The Origin of the Pashtuns

S. D. writes:

Han Pashtuns are Central Asian Mongols and this is why they have bulging round heads like a Mongoloid.

If you are white and have blue eyes than one of Alexander’s men hung around like many Greeks who remained in Pakistan.

If you are a Pashtun you are not white or South Asian but a Mongoloid with a roundish head and flared nostrils like Genghis Khan.

Probably not the case, although maybe this is a common story.

Pashtuns are generally considered to be Eastern Iranians. A few tribes may have Arab or even Mongol origins. And some may be related to Alexander’s group. One of the groups making them up was the Hephthalites or White Huns. The White-looking people are probably from the White Huns, who had fair complexions. Maybe originally a Tocharian group. The name Han of the Pashtun Hans is related to the word Hun.

But the Pashtuns are generally not thought to be Mongols. Anyway they showed up there 3,500 YBP which correlates with the arrival of the Indo-European Aryans in the region. They also speak an IE Eastern Iranian language.


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5 responses to “The Origin of the Pashtuns

  1. DanNeutron

    The Nuristani/Kalash are not descendants of Alexander the great, that’s been debunked and refuted by genetics as well analysis of their culture. And the Ancient Greeks and Alexander the great were not as “white” as them.

    There has been many many invasions from migrating groups there, including the White Huns to the “Aryans” to the Scythians, to the Persians, so all those groups left their genetic imprint in one form or another.

  2. S.D.

    I was not referring directly to Kalash who have been identified as a tribe of Eurasian Siberians who appear to have arrived in Pakistan in Paleolithic times but to the general degree of Greek genes absorbed into the population of North Pakistan.

    Scythians are from the Volga river, this much is fairly well-known.

    Pathans did sweep through Eastern Iran but it is debatable as to whether they originated in Persia.

    Aryans are a mysterious group. If they ever even existed, we do not know whether they were Kurgans or Iranians or even ethnic Europeans.

  3. Darius

    Hazaras are Central Asian Mongols………

  4. S.D.

    Pakistan BORDERS on Western China.

  5. Cynthia McLaglen

    All the Europeans were once brown and before them darker. This whitening of the skin of humans as they slowly moved North was nature’s way of protecting them from dying as the sun gives you important vitamins and if you were darker you had not got a good chance of surviving. So the people became more and more white. All the Europeans came from India. They
    were late in doing so compared with other people because there were terrible Ice Ages north and north west of India. As they moved about 55,000 years ago they left behind all the peoples that are still there now. The Afghans and Kurds have light coloured hair amongst some of their people especially the youngest because a long time ago they needed to have lighter skin, lighter hair and lighter eyes in order to let in the Vitamins that the sun gives. Alexander the Great and his officers happened very much later. Alexander actually married his men to the women of all these lands including Afghanistan, India and Persia because he thought it was a good thing to come together as a people. As the people moved North and West they became lighter and lighter because their food was most probably not enough to sustain them and any sun would have helped them to survive. Looking at people and trying to identify them in the old fashioned way, by whet they look like does not always work as a 55,000 years ago the countries now did not exist then. For instance, some of the Orang Isli people contributed to all the Asian countries’ peoples in the south of Vietnam and Malaya and they also contributed to some in Tibet, West Bengal Kuwait and Czech Republic. Some of these came from India and some went back a long time ago towards India and Eastern Europe. The journeys that humans took are sometimes more complicated that one may first think. Arguing about skin colour is a bit silly. Women and men today perm their hair to be straight and also to be curly. They try to be white or tanned for reasons of fashion in spite of racial prejudice. The silliest thing of all is that we are all related whether people like it or not. We all came from Africa in about 83,000 years; and at that time Africans were Modern Humans and had been for 150,000 years! Read all about it from the Genome Project from The Bradshaw Foundation and use the Interactive Map. Cynthia McLaglen

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