Most Women Seem to Want Monogamy

I do not meet many women who say they are willing to enter into non-monogamous relationships with men. In fact, almost all women I date or even talk to on dating sites tell me they want monogamy. When I date them, they usually tell me that if I want to date them, I must agree to monogamy. Yes, women will agree to open relationships, and I have been negotiating these devious contracts with women since I was 19 years old.

They generally go along with it, sometimes in order to seem “cool” or “hip.” I usually negotiate them on the basis of, “We can both go out with other people, but just don’t tell each other about it. What we don’t know won’t hurt us.” They verbally agree with this, but you can tell that they don’t like the idea much. Maybe they figure it’s the only way they can keep me around, so it’s worth it.

My experience has been that humans don’t do “open relationships” very well. Usually women say, “Oh fine. Open relationship. No problem! Me too!” But then as soon as they find out you got involved with or especially started having sex with or worse, got into a deep relationship with some other women, it’s, “You cheated! You Goddamn sonofabitch! I am going to kill you!” Months of regular threats and abusive phone calls and text messages follow, during which time, your life becomes a bit Hellish.


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5 responses to “Most Women Seem to Want Monogamy

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  2. S.D.

    Many women want cuckolds.

    They wish to have children and be penetrated by Alpha males but be provided for by Beta males who will raise these children.

    In modern-society we see this constantly-an attractive woman has “kids from a previous relationship” by a brute and marries a sweet Beta male who provides and cares for these kids.

    Omegas are the “swinging bachelors” of the modern world. They prefer casual sex, porn, prostitution or sex tourism.

    • EPGAH

      They want monogamy, doesn’t mean they want to BE monogamous!

      If the Man cheats, or if the woman cheats, it’s always the Man’s fault, ever notice that?

  3. Gay State Girl

    Maybe I’m in the tiny minority but, I don’t care if a man cheats on me.

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