(Statistical) Alphas, Betas and Omegas

S. D. writes:

Many women want cuckolds.

They wish to have children and be penetrated by Alpha males but be provided for by Beta males who will raise these children.

In modern society we see this constantly – an attractive woman has “kids from a previous relationship” by a brute and marries a sweet Beta male who provides and cares for these kids.

Omegas are the “swinging bachelors” of the modern world. They prefer casual sex, porn, prostitution or sex tourism.

I agree with the first three paragraphs of our great commenter S.D.’S comment.

The first paragraph is a fact, but do all women want cuckolds? All women want to marry a Beta they can cuck by screwing Alphas on the side? Are there any women who want to marry and fall in love with a Beta and have a great love and sex life with him?

If women want cuckolds, then why is that nearly every woman I end up with demands monogamy of me, often aggressively or even violently? Also most girlfriends I get are jealous of me, often almost to the point of being nuts. They usually don’t trust me and seem to always wonder if I am cheating on them. They are crazy suspicious and jealous of me to the point of seeming like madwomen. Women are also often crazy possessive of me to the point of saying they will beat up or kill any other woman who tries to get her hands on me. If they wanted to get with me to cuck me, why are they so psycho-jealous?

I do not agree at all that statistical Omegas are the swinging bachelors of the modern world. Most swinging bachelors nowadays are statistical Alphas, as this is a rather typical Alpha lifestyle at least when young. Young women are getting so promiscuous nowadays that I think even some statistical Beta young men are swinging bachelors.

I seriously doubt if any statistical Omegas are swinging bachelors, but they can always buy it. Omegas are not attractive to women by default. It’s hard to see how a man who is not attractive to women is somehow leading a swinging bachelor lifestyle.

I have known quite a few players and womanizers in my time, and some might say I led that lifestyle myself for a bit. Most of the “swinging bachelors” that I have known in my life were goodlooking men. The most notorious of all were always, in every single case, very good looking men with male model or Greek God good looks. Womanizing is the province of handsome men, not rejects.

Omegas are the guys who can’t get laid with God’s help. These are the incels.

Statistical Alphas (~20-25% of men) – These men are attractive to most but not necessarily all women. Alphas are first choice of ~80% of women and at any given time, up to 80% of the women may be pursuing the 20-25% of Alphas at least as first choice anyway.

Statistical Betas (~60-65% of men?) – These men are attractive to some but not most women. Betas are the first choice of maybe 20% of women. However, with 80% of the women pursuing the 22% of men who are Alphas, obviously there are not enough Alphas to go around, so many women settle for a Beta on that basis. Also Alphas usually make awful boyfriends and even worse husbands, partly because they are incorrigible cheaters, so most women either think or learn that Alphas make awful longterm partners.

When women hit their 30’s, they often want children and a family, so they settle for a Beta.

However, I feel that many women who get with Betas in LTR’s or as husbands come to love them. I have seen many Beta men in very good relationships with women where the women are deeply in love with them, and the men are getting lots of sex. The idea that all women who settle for Betas are unhappy is not true.

Statistical Omegas (15% of men?)- These men are attractive to none, almost none, or better phrased, few if any women. However, I know seriously Omega men who got with homely or fat women who were not attractive at all and were involved in deep loving relationships with these women with plenty of sex. If you’re an Omega, you can always grab a landwhale or a hambeast, fall crazy in love with her and fuck your brains out. So not all is gloom and doom for Omegas.


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13 responses to “(Statistical) Alphas, Betas and Omegas

  1. Rowlii

    Nice post

    Just want to know what do you mean exactly by “alpha man”… only beautiness matters ?

    What about the ugly rich man ? Alpha or Omega ?

  2. S.D.

    This definition depends on the woman’s class status. The bad boys are a little tougher and less pretty-Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn, Vin Diesel…like the poor white girl’s biological father.

    Middle-class girls find the bad boys scuzzy and prefer the trim mesomorph pretty-boys like Justin Beiber. These Alphas get to age 35 and appeal to nobody at all because they were never masculine and their beauty has faded (Shaun Cassidy of the Partridge Family or Leonardo DiCaprio). We see droves of these “Teen Idols” (Lance Kerwin, David Soul, Chad Lowes) just come and go from the A-List and boy bands.

    The rich guy who is ugly has a great deal of hang-around girls who never have money but share his bar bills, booze and ecstasy or cocaine without actually give him any sex. He wishes they would and describes them “as really good friends” and sometimes at the cigarette end of the party they allow him to do some kissing or feeling…but no sex or blow jobs.

    He eventually discovers strippers and other higher-end prostitutes (Rather than the crack-head who gives the eye-ball popping blowjob in a parked car for $25) who are willing to give him professional sex for money…as well as share his drugs and “escort” him because these women A) enjoy sex enough to get paid for it and b) do not want to work the streets or have a pimp.

  3. Jason Y

    A lot of guys are skinny or fat, and a lot of them lack social connections, obviously also because they fear rejection not only of women, but people in general. Really, you can’t blame certain men, the stupid un-politically correct remarks about their weight become redundant and annoying. Whoever said un-political correctness was so great, as so many WNs think so.

    • Jason Y

      Also homely women probably only need a different hairstyle, and landwhales will a little weight loss have big tits and a nice ass. So is it really a loss to date one? A skinny girl has no tits and no ass.

    • Jason Y

      The whole obsession with being alpha, having the correct, height and weight, and cool comebacks, is more normie bullshit. Didn’t we all agree these normies needed to be hung from a tree eons ago?

  4. EPGAH

    Just because they demand monogamy FROM you, doesn’t mean they’ll be monogamous TO you!

  5. EPGAH

    PS, did you ever consider the reason they ARE so psycho jealous could be projection? They’re planning to cheat so they think you are too.

    Or the material equivalent.

  6. Nebulous Maximus

    I think a man’s Alpha/Beta status is often relative to whatever group or social circle they happen to be swimming in at the time. And it can be dependent on the man’s “ambition” they have at the time. For example, a guy who is a Beta are women who are 8s and 9s may be somewhat alpha around 5s, 6s and 7s.

    I don’t really consider myself all that Alpha, but I’ve had a total of about 25-30 sex partners (my memory is a bit too fuzzy to get an exact count.. lol) and I’m 35….meaning 25-30 partners over a roughly 18 year period of being sexually active. Most of these chicks were attractive but few of them objectively 8s and 9s. I’ve happily settled for 6s and 7s with personalities that make up for the rest. I never really had the confidence level or persistence to chase the super hotties, as I consider most of them to be high-maintenance and at least of a somewhat stuck up character. The hotter ones (usually) know their pussy has a hefty price tag attached to it and won’t just give it up for nothing to some random schlub with haflass game or lackluster resources/status, even if they find the guy to be physically attractive. Hot girls typically have a larger arsenal of shit-tests they know they can get away with employing.

    Again this is all relative to the particular social scene in question. I spent many years hanging out in hipster circles. The hotties there don’t really care about conspicuous material wealth so much but they still seek status in the guys they are willing to give it up to: with hipsters status is being a locally-recognized artists or playing in a band that is respected by other hipsters in the scene. Really, the basic psychology is all fundamentally the same.

    • Stary Wylk

      “I think a man’s Alpha/Beta status is often relative to whatever group or social circle they happen to be swimming in at the time.”

      YES! If a woman doesn’t think of her man as her Alpha, it’s a short term relationship.

    • guy from Montréal

      Yeah hipsters are real funny.

  7. Kareem

    Omegas better keep a nice stock pile of viagra laying around to fuck their hambeasts.

  8. Jason Y

    Ultimately, it boils down to the argument about why so many ways exist to better one’s education etc.., but nobody has the self esteem to do anything.

    Likewise, with Omega stuff, you’ve got people constantly told thier ugly and weird by normies, so now they believe it, and they can’t garner enough self esteem to overcome it.

    • Jason Y

      I mean you take a fairly normal fat guy, wearing normal clothes, and otherwise being normal, and mark my word, some normie asshole will make some reference to him being fat. Probably a fat guy encounters that on a daily, or weekly basis. So would it be any wonder why the fat guy would have no self confidence at getting chicks?

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