Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and Google Just Endorsed the TPP

I just got this in my email. I have not written much or anything about this insane and horrifically evil trade deal because I hardly even know where to begin. You all need to study up on this crazy trade bill along with all of the others which are just as bad.

The italicized portions in the quoted text below portion below will give you a brief understanding of why this deal is so horrific. Once you learn the details of this nutty deal, you wonder how any decent person could support it. Think you think again and you realize that it is just evil enough for any Republican to support, since it is one of the worst corporate giveaways ever negotiated. But then Republicans are not decent people,so this figures. Then you hear that most of the Democratic Party is supporting it, and you are stunned. How could Barack Obama and fake liberal Killary Clinton (net worth: $20 million) support this deal?

I also know some Democratic Party liberals who support this deal. They characterized anyone who opposed the deal as “blue-collar workers, members of unions and leftwing nuts.” Via the tone in their voices, it was clear that they had a low opinion of all three groups.

I have known this for some time now. A lot of liberal Democrats really dislike working class people, especially working class Whites. These people are college-educated and consider themselves to be white collar workers in social outlook. Most people who think like this look down on working class people. They very much dislike labor unions too because they dislike those guys in overalls with lunch pails so much. These types very much dislike the left wing of the Democratic Party, which is the base of the party.

They used to say that the Republican Party fears its base, but the Democrats hate their base. There is a lot of evidence that this is true. Ever since the DNC takeover of the party by corporate rightwing Democrats posing as moderate centrists (hello Shillary Clinton), the DNC crowd has actively despised the base, who they blame for losing elections.

Rahm Emmanuel, classic DNC insider and fake liberal (net worth $13 million, former soldier in the Israeli “Defense” Forces), talking to Obama during his first term, contemptuously referred to the party base as “those fucking hippies” and “the professional Left.” Party candidates typically suck up to the base during primaries to win and then in the general move to the right towards the Republican contender, and when they get in office, completely ignore the base or even contemptuously dismiss them as they chase the Republican Party to the right as it runs off the cliff into Genghis Khan territory.

However, now with the Trump phenomenon, it looks like the Republican Party also hates its base. And the Sanders phenomenon means that the base of the Democratic Party is stronger than it has been in years.

Both the Sanders and Trump phenomena are attempts by the bases of the two parties to overthrow their party infrastructures which they feel has gone elitist and corrupt and only supports the rich and the upper middle class instead of the average common man. So these are twin insurgencies to overthrow the RNC and the DNC respectively. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the DNC and Hitlery Clinton’s best friend, is probably one of the most hated people in the Democratic Party now. Her name is literally mud in places like Daily Kos.

If you want to see how the party base feels, check out the website Daily Kos. Daily Kos is the essence of the left wing of the Democratic Party and many of the people posting there are party workers and volunteers. Let’s put it this way: the real base of the Democratic Party is pretty darn leftwing! They are not particularly SJW’s, although there are some elements like that.

They mostly focus on economics and hating Republicans and do not talk much about the sort of feminism, antiracism, Gay Lobby, Tranny Lobby and sexual depravity stuff that your typical SJW talks about. Yes, Kos types discuss race, gender and sexual orientation and identity stuff but generally not in the insane way that an SJW way talks about them. Instead they talk about these things in a more moderate way.

SJW’s are generally to the left of the base of the Democratic Party. These people are real Leftists, and they are so far left that they often don’t even vote anymore, or if they do vote, they don’t even vote for Democrats anymore. The whole SJW thing came out of the universities, and that is where it resides to this very day. To some extent, it has spread outside of there into society at large, but most people have not picked up on SJW nuttiness. In many cases it tends to be an Internet phenomenon. I never hear ordinary people talking like SJW nutcases. There is less of this BS around than you think.

The unprecedented corporate power grab known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal could be headed for a possible vote in Congress later this year. But thanks to the work of thousands of activists, whether it has enough support to pass is still an open question.

Unfortunately, the TPP just got a major boost from some of the largest and most well-known internet companies. A trade association representing companies including Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo just announced their full support of the TPP.1,2

This is outrageous. The TPP is antithetical to the interests of internet users. Furthermore, many of these companies pride themselves on putting the rights and interests of their users first and claim that principles such as free speech and privacy are at the core of their mission. TPP directly undermines those values in favor of corporate profit.

Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo don’t have to go along with the Internet Association’s disastrously poor decision to endorse the TPP. One of its members, Reddit, has just come out and disavowed the endorsement.3

The TPP was written and negotiated in absolute secrecy, and it’s easy to see why. It would eviscerate broad swaths of regulations that protect consumers, workers, the environment, and the soundness of our financial system. And it would set up a global system where corporate profits trump the policy priorities of sovereign governments.

Passage of the TPP could mean more American jobs offshored, developing countries losing access to lifesaving medications, and unsafe foods and products pouring into our country. The deal includes countries that are notorious for human rights violations without once mentioning “human rights” in its 5,600 pages.

The deal could also mean the end of internet freedom as we know it. It would expand corporate copyright enforcement at the expense of privacy and free speech. It would criminalize tinkering and modifying products under fair use purposes. And it would allow corporations to avoid the legal and democratic process by using secretive international tribunals to attack internet users’ rights – the same tribunals that could be used to undermine environmental and consumer protections.

The members of the Internet Association have no obligation to support this wrongheaded endorsement of the TPP. And, fortunately, many of these companies would be extremely sensitive to a backlash from their own users. After all, companies like Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t have a product if it weren’t for their users’ ability to freely express themselves and create content on a daily basis.

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  2. Statement in Support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” Internet Association, March 30, 2016.
  3. Reddit Statement on Twitter Disavowing TPP endorsement,” Reddit, March 30, 2016.
  4. Panama Papers: Leaks Spur Global Investigations,” BBC, April 4, 2016.


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21 responses to “Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and Google Just Endorsed the TPP

  1. We just need to overthow the Jewish Plutocracy, keep it simple!

  2. Jason Y

    I’ll play the devil’s advocate though and say that the bullying of outcasts in society by the normal has prompted a backlash. These outcasts have orgainized into the democratic party and give the finger to so called white working class people everyday.

    That’s not saying all working class white people are homophobic racists though. However, there were enough of them in the past to prompt this hate. It is true Jews may back identity politics, but the normal have done a lot to put fuel on the fire.

    Just go to any nation with less Jewish influence like in Northeast Asia. You will find the conformity is ridiculous and the discrimination outright ridiculous and cruel. Of course, also, if you complain, then your branded a wimp on top of that !! But is it unfair to discover a teacher has one leg, and then all parents withdraw their students from a school? Stuff like that is common.

    • Jason Y

      However, being shallow and mean seems to be a part of human nature. Some would say sinful nature or just base animal nature. Only in a polticially correct society or maybe in some churches do you find people willing to look over riduculous and cruel conformity and shallowness.

    • Jason Y

      Note, considering all the trade deals Robert mentioned on his blog, is it no wonder now that a huge influx of immigrants are coming from the third world to the USA? Has anyone wondered why? It’s the free trade deals. The poor are crushed by these deals.

      Considering the poor are victims of these deals, then why are people so mean that they would hate illegal immigrants.

      Some will say jobs are being created n Mexico etc.. by the free trade deals. Are they? Then why does the place continue to suck? Why do they keep coming? They weren’t coming like this before the free trade deals.

      Where are the good Mexican jobs that the far right claims Mexico has, even though they admit Mexican immigration hasn’t stopped?

      The missing ingredient seems to be a population explosion, yet some commenters on here have admitted Latino birthrates have actually went down.

      • EPGAH

        Pick a company from air-conditioners to Zenith, that closed down factories HERE and moved lock, stock, and (smoking) barrels to Mexico.
        I believe Carrier Air is the latest “casualty”, right?

        As to why the place sucks, bad people make bad cultures make bad countries. Whether they’re doing it on purpose or they literally don’t know any better is up for grabs, but Robert had a few articles pointing out the same happens to parts of America where the Latino infestation is too high.
        At first, Robert claimed they were way more stupid than Americans, where Americans may get a question wrong, Mexicans don’t even get the question.
        Then he changed his mind to “They’re SIMPLE, not STUPID”–but too “simple” apparently, for the complex task of running a country that is NOT a Third World shithole.

        And yes, they WERE coming like this before the Free Trade. Operation Wetback was in the 1950s, and Wilson’s machinegun nests on the border were right afterward. If they weren’t coming, then that would’ve been hilarious overkill, rather than a necessary safeguard to protect Americans and our jobs, right?

      • EPGAH

        As to why we hate the illegals, it’s really quite simple: The one who steals from us is our enemy.

        Plus of course, some drive home the point by actively attacking their hosts, or demanding their language instead of ours. In nature, when parasites get too onerous, the host adapts to poison or otherwise ward them off. Thus parasites adopt a LOW PROFILE or die.
        I don’t see that happening with the illegals, do you?

        If you wave in our faces that you’re an invading enemy, then expect to be treated like an invading enemy. For bonus Irony Points, tell us we CAN’T do anything about it.

        Remember “CAN’T” implies a lack of physical capacity.
        Savages are constantly amazed at how capable Europeans are when they push us hard enough. We push back!
        The Mexicans should’ve learned that in 1848!

      • EPGAH

        Hint: If their “Better Life” makes your life worse, that makes them your enemy, right?

    • Gay State Girl

      For those of us who grew up getting harassed by white working class types, it’s only natural to hold them in contempt. I’ve been spit on, had cigarette butts and beer cans hurled at me, I can’t walk past a construction site or mechanic shop without being bombarded with lewd sexual comments.

      • Brian Damage

        Today’s IQ threshold for personal economic competitiveness has passed 100. These so-called “White working class” types are now in the same predicament as the Blacks. The funny thing is, they still think they are it. I recently sat next to one on a flight from Asia to North America. He was giving the Asian flight attendants plenty of crap. I started talking to him and he was going on and on about jobs being stolen by Asians and other typical stuff. I basically told him that this is 2016 not 1975. Things have changed. High-skill jobs are needed in the US for it to be competitive and many in the US spent too much time thinking they are entitled to high playing jobs while working lower-skill jobs when many people in other countries can do the same job better at lower wages. Many Americans took easy courses in colleges and expect them to be transferable to the high tech job market.

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m told there are some emerging high paying jobs in the oil and natural gas industry. I’m not sure how what level of education or intelligence is required. There are other emerging fields that solid-upper middle class millennials wouldn’t dream of; solar panel production and installation.

          For the record, most of the incidents I was referring to happened in the 80’s and 90’s. My family’s factory was set on fire during the 80’s as well. My dad told me similar stories that occurred during the ’60’s through 70’s long before neoliberal economic policies took hold so there’s no reason to excuse said behavior. Indeed some of the immigrant workers that I have dealt with were cleaner and more respectful.

          It’s not contemptuous to call a spade a spade.

        • Georges Borjas

          Well, I think the idea that somehow the immigrants from Asia are less skilled, does indeed seem to be ludicrous. Photoshop was invented in India, so regardless of the value of an education from there, they are obviously highly-skilled. When you have idiots like Dan Coulter cherry-picking who is the creators of things, saying “99% of Silicon Valley founders are white”, she doesn’t understand a poor immigrant can’t be the boss right away, but they made photoshop in their own country, so they obviously are needed by the CEOs here in the U.S.

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  4. rafaelborjas

    “Ever since the DNC takeover of the party by corporate rightwing Democrats posing as moderate centrists (hello Shillary Clinton)”

    Indeed. Bill Clinton started it all. I have serious objections to the policy positions of the Clintons.

    • rafaelborjas


    • Gay State Girl

      Do you know any thing about the proposed North American Union written by Ted Cruz?

      • rafaelborjas

        I was not aware of that. I believe that I saw Ted did vote against the TPP, but it was probably a calculated vote. The “seemless” relations also plays into the “new world order” paranoia; that the elites have a pack to keep power against popular movements.
        Ted is a scumbag, I’ve changed my mind, I’m not voting for him.

        • Gay State Girl

          Heidi Cruz drafted the NAU in 2005 while she was at Goldman Sachs. I’m not sure what it entails. His opponents should seize on it though.

        • EPGAH

          Congratulations on your realization, Rafael, can we count on your vote for Trump to keep America America? And even if you’re not paranoid, they might be out to get you, ever think of that?

          And yes, Gay State Girl, Heidi Cruz DID write up the NAU, I’m surprised noone is hammering him about it…Or do spouses maintain Plausible Deniability these days?

          That said, we have a very “Issue Light” election this year. Which candidate has hammered Clinton on her illegal E-Mail Server?
          I must’ve blinked and missed it.

        • I in turn, am glad you realize the whole email thing is a complete joke.

          I’m registering as a democrat, so I can’t vote for Trump right now. I might in the general, however, but on the flip side, he’s nuts.

          Third World Hell-Hole versus Post-Apocalyptic Nuclear Wasteland
          I’ll take third-world hellhole.

        • Gay State Girl

          The NAU should be a hot issue, more so than the email scandal. It could have potentially have profound economic effect.

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