A Brazilian Joins the Alternative Left

Responding to this post, Ultra Cool, a Brazilian, writes: What the hell Robert, I had an idea almost exactly like this last year, are we twins separated at birth or do we have a hive mind?

Hey welcome aboard! Ultra Cool sounds a lot like an Alt Left type. Admittedly the Alt Left is a hard sell. At this point, the Right hates us, the Left hates us, and the Center hates us too. We are getting fired on from all sides. But that’s all just fine, as I know we are right regardless.

And we could use some Alt Left types in other countries or even writing in other languages. Any similar thinkers are welcome to join and contribute thoughts, theories, manifestos, positions, and agreements and disagreements. It might be interesting to have some Alt Left people in different countries to see how they might approach the project in different ways.

The movement is already rather split into at least two wings: a much more race-oriented Alt Left (Rabbit’s wing at Altleft.com), and my wing, which is not so race-oriented. The other wing is more or less Leftwing White Separatists, White Nationalists, or if you have it White Supremacists. They are Left on most everything except race. But they talk in a very mild and unoffensive way about race nevertheless.

On the other hand, Rabbit’s wing seems to be interested in little more than race in terms of the Cultural Left. I do not think that Rabbit cares much about the Gay Lobby, Caitlyn Jenner or feminism. He seems to shrug his shoulders at all of these things and takes a more or less typical White liberal-hipster line in those issues.



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5 responses to “A Brazilian Joins the Alternative Left

  1. Ultra Cool

    It all started on last year’s Xmas when I invited a friend for dinner, both of us are leftists, but we’ve gotten tired of left lately because it’s being slowly taken over by cultural leftist types since the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

    These folks are importing American-style cultural leftism and sometimes they don’t even bother do adapt it to national context, most of them believe cultural leftism is first priority and economic leftism comes second, the most hardcore of them have ditched socialism and crafted a new ideology that fuses identity politics with neoliberalism.

    Now we have a media and upper classes that are becoming more PC each year and forgetting about economic leftism, the traditional left is losing the battle against the cultural left and is being replaced by the later. Some people who sympathize with traditional leftism are even joining the right because they are turned off by Id Pol.

    My friend and I talked about I this and we arrived on the conclusion there’s a need for a new type of leftism that blends the best of the traditional and the cultural left, we thought this new left should be definitely leftist in economic matters and liberal (but not cultural leftist) in social matters. We talked about this for hours and both of us suggested stuff that was very similar to what you suggested. I’m surprised we and you came up with identical ideas independently.

    • William

      I do agree.
      The problem is that here in the states, anybody with alt-left views has really already given up on leftism in general (few democrats would even sympathize with this).

      It’s a great movement but the entrenched ways of the mainstream left and hysterics/propaganda of the Alt-Reich pull away from it.

      • jorge

        Is not so different in other places.

        Go here and tell to someone leftist that television has too much sex propaganda, that is not right that homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals make marches half-naked and exaggeratedly sexual (when in fact they have to fight for be treated like “normal” people, and no one will do that with a men that you see almost naked with plastic panties with a dildo incorporated), that immigration have to be controlled, that racism exist in people of all races, that indigenous peoples also made discrimination between them before that Europeans arrived, etc., and you will be seen like Hitler.

        As an example, I’ve been called racist on internet for saying that some people from here (Argentina), Uruguay and Brazil that claims that are indigenous, in fact are not (specifically with some idiots in three countries, but especially in Uruguay, that are saying that are Charruas, an indigenous people that dissapeared in 19th century, and when you see pictures of activists that today says that are Charruas, most part are white and, most important, they only know about this people for books, because they were not raised in that culture simply because dissapeared since more than a century).

        • William

          I see. What’s Argentina’s immigration system like? That’s the cause of a lot of resentment. I am surprised some are open to gays (in nearby Brazil police apparently kill gays for fun). I hear you get Bolivian migrants, but they are mainly seasonal.

  2. jorge


    “I see. What’s Argentina’s immigration system like?
    That’s the cause of a lot of resentment.

    I am suprised some are open to gays (in nearby Brazil police apparently kill gays for fun).

    I hear you get Bolivian migrants but they are mainly seasonal.”

    Here is not like in United States obviously, but there are years with little labor supply, like now and three last ones, and with immigrants, things go worst. Also because some criminals come here for escape from law of their countries (and probably authorities of their countries sometimes leave them escape like a easy way to get rid of the problem, but then start to be a problem for Argentina). Anyway, control the borders have to be something normal in all countries, it’s simply logic. Here is relatively easy cross the border without any control. So, many workers enter, but also can enter criminals like rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers, etc.

    Argentina receives many Paraguayans, Bolivians and Peruvians since 70s. Most part are workers. Less, we recibe Colombians (but probably most part of them come from middle-class, and many are students), Senegalese, Chinese, sometimes Chileans…

    Here are not major problems with homophobia. Obviously is not the same in Buenos Aires or another big cities (which also have mostly middle-class people) than smaller cities like where I live (a mid-sized city relatively poor, with most part of population as part of working-class). Anyway, in cities like mine is not rare to see homosexuals, but don’t exist gay pride marches or things like this because probably would be dangerous for them. And in small cities and towns, even less, and also in those places, homosexuals are more hidden.

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