Most Depressing Website of All Time


I have nothing more to say to this, but once you start reading around, you will probably find a lot of things to talk about. I have been on both sides of the fence here. I have been like the author himself (though probably not nearly so much of an asshole), and I have also been like the people he is insulting and blasting and like his commenters, who are the people being blasted for the most part.

This is the Normie World folks. That guy who’s writing the article? He’s Mr. Normie. They’re all like that, as far as I can tell. Sure he’s mean, but I think that Normies are mean themselves (in fact, they are unbelievably mean) and I also think that Normie World is a very nasty and ugly place. If you can negotiate it just fine somehow whether you are a Normie or not, then you can have a lot of fun in Normie World. I had fun there for many years.

In fact, I was a sort of King of the Normies for a bit – about as popular a person can get in their age group. I would throw parties with live bands and kegger and lots of drugs regularly and  ~200 would show up. It wasn’t really a problem at all, although even during those times when I mastered the Normie World, people were being mean to me all the time. I simply did not really care all that much, a nd way more people were being nice to me than being mean to me, so the meanness didn’t really matter.

I could go on and on here, but I think I should stop now. I have been what seemed like the most social person on Earth who dated maybe 20 females a year and had a phone book full of friends and went to 7-8 parties on a typical Saturday night all the way to a more or less complete hermit who hardly socialized at all, had no friends to speak of and hardly dated at all. This also coincided with some long incel periods that lasted  into the years (I will say at least 2 years for now and let it sit at that).

My attitude is pretty much fuck the Normies, but when you say that, now you will really be alone, because most everyone is a Normie. Especially the women you date. All the women I date and every girlfriend I have is a Normie. So you have to sort of fake Norminess or you will get no dates, have no girlfriends and I guess get no sex unless you buy it. I am saying that I despise Normies, but I more or less need them too. You need them to live and survive, you have to put up with it and fake it to some extent.

I guess you could hook up with some other non-Normies, but that pretty much sucks because now everywhere you go, not only you will be rejected but your girlfriend will be too.

In other words, now you will be rejected as a couple. You will be the laughable Reject Couple and Normies will more or less laugh at you both of you and make fun of you all the time. This will be your wonderful life as a couple.Also the Normies will find it amazing that you even exist because in their stupid world, social rejects simply cannot get laid. So the idea of two social rejects finding each other and then maybe fucking each other’s brains out never occurs to them, but if you think about it, it’s only logical.

Also if you are in a relationship like that, everyone will think there is no sex happening because both you and your girlfriend are seen as idiots who can’t get laid, so how could you get laid even if you are together? It’s not possible, as Non-Normies are apparently incapable of sex with anyone even in a relationship.

Normies have a herd mindset and are honestly incapable of thinking no matter what their IQ is.That is because every single thing a Normie believes is exactly what society has taught him his true. The Normie is incapable of figuring out and that the shit society taught up about Subject X may be a preposterous lie. Also Normies hate having opinions that are outside of the norm, so even if they think society is full of shit and retarded, which it generally is about most things, they will go along with all the society bullshit and lies anyway so as not to be rejected.

Most common adjective in a Normie’s vocabulary: weird. Normies use this adjective probably more than any other adjective they use. It’s nearly a tic.



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27 responses to “Most Depressing Website of All Time

  1. Horatio

    I think as you get older, and wiser, you leave all the other people behind. I’ve never really quite gotten on with others, though I was never completely alone (though often quite close).

    Part of the issue is one just can’t relate to people anymore. You realise you’re alone and sad, not because people reject you, but because you can’t find people you can tolerate. People are boring, vain, vapid, petty, short sighted, petty, vain. Did I mention petty?

    Meet new people at work and they talk about reality TV and how some scmuck is having drama with some other schmuck on a cooking show, and you just can’t care. Or they’ll mention some home renovation show and how some bogan picked bad bathroom tiles and might only make $4K profit from them instead of $6K, and you wonder how a human being can dedicate their life to this.

    Parties as a kid and teenager was fun. Just went wild having fun. As an adult, its about their petty shit, petty insecurities, their money, their renovations.

    Sometimes you wonder whether you belong to humanity, and weren’t some alien who was dropped into a human body by accident.

    Sometimes I literally cannot relate with humanity. It seems alien.

    • guy from Montréal

      “Sometimes you wonder whether you belong to humanity, and weren’t some alien who was dropped into a human body by accident.

      Sometimes I literally cannot relate with humanity. It seems alien” holy shit I’ve always thought the very same thing! having lived my whole life in Québec all I hear people talk about all day at work is God damn hockey! All my God damn life all I ever hear at work seems to be about fucking hockey! I fucking hate hockey! I’m a hockey hating Canadian and I’m proud to say so!

      • Jason Y

        I can’t see why people worship sports people when they have nothing to gain from it. But then again, I admire David Bowie, Prince, etc.. even though I have nothing to gain from it. I suppose I like reading thier stories because they are an example of success and rising to the top, especially when it’s from being a nobody.

    • Jason Y

      Normies tend to be cowards and boring. They’re unwilling to go outside the norm, knowing it would lead to rejection.

  2. Gay State Girl

    Is he a psychotherapist? Can’t stand them.

    I can’t possibly convey the irony of enlisting a frumpy 55 year old psychologist who names her adopted daughter “Regina” to teach socially inept kids to relate to their peers.

  3. Erik Sieven

    is this about men who do not succeed on the partner market or about women and men who can´t make friends? I think both two separate phenomena.

  4. Gay State Girl

    Most of my friends are those I’ve met online. I can’t relate to people in real life.

    • EPGAH

      Because online already basically selects for intelligence and cuts out the small-talk bullshit? Or do you have a different set of reasons?

      • Gay State Girl

        Basically. But also because I stopped following mainstream politics. I felt I could have a more honest discussion with strangers than my own community.

        Having a disability had a lot to do with me being a hermit as well.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Well, it’s like genetically engineered babies, you get perfection on something that was previously never perfect….for some people.

      I personally can’t take it seriously, however.
      the internet is slowly killing me 🙂

      • Jason Y

        Random chance is the best way, or we get like on Gattica, where there are no surprises. Genetically, everyone knows everything about you, but that would fine with these WN freaks.

        • Jason Y

          A less desirable baby would be a challenge, but who wants that nowadays? 😆 Everything has to be easy.

        • Horatio

          The Gattaca scenario is perfection as visualised by idiots.

          We will have people who have no clue as to the qualities necessary to progress civilisation.

          All the socially awkward Einsteins will be bred out and replaced with Kim Kardashians who are really good hedge fund managers.

        • Jason Y

          Right, that’s why eugenics is a dangerous idea. It’s better to leave things to chance.

        • Jason Y

          Ultimately, eugenics is a assault on human freedom. That’s why it’s a joke when WNs bring up Communism and why they hate it so much.

  5. Jason Y

    With everyone copying a beard trend, which at first seemed like some kind of lumberjack rebellion, who can argue most people are normies?

    • Jason Y

      It is possible to be a weird asshole, like with this radical athiest I met one time I suppose both extemes can be bad.

      • guy from Montréal

        Jason anyone can be an asshole and we are all assholes to certain people, maybe being an asshole is a requirement for being human.

  6. Jason Y

    You could argue being a normie has roots in evolution, but then again rebelling against the trend also sparks new useful mutations etc…

  7. Jason Y

    Telling people they’re ugly seems a be a normie thing. That’s why I went off on Santo-culto so much in regards to mixed raced people. I get so sick of listeing t stupid normies saying people should conform to often shallow ways of thinking. It’s especially annoying when you have a misfit look, or worse when it was one you were born with.

  8. I’ve been on both sides of that fence as well. My social life has varied quite a lot over the years. But I certainly never even came close to being in the position of a lifelong loner.

    Most of the content from the site you linked is pretty mean-spirited but it touches on a lot of ugly truths. During my own heights of social popularity, I’ve found myself flaking and cancelling on people “not cool enough” relative to whatever scene I was swimming in at the time. In retrospect, I feel like quite a dick for doing that, but oh well, the past is the past. And of course, during my own social lows, I’ve felt some degree (but nothing even remotely close to being emotionally-crippling) of envy and resentment toward those more socially successful than me at the time. Now, having seen and experienced pretty much everything in the way of partying, fucking lots of women, having a wide circle of acquaintances, ect., I couldn’t give two shits about having that sort of lifestyle ever again. I enjoy being a happy hermit now.

    I do feel for the legions of incels and perma-loners out there now. A tiny fraction of them have indeed proven to be ticking timebombs.

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  10. Jason Y

    Incels always have porn and sex toys to get them off. However, if thier pride and dignity is hurt cause they feel like a pussy who can’t get any, then yeah, they could be a ticking time bomb.

  11. There is another word for normie. Sheeple.

  12. Jason Y

    Sometimes though sheeple make more sense then weirdos. For instance, if some weirdo is spouting off Alien (as in outer space) conspiracies, then wouldn’t the normie have a right to make fun of that person?

  13. Urban dictionary says normies are 97% of people. You despise 97% of people….have you gone off the deep end or are you trolling?

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