First World Problem of the Day


It can’t get a bank account because it can’t make up its mind about whether it’s a boy or a girl. It insists that it’s not a boy, and it’s not a girl either. It was born a girl, but now it calls itself non-binary genderqueer, whatever that means. Apparently it retains a female body. It also can’t go to college because you can’t go to college unless you check either male or female on the form. If you’re a human, you are not allowed to be a Thing. You have two choices: you are either a Male or you are a Female, one or the other. You gotta make up your mind.

I am not sympathetic to this confused teenage girl at all. It’s pretty damn dykey, but that’s not unknown or unheard of nowadays. But even dykes for the most part still claim they are womyn. In fact, a lot of them, like the lesbian-feminist idiots, shout that they are wimmin to the skies. This thing can’t make up it’s mind and claims either not a boy and not a girl, or else maybe it is a boy and a girl at the same time, or maybe it is a boy on Tuesdays but a girl on Sundays. You get the picture.

Yes there have always been sexual perverts, deviants and freaks among us, but people mostly used to keep this crap to themselves. Now they’re right out in the open, demanding that we not just tolerate their weirdness but that we actually cheer for them.

This seems like some teenage temper tantrum. “Waah! The world won’t go along with my crazy ideas!” This is what happens when you never say no to your kids. They grow up like this.

The Cultural Left thinks that just because you say you are something, that’s actually what you are. But psychiatry and philosophy would argue otherwise. There is a psychiatric case record of a man who insisted he was a lion, despite much evidence to the contrary. He was diagnosed with Delusional Disorder, which was a correct diagnosis. I suppose SJWtards would insist that this guy really is a lion or something like that.Bull.

You can stick feathers up your butt and cluck, but that doesn’t make you a chicken. Someone ought to tell these SJW idiots that.

No sympathy for this girl! It’s a teenager trying to get attention.


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12 responses to “First World Problem of the Day

  1. Let them have their way, let us declare they are lions or wolves, and then let us shoot them down or put them in cages as wolves can legally be as they prove to be mortally dangerous, which they are. After all, maybe the SJW thing is giving credence to the ancient belief in lycanthropy.

  2. Ultra Cool

    If these people of the cultural left say they feel like they are sheep and I say I feel like I’m a wolf, can I eat them and get away with it?

  3. My first choice is that I want to be a squid. My second choice would be to be a burrito.

    Anyone else?

  4. Gay State Girl

    I always knew I was a Lioness.

    • Stary Wylk

      My cognomen does say some truth about me, but it’s not literal. I have also fantasized being a dragon and a mouse-sized human. As a literal mouse I would have had no interest in sneaking into the girl’s locker room.

      The family name of the snowflake sounds like something out of MAD magazine. Has William Gaines taken over all print media?

  5. EPGAH

    I WANT to say this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, but the SJWs will come up with something that makes this look like cybernetic-enhanced genius soon enough.

  6. EPGAH

    I found one dumber:
    In a study, Stanley Coren, a University of British Columbia professor emeritus of psychology, found that 81 percent of all dogs being hugged were uncomfortable and stressed.

  7. EPGAH

    It gets dumber yet when you look into it:

    “For his study, Coren looked at a random sampling of 250 pictures of people hugging dogs from Google Image Search and Flickr.”

    So based on looking at 250 photos of dogs he has concluded that ALL dogs dislike being hugged? And we don’t even know what else was happening when the photos were taken. This is the least scientific ‘study’ I’ve ever heard. Spending a few hours on Google image search doesn’t make you a scientist!

  8. Matt

    SJW logic:

    Gender differences are purely superficial.

    Traditional religions are stupid and backward.

    A person with a male body (for example) who has lived more or less successfully as a male for decades can have Magic Woman Soul Essence that makes him really a woman in spite of the assertion being backed up by neither nature nor nurture.

  9. Matt

    Translation of this whole thing:

    “I am being oppressed because society has not made provision for this thing that I just made up which has no relevance to any lived reality ever.”

    You’re most welcome.

  10. guy from Montréal

    I think now is the right time for some good old intolerance, I don’t care if she’s a lesbian and I’m fine with that, but the now 50 different sexual identities is just getting ridiculous.

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