Revolution, Either By Guerrilla or Street Criminal, Is an Inevitable Fact of History

S. D. writes: My guess is that Spanish people in Mexico are not robbed by Cholos.

Actually the rich in Mexico, like the rich in many Latin American countries, practically live under siege. They live behind huge walls topped with barbed wire with dogs and sometimes even armed guards. Some of them have armed guards with them when they travel by car. The rich in Brazil are so besieged and paranoid that they will not even leave their enclaves in cars because they are too afraid of having to drive through the slums, so they fly out of their rich havens in helicopters!

Every night in Latin America, whole armies of poor criminals creep up from the valleys into the neighborhoods of the rich on the hills or crawl down from the hills into the neighborhoods of the rich below to prey on the rich, mostly by thievery. The wonderful success story of rightwing economics (which is no such thing) called Chile is an excellent example of this phenomenon.

Revolution and wealth redistribution will happen one way or another. If you defeat the armed revolutionaries, the poor will simply take off their battle fatigues, become criminals and redistribute the wealth in that fashion. This is because the laws of history as Marx laid them out are in fact scientific and steadfast.


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51 responses to “Revolution, Either By Guerrilla or Street Criminal, Is an Inevitable Fact of History

  1. S.D.

    I’m not sure that Socialism would benefit them to the same degree that it has benefited Norway or Sweden.

    It requires each citizen to assume a fairly high degree of personal responsibility to see the entire society as a family.

    And truthfully this is difficult outside of a super-homogeneous country.

    Right-wing countries lead to more racial animosity because they are more of a meritocracy that do less for the poor worker, I agree.

    But to what extent socialism is better I am not entirely sure.

    Mind you, I have only two Poly-Sci classes to my college education. What do I know?

    • Jason Y

      And truthfully this is difficult outside of a super-homogeneous country.

      But don’t blacks and Latinos view thier own groups as a family?

      • Matt

        Jason: Maybe, but this doesn’t work in a country with several mutually hostile groups, each of which is bent on actively or passively sticking it to the other groups.

        • Jason Y

          Maybe it wouldn’t work cause all these groups have no education, but you have to get socialsm for them to get an education to begn with anyway. Swedes were already educated before the socialism started.

  2. Jason Y

    The far right Latin American population can’t even stop with seeing most of thier population as retarded, but also have to call them ugly (mixed raced etc..).

    However, could some of this garbage they spout out really be scientific or just frustration from fear of being robbed? I mean, people who are angry in the USA at blacks, for instance, might call them racial slurs and whatnot.
    The question is, “Can we use anger to make judgements about mental ability or especially beauty?”.

    Yeah, definitely the opinion of the far right is incredibly biased by hate.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah, it’s no fucking wonder the far right hates Jews, see mixed raced people as physically unattracitve, sees mixed raced people as incurable morons. They hate the poor, because they’re afraid of being robbed, getting thier government overthrown with their heads on table like in 59 Cuba or the French or Russian Revolution.

      Again, how much does fear and hate bias a person’s view of history, science, beauty etc..? Quite a bit I might add.

  3. S.D.

    “Incurable morons”. I’m afraid Jason has read out the bottom line. Nothing can stop these folks from having children out of wedlock, getting hopelessly addicted to some drug or another, getting pregnant by random unknown males who paid to sleep with them if they are women because the women sell the most obvious commodity or if they are pure indigenous that simply becoming complete drunks.

    Jews have no real demographic impact in South America or Argentina. They are not the movers and shakers of those societies. They never have been much of a lot down there, it should be added.

    Exactly why Jews are so influential in America even Israelis do not actually know.

    An interesting thing to note about the other groups (Zambizo or whatever you call a West African mixed with some jungle tribe) is that their population far exceeds whites in Latin or South America so of course their resources are spread out too thinly while some Spanish creoles have 2 children and behave in a bourgeois manner,

    It seems to be the same color-continuum poverty pyramid from the Andes to the Canadian border, really.

    • Jason Y

      I wasn’t saying Jews were large in number in Latin America, only that far right groups there, as everwhere else, hate Jews and blame them for all the world’s problems.

      “Incurable morons”. I’m afraid Jason has read out the bottom line. Nothing can stop these folks from having children out of wedlock, getting hopelessly addicted to some drug or another, getting pregnant by random unknown males who paid to sleep with them if they are women because the women sell the most obvious commodity or if they are pure indigenous that simply becoming complete drunks.

      That’s not the case with a lot of them, maybe even most. Even with those whom that is the problem, having an elite class which views them as ugly sub-human monsters isn’t helping the situation. At the very least they could be supportive, even if they are against socialism.

      • Jason Y

        You took take the same idea with just somebody in your office at work. OK, you begin to dislike him. Next, thing you know, he smells, his hair is ugly, his jokes are stupid, his look is annoying. That’s the situation of dehumanization that the elites do to the underclass. The hate them, so all they see from them is negative.

        • Jason Y

          Meant to say “You took take the same idea and apply it to somebody in your office at work…”

        • Jason Y

          You can take the same idea and apply it to someone in your office at work. (meant to say)

          Something wrong with this keyboard, lol

    • Jason Y

      It seems to be the same color-continuum poverty pyramid from the Andes to the Canadian border, really.

      The far right groups as evidenced by santo-culto’s comments have dehumanized the underclass to an extreme level, mostly out of fear of being robbed. Because, well you know, people with Lamborghinis and mansions don’t want to be robbed, lol

  4. S.D.

    Most capitalists do not care about the poor or whether their minimum wage provides a decent standard of living even in racially homogeneous countries.

    If the capitalists are Catalan Spanish in Cuba or Portuguese Jews in Brazil why would they care at all about poor Indians or Afro-Caribbeans?

    However much we despise the excesses of liberalism in the United States the reality is that if the conservative capitalists had their way than minimum wage would be one meal a day in order to keep working.

    They do not care about police because they have private security crews in gated communities and do not care about racism since anybody black or white or Asian is going to be a high-IQ well-behaved citizen in their subdivision.

    Capitalists are not racist because they only love the color of money but when they are different color or creed than the labor force we see worse human rights abuses which is why Latin America is a harder place to be a laborer than California.

    If Carlos Slim or other Hispanic industrialists seized the political power and capital of the U.S., it would become like Latin America or the Philippines.

    • Jason Y

      In that case, why are so down on mixed raced favela people? Why are you so down on white trash, ghetto blacks in the US etc..? Obviously, your aware the upper class are sobby bastards who have sold their soul to Satan 50 years ago.

    • Jason Y

      Actually, to an extent we already have snobby (color blind as long as you have the cash) elites in the US.

      Note if you ask the typical American upper class people they would vomit at the idea of racism also, as they’ve been indocrinated in the modern way of thinking like everyone else.

      Actually, in reality, you might find more viscous racist who would advocate a return of Jim Crow and other silly stuff among lower white classes of people.

      • Jason Y

        As we see with santo-culto, viscous hate, probably resorting from resentment at being white among mixed people who might beat him up or rob him. You see the same crap in my home of Tennessee. Lower white class racists with a huge chip on their shoulder due to bad experiences with blacks etc…, or bad experience of the parents, or some indocrination somewhere.

        Santo-culto’s type is nothing new. Tennessee and other southern states are filled with them.

        Do these people have a right to feel this way? Well, you can’t always let emotion govern your thinking. As I said before, it causes a major bias in your interpretation of history, crime, psychology, and science etc..

        • Stary Wylk

          “…viscous…” (vis kuhs) is something oil is. It has to do with what size hole a fluid will drip though. A viscous material is commonly referred to as “thick”.

          I presume the word you want is “vicious” (vish us). It has to do with vice.

    • Anglo-Saxon Maverick

      “However much we despise the excesses of liberalism in the United States the reality is that if the conservative capitalists had their way than minimum wage would be one meal a day in order to keep working.”

      I applaud you, sir. This is why conservative white nationalists are so stupid, they don’t realize what made the European countries so great was their liberal economic policies not “no coloreds on welfare”.

  5. S.D.

    On the most basic level the Korean business of 90’s race riots or Jewish ones in the 60’s were petty socialist revolutions against petty capitalists in the ghetto.

    It is plainly obvious to the ghetto residents that the Korean grocer or Jewish pawn shot owner plainly detests the people upon whom he makes his living.

    Hispanic barrios tend to be free of these looting episodes because the laborer and the business owner are the same color and creed.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah but black on black (or Mexican on Mexican) crime is more severe than one race to another? Isn’t that true?

  6. S.D.

    We see less class-conflict in racially solvent communities in the Unites States by dint of the fact that the local supermarket and the wino on the street in Fargo, North Dakota both happen to be Finnish.

    We see more in LA when the grocer is Korean and the winos are not.

  7. S.D.

    Lower-class whites have the following racist indoctrination: public schools where they are victims of violence from minorities such as extortion, early drug use that leads to some petty crimes that lead to a stint in jail where they either become the sexual play-things for minorities or they join a racist gang for protection and living in neighborhoods that are grimy and dirty.

    A man outside the cage admires the wild animals, in the cage he hates and fears them.

    Suburban and especially wealthy white Americans live outside the cage in rural bucolic environments.

    • Jason Y

      A neighborhood run by white skinheads also uses extortion. Pretty much that’s a tactic of any gang. Your more likely to run into these lower class skinhead run places in East TN or the Pacific Northwest, where there are few minorities.

      The question is though, are the white hoods any better? Nobody wants to be the bitch of these people.

  8. S.D.

    Same with Italians really. Tony Soprano is interested in “whacking” dirt bag “soldiers” from Don Corleone’s crew because of a union-shakedown disagreement.

    He’s not interested in raping his next door neighbor who is not an Italian-American.

    Maybe once in a while some Chinese mobsters end up in his territory. He’d kill anyone black or white or New Guinean who got in the way of his next car payment.

    Black-on-black crime is hard to evaluate because whites do not tend to live in their neighborhoods anymore. In the 80’s and 90’s the whites moved out the cities once and for all and they just collapsed from lack of resources.

  9. S.D.

    Don’t ask me why there are more whites like this in the South than French-Canadians in Quebec. It cannot be genetic because Scots actually have a slightly higher standard than French people in Europe and most poor whites in the U.S. South are 100% Scot with some wild false claim of being part-Indian (Though in fact I think were the Indian fighters).

    If you live in a bad neighborhood because you are poor you will have bad experiences with every minority.

    Once you get into drugs, you’ll have some more. Once they lead you into jail, you’ll have even worse ones.

    Black and Latino gangs and Asian gangs are about making money first and chip-on-the-shoulder racism second.

    Poor whites do not really profit from having a bad attitude or being violent like “Freeway Rick” or “Scarface”. Their gangs make very little money in fact.

    I could note that while many lower-class whites have a chip-on-the-shoulder they do not end up as wealthy from it as Anthony Soprano or Tony Montana. They do not make a penny.

    All they make are a few more addicts, some unhappy bitter women and neglected children and some tax payers complaining about the cost of incarceration.

  10. S.D.

    I am not familiar enough with skinhead culture since it evolved from GG Allin concert mosh pits and occasional attacks on Ethiopian foreign exchange students to a criminal enterprise with an illegal economy to stand on.

    At 42, no kid am I anymore.

    Most skinheads drank beer as a drug of choice and did not carry firearms on the street.

    However, this was in a Polish-German neighborhood 20 years ago.

  11. Gay State Girl

    Which of your grandmothers was Jewish?

  12. S.D.

    I should add they attack elderly rabbis and foreign exchange students in vile cowardly crimes but never equally muscular Jewish fraternity boys or tough Russian Jewish gangsters whom they fear would defend themselves.

    Criminals of any kind are not nice but there is a vileness about their crimes against the defenseless.

    GAY STATE GIRL would be surprised how many German Catholics have some (In my case my mother’s mother) Jewish blood. This is quite common.

    It is why our last names are sometimes similar.

    • Gay State Girl

      My family is mostly from Imperial Russia, and they mostly had German surnames as well. Only two of them had Slavic sounding names.

    • Jason Y

      That’s pretty much always the case with racists and nationalists. They’re very wussy in the fact, they always attack weak targets. Actually that’s just the way most bullies are in general.

      If they’re really into white power and all this superior shit, then why do why won’t they fight targets who fight back?

      • Jason Y

        Can we really say so called Jewish controlled media is false when they portray accurate accounts (say on some movie, or made for TV movie) of redneck bullies picking on weak blacks, Jews, gays etc.. ?

  13. S.D.

    Mother’s mother but Catholic and married with two children to a Chinese woman.

    Thoroughly mixed.

    • Gay State Girl

      If you an unbroken matrilineal line, you’re regarded as jewish whether or not your ancestors converted to another religion.

      • Gay State Girl

        Tradition holds that unborn babies learn the entire torah while in utero. That’s why there is such a rigid law regarding matrilineal descent. It’s ridiculous.

  14. S.D.

    German Catholics are a bit of mixed lot. A name like “Wahlberg” or “Friedman” can either be Jewish or Catholic, it depends. There was some conversions, some intermarriage, some forced assimilation.

  15. S.D.

    Yes, German Catholics are from the South and German Lutherans are from the North. Beyond this, I must confess my ignorance.

  16. S.D.


    The forced conversions or assimilation took place in rural Yiddish villages prior to Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation in the South of Germany which has remained Catholic to the present day.

    They usually are vaguely aware of this AND retain certain practices such as a separate sink for animal blood in the kitchen and so on but…are very Catholic.

    Thus you will meet families with German Catholic families with names like Lieberman or Weinberg who have the pale, dark-haired appearance we associate with German Jews (A gross generalization).

  17. S.D.

    “Tony Montana” capitalists do not care about most of the things conservatives value such as public morals, civil safety, two-parent families if their factories in Indonesia are any indication.

  18. Gay State Girl

    White Nationalists are so comical when they gloat about the beauty of the idealized aryan woman. Most of these women would never give them the time of day.

  19. S.D.


    Importance of Community?

    My factory is Indonesia which I selected especially for its desperation and poverty and corruption.

    My home is Northern Italy half the year, Switzerland the other half and I have a Slovenian passport thanks to my trophy wife.

    Haven’t been back to my Red state hometown since I left to make my fortune in New York or LA 20 years ago.

    Family Values?

    Yes please, the more children you have the more likely you are to accept any wage to feed them.

    I prefer $5,000 a night Russian call girls flown to my Dubai condominium myself. My trophy wife has resigned herself to this.

    I paid to have her sterilized after the one child of course.


    Poor people produce poor people really quickly so as long as birth control is frowned up that is fine and you’ll always need whatever job you can get.

    I’m all for getting what you can in this lifetime, thanks. That’s why I made my fortune first and then married a 20 year old when I was 45.


    Conservatives are the same European peasants their ancestors were in their thinking and obedience but if they want to resent the descendants of African slaves this is all well and good.

    My kids go to the nice Swiss International School with the children of despots, Sheiks and other capitalists of every race, creed and color. No racial tension there.

  20. S.D.


    When you think about it, all nationality of American consumers have paid to watch film and television’s attractive but Jewish-looking women-Sigourney Weaver, Barbara Streisand or Joanne Angel (whose films are no doubt watched by White Nationalists I am sure, sadly).

    In reality, Northern European looks are not “that celebrated”.

    • Gay State Girl

      What are you talking about? The jewish directors and producers have all had a “shiksa fetish.” A long obsession with conquering and perverting

      Meanwhile jewish women are as unattractive (Streisand) loud (Fran Drescher) manipulative, materialistic, or dyke-like (countless examples.) Back in the classical era, beautiful jewish women were kept in the background (Stella Adler) and beautiful jewish actresses weren’t recognized as such (Lauren Bacall.) It’s still a rare case when an attractive jewish or half jewish actress plays a jew.

  21. S.D.

    Fran Drescher in her prime was beautiful even to the most hardened KKK member.

    True enough that Jewish actresses project more character on screen than Pamela Lee Anderson or more lately Megan Fox, who simply point their faces in the direction of the camera.

    Christian directors have also been famous for obsessing over blondes (Hitchcock).

    • Gay State Girl

      She had a hot body, but the voice and mannerisms was a turn off.

      Jewish women were always portrayed as either Jappy, haggish, or dyke-like or some combination.

  22. S.D.

    I would say that many famous Shiksas like Marilyn Monroe found Jewish men positively irresistible. Marilyn Monroe married one.

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