The Alt Left Position on Homosexuality and the Gay Lobby

I am not crazy about the Gay Lobby, though I do support gay rights at least to a certain degree. I actually participate in gay political campaigns and am on a lot of their mailing lists. On the other hand, due to a lot of bad experiences, I am not crazy about gay men, but that is more of a personal matter between me and them.

I also think that the Cultural Left is lying a lot about homosexuality, and we ought to tell the truth about this subject – Sexual Orientation Realism or Gay Realism, along with Gender Realism and Race Realism  -ought all to be pillars of the Alt Left.

In addition, I am completely opposed to the propagation of homosexuality as the Latest Cool and Groovy Trend. Sure, biological gays should be supported, but straight people have a tremendous potential for bisexuality, and it should not be encouraged or turned into a fad.

In addition, the mechanics of female homosexuality are not well understood at all. Furthermore, no one quite knows how biologically gay men get wired up either, and there is no guarantee that homosexuals will remain at 2% of the population of any society forever. Societies past and present have given the stamp of approval to cultural recreational homosexuality for men, although few of those men were biological gays. As you can see, levels of homosexuality can go up or down depending on society.

My opinion is:

  • 2% homosexuals is quite enough for a healthy society
  • Homosexuality in general is bad for society but nevertheless normal for a small number of people,
  • Levels of homosexuality in society ought to be kept to a reasonable minimum,
  • Homosexuality should not be propagated as a recreational activity or fad for the mostly-straight masses (who, as mentioned, nevertheless have a huge bisexual potential).

If you wanted to pin me down, I would of course support all truly biological bisexual men as I would support any biological gay men, but I would oppose recreational of fad bisexuality among predominantly straight men, the levels of which in any society are probably subject to dramatic changes in either and up or down direction. I do not think it should be normal for your average mostly straight guy to think that sucking a cock now and then is the latest cool and groovy thing to do.

I think we should also oppose the cultural conservatives’ line on gays, and we must also oppose homophobes. White I am not crazy about gay men, I dislike homophobes about 100X worse, partly because for some insane reason, they mostly brutalize and torment straight men. I am assuming they are enforcing norms of masculinity for men. Homophobes are in general probably not very healthy people who mostly bully, pick on, persecute, attack, assault and discriminate against people who are mostly minding their own business.

Whatever harm homosexuality causes to society is surely overridden by the tremendous damage that hate-filled homophobes cause in part because many of their victims are men who are 100% heterosexual. So you see that therefore, in addition to being vicious and cruel, homophobes are also stupid and absurd.

Surely homophobia is not an Alt Left value. Let’s leave that for the cultural conservatives. They do homophobia so well after all.


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27 responses to “The Alt Left Position on Homosexuality and the Gay Lobby

  1. The Gay Lobby is a subset of the Jewish Lobby.

  2. Jason Y

    I suppose one thing you can do to homophobes is press harassment charges (especially if a wrongly accused straight guy). What else can you do? We’re all not at a party where we can just throw some punches.

    Bottom line, as with any other evil doer, the policy should be zero tolerence. I mean, why not? They practice the same thing with gays and also the wrongly accused straights.

    • Jason Y

      Generally speaking homophobic garbage isn’t the same as sexual harassment of women. Note, some so called sexual harassment of women is NOT harassment. On the other hand, any homophobia, unless it’s brothers kidding around with each other or something, is generally harsh bullying and the only reaction should a swift ass kicking (via the law or in a fight).

  3. S.D.

    Thank Goodness gay men do not reproduce.

    Most like Andrew Cunanan or Versace are perpetual irresponsible adolescent clubbers, drug users, sadists, promiscuous, perverted, prone to high-risk sexual lifestyles.

    Their lives are mostly nothing but drugs and sex and more sex.

    If more males like this ejaculated into the anuses of other men instead of the vaginas of dull, drugged, poor “party girls” who ended up becoming wards of the state…the world would be a much better place.

    Thank goodness for homosexuality. Statistically gays are males leading a fringe lifestyle (though for some reason they are quite good at hiding it) of sex parties, drugs, more sex parties, violence, perversion and disease.

    Butch lesbians can be equally violent and despicable, I should add.

    For one I am grateful they do not actually have children.

    • Jason Y

      If more males like this ejaculated into the anuses of other men instead of the vaginas of dull, drugged, poor “party girls” who ended up becoming wards of the state…the world would be a much better place.

      How dull are the girls? Are they so dull they couldn’t benefit from an improved environment? One the government won’t give them, and also one that fate didn’t bestow on them, since they were unfairly brought up in abusive, trashy homes?

  4. Julian

    I have a self-identified heterosexual male twenty-something friend who admitted to me that he LOVES sucking TS (transexual) cock every now and then. He also loves eating biological girls’ butts and dating tomboys. He’s never says anything about girl genitalia except for one time when he said it repulses him sometimes. However, he only admits to liking TSs and not regular males, although he’s admitted to being with some. I find it odd though that he is actually against perpetuating this new tranny-is-cool fad that is going on and calls TSs like Caitlyn Jenner mentally ill. What is his deal? How can he denigrate TSs and at the same time love to suck them? Is this comparable to the issues publicly homophobic Republicans who are actually privately in the closet face? He described to me once that sucking a TS turns him on because of the taboo-ness of it. How would you describe this behavior?

  5. S.D.

    Most males leading irresponsible drug and alcohol-fuel party lifestyles are also playboys trying to sleep with as many girls as possible.

    One male like this can father a good many unhappy, disadvantaged, penniless children in one lifetime. Sometimes five or ten before they go to jail or OD or just plain wear out by the age of 40.

    If more of them were gay it would probably result in less unhappy childhoods, less weary but young grandparents in their forties having to go through the process of raising an infant again, less juvenile crime.

  6. S.D.

    Julian’s friend probably will not make any of them pregnant, so his sexual weirdness does not matter.

    Who cares what he is into in his private life as long as he is not producing fatherless children who will be unhappy and undisciplined little juvenile delinquents who throw a rock at a car twelve years down the road and rob a liquor store when they are 18.

    Eating the anus of a dim and shallow young woman is not going to leave her with a bun in the oven and neither is deep-throat on a she-male.

    His private life is his own business.

  7. S.D.

    Thank goodness Julian’s friend is engaging in these sort of activities during his reproductive prime.

    He does not sound as if he would be a good provider or father if he were engaging in run-of-the-mill sex with girls who “caught pregnant”.

    Most likely his children would grow up fatherless, unhappy and undisciplined. By the age of 12 they would be engaging in throwing rocks at cars and by 16 they would be selling drugs to their friends and by 20 they rob a liquor store.

    Not always, of course, but those are the stats.

    Good thing he sucks she-male dongs and “rims” his party-girl friends instead of blowing his load unprotected into them and making the state pay for his fun.

    I’ve made my point.

    • Jason Y

      I think the big irony of all time is that guys who are least likely to be good fathers and providers are seen as the most masculine and get the most girls, while the others are seen as wimps and avoided.

  8. S.D.

    Note that gay couples are usually more financially successful and have decent careers.

    …both partners working and no dependents.

    As for Julian’s friend: bless him. He’s probably into partying hard, drugs, alcohol, is as irresponsible as a 16 year old boy and completely self-centered.

    By rimming his girlfriend’s anuses and deep-throat oral sex on “chicks with dicks” he is not producing children that would inevitably lead unhappy lives with their mother’s aging weary parents, commit a great deal of window-breaking type vandalism between 12-15, probably get into drugs and sell them to other kids, maybe rob a liquor store or become a serial killer down the road.

    All of this underclass horror is spared because Julian does not blow his wad into the place biology intended.

    Bless him for all of our sake.

  9. S.D.


    Hard partying, drugging, clubbing, young irresponsible men about town have few sexual outlets.

    Druggy club girls are sometimes but not always available for a booty call and are also the sort of girls to show up with tear-streaked mascara two weeks later saying they are “late” for their period.

    These young clubbers can trawl for prostitutes but this is risky because these girls are usually in bad areas of town where hipsters can get ripped-odd or arrested.

    Since they are usually high and drunk when they want to blow their wad I can understand why she-males are becoming more popular with these young men. When you cannot see straight and the person is wearing a wig, it does not matter.

    It makes sense.

  10. Tulio

    I wish they’d all go back in the closet.

  11. kareem

    It’s in the self interest of straight guys to encourage the rights of homosexuals.

    More homos and guys who act like homos = less competition there is to get women for straight men who act like men.

  12. S.D.

    Biology is more efficient for stupid gays than stupid straight guys.

    They lead a decadent lifestyle of drugs and sex until about age 30 when they contract AIDS.

    There are no abortion issues or wavering cries from babies and welfare. No exhausted single mothers or domestic disturbance phone calls. No tired young grandparents in their 40’s. No juvenile delinquents.

    Only gay men living their decadent lives in relative prosperity because they do not support children and then finally dying of AIDS contracted in some anonymous gay orgy during a lost weekend.

  13. S.D.

    Gays and lesbians should be noted for not really bothering heterosexual society anyhow, unless the straight person ends up in prison with them.

    They have their own economy, their own culture, their own districts.

    Lesbians are no different than a male-female couple except for the strap-on that one of them wears during sex and the fact that they are usually single and do not wash their clothes as often as straight women.

  14. S.D.

    The issue of abortion.

    The child abuse and neglect that come along with impatient young mothers whose future of heedless fun has been cut short at 19 or 20.

    The father who is an irresponsible clubber and drinker who hits the road, never seen again.

    The tired, 40-something grandparents.

    The boyfriend who is a child molester who is allowed to remain in the house for his share of rent.

    Angry juveniles vandalizing, beating up middle-class kids, breaking windows.

    When the young mother is 40 years old finally comes the phone call that 18 year old Johnny hit the big time with a felon crime. He’ll be going away this time.


    Andrew knows he is gay at 12 and begins sucking penises by 13. His sex drive is very high and he loves receiving huge stovepipes into his rectum. Girls disgust him and sort of remind him of his overbearing mother.

    He is not violent but very decadent. He loves nice things, parties, drugs, gay sex orgies under the influence of drugs.

    He becomes a hair-stylist, makes good money and moves to the Castro district of San Francisco.

    Five years later at 27 he has died from the AIDS virus. He infected 30 other men with it, however.

    No underclass surrounds Andrew.

  15. Jason Y

    Someone on here mentioned kindness to animals. Funny how WNs love animals, but will shoot mixed raced kids like dogs while calling them ugly. Kind of like how Hitler ended animal experimentation, but replaced it with Jew experimentation. WNs shouldn’t comment on kindness.

  16. S.D.

    I am not sure any sane person would advocate shooting children or human beings.

  17. RockT

    What about female homosexuality? That, I think, is more of a problem when it comes to trendy. fad type sex. That causes habits to form and takes the away from doing important things by screwing around in fruitless relations. Also, Robert, you know and I know: “homophobes” don’t actually do anything and have no impact whatsoever on anything.

    • I don’t care if men don’t like male homosexuality or male homosexuals. Homophobia is the default for all heterosexual males. However, that’s different from virulent homophobes who bait, torment, persecute, name call, harass, and beat up gay men or even worse, straight men who they erroneously think are gay.

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  19. cheez121

    i agree homosexuality should not be constantly promoted like it is today but it should not be persecuted either. just leave it alone. i am curious what you mean when you say homophobia is the default

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