Guess What? National Governments Have Little to Nothing to Do with Crime Rates

S. D. writes: Salvadoran gangs might wreak havoc with in Anglo countries, but the Iberian ruling class of Central America keep them under their thumb.

This is absolutely not the case at all. Neither Anglo countries nor their own Hispanic societies can control these maniacs at all, and the Hispanics are actually worse at controlling them then we are. The street gangs and crime in general are completely out of control in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, in part due to the aftermath of the wars. We have much better control over these gangs up here than they do down there.

It just goes to show you that when you have an insanely out of control crime situation, there is only so much you can do about it. The states down there are throwing everything they have at the crime problem (I assume), and the crime rages on nonetheless. When crime reaches a certain level, there is not a whole lot you can do. You can put bad guys in prison. You can execute bad guys, you can simply assassinate criminals on the streets. Which is what the police down there often do, as the death squads formerly used against the Left are now attacking the criminals.

Yes, you can arrest criminals (until your jails fill up), imprison criminals (until your prisons fill up and turn into criminal manufacturing facilities), execute criminals after they are convicted and even assassinate criminals with roving gangs of cop assassins. Sure, you eliminate a lot of criminals that way, but crooks are like mushrooms in these places: they just keep springing up new ones.

I would add that crime has raged in all of these countries through all sorts of governments for maybe 20 years now.

In Honduras it raged on during the Left government the same as it did during the Right government. Now Honduras has an out and out Death Squad Dictatorship courtesy of Hitlery Clinton and crime rages on nonetheless. Even military dictatorships can’t stop the crime!

In El Salvador it is raging right along during the new Left government the same as did under the Right governments.

Also the Right governments in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras involved a number of changing political  parties, but all of the parties and administrations were powerless to stop the crime.

Sure they can try to stop it after it happens, but can they stop it before it happens (prevention)? Not really.

I am so sick and tired of the despicable Venezuela haters accusing Chavez of causing Venezuela’s wild crime rate and blaming him for it. Venezuela has the exact same problem that Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador had during decades of Right governments, and they weren’t able to stop it either in those places.

Apparently the Venezuela critics who insist that it is Hugo Chavez’ personal fault that Venezuela has such a bad crime problem are all degreed criminologists.

You will never hear more garbage and crap in a political debate with your typical moronic American than when you try to discuss what causes crime. Everyone’s got their own theory! Isn’t that amazing? We have 170 million Emil Durkheims right here in the United States! Gadzooks Batman!

I would like to tell all of these Junior Einsteins that since they know what causes crime, that they all need to head to the nearest university and look up the Criminology professors and tell them this stunning news. The Criminology professors would be overjoyed to hear what really causes crime!

Do you know why? Because criminologists have been studying crime for a century now and still do not have the fainest idea what causes crime or what makes crime rates go up or down. Sure, they have all sorts of theories and charts, and they publish books all the time, but really it’s just another Dismal Social Science, and it’s a notorious black hole of theory just like the ridiculous original dismal science.

I would like to tell all of these idiot Venezuela critics who insist that Hugo Chavez himself somehow miraculously caused a massive crime rate in Venezuela (How? By massively bettering the lives of the poor? That’s sure to make the crime rate skyrocket.) to take their stupid theory that it is governments that cause crime and that crime rates go up due to bad governments and go down due to good governments to the closest Criminology professor to inform him of the shocking news.They are in for a surprise because the professor will probably laugh right in their faces.

The truth is that national governments have very little if anything to do with crime, either causing it in the first place or making it go up or down. This is because crime largely occurs outside of politics and the only thing governments can do is politics. But crime is a sociological phenomenon (sort of like drinking, gambling, promiscuity or drug use) that has little if anything to do with politics. Sociological phenomena like those listed above occur for their own reasons that are 100% to do with society and sociological phenomena and ~0% to do with national governments and politics.


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41 responses to “Guess What? National Governments Have Little to Nothing to Do with Crime Rates

  1. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    Of course, governments aren’t completely powerless about crime. Otherwise we might as well fire all the cops and close all the jails, but their capacity to control crime is limited, especially when for one reason or another the crime rate is very high. One crime that has become significantly less frequent is drunk driving. It went down because about 30 years ago it was punished very leniently while today it is punished much more severely.

    In most Western countries, the murder rate is down. For instance, in Canada we used to have about 750 murders per year. Now there are only about 550, despite an increase in population. It certainly has nothing to do with a change in penal policy, which for murder has been the same in Canada for decades.

    Regards. James

  2. S.D.

    I am an American who lived in and around Sudbury and attended college in Canada.

    Usually whites who are victims of homicide A) are druggies in East Vancouver who have some quarrel with some other druggies or are ripped off or B) are set upon by white-hating aboriginals in some alley way of a Northern town or C) are bikers or biker associates in organized crime.

    True, Lebanese and Indians and even Iranians all have their little mafias but they are nothing like Mexican Mafia in the states.

    Nobody in Canada really cares if Biker Wars flare up every quarter of a century as the Outlaws or HA purge their own ranks or sometimes execute a Chinese or Indian dope czar whose cartel gets out of hand.

    Privately law-abiding Ontario or Quebecois citizens breathe a nice sigh of relief that a bunch of scumbag “associates” who were the dregs of society were deemed bad for business by Mum the French Biker or whoever and liquidated.

    Unless you are planning to enter the drugs trade in Canada or organized crime you are unlikely to encounter lethal street crime.

    Northern Canada is different. Aboriginal Canadians, First Nations or maybe we can just call them Asian tribes which is what they are do have higher levels of social pathology.

    Unless you intend to hang around Native bars in Northern Ontario or Goose Bay getting drunk then probably the average Caucasian will have no troubles.

    East Vancouver and parts of downtown Toronto do have some serious property crime rates and muggings but these are “shooting galleries”.

    Chinese are somewhat to blame for Vancouver’s high drug rate because this is their pipeline from the Golden Triangle.

  3. S.D.

    Crime rates come down to birthrates among young, uneducated people.

    In 1983 or 1985 or 1988 just as drugs like crack were really exploding some barrio chica was impressed enough by Fernando the Vato’s low-rider to fornicate with him the backseat. Same goes for Bobby Jo the stripper and the toughest redneck around.

    Neither product of these brief relationships ever really knew their father well. He was in and out of jail or just plain hit the road and disappeared to who knew where.

    Mom gets horny though so more random thugs and hoodlums come in and of the one-room apartment where the future criminal sees all manner of degenerate behavior because their residence is so small. Sometimes they are drunk and molest or he sees them having sex with Anna the barrio girl or a guy from the strip club comes home to Bobby Jo’s one room apartment to watch porn and teach the little white trash how to roll a decent joint.

    Economics are fairly obvious to these kids. If you are a male you sell drugs and if you are a female child you learn what men want to pay for at an early age. You grow up in a neighborhood where drugs form a part of the economy, along with sex work.

    It is hard to stay away from drugs and sex for these kids. They are around the house, in the barrio or the trailer park. At 13 at the latest they are smoking marijuana, at 15 meth.

    These kids came of age with the internet and globalization in the nineties. The manufacturing and labor jobs that their absentee fathers made decent money doing are now mostly gone.

    The 1% in the U.S. are old blue-blooded WASPS and some new money Jews for the most part. There is a shrinking middle-class of European-Americans of mostly Central, Eastern and Southern-European stock. At the bottom of the pile, for some reason, are mostly Anglo-Celtics and African-Americans and Mestizos. American Indians are too small a minority to examine. Don’t ask me why but that is the way it breaks down.

    It’s getting easier for middle-class whites to slip into the criminal classes. Michael O’Brien is an Irish-Catholic whose parents worked in a manufacturing plant that has since closed down. If he did not join the military or the police, he has very few options without a college degree. It is easy for him to get into meth or oxycotin pills and start dealing. He goes to jail.

    The 1% in Central and Caribbean America and most of South America are Iberian people from Portugal and Spain. Their lifestyles are decadent but they do not tend to have children out of wedlock.

    The other 99% who are either Indians or Mestizos end up having kids all the time who face little opportunity in life.

    American cops are harder to corrupt, despite shows like THE SHIELD. They will not look the other way for less than a 6 figure payment so street thugs can get away with more for less money in Mexico than they can in the United States or Canada (Although biker gangs in Canada have corrupted or intimidated small town cops in Northern Quebec or Ontario to some degree).

    For this reason and this reason only is America safer than Mexico. It is more difficult to pay cops off or look the other way.

    Criminal classes are a result of poor kids born in the 1980’s to young and irresponsible adults just as globalization and the internet were over the horizon.

    They reached maturity (Age 18) in a bad job market after 9-11.

  4. S.D.

    I agree Robert. Northern Canada has a high crime rate that has nothing to do with the government or semi-socialistic redistribution taxes.

    Few whites live up there and it is a plethora of social pathology-alcoholism, drug addiction, property crime, rape, violence, domestic abuse etc.

    Canadian aboriginals and Inuit display a plethora of petty criminality in the North of Canada. It is not organized but simply a smorgasbord of domestic violence, drugs, alcoholism, property crime, brawling, mugging.

    Canadian jails contain mostly Natives or career-criminals in white biker gangs. White biker gangs are not much of a threat to ordinary whites, less so even than Italian-Americans in New Jersey or something. They have nothing to do with unions or local politicians. They deal completely in strippers, drugs and gambling.

    White Canadian proles-Irish and French-give Natives in Canada a wide berth and these Northern towns are places they avoid. You could not get me to drink in a bar in Goose Bay, Labrador for any amount of money.

    Such was the way it was until the Chinese and Indians began to migrate. Asian cartels now battle out drug turf in East Vancouver along with Indian gangs.

    Canadian jails are not the “Oz” horror that American prisons are. Few Canadian bikers or Asian gang members want to commit a crime in the United States because American jails are notoriously bad places to Canadian criminals. Aboriginal Canadians never leave the region where they are from because they have no money and are usually too drunk or drugged to drive anywhere.

    Some native women will work in the sex trade. They are invariably bottom-barrel street hookers in East Vancouver or Ontario’s bleak frostbitten red light districts.

    Canada has funneled a great deal of money into this problem. Nothing works.

    I’ve avoided Mexico and Central/South America (Latin America) all of my life.

  5. S.D.

    In reply to James I would say the huge biker wars are sort of a thing of the past and I think you actually need a college degree or something to prospect for the Hell’s Angels. They have moved into white-collar crime and grey areas like strip clubs for the most part and to whatever extent they still control drugs it is at the Pablo Escobar-level.

    The big turf-battles for Montreal are sort of over.

    In some perverse way they have kept crime down. Their appearance is so fearsome-bearded, muscular, tattooed-that Italian mobsters and Asian dregs and even the odd African-American pimp or coke dealer up from the States thinks twice about moving into their territory.

    Canadian homicides are really isolated to A) East Vancouver B) Northern Canada’s Indians.

  6. S.D.

    Criminals have great fertility and little access to the resources that would pull their kids out of crime so needless to say government cannot sterilize every thug, druggie or gangster who has twenty minutes of fun with a callow, dim-witted young woman who sometimes a drug addict herself or a prostitute.

    Whites in American in the lower-class are sort of gradually becoming criminalized I have noticed. More of them are hooked on stronger drugs than the beer or reefer they toked in the 80’s (Back when cocaine was a prohibitively expensive drug that was too expensive in the flyover). Ice and other forms of meth have really devastated them

    When they get busted, they do far more time. If they already have kids, which most of them do by the time they go to jail for drugs or theft at 23 or 25, that kid is never going to have a male role model good or bad.

    They used to listen to/emulate white heavy metal heads like Metallica or Iron Maiden in the eighties and brawl in rock concerts and imitate Lenny and have big hair but this generation of lower-class whites is into gangster rap and wants to imitate 50 cent. So more of them are likely to carry a gun or engage in other street crime that results in homicides or drug rip-offs.

    Lower-class whites used to be very racist and if you spoke Ebonics in the eighties around head banging lower-class whites you would be jeered or even pushed around a bit. There was some cultural pressure not to act black.

    There really are not many good jobs for whites or blacks in the service-sector now that construction is no longer booming anyhow. Once you have a criminal record in the U.S. for the most minor offense and go to jail you are going to be criminalized. If you have a GED or high school education you are going to live in a neighborhood with crime, usually.

    • Jason Y

      Iv’e not seen the love for blacks among lower class whites to be growing here. Just say anything sympathetic to blacks on social media and watch the reaction. At least that’s the case in the mountain south.

      In fact, as Iv’e mentioned on other posts. These rednecks drove a black man/ white woman couple with mixed kids out of my mountian valley. Also certain areas around here, excluding the bigger towns, are simply white ghettoes of racist whites.

      • Jason Y

        Of the few poor whites with no hatred toward blacks, they seem to live in black areas. Even where I live the bigger towns have more blacks. However, as you go out into the backwater, it becomes a no go zone for liberals, blacks, Mexicans etc..

  7. S.D.

    Lower-middle-class whites seem to be slowly being criminalized if they were born after 1986 or so.

    Previously their drugs were beer and marijuana but now meth and Ice have moved in which seem themselves to lead to criminality in the form of dealing and property crime.

    They do a great deal more jail time as a result and become criminalized jailbirds. In the old days they were busted for selling an ounce of pot or something. Meth is a mainline to felony activity and an ounce of Ice or meth is prison-time.

    Black gangsters have replaced Lenny from Motorhead or Ozzy as their role models. They used to have their own culture and bad boys-big hair, heavy metal, tight jeans. Now they listen to the same music as blacks or Hispanics and carry guns instead of brawling at a Motley Cure concerts.

    Lower-class girls are more promiscuous than they were a generation ago and more of them are having children in their late teens or early twenties.

    Very gradually they are slipping into the black underclass. More and more white girls become pregnant by black pimps or thugs and a poor Mulatto class that we see in Brazil or Haiti is emerging (Though of course that was the result of sexual escapades between whites and West African females but the result is the same),

    The so-called Gilded Age brings about the same Dickens-era London of petty criminality.

    Governments cannot do much about this.

    Our population pyramid pretty much goes like this: lot’s of poor people at the bottom, a thinner middle than ever and a tiny wealth pyramid peak at the top.

    • Jason Y

      Right, but old posters like Sam are so content on saying only non-whites (with the exception of Northeast Asians) are prone to crime.

      No, I disagree with this commenter, not all mulatto kids are trapped in a crime world. Often being born into a family with many white people can be a massive step up.

    • Jason Y

      No, white women shouldn’t screw ghetto blacks, cause the dads won’t care for the kids, and even if they did, they’re bringing them up in a terrible environment.

      On the other hand, if a white woman wants to marry a regular black than I see no problem with it, and the kids would have a massive advantage, opposed to if they had just been born to two black parents.

    • Jason Y

      Honestly though, being born to certain low class whites is just as bad as being born to ghetto blacks. You talking about people with zero morals and on top you have the chain smoking.

      I mean, they might have some morals and whatnot, but overall they shouldn’t have kids. Bringing kids into thier world is abusive.

  8. S.D.

    I can see how socialism works if you have a wealth octogon or Hexogram but with a wealth/population pyramid of so few extremely wealthy people and loads of people who heedlessly reproduce at the bottom how can the 1% satiate the needs of the masses.

    If you have millions of people at the bottom who are low IQ in a post-industrial society and one thousand filthy rich at the top of the pyramid who have a few billion and all of their money is spent on the poor masses how does this adequately meet the needs of the 99%?

    If poor people judiciously had one or two children each (As the rich and middle-class do) than this would might solve the problems of poverty and crime.

    White Nationalists who believe that whites have to “start breeding” are stupidly short-sighted. If middle-class and lower middle-class whites or Japanese start breeding beyond their rearing capabilities we just end up with more never-had-a-chance criminals whose parents lacked the resources for four children.

    Poor Indians and blacks (Or some Mulatto Mestizo combination) in the Favelas heedlessly reproduce in the multitudes in Latin America and Brazil. Six kids, five kids, four kids. There are so many of them that how can a few rich Creoles actually solve the problem by having their wealth redistributed?

    Right wing economics do not work very well either, but I question socialism as a panacea.

    It works in countries where a homogeneous population has a relatively high IQ where Lars Palsson uses rubbers or withdrawal method after his first or second child. But what about a sexual hothouse of mestizos and zambizos who are highly over-sexualized anyhow.

    • Jason Y

      Robert touched on this idea before. If the governments in Latin America and the US as well put forth a real effort at improving health care and education, then the population of the underclass would shrink. In that case, they might rise to the middle class, much as Italian Americans have done in the USA.

  9. Jason Y

    It comes from poor parental upbringing. It’s not just an African or African descendent phenomenon. Somewhere a long the line you have a broken family of some sort. Of course, broken families often come as a result of political and sociological phenemonon, so I disagree with this post’s main idea.

    • Jason Y

      In the case of El Salvador, you have massive problems as a result of war perhaps leading to a poor family uniit. In Venezuela, for some reason there is a poor family structure, and perhaps there hasn’t been enough time for the social programs of Chavez to reverse the broken family situation. Of course, there are just educated guesses.

      Note, in any family where the family takes no crap from the kids, say like as we saw with Michael Jackson’t dad, lol, you don’t see crime.

  10. S.D.

    I’d be surprised if many of the children in the Brazil slums know who their father is.

    Dim, callow and drug-addicted women of every color get pregnant every time they screw some guy who does not even wait for morning to get his pants on and run out the door (East Asians do not seem to have this problem).

    I’ve know a few examples in my own lifetime. Here’s one.

    Scott, my college pot-dealer, was a (Mostly) white Midwesterner who hung around campus dealing and had kids all over the land with various poor white and Mexican women by the age of 22.

    This was in 1996 and these kids would now be young adults now. The women who bore Scott’s children were dim and stupid white and Hispanic girls in the early 90’s and never saw a lick of child support.

    Scott had a pretty typical white trash upbringing. His mother came from a fairly decent German-American family who owned a tire repair shop. In the early seventies when Scott was born she was a promiscuous hippy who became pregnant by a half-Indian hillbilly who was sent to jail. Scott never knew him and grew up fatherless on table-scraps from better-off family members and dropped out of school at age 15 although he was reasonably intelligent. He had been dealing drugs since the age of 16 and fathered three children by the age of 20.

    He sold grass to college kids but his drug of choice was crack and meth. He hated blacks.

    He never paid alimony and was later jailed for stabbing someone in the bar.

    This is pretty typical example of the bottom of the population pyramid from India to Michigan. They rarely have tow-parent families and always have more kids because the women are stupid. The males always end up being petty criminal Lotharios for the most part (I don’t know why).

    In the old days these sort of whites hated blacks and black culture but now they have integrated into it and this has made them even worse.

    • Jason Y

      Robert also touched on this idea. Poor people do drugs cause thier lives suck, end of story. If the govenment or somebody would improve health care, education, etc.. for the underclass, then we might see this phenomenon fade away.

      Yeah, I have generally noticed the most viscous white racists are poor people no better off than the blacks they hate. These whites seem lack any empathy or sense of social justice, as you’d see with some whites from wealthier backgrounds. However, then again, the upper classes in Latin America are practically neo-Nazi, so mostly I’m referring to the US.

      • Jason Y

        Of course, there are ways to escape poverty without government help, but I doubt if most have the self esteem to break out of this really negative culture. As I mentioned, YouTube is filled with free educational videos that would give poorer people a massive edge in the job market. It’s all there, vocational, math, programming etc..

    • Jason Y

      Scott had a pretty typical white trash upbringing. His mother came from a fairly decent German-American family who owned a tire repair shop. In the early seventies when Scott was born she was a promiscuous hippy who became pregnant by a half-Indian hillbilly who was sent to jail. Scott never knew him and grew up fatherless on table-scraps from better-off family members and dropped out of school at age 15 although he was reasonably intelligent. He had been dealing drugs since the age of 16 and fathered three children by the age of 20.

      As noted in another comment, the parental upbringing is causing the crime, and the upbriging results from political and sociological factors which result in a terrible environment.

      • EPGAH

        Wow, you’re admitting the people – and I use that term loosely – cause the environment, instead of using the “environment” as an excuse for the people.

        Have you looked up the “Street Codes” that Black activists are trying to push in Detroit? An 83% Black city, and they’re finding out the hard way that Black pathology is a real thing, not just something to hypothesize over in Internet chatrooms.

        The complete list:

        1. No drive-bys. Too many black babies are being killed from random drive-bys. These random shootings already took the lives of several black babies. This must stop. There is nothing gangsta about babies and children being killed. Drive-by shootings from here on out will make you public enemy No. 1 throughout the entire city.

        2. All rapist and child molesters in the community must be turned in and dealt with immediately. We cannot allow rapists in the community preying on our women. That can be your mother, sister or daughter. Sexual assault committed against our women and children will not be tolerated in our communities.

        3. Concerts and parties are neutral territories: No shooting. Too often innocent people get killed at parties and not the actual target. Handle your beefs at your own risk in your own space.

        4. Respect the elders, any harm or violence towards the elderly is a serious violation. Elders are harmless and defenseless; attacking them is the same as attacking a baby and will also result in you becoming public enemy No. 1 throughout the entire city.

        5. Respect. If no one has done anything to you, show them the love and give them respect.

        6. All beefs must be handled away from school grounds, churches and businesses. Once again it is imperative that we leave innocent people out of beefs.

        7. Know who your enemy is, deal directly with them and nobody else.

        8. No slinging to the children or pregnant women. That’s genocide on our people.

        9. Do not shoot any victims of robbery. There is nothing more cowardly than robbing someone, getting what you want out of them then shooting them after you got what you wanted.

        10. Enforce and honor the Street Code. Make our streets honorable, respected and true to the game.

        Basically, the list is saying: “Look, we know you Blacks can not live up 100% to white standards (or even 90 or 80 or 70%), but here’s how we can keep your behavior under a reasonable amount of control. Just follow these instructions and we will have no problems. Oh yes, stay on your side of town.”

        Note that the list is essentially an admission that the stereotypes are real. AND that they don’t care about genocide against anyone but “their own people”. And they aren’t even asking to stop the “beefs” – they realize that’s impossible, they’re just asking to keep innocents out of it!

        All-in-all, this “Game” they’re talking about is “Honorable Crime” like some B movie. I don’t think it’s practicable in the real world, but if it is, even THAT would be a step up!

  11. S.D.

    If 10% of all females are stupid and promiscuous and 10% of all males do not care about fathering children who grow up in poverty then you have a fairly significant underclass.

    Latin America is the result of the dregs of Europe and sometimes some noblemen as well having sexual escapades with Indian and black women.

    In my experience poor American white males might work ALL THE TIME but they have too many children (Three children is far too many) or they do not pay alimony or they are in jail half the time.

    One white girl from a fairly law-abiding family of middle-class people who is stupid, likes to get high and over ten years has three children with three different thugs, low-life druggie types makes a demographic impact.

    The father one is a Vato, another is a biker redneck type and the third was a black thug.

    All three of the kids have a high chance of being criminals or hookers depending on what is between their legs.

    This 10% of the population has 40% of the kids because they just are too stupid or irresponsible to care about birth control and live totally in the moment with no grasp of consequential thinking.

    So you end up with the population pyramid of wealth.

    A huge number of fatherless bastards or poor children with fathers too uneducated or high to do anything and a middle-class under siege and some few wealthy people at the top.

  12. S.D.

    Meth seems to have been the awful drug that did to poor whites what crack did to the ghetto.

    In the old days, poor whites toked reefer and drank beer. Cocaine was too expensive and they did not smoke crack because it was available in the ghetto, which was comprised of blacks they despised. Meth hit them in a big way in the nineties and crime/imprisonment went up about 1000% in the last twenty years as well as crazy spur-of-the-moment crimes.

    Before meth, they got busted selling an ounce of marijuana and went to county jail for one month. They did not have to steal to keep themselves in weed or beer because they sold enough of to their friends.

    Meth is different and when they get busted for an ounce or a burglary and possession of a gram they go to prison and not jail. Once inside they become criminals and gang members for life.

    We have always had poor whites but meth has really trashed them. It’s highly addictive, it’s prohibitively expensive, it’s penalties are severe.

  13. S.D.

    Northeast Asian males are sometimes up to their eyeballs in all kinds of major crime in North America-how else does the heroin from the Golden Triangle get into the veins of a white addict?

    Difference is that they never reproduce because 1) Asian girls fathers keep their daughters locked up for arranged/approved marriages and are harsh tyrants in the home and 2) Asian gangsters are in jail all the time or get killed.

    In their communities they are complete outcasts that no Asian woman wants to reproduce with and are known to everyone in Chinatown or Korea town as thug with one foot in the grave and the other in prison.

    Asian women are not impressed with their masculinity, needless-to-say their big penis, their live-in-the-moment charm or even their money. They see these guys for what they are-bad providers who would be in jail or dead by the time the kid was born.

    Stupid or heroin-addicted Northeast Asian women usually end up pulling penises in a massage parlor or as hookers so Asian men are too macho and traditional to be seen talking to an Asian girl of bad repute in their neighborhood much less fathering a child with her. The very fact that she might have blown a black man for money in Mama Wong’s Sensual Massage parlor makes her a write-off in the Asian community. For whatever reason, it is really rare for the Asian hookers to get pregnant.

    Reproduction is the sole reason why the Asian underclass is small even though a small minority of them are “bad seeds” who get into felony crime.

    …they do not have the opportunity to reproduce.

  14. S.D.

    We next get to Chong, a Korean thug who sold Ephedrine from some source in Asia for exams (It’s like an organic speed) and was a bookie for gambling on our college campus.

    Chong was also 20 years old in 1993 and came from an immigrant family in Korea town. He was a brutal thug and druggie who had done time for nearly killing a white skinhead with his num chucks, committed a hate crime of his own against blacks and was still on parole. He attended college however.

    Koreans actually WARNED whites who purchased his Ephedrine and Ginseng to stay away from him. He was an absolute pariah in his Korean community and had been since the age of ten or twelve. Every other Korean knew of him and feared and loathed him.

    No Asian female would have ever spoken to him much less had a baby with him. So he was sort of out of the reproductive pool and if ever did end up fathering children, it was probably later in life if he cleaned up his act.

    • Jason Y

      Northeast Asians take standards too high though. They’re incredible snobs and hate the disabled. Sure, northeast Asians aren’t going to prison, but maybe hell, LOL

  15. S.D.

    My point is that Northeast Asian men and women are not always model citizens. A few males are rogues or psychopaths in drug/gambling/smuggling cartels and some of the dimmer women or heroin addicts end up in Mama Wong’s Sensual Massage Parlor or as hookers.

    But they form no permanent underclass of any size because Northeast Asian communities prevent them from reproducing. No Asian man is going to have a child with an Asian girl who worked in a massage parlor performing oral sex or in a strip club. She’s out of the mating game.

    Asian male thugs do not tend to marry or reproduce out of wedlock either. The Asian community knows and fears them.

    This is why the Asian community is much-touted as model minority. Of course they have their bad seeds.

    They have no permanent underclass because none of them reproduce.

    • Jason Y

      Asians are quite racist, but at least we know a white guy can marry a massage parlor girl, since they’re available.

      Anyhow, why would women want to go into that business? Sure the money is huge, but then they can’t ever marry.

  16. S.D.

    Their medieval attitudes towards the disabled, women and the elderly are why China and North Korean societies are almost in the stone age despite their much-touted IQ’s.

    They never discovered Christianity.

  17. S.D.

    They never discovered Christianity and that is why in North Korea elderly people are still left out in the weeds to die and discrimination against disable people and women still exists.

    Emotionally and socially they are living in the old Testament times.

    No offense if you happen to be Jewish.

    • Jason Y

      Disabled people are proud of who they are, and are incredibly offended by such Asian areas where they’re treated hate, or as a charity case. Of course, that’s assuming they would ever go ever there anyway. A big problem would be with the slightly disabled, as they might get jobs as ESL teachers etc.. Of course, someone in a wheelchair isn’t going to sign up.

  18. S.D.

    I should say Judea-Christian. I mean no offense if you happen to be Jewish.

  19. S.D.

    It is not the physically disabled but the mentally disabled and elderly who receive the worst discrimination in Northeast Asia.

    I have never been to Northeast Asia (Only Southeast Asia) but I have heard accounts of it from Filipino who worked in Hong Kong.

    • Jason Y

      No, it seemed like in South Korea, that any hint of having a different body, and that would include fat people too, leads to all sorts of discrimination. It’s outright ridculous.

  20. S.D.

    Selling Oxy or meth in this three-strikes age is major serious prison time. Not like going to county jail for three days because you sold an ounce of reefer (Note that I do not advocate marijuana either because it turned me into a zombie as a young adult in college).

    Hard drugs have really devastated the underclass and the poor. If they try get on it, unlike grass or beer, they end up in a terrible cycle of crime and punishment.

    Most of us grow out of beer and marijuana by the time we are 25 or 30. But meth and pill addiction usually ends up in prison, joining a gang for protection, coming out a hardened criminal.

    • Jason Y

      I think the main problem is lazy parents. I have a case like that in my family, A girl was raised by her grandparents, but they were too weak to keep her away from bad crowds. Now, the real parents were broken up and neither one had enough moral fiber to parent her.

      Again I say, the Michael Jackson’s dad way is the best way to raise chidren. Of course MJ was a kind of a fruit, but at least not evil.

  21. S.D.

    When grandparents become involved it usually boils down to a daughter who became pregnant by a worthless young man or was into drugs too deep to know who the father was.

  22. Anglo-Saxon Maverick

    EPGAH ranting about “savages” in 3…2…1…

  23. EPGAH

    Are you admitting then that “redistribution” attempts to buyoff the criminals do NOT make crime go down?

    Or are you going for the more nihilistic claim that areas where laws are heavily enforced (I.e., breaking the law=shot) are no safer than areas where the Government stays the expletive of your choice out, like say, Somalia?

    And above it all, why are White countries so much better behaved? At least until we let in the misbehaving savages, and we scratch our heads as to why they behave here the same way(s) they did in their own country?

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