Crack Smoking Parties, Wilshire District Los Angeles, 1986

I had gone out on a date with what you might call a High Class Crack Whore, and after a date that ended us up smoking crack in a mixed race party in the Wilshire District, I got mad at her and left the bitch at that party very late at night, which is exactly what she deserved. I had gone off to another party with some other Black woman who pulled me away from the crack whore. This new bitch turned out to be nothing other than Middle Class Crack Whore #2.

Well, I got an hysterical phone call from my own mother the next afternoon. “Bob!,” she screamed. “What did you do to that woman!?” I said, “Whaaat?” I had no idea what had happened. Her mother had called my mother the next afternoon because the girl never came home from her date with me, which was news to me. All I knew was that I had left her at some party in the Wilshire District the night before. I had no idea what happened to her after that.

I told my mother what had happened and how she refused to go home with me, so I just left her at a party in the Wilshire District at 2 AM with no way to get home. Since she had no way to get home, I assumed that she never made it home. My Mom called the girl’s mother back and told her my story.

I was pretty upset with my Mom for thinking that I had killed a woman on a date and left her in a ditch or even for thinking I was capable of that,and I told her so.

I had left the party, and we had both gone out to my car where a stupid argument took place. She left my car and went back into the party. I sat out in my car waiting for the dumb bitch for a very long time. Then I met some other people from the party who were leaving the party. I asked them where the girl was, and they said she was back at the party. I told them that I was waiting for her to leave with me, but they told me that she said she was not leaving with me and was instead sitting up at the party talking crap about me. I swore at her and called her a bunch of names.

The other Black women took sympathy. One of them grabbed me and said, “Oh, you’re cute! I want a cute White boy! Hey, you come with me baby! You’re with me now. That bitch doesn’t even like you. I’m your date tonite, not her.” Then she grabbed me, put her arm around me and started kissing me really hard while talking very dirty in my ear. The other Black woman acted like this was absolutely disgusting maybe because some Black women think the idea of sex with a White men is sickening.

Well, we went back to her place with some other people, mostly Black but also one White guy. There was a bit of a party at her place now. Well, that did not go very well either, and long story short, I left that party too, equally disgusted at Bitch #2.


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10 responses to “Crack Smoking Parties, Wilshire District Los Angeles, 1986

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  2. S.D.

    How different was crack cocaine from methamphetamine. In my days of being around druggies, long since passed, I noticed that people who smoked crack were in constant search of money to purchase more or had money and were constantly in search of more crack.

    People would “come down” from meth and swear it was so brutal-Robert and myself included-that they would never touch it again. And many people never do.

    What is the difference between crack cocaine and meth?

  3. I am long aquainted with drug usage having started out smoking weed in the early 70s and winding up many years later, a heroin addict. (which I’m glad to say no longer controls my life) As to your question from what I can surmise,you seem to be aquainted with meth,and if that’s true then you get how “speedy” it is right? It gives you lot’s of energy with an accent on increased mental activity that keeps you up all night launching odd little projects that fizzle out as quickly as you dream them up but usually leaves your place looking like a bomb hit it. (then you get to over do it cleaning everything up) Crack on the otherhand at least in my experience seems to be much more of a “body high”. You still get the “speedy” quality but not as intense as meth.When I was still using I think I actually preferred to use crack because (as you mentioned) meth can really be nasty coming down from and many people find themselves wracked with desperate feelings of severe depression that can take hours to wear away. In the end though drug use is really a mugs game and people should give all of it a wide berth and just be glad to be alive and healthy and enjoying life naturally.

  4. S.D.

    Crack cocaine seems to leave people addicted fairly quickly and their life falls apart in an effort to pay for it.

    They appear physically miserable and desperate to get more. All the time.

    Meth users can use for years and their life will either gradually disintegrate. But not as quickly as a “crack head”.

    If you see someone who has been using meth for ten years they look a bit badly aged. But they can maintain.

    Crack users bottom out in months. Lose their job, sell their car.

    It’s all over one or two years for crackheads.

  5. S.D.

    In the 1980’s and 1990’s crack cocaine generate a fairly sized economy-motels for users and prostitutes, dealers, bail bondsman, pawn shops.

    Even rehab for middle-class addicts was big business.

    Now that Ice (affordable and with a longer high) has become popular I am curious if there is still a “crack cocaine economy”.

  6. RockT

    Rober, I would appreciate it if you could elaborate on drug usage in the 80s, it sounds interesting.

  7. S.D.

    Between 1985 when I was 11 years old and 1999 when I lived in a bad neighborhood as a jobless college student an entire ECONOMY seem to positively thrive around crack cocaine.

    You had cheap motels (Like the one in SCARFACE) where crackheads lived, sold drugs and crack-addicted prostitutes took their clients.

    You had bail bonds companies in these same areas.

    Pawn stores and fences.

    Dealers with a great deal of money and gangs with a great deal of money.

    All constructed around the desperation of people “needing a hit”.

  8. S.D.

    Red light U.S and Canadian districts have diminished since the crack cocaine heyday (Part of this is police-state trends).

    During the late 90’s (98-99) observed the age of the women selling their wares to be unusually high-30, 35,40.

    Another words crack had diminished as the new generation came of age.

    Nothing makes women from all backgrounds and colors and creeds sell their bodies faster than crack cocaine, I have noticed.

    Meth and pain pills do not put AS MANY women on the street as crack, strangely enough.

    Prior to the boom in crack in 1985 and after it diminished in popularity in 1990 or so YOU NEVER saw as many women on the streets from the next generation again.

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