More on the Finest Mixed Race of Them All – The “Hapa”

S. D. writes: Eastern Europeans have some Asian blood in them-Charles Bronson was an example-all the way West to Hungary (Named after Huns from Northern China).

Finns, though blonde, also derive some ancient Asian genes through the Lapps who were apparently present when the Germanic tribes migrated Northwards in antiquity.

The Filipino ruling-class are Eurasians.

My point is this ain’t nothing new under the sun, folks,

The grandchild of a white male and an Asian female that is 1/4 Asian looks no different than an Eastern European.

That is why the continent is called Eurasia.

Japanese are some ancient mixture of Caucasoid Ainu from Russia and ancient migrations from Korean peninsula (In this instance the Asians exterminated the whites).

Manchurian Chinese are Eurasians from the steppes of Soviet Siberia.

What is the big deal?

I love a lot of mixed race people because I think a lot of mixed race people are even more beautiful than those of the pure races that formed them. Further, some races that are not very attractive to me can create very beautiful people by mixing with another race. Even some mixed Aborigine-White women can be quite beautiful. One is a famous Australian model.

East Europeans do not have much Asian blood in them – maybe 3% in Czechs and not a whole lot more in your average Russian. It’s less than 12% at any rate. Finns and Turks are 7% Asian, a bit more.

Go look up some photos of people like the Mansi and the Khanty. Very, very mixed Asian-White to the point where you see people with blue eyes and blond hair next to people who look very Asiatic – very strange looking but somehow beautiful.

Some of the groups around the Altai like the Altai people and the Khakas are also extremely mixed – more or less 50-50 in those cases but really more like 40-45% White and 55-60% Asian. These are the ancestors of most Amerindians.

Tatars and Bashkirs are also extremely mixed, although I believe they are mostly White. Nevertheless some of the women look very Asiatic.

Turkmen are also very mixed – I think they might be 40% Asian.

The Ainu are not Caucasoids either by genes of by skulls. On skulls they are Australoids – basically depigmented Northern Veddoids – and on genes are they are simply Asians. People think they are Caucasoids because Veddoids have look somewhat Caucasoid themselves and a depigmented Veddoid can look (falsely) quite Caucasoid and also because the mix between an Australoid and a Mongoloid or Paleomongoloid can often appear mysteriously quite Caucasoid in phenotype. Check out the Ainu and the Veddoids, some Polynesians, Papuans and even Aborigines, some Southeast Asians such as some Khmers, and especially the Taiwanese aborigines who often look very “Caucasoid.”

Northern Chinese may well have Caucasoid in them from way back, but the genes are no longer present. Mongolians have more White in them – they are 14% Caucasoid.


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23 responses to “More on the Finest Mixed Race of Them All – The “Hapa”

  1. zmann

    Were the ancestors of most native Americans truly hapas/central asians? natives tend to look quite different from most central Asians. Seems like being half white/asian wouldnt be a ‘thing’ 20k years ago when the groups that became natives in the americas left but maybe I’m wrong. I wonder what prompted the group that became the natives to leave while the others stayed beyond?

    • No they were not. They were pure Paleomongoloids as they are to this very day. The very first ones were actually Australoids!

      • MariconPower

        Finns have 6-15% Mongoloid admixture

        Turkish have 5-25% Mongoloid admixture ( Western Turkey 12% on avegrage

        Mongolians have 5-19% Caucasian admixture ( eastern Mongolia 3-7% while western Mongolia 6-19%

        Here look at this

        • MariconPower

          I must say the caucasian admixture in Mongol was exaggerated. 90% of the Mongols population are from the east Mongolia and they have only 1% to 5% Caucasian admixture.

  2. Anglo-Saxon Maverick

    Is it just me, or does Donald Trump’s current wife (Slovenian?) appear to look very Asiatic around the eyes?;
    (See picture)

  3. S.D.

    So after four generations an Australian with one Asian in their gene pool is a Finn. That’s my point. Europeans have been Eurasian for a long time.

    There is a reason why Russian Jews in Hollywood played Asians.

    Ainu continue to live in Far Eastern Russia as well the North Islands of Japan. They appear to have originated on the Kuril peninsula and migrated downwards through the North Islands of Japan.

    Native Americans apparently derive their ancestry from the Altai Mountains but I personally remain convinced that Central and South Americans might have been descended from sea faring Polynesian groups to some degree.

    Huns were never Caucasian. They were Mongolians.

    Eastern Europeans get most of their Asian blood from Mongolian tribes-the Huns, the Lipkin-Tarars, Ghengis Kahn’s hordes.

    Slovenians are Eastern European and the Asiatic admixture is present to some degree in most of them.

    I disagree that it is as low as 3%. My guess would be more like 1/12 if all the Tartar/Mongolia/Hun blood is tallied up over 1000 years of invasions.

    Lapps lived in Scandinavia before the Germanic tribes migrated Northwards so at one time Finland and Norway and Sweden were Asian.

    • You can go look up Asian blood in East Europeans if you wish. The figure of 3% Asian blood for Czechs does ring in my head though.

      Lapps are actually a Caucasoid group. They are ancient Europids. In fact, they are the most ancient extant Europids of them all, going back ~12,000 YBP. They do have some Asian blood, but not a lot. Archaic Caucasians can look pretty different, strange or odd to our eyes as we are used to the more modern Caucasians.

  4. S.D.

    Ainu continue to live in Far Eastern Russia on that Peninsula. More in fact that in Japan itself.

    Whatever their origins, at the moment they are most prevalent in Far Eastern Russia.

    12% is a significant amount of foreign admixture in a gene pool, citing your fairly accurate assessment of Eastern European genes.

    “Octoroons” for example, still look African-American with a single African great-grandparent. I believe if you are 1/8 Native American you can qualify for tribal status.

    So this is not an insignificant admixture to Finns or Turks or Bulgarians. It is considerable.

    Wherever Europe borders on other landmasses you get a genetic overlap-Sicilians and Spanish possess some Arabic admixture, Eastern Europeans some Asian,

    • Jason Y

      “Ainu people, Ainu tribe, so proud to live, so proud to die

    • Jm8

      Octoroons never look black. Quadroons often look white, though some may have a vaguely exotic or ambiguously so (e.g.: slightly swarthy, a faintly black-influenced feature or two) or look. Mulattos usually look exactly neither black nor white, but like some combination of the two(on a spectrum; some may be closer to one parent, and some to the other), having noticeable influences from both sides.

  5. S.D.

    Calling an Eastern European “A Ghengis” will get you into a fight in Budapest or Prague because there is some Eurasian admixture present.

    Three percent is awfully low in my opinion. I think it is higher than that.

    I’m going to let Robert’s genetic history of Ainu stand as the record but the bottom line is that Japanese people are descended from ancient invaders from the Korean Peninsula or Northern China. There is no disputing this or their sometime cruel practices towards the Ainu.

    Ainu also live in Russia and Northern China. They are not necessarily indigenous to Japan.

    • Jm8

      “Ainu also live in Russia and Northern China. They are not necessarily indigenous to Japan.”

      I believe they have genetic affinities the indigenous Jomon (from dna taken from remains), also with some later Siberian admixture.

      Much of the non Siberian element in Ainus (I think the majority) is shared worth the non-Korean (Yayoi) element in the Japanese.

      • Jm8

        “I believe they have genetic affinities the indigenous Jomon (from dna taken from remains), also with some later (minor) Siberian admixture….

        Ainus do not live in China. A small population lived/live in the southern Sahkalin peninsula of Siberia, near North Japan (Hokkaido) and the Southernmost tip of the Kamchatka peninsula.

  6. S.D.

    Eurasians might form the top caste in America’s multi-racial society and Mulatto offspring of poor white women and absentee black men form the bottom.

    Usually it is a successful white male who marries a Chinese or Japanese-American female and has intelligent children.

    Poor, ignorant, course white women tend to marry a minority and of course their kids have few advantages.

    Are Eurasians going to be the top of the multi-cultural caste/class of California or Australia?

    Sure looks that way folks.

    • Jason Y

      That’s the way it tends to be, but then again, there is no real effort by the US to improve it’s own environment. Well, there is some, but it isn’t enough.

      Yeah of course, snobby assholes, mixed raced or pure, will marry other snobs, hence creating a sort of upper Hindu caste in the US.

  7. S.D.

    Our government is getting so cash-strapped that people with self-destructive tendencies are not going to be living as well as they do now for much longer.

    There simply won’t be enough surplus.

    The average high-caste Indian lives about as well as a middle-class American and a poor Indian is quite ragged.

    Though American might overall wealthier such a gap exists between the ghetto and Beverly Hills.

  8. kareem

    Mixed race people that manage to get the best traits from both parent races passed down to them are by far the most attractive people on earth.

  9. “Beauty is one of the evolutionary strategies. Seems useless in many points, men tend to prefer beautifull women. Look anti (cognitive) eugenics. Smart women are not more attractive and women who are obsessive with their body and appearence tend no to be very intellectual.”

    While you conclusions appear to be correct in observation, there was shown to be, a correlation, with Beauty and IQ.

    However, i believe that it is not exactly attractiveness as much as progressiveness that is strongly correlated with intellect, or at least the correlation would be stronger.

    As far as women and men go as far as appearence vs. intellect, the very best in intellect I found to be rather unique looking but not very attractive, while those who are attractive I found to be rather socially intelligent on average either as a conformer or manipulator rather than being generally bright or dumb.

    Though if you were to go for the ones roughly in the +105 and below 140 range I think they, on average, have a greater amount of attractive looking people rather than being uniformly attractive but I’m not 100%.

    Regardless, though I find Kanazawa findings interesting his analysis (or at least his wording) wanting for a proffessional though I think his quote in this article sort of shows he is somewhat aware.

    • “What i read and understand about this research, the average iq of people who were beautiful in facial traits (seems) was ”106”, average, and an a group. And the GROUP of ”less attractive people” score ”93”.

      Kazawa said that the most beautiful people of your research (people who score 5 in a beauty scale 0-5) score just a plain average and not ”higher”.”

      Huh, looks like I was right. So I suppose if one were to actually measure for Orgnathous traits along with pro-intellect physiology you would get a higher correlation. The Problem however, as you noted in regard to society having preference for male oriented intellect vs female, is that their is a variety of traits for different types of intellects so I supposed that the categories would be classifying “variety” rather than “degree”

      “The fact that there are tons of subjectivity in this matter doesn’t mean that beauty is just a question of opinion, is just a question of a diversity of beauty types and visual emphasis, like ”men with better body”, ”men with better body-face combination”, ”women with beautiful face”, surprisingly a lot of fat women have beautiful faces. Don’t ask me why*”

      In regards to the fat woman thing it maybe due to face roundness/smoothness but this is just a shot in the dark as to “why?”.

      “The same way we have different prefferences about cognitive styles or intelligences, same happen with beauty scale.

      Diversity is different than niilism about judgment or value/evaluation of quality.”

      Figured. To be honest the thing I find attractive are general neotonous so many Eurasian types come off as attractive to me but the most I find attractive would be neotonous with female African Features. What I can’t quite figure out is the correlation between that and intelligence. Perhaps the correlation is with personality but I haven’t been able to make a solid conclusion, outside of perhaps Black females with little prognathism are more intelligent and diligent in personality on average.


  10. “Intelligence IS directly correlated with behavior.

    In a ideal evolution, human behavior should express their intelligence levels but generally this correlation is very weak and blurred.”

    I may be wrong, but I think this may relate to something I was thinking.

  11. S.D.

    Modern-day race mixing sort of breaks down this way on significant population levels.

    A) Massive number of coarse, drug-addicted or just callow and dim, usually lower-class but not always, not particularly educated white women who have babies with minorities (Casual lover or even pimp) who have no interest in rearing the child because they are penniless Cholos, Pimps or Gangbangers. She’s attracted to his masculinity, his confidence, his big penis, his live-in-the-moment existential charm.

    Problem is he’ll be dead or locked up by 30 and out of her life long before then.

    These kids are sometimes intelligent and have potential but it is difficult for them to get past their disadvantages. Grandparents on both sides a bit racist. Woman was 19 or 20 and unskilled. Etc. etc.

    African-Americans are all mulatto to some degree anyhow already.

    B) White men have been mixing with Asian women a loooongg time. Greenland and Iceland are examples of this. Icelanders for example, are something like only 5% Inuit and maybe 1% Native American from Vinland or Markland but nevertheless race-mixing between Norse men and Asian/Native American women was going on in the 9th Century

    White males who intermarry with Asian females are usually middle-class and educated or higher. Chinese fathers, for example, have fairly high standards and the white guy has to have something going for him.

    The white man sticks around.

    Or if he is Asian and the woman is white, he still sticks around. He probably is a good provider because Asian males who are in gangs or crime are usually too deep in their ethnic underworld to have much interaction with whites at all and Asian losers or thugs usually limit their relationships with white women to some hour with a blonde prostitute.

    C) A smaller number of white men and women marry Hispanics. Hispanics are a mixed race since the 16th century so the kids are still Hispanics.

    What’s are caste system going to be like?

    A great many mulatto kids who are disadvantaged at the bottom and a great many Eurasian kids who are privileged at the other end of the spectrum.

    In the middle, Hispanics.

    This is a gross generalization of course. But over an entire population pyramid it will hold true.

  12. Ultra Cool

    Is it possible to tell how much % fo each race a mixed person has just by judging by their looks?

    I ask because I’ve always been curious about how much % White my mixed grandmother was because she had a very weird phenotype, she had light skin, not that much darker than a south European, yet she had obvious Black features like prognathism and the hair.

    I assume she must have been at least 3/4 White because of her looks and because her children with my White grandfather all look very White, though some of her children and grandhildren have pretty dry curly hair, not African hair, something like the White equivalent of it.

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