entitled to a soul of your own, America is but a stubborn donkey to be ridden by the Messiah to come for those who accept whole heartedly its messianic manifest destiny to usher in a better world as per the Jewish hope, or a dumb elephant to be ridden by the same in Roman attire for those of a more pagan disposition so to speak. You just cannot as an American without qualities in the Musilian sense enjoy a soul of your own without figuring yourself as a Jew, your may criticize Israel in many ways but only as a potentially better Jew than the Torah-thumping dimwits who now tend to gather there, you may criticize the neocons only by promising the instatement of a better Jewish elite to care better for the anonymous people and spectators outside the limelight that belong to them alone.

    What is a Jew, then? A Jew is somebody having had for mother, or better still, ideally, for regular older lover (not for wife : sin is prerequisite), a Jewess, or better still, ideally, a witch. What is a witch then? This begs another question : what is money? Money is the very fluid which, when engaged as a debt to a woman (I say engaged as a debt to, not given to), results in her having an orgasm. And a witch is she who having well realized that truth and put in into practice, no longer needs a man in her bed nor to get high nor to grow rich. All she needs in getting high on a man she fantasies upon at a distance as a sexual prey so as to grab his fluid through the means of the spell she utters. A witch with full powers of casting spells can beget only Jews, no matter she be black as ebony, no matter she be cognizant of no religion but deep Haitian voodoo.

    This truth I actually learnt within the framework of Haitian voodoo cannot be classified as antisemitic, because in that context of that particular discussion herewith brought about witches are by no means nastier women than occult-free ones, the are good, bad and ugly ones as with any other category, depending on the use they make of their occult power : even though the temptation to misuse it is great, it entails no more moral falls statically than to misuse of cars or Apple computers. Even though the bad ones wreak much havoc, the good ones do compensate. Anyway, if I weren’t sure you are a real, full-fledged Jew, I wouldn’t have presented you such a rigorous definition of what a Jew is, this is something for Jewish ears I wouldn’t say only, but first and foremost, the non-Jews being allowed to hear but outside the spotlight, for the presentation of that definition not to be a slander. Instead of Judaism, I prefer referring to Jewitchcraft. And instead of Jewesses, of Jewitches. And instead of rabbis, of Jewizards. Jewishness being passed from mother to offspring, it must be first and foremost a feminine affair. Any conspiracy theory about Jews that speaks of Jewish men only in the framework of politics or banking cannot be but a fraud or at best a work of fiction. A real story about Jewish influence in the world must speak of women, covens, and of the occult. If it is to discuss Jewish influence in matters of money, especially as regards the creation of fiat money through debt, it must start out with debts of sexual energy to women in general and to witches in more particular, and to Jewitches even more specifically, or to metrosexual Jews still under the spell of their mothers more particularly still.

    The lifetime task of a Jewish male is to cut off the ombilical chord with their all-devouring and all-possessing mothers, and that must start with circumcision as an injunction writ large and in the flesh. Not all Jews succeed in such a task, which can be thought of as of the real thing about Passover, Egypt being explicitly conceived of a the World’s very motherly organ. Those who don’t succeed remain in Egypt so to speak and die as mere appendages of their mothers, whose so task is to bring money to the hive as metrosexual lovers. Those who do pass have no choice but to act as geniuses. Americans too have to be geniuses, like inventors they are quite often, if they are to regain their soul, they have first to acknowledge their soul as Jewish, as the Republican fundamentalists do, but go far beyond mere Jewish highbrow, they have to face the music of their community so as not to regress back to lowbrow as mere antisemites, in which case they exclude themselves from American citizenship into Mexican-like condition in the same way as a Canadian who curses the queen is but a mere Quebec separatist ; but to become Jews of higher kind that have severed all links from undue motherly or societal influence, from all lobbying and pressure group influence, like all Jewish geniuses who alone are a light onto nations.

    Jews don’t control America : actually the tremendous effort they make to control it is downright counterproductive, parasitical, and very detrimental to America’s obedience, like a stunt actor who makes far too many efforts to constrain his body for the latter’s health and for his own success. Israel is America’s very soul, encapsulated in a kind of bottle in the middle East. If no lobbying efforts at all were made, America’s moves would follow all Israel’s thoughts ans subconscious reactions even more accurately, as it actually did in the time of kibbutzes, before the advent of heavy-duty lobbying.

  19. Jason Y

    A classic

  20. Gay State Girl

    I hate to say I enjoyed this.


    • Another William Playfair Web

      Holy shit.
      Harvey Milk was Jewish? Is that really any surprise 🙂
      of course he wasn’t actually gay…just wants to destroy the Goy.

      The newest conspiracy up and coming is that the White Hispanics want to import as many Mestizos as they can so that they can make the U.S. a hacienda type system………..
      but of course White Latin Americans are all descendants from Jews who fled the Spanish inquisition, so it’s still the Jews

      There’s a reason Cubans are called “Jews of the Caribbean”

  21. Gay State Girl

    Which one of you guys will be my goy toy?

  22. TJF


    Oddly in the movie The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    The Good was portrayed by an Anglo
    The Bad was portrayed by a Dutch/Italian
    and the Ugly was portrayed by a ….. Jew.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Jews can do well as villians especially in mafia type crime movies.

      • TJF

        To Another William Playfair Web:

        Jews can do well as villians especially in mafia type crime movies.

        In the film Snatch but I believe none of the actors who portrayed the Orthodox robbers were actually Jewish. Of course Guy Ritchie wasn’t exactly going for a realistic film, plenty of fun to watch though.

        I’ve seen some historical dramas that had Jewish gangsters (based upon real characters…) but at least in the US the overt thuggish Jewish mafia seems to be a thing of the past.

  23. Another William Playfair Web

    “Pretends he’s Jewish, wished he was Jewish, tells his family (he’s) Jewish, about as Jewish as a fucking monkey”

    That was basically my Grandfather. How my dad was raised and then how I was raised.

  24. S.D.

    GAY STATE GIRL “Asians are smarter”. Well you summed it up, more or less.

    LA Korean town residents, Chinese MBA’s and even German-Americans frankly are not terribly concerned with events of 70 years ago or Affirmative Action programs or having a baby with a black thug because Kim Kardashian dates one.

    They do not watch a “Ron Jeremy film” twenty times and then come to believe that they should be “bi” or do “double-Anal” and complain they are addicted to porn of Jews.

    Taiwanese-Americans are not suffering from Jewish domination, I believe.

    Indian-Americans do not complain of it either. They have their own films, their own culture, their own interests.

    Asians are smarter.


  25. S.D.

    Indian-Americans and Filipino-Americans could care less about Israel, Judith.

    Jason, Brahmans and Jews do not wish “to rub people’s noses” in their success. When do you see a Jewish lawyer in the Flyover doing this.

    They want as little to do with the under-class (Even their own) as possible. They do not wish to fight in the street with poor people to assert their social or financial dominance.

    Five or six Scotch-Irish families more or less run Tennessee (Like the Gores). Not a pawn store owner in Memphis who is Jewish.


  26. S.D.

    Jason, I doubt that Ron Jeremy himself is “addicted to porn”. He has publicly stated that he never watches it! He claims to be monogamous in his personal life.


    The Jewish director of BATMAN WHATEVER does not dye his hair like The Joker and kill people in a movie theater.


    “El Chapo” in the interview stated he has never used hard drugs and does not like people to smoke cigarettes in his presence.


    “Freeway Rick” spoke at length about supplying crack to pimps who used it to control white prostitutes in truck-stops.


    Wear a sleeveless and gesticulate like a rap artist and then schizophrenic change into bearded Duck Dynasty member.


  27. S.D.

    GAY STATE GIRL’S Asian Intermarriage response

    I’m married to an Asian woman.

    Asian-Americans come from nuclear families and the father has to be somewhat in approval.

    As Robert mentioned, Asian-American females are less impressed by the horsepower of a Harley Davison motorcycle CC engine or male’s ability to “punch out” another man at a party.

    Asian-American women do not want to marry males who are marginally-employed renters who use methamphetamine every day and are addicted to pornography with tattoos up to their eyes and GED. Sorry, but nobody really sees these sort of males as good providers but a lower-class white woman.

    Whites from the flyover RARELY TRAVEL. They are less likely to be living or working in Asia or outside the region they were born/raised. They’ll usually marry someone they attended high school with so if they are from Maine this would be another French-Canadian and if they are from Tennessee another Anglo-Celtic.

    Asian-Americans tend to live on the West or East Coasts so a great many of the Caucasians they interacted with might be Jewish or Italian-American. This is one reason for intermarriage.

    Asian-American women tend to marry males they meet in universities. This is another reason that some Caucasians married to Asians are Jewish.

    • Jason Y

      Generally Anglo-celt women like bad boys because they come across as exciting. But then again, isn’t that only human? I mean, honestly, a lot of guys like bad girls. They want girls who break the rules occassionally, wear some sexy clothers, do something risque like be a webcam model or stripper.

  28. S.D.


    Poor whites have to rely on the government or go to it more often because Mommy and Daddy do not own a house and they have bad rental credit.

    Public assistance is really all they have.

    Facing life? You’re life is going to be quite hard if you got into meth at 15, never attended college, had a child unprepared at 20.

    • Jason Y

      That’s BS dude. I see all sorts of Anglo-Celtic women slaving at McDonalds or Waffle House, IHOP etc.. Maybe a few get government assistance, if they are lucky enough to be disabled, but most aren’t.

      Facing life? You’re life is going to be quite hard if you got into meth at 15, never attended college, had a child unprepared at 20.

      It’s a cycle of a bad environment. The only way out is for somebody to decide they’re going to act straight: go to school, take care of their health.

      Of course, I didn’t mention “go to work” because a lot of drug addicts and people with other vast problems have to work, mainly cause they can’t get disability. However, the work doesn’t produce much as it’s often minimum wage. Nonethless, some factory job can produce a lot, but it may or may not stop the negative behavior in the household.

    • Jason Y Here’s a show SD would love 😆 . It’s halarious, but again, just extreme Anglo-Celtic stereotypes.

  29. S.D.


    I’m not interested in my own German-Catholic roots much less “converting” to Hinduism. But only Anglo people in the Flyover (Not Australia, not NZ or even Canada) complain of this “domination”.


    Divorced parents. Child molestation. Methamphetamine and pill abuse. Becoming parents at 21 with no college degree. Sexual playthings in jail for African and Mexican gangs for stupid drunk driving or property theft offenses. Unable to stomach as much education. Lousy credit.

    Poor whites do not need Jews to “exterminate them”.

    • Jason Y

      Divorced parents. Child molestation. Methamphetamine and pill abuse. Becoming parents at 21 with no college degree. Sexual playthings in jail for African and Mexican gangs for stupid drunk driving or property theft offenses. Unable to stomach as much education. Lousy credit.

      You don’t really need a college degree, or a college degree in an in-demand subject to make it in life.

      As I mentioned with my racist brother-in-law, it seems to be the personality which seems to hold him back. For instance his drug use subjects him to drug testing which he tries to avoid by being self employed, but he can’t defeat competition being self-employed, hence he stays poor.

  30. S.D.


    I suspect most of you folks have not lived in other big British-settled countries as I have but here is a question:

    Why in Canada or Australia or NZ do Jews not attempt to “exterminate” Anglo people but wish to do so in American.

    How does transforming Los Angeles into Mexico City in its third world glory actually help Jewish people?

    Jews are encouraging “tweakers” in the flyover of Anglo-Celtic heritage to smoke meth out of a light bulb fixture, get pregnant by a brute on a Harley or molest a step-daughter? Sorry, this is just poor white stupidity.

    It is not really the fault of Asian-Americans, Jewish-Americans or Indian-Americans that many poor whites do incredibly stupid things when they are young that hijack the rest of their life.

    • Jason Y

      It is not really the fault of Asian-Americans, Jewish-Americans or Indian-Americans that many poor whites do incredibly stupid things when they are young that hijack the rest of their life.

      SD has sort of a point here. OK, some Anglo-Celts have ruined lives and then look for scapegoat. Now it would be a Jewish conspriacy to emasculate him and take away his jobs, future, people etc..

      Of course, the environment did cause the downfall of some Anglo-Celts, and it a large extent it wasn’t thier fault. However, then again, was it the fault of the Jews? That’s the question.

  31. S.D.

    QUESTION FOR JAMES Why would Jewish people choose to target other Caucasians 1,000 miles away in Kansas but ignore the Chinese and Korean-American economic clout on the West Coast or sudden Indian-American success.

    Jews are after Anglo-Celtics?

    Why not Michigan’s significant Palestinian-American population?


    Citing that famous German-Jewish psychiatrist, you made a “Freudian slip”.

    “Asians are smarter”. Sadly that is true.

    Having said that, Asians are immigrating to Anglo-Celtic countries like Australia and not many Australians wish to live in Taiwan.


    Isn’t it the fault of many Anglo-Celtics parents that their kids have a hard life? Get into drugs at lousy public high schools? Acquire no skill or trade? Have to pay “rent” because no house to live in?

    Does the crystal meth make them do their laundry more often. From what I can see it prevents them from brushing their teeth.

    • Jason Y

      I think Anglo-Celts can overcome a bad environment if they really want to. Bad schools and stuff don’t have to be a block if the will is strong enough. I suppose it boils down to self-esteem. Then again, as with blacks, without positive role models it might be hard to escape the cycle.

  32. Jason Y

    Of course, most or at least a lot of Anglo-Celts are not losers. They have good jobs, go to church etc.. I don’t think those people are attracted to white nationalism. Always it would be the ones who fucked up early in life, some ways via self caused problems, and other ways a victim situation. However, they want to blame their terrible life on Jewish people, NAMs etc.. and maybe also Asians.

    • Jason Y

      I see the same problem with a redneck brother in law I have. Obviously, he never went to get an education. But I won’t hold that against him cause a lot of people can do well in vocational trades. Nonetheless, his personality is so mean and bad, kind of like Kenny Powers (off the show Eastbound and Down), that he can’t work with other people and he just can’t produce a stable amount of money, even though he does try.

      Also he does a lot of drugs, so he always to be self employed, obviously, because he wants to avoid drug testing. Nonetheless, being self employed makes life a struggle as he faces more competition.

      Nonetheless, how did Jews, gays, blacks etc.. cause his problem? They didn’t.

      • Jason Y

        I could be wrong though. It might be easy to dodge drug testing. In that case, i figure his personality is so bad, and he knows it, that he can’t work with a company, so he always tries self-employment.

        It is true he threw a hammer at a co-worker one time.

  33. Another William Playfair Web



    • Another William Playfair Web

      that seriously could be Nazi Propaganda, however, he looks so semitic and aggressive and she is blonde and looks so repulsed.

    • Gay State Girl


      All of Donald Trump’s grandchildren are partially jewish!

      • Another William Playfair Web

        Daughters-in-Law are BOTH BLONDE.
        Kidnapped by the Jews.

        Not really Jewish.
        Trump’s daughter married a Jew to lure them into a false sense of security.

        Just like pure Aryan hottie Bar Refaeli;

        • Gay State Girl

          How will they justify the fact that Trump was the first to open his country clubs to blacks?

        • Jason Y

          Trump is certainly not a racist, but since his policies please racists, they like him.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          They are simpletons, I read somewhere that they were even stupid for the level of education they received, Trump supporters having an American Norms IQ of 81, although I’m skeptical of it being that low.

          Trump’s two daughters-in-law, not actually Jewish, since they’re blonde.
          The Black guys he let join his club, were victims (yeah, ya bastard!) of re-vitilgo;

          Jason-All joking aside, the point is, Trump has no reason to do what he says he is doing, he has no reason to risk starting a race war/ risk his own live if he gets elected (he’s one term no matter what), so he’s probably just going to be a slightly more trashy President, but no a Benito Mussolini, and then lose in 2020 to Elizabeth Warren 🙂

          That’s if he gets elected, which that seems to pin on the “rust belt” of Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. If the election was held tomorrow, according to various polls, he would only flip Pennsylvania, while Hildabeast would get N.C., so it would be 206+29-15=220, so 318-220 if the Election was held tomorrow.

          However, red states that are also highly minority (Arizona, Georgia, N.C.) may flip blue, so that’s a negative, but the rust belt is bigger electoral-wise.

    • Another William Playfair Web

  34. S.D.

    None of which has anything to do with Asians, Jews or even African-Americans.

  35. S.D.

    Poor whites cannot DO anything even if they are Nazis.

    They have to work to support children in single-parent houses or have to behave themselves on public welfare.

    They are strung out on meth or pills or drunk half the time.

    They are known to the police in their community.

    They have no money and may not even own a house.

    Their kids will be poor.

    So, even if they are Nazis, why would any minority on the West Coast or East coast particularly care.

    They do not have the power to do anything. They cannot even put gas in their cars to leave the flyover. What are they ever going to do about it?

    So no matter how they feel about Asians in Silicone Valley or anything else it does not matter, does it?

    • Jason Y

      Only a minority of poor whites are these white trash freaks you speak of. Most are average, and a lot of Anglo-Celts are lower middle or middle class etc..

    • Jason Y

      OK I misread your post, you seem to be saying poor whites are usually not Nazis.

  36. S.D.

    Middle-class whites are disinterested in reading Mein Kemp or beating up minorities.

    • Jason Y

      Good point, but neither are most poor whites. There is only an element of the poor whom one would call white trash, and of that group, only a minority which could muster enough energy (considering they’re zonked out on drugs) to even join a white supremacist movement.

      Also, you gotta watch out for the middle class. Considering all the Republicans, you gotta realize there are a few Nazi types lurking around. Note all the Republican talk is just a mild form of Mein Kampf, a kind of gateway drug.

      • Jason Y

        Republcians deny they are Nazis, but sure enough they bitch about the same stufff white nationalists do: minorities, cultural marxism etc…

  37. S.D.

    Republicans preach “family values” and “Just Say No” but the fact that barrios and ghettos and trailer parks are full of barefoot and pregnant people who are zonked out on drugs and cannot go anywhere actually works quite well.

    Unless a Republican chooses to actually drive into the ghetto or the barrio he is not facing any sort of threat.

  38. S.D.

    Model minorities might be a threat to White Republicans but barrio or ghetto minorities are going to keep on being barefoot, pregnant and zonked-out on the drugs so they do not pose much of threat beyond 10 square blocks.

  39. S.D.

    JASON Y Brave-hearts cannot go far, they are “sons of the soil”.

    Another words they are stuck where they are, wherever it is.

  40. Another William Playfair Web

    Legitimate question: Why the fuck does Milo Yiannapolous prostrate himself for the Neo-Nazi gas the Jews types?

    He rights articles on Breitbart, but the comments are filled with 1488ers and “verified goys” and stuff…Yet he praises the Alt-Right.
    What the fuck is wrong with this guy? I think Breitbart is a ploy to sort of control the Alt-Right movement. All Jews and Sp!cs running it anyway.

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