The Curious Politicization of US Refugee Laws on Latin American Immigration to the US

S. D. writes: Through all of the revolutions, somehow, someway the Iberian ruling classes have managed to remain on top and the Mestizos and Indians end up fleeing to the United States.

South Americans are not coming here, but S. D. is correct that Mexico and Central America do a piss poor job of distributing the wealth in their countries, and that is one reason why so many of their citizens come here.

I do not know how many Nicaraguans are coming here, but under the Sandinistas, it was mostly the upper and middle classes who were fleeing to Miami. Now large numbers of White upper and middle class Venezuelans have been leaving for Miami, but this has been going on for over a decade now through the whole time the Chavistas have been running things. Traditionally, it was the Whiter Cubans who used to be in the upper to middle classes who fled to Miami.

Of course 100% of the Venezuelans, Nicaraguans and Cubans all get admitted straight in because they are fleeing from “evil leftwing governments.” In reality, 100% of these people, including the Cubans, are economic refugees. There are zero political refugees fleeing Cuba due to persecution or Venezuela or Nicaragua for that matter.

If you are that much of a dissident in Cuba that the state really hates you, they may put you in prison, or they may just ask you to leave the country and not come back. There is something called the Orderly Departure Program in which you have to wait in line for 6 months in order to get a chance to leave the country. Then you can leave if you can get some country to accept you, which is the major problem because ~100% of them want  to go to the US, and we only let in ~22,000/year, which is ~20,000 too many if you ask me. A few want to go to Spain.

What is fascinating is that we always hear how wonderful the capitalist countries of Latin America and how much better they are than Cuba, but when it comes time to leave, ~0% of Cubans want to go to the capitalist countries of Latin America. Gee, are the Latin American capitalist countries really so much better after all?

Now, it is true that there are numbers of Cubans holed up in some Latin American countries. There are quite a few in Mexico and also in Ecuador, but ~100% of them in both countries are trying to get into the US and have no intention of staying in Mexico or Ecuador.

Of course, during the revolutionary wars in Central America in the 1980’s, many Guatemalans and Salvadorans were desperately trying to get into the US due to genuine fears of persecution; however, 98% of them were turned away because the US assumed that anyone fleeing those countries due to political persecution was a leftwinger.

In the case of the Salvadorans, the US immigration agents did paraffin tests on the palms of  the male refugees to see if they had fired a gun recently. If they had, it was assumed that they were guerillas. The US then sent them back to El Salvador with the positive paraffin test and said, “This guy is a guerrilla.” In most cases, the Salvadoran security forces were waiting outside the planes when they came back from the US with lists. The men who were on the lists as possible guerrillas were typically grabbed, carted away and tortured to death or disappeared.


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7 responses to “The Curious Politicization of US Refugee Laws on Latin American Immigration to the US

  1. S.D.

    The only poor unmixed Iberian white population exists in Cuba where many Spanish seem to have immigrated during the Batista era like the father of Fidel Castro from Northern Spanish fishing villages.

    Spanish actors (Bardem, Banderas) and Italian-American actors (Pacino) can and have played poor rural Cubans.

    For the most part the struggle between White Man and Red-the oldest racial war in America-continues today with Mestizos back-and-forth as enforcers for the ruling elite or revolutionaries.

    You do not see a great many Mexicans who look like Vincente Fox attempting to flee to America. They seem to prefer life in their Hacienda.

    Mestizos are a more interesting group of people. Sometimes they join the Indians as victims of oppression or sometimes they are the death squad soldiers of the Iberian elite.

    But the bottom line is that Red Men are fleeing White Iberian-ruled countries to live in Anglo/Jewish-ruled American.

  2. S.D.

    White Cubans and white Venezuelans seem to assimilate about as well as Italians.

    They have disconnected Anglo people in Florida and Cuba from the centers of politics and power to the same degree as New Jersey.

    Also they bring the same sort of rule-bending Nepotism and corruption to these places and organized crime.

    Miami sort of resembles New Jersey at the height of mob rule in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

    The same racial caste pyramid seems to exist in Miami-a white Iberian business and ruling network at the top and in the middle Mestizos from Columbia or Peru and at the bottom Mulatto people or blacks. I see no difference in the political structure of Miami than in most of Central or South America.

  3. EPGAH

    Why they don’t invade other Latin American Countries?

    If you’re going to break into a better country, break into the BEST one, not one that’s marginally better! Like SD said, Mexico doesn’t have an illegal immigration problem, at worst, scum come THROUGH their country to invade US!

    If you were going to break the law at all, would you rob me, or would you rob Trump?

    • Jason Y

      Most of the illegals are not from Mexico, but rather Central America. Central America has massive problems obviously hence motivating the immigration. Was it not Central Amerca where the US intervened heavily during the Reagan years?

  4. Jason Y

    Ultimately, the right wing shit-holes in Latin America cannot hide their corruption.

    See, now the corruption of sewage companies has caused a major embarssment for Brazil at the Olympics.

    • Jason Y

      The contamination has prompted federal police and prosecutors to investigate whether Rio’s water utility Cedae is committing environmental crimes by lying about how much sewage it treats. Investigators are also looking into where billions of dollars in funds went since the early 1990s, money earmarked to improve sewage services and clean Guanabara Bay.

      Well, of course they are. What else would you expect in a corrupt third world capitalist nation?

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