A Few Words on Female Homosexuality

RockT writes:

What about female homosexuality? That, I think, is more of a problem when it comes to trendy. fad type sex. That causes habits to form and takes the away from doing important things by screwing around in fruitless relations.

Of course, like all heterosexual men, I am absolutely repulsed by the idea of two women having sex with each other. And the more beautiful the women doing this, the more disgusting it is. In fact, just writing this about two beautiful women having sex with each other made me physically gag. I ran to the bathroom and dry heaved a few times into the sink, but fortunately nothing came up. It is really that disgusting.

Only 2% of US females are lesbians. But no one knows what causes lesbianism, and quite a few lesbians appear to be lesbians by choice. So if women can choose to be lesbians, that opens up an ominous potential that the rate of lesbianism in women could increase beyond 2%, which in my opinion, would not be a good thing. Unless all the psychobitches converted to lesbianism, in which case, I would say it would be a good thing. Actually the psychobitches should all just kill themselves. I would not want to impose them on my sisters, even my lesbian sisters.

Women of my generation do not seem to have gone in for bisexuality in a big way. However, it is not uncommon at all to find a woman of my generation who say, had sex with another woman once, often in a three-way with another woman. And they may have played the passive role too. Less commonly, you will find a woman my age who experimented with bisexuality for maybe a two week phase in their younger years, often when they were nearly blinded with drug and alcohol googles to the point where they barely even knew or cared what they were doing anymore. These women typically come out of these experiences by concluding that they are just not into women at all and that apparently they are strictly dickly.

I don’t date a lot of younger women because most of them think I am too old for them, but I have dated some young women in the last 15 years. They were definitely more open to the idea of bisexuality. Two of them had tried it once, and both told me that they liked it. These women were aged 23 and 27. Other young women I dated told me that they were open to the idea of it or out and out wanted to do it. One of these had already had sex with another woman twice in some booze or drugged up haze, but she told me that “she didn’t remember what happened.”

The impression I get is that females basically like cock. They want dick.

Lesbianism or even lesbian-leaning bisexuality is never going to catch on big. It seems to go against basic female nature.


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13 responses to “A Few Words on Female Homosexuality

  1. RockT

    Robert, thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment. I was meaning, of course, situational bisexuality rather than solid lesbianism; which is necessarily rare. As for the lack of “repulsiveness” of it, that is not the point. What gives us boners is one thing, what affects society, another. The fact that they are messing around this way can have repercussions for society. It does give the solid lesbians more options for fun, but it does also affect the experimental, situational bis. It is, biologically speaking, a waste of time, it takes time away from men and, on some level is a temporary “rejection.” one that they themselves would not tolerate. Also, the many and varied types of stimulation on offer to women these days has fried their dopamine receptors and has contributed to making them gibbering wrecks.

    • Jason Y

      I’m wondering if sex toys can fry dopamine receptors. It would be terrible if they did, but nobody knew about it.

      • RockT

        I think they do. Like narcotics, which are engineered by chemists for a sort of “over the top” enjoyment, so too I believe with that crap as well. Women have so much horniness and so many erogenous zones, that can become addicted to and burned out on pleasure to easily.

  2. S.D.

    Butch dykes are terrible providers. They are basically an unkempt typical male pig of the worst sort-violent, aggressive-with a mullet and no penis.

    A woman has to be seriously into other women to stick it out with one.

    Gays act like women and are less threatening in their occupations as interior designers or hair dressers. Many make good money. They are generally cerebral, have good taste and passable manners and, well, act like well-behaved women.

    Butch dykes are the opposite and are synonymous with women’s prisons. Nobody enjoys their snarling aggression, unkempt appearances, bad taste.

    They are always on the fringes of society, even gay society, because they have no decent economy to stand on. A few become police women or soldiers.

    Bi-sexual chic appeared in the 1990’s like political correctness. Even as late as 1990 a girl who was “bi” was cast out of her clique and the laughing stock of the entire social surroundings.

    It was associated with bad porn or girls who were born into situations of horrible abuse by men (Aileen Wurnos).

    • Jason Y

      Butch dykes would be mean if you get on their bad side. Of course, there are so straight women (and some who aren’t even that masculine looking) with butch dyke tendencies, and if you get on their bad side, they are just as punk as a guy. I mean, they’re the kind of women you want to kill, much like you’d like to finish off some man who bullies people.

      • Jason Y

        I don’t know why gentle gays are hated so much. They don’t bother anyone. On the other hand, masculine males, butch dykes, straight women with butch dyke tendencies, are very easy to hate.

        Most of the above people can’t shut thier fucking mouth up, and if you get on their bad side and become a target then they harass you to the point of a school shooting.

  3. S.D.

    Female bi-sexuality was a media-driven phenomenon that first appeared on the scene in the mid-1990’s with political correctness.

    As late as 1989 it was not fashionable any 16 year old girl who had bragged to her friends she was “bi” would have been cast out of her clique.

    To some extent it has been a device by girls to seek attention or appear trendy.

    Real bull dykes are men without a penis and a snarling, aggressive, unkempt manner who cannot really ever provide for a partner. They are the true homosexuals on the fringes of society.

    We can stomach the effeminate gay man who owns a hair salon, has good manners, fine tastes and is cerebral even if the actual practice of receiving anuses in his colon is repellent and he may eventually develop AIDS.

    Bi-sexual women who are basically straight women who think they are trendy actually shiver at a dyke. They would not so much as let her perform oral sex on them.

    The bull dyke is barely tolerated in her job changing tires at the gas station. At best she might become a soldier or police woman.

    So women have to really love other women to stick it out with a man with no penis who cannot really be good provider.

  4. S.D.

    Prior to 1994 or so we never heard of bisexuality and women abhorred it. Like political correctness it is a fad that emerged in the 1990’s plain and simple. If you went to high school in the late 1980’s then you know that it was non-existent.

    On the issue of bisexuality who really wants perform uncompensated and unreciprocated oral sex on someone else-I’m talking about women. Another woman is not going to compensate you with money or a hard penis that might lead to an orgasm or relationship.

    Bi-sexuality in women is an indication of insecurity, often times. The girl thinks she is trendy because of Angelina Jolie and wants male attention.

    Most of these girls would shiver if a lumbering dyke came up to them and would not accept the offer of oral sex.

    Why would they? A woman, unless she is really ugly, can be eaten out or screwed by a man for free whenever she wants to be. A bull dyke is a female without a penis-some cursed in-between genetic mutation.

  5. Optimus Prime

    Robert, didn’t you mention once that it is not abnormal for a man who loves to see two beautiful woman going at it.

  6. S.D.

    1993-4 was the end of the Reagan Revolution of the Reagan/Bush administrations which was itself a reaction to the cynical, anything-goes hedonist sixties and seventies era that began with LBJ and ended with Carter’s disappointing last few years in office.

    P.C., bisexual chic, grunge and alternative, hipsters and everything else were a cyclical reaction to the Reagan Revolution of 1982-1994.

    All of the trends that form the mainstream today began in the early 1990’s.

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