Most Women All Around the World Seem to Revolve Most of Their Lives around Men

The impression I get is that females basically like cock. They want dick. Even with the woman here who had had sex with women twice, her whole life revolved around men and sex and love with men. Whenever she brought up sex or love, she always talked about men. She talked to me a lot about her sexual fantasies, and they almost always involved only men.

I have dated quite a few women and have been friends with many more. Also since the onset of the Net, I have talked to a lot of women all over the world. My impression is that women all over the world seem to revolve their entire lives or much of their lives around men. Not so much sex, although that is important. More around finding a man to love, form a longterm relationship with and even marry. Marriage and LTR’s have not gone out of style at all. In fact, I think most single women desire first and foremost love and in that context especially an LTR or even marriage. Also most women desire monogamy.


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5 responses to “Most Women All Around the World Seem to Revolve Most of Their Lives around Men

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  2. Jason Y

    Seems strange since women are so polite in public, and never bring up sex, and in many cases won’t talk to men at all.

  3. Nebulous Maximus

    What about the really butchy Bull Dykes? They don’t seem to be into teh cock at all.

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