Media Control in the West Is Complete


Robert, do you think we’re going to see a Revolution? Can the Judeo-Anglo-American system be destroyed?

No, because no one cares, one,  and the media control is 100% complete, two. How many papers* are for Trump? How many papers opposed even one of these trade deals? How many papers are pro-labor union? How many papers are opposed the groovy conservatism called “fiscal conservatism?” How many papers opposed this insane new Cold War with Russia? How many papers oppose the confrontation with Iran and Hezbollah? How many papers are pro-Palestinian? How many papers opposed the insanity in Iraq and Libya? How many papers opposed the same madness in Syria?

How many papers reported that there is no evidence whatsoever tying Russia to the m-17 disaster and a ton of evidence linking Ukraine as a false flag (the CIA position) , with the US, the EU and NATO in on a massive coverup?

How many papers reported that there is no evidence at all tying the Syrian government to the sarin gas attacks in Damascus that never even happened in the first place and a ton of evidence tying Turkey and Al Qaeda to this false flag? How many papers reported that it was Iran and Syria who took down the Lockerbie jet and that Ghaddafi was framed?

The answer to all those questions is zero at least in the US. For the foreign policy questions, the number is zero including all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

There literally is no dissident press anywhere in the “free” world on any of these questions. This is what I call the Deep State. When you have that sort of ideological conformity and total media control, I would say that those media outlets are controlled by the Deep States of each of their countries. It is also true that elites in the West are in 100% agreement about most important things, but the profound ideological conformity the utter lack of a dissident media and near lockstep fashion in which propaganda is distributed or certain stories are blacked out all across the West is far too suspicious. That is down to a lot more than “Western elites being a bunch of rich neocon Cold Warriors who agree about everything.

See what I mean?

However, I think we are in for some changes because of the presence of major politicians in the Anglosphere such as Corbyn, Sanders and Trump who are directly opposing the objectives of the Deep States and elites. I am starting to worry for these folks. People who oppose the Deep States tend to get the “Kennedy treatment.”

*”papers” includes radio and TV news and newsmagazines.


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8 responses to “Media Control in the West Is Complete

  1. Gay State Girl

    I could an off color remark regarding the typo, but I’ll leave it to you.

  2. Jason Y

    To be fair a lot of the people opposing free trade and whatnot are assholes. They’re racist people much in common with those caste based Indians you speak of. For instance, would I prefer a nation run by David Duke over the current one with all it’s criminal free trade and other oppression? I’d say no.

    • Jason Y

      Of course, we could elect Communists, but Communism seems to be as out of date as disco music. Why do we need that stuff, when YouTube provides so many opportunities for social mobility (math, computer programming videos etc..) ? Communism, though a vastly better alternative than David Duke, is going the way of the dodo.

  3. Gay State Girl

    Old Man Kennedy had his sons knocked off so he could create a family legacy.

  4. EPGAH

    I agree, but consider this: Our elites made OUR countries better than the savages’ elites made THEIR countries.

    Why do people always flee to America or other WHITE countries, rather than Moslem Cult countries — or better yet, seek refuge in CHINA!

    I hear their economy is doing too well, they need a few MILLION parasites to drag them down!

    • EPGAH

      Sadly, I’ll cop to that, but you gotta admit, countries where whites have control are way better than where non-Asian minorities have control. And this even extends to formerly white countries that got overrun or overthrown by nonwhites.

      Also, I want to point out: The inventors who actually drove our countries — and all of human civilization — forward were never “elite” in the way I think you’re using it.

      Gutenberg died penniless, Tesla was discredited and died poor, Art Fry didn’t get a penny for Post-It Notes, etc.

  5. “Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: “We All Lie For The CIA” – I would not be surprised if this was the case for the USA too.

  6. I would say the guardian is pro-Palestinian and you might find that some of the British press was against the Iraq war in 2003. There is little to no dissent on a lot of things though, especially concerning Russia. And then some things, I guess, don’t even get mentioned.

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