Are Mexicans Stupid?

William Playfair Web writes:

Like Tulio once said, ‘I have no respect for the intellects of the vast majority of whites AND blacks’……Asians are okay. Robert Lindsay says Mexicans are stupid, but I have only known selective ones so I’m not sure. Of course Asians are smart.

Mexicans are not stupid. They are not very smart, but stupid is the wrong word to describe their intellect or lack thereof. When I think stupid in US terms, I think ghetto Blacks. I can’t quite put a finger on it, but at least seen from a bit of distance (like not in direct conversation with them) there is something just downright “stupid” about them. I don’t know what it is, but in some important ways as a general vibe, you think they are as dumb as a rock.

That essence does not really characterize Mexicans. Mexicans are way smarter than Blacks, and while they do fuck up neighborhoods, they do so not nearly as badly as Blacks. Blacks screw up a neighborhood maybe 4-5X worse than Mexicans. I live in a low income Mexican neighborhood, and while it is a bit slummy, it is quite livable. I even go walking around fairly late at night. It is quite safe here. There is some violent crime, but if you are not into gang culture, it probably will not affect you.

Mexicans are basically nothing. Perhaps you might think they are annoying or unsightly if you dislike seeing low class poor 3rd World type people, but they don’t cause a lot of problems other than hurting your eyes. Give a Mexican a 6 pack and a handful of tortillas, and he’s good for the night. He will go off by himself, leave you alone, and he won’t cause any problems. I can’t say that about low class Blacks.

Mexicans are not “stupid.” More like they are “not that smart.” When I think of the women, I think “not that smart.” They are pretty sweet though.

The men are just ignorant. They’re not that smart either, but they are smarter than the women. Those poor 3rd World people are smarter than you think. You think they are complete morons who know nothing about anything, but you can even engage them in some moderately intellectual stuff, and they actually understand you.

I tried to talk to a couple of the locals (illegals?) about Frida Kahlo. She is practically the national artist of Mexico, but most Mexicans in the US say, “Who is that?”

Well, they speak Spanish, and I was trying to say something about Frida Kahlo in Spanish, and they were, “That does not compute.” After about 3 minutes, the man figured out who I was talking about and went and explained it to the women, and they said, “Ah yes, we know who that is.” They’re not as stupid as they seem.

These are just simple people. They are simple people from a simple 3rd World country.

The anti-intellectualism and deliberate ignorance of Mexicans is actually a much worse problem. Your average ghetto Black around here appears less ignorant and more intellectual, learned and politically engaged than these Mexicans, even though the Blacks are doubtlessly less intelligent. The older generation of Blacks did not disparage knowledge and learning, and those older Blacks are smarter (and especially wiser) than you would think. They are much smarter than they seem or even than they act. Also older Blacks are very politically engaged and have a good understanding of US politics.

Mexicans disparage learning and knowledge and are deliberately and very happily ignorant. Cheerful, carefree ignorance is a carefully cultivated cultural “value.”

IQ isn’t everything. Knowledge and learning are important too. IQ isn’t much good if you never stick anything in your brain. And a lower IQ person can seem much smarter than one of greater IQ if he stuffs his head full of knowledge and learning.


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  1. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    When judging immigrants, we should always bear in mind that immigrants aren’t necessarily a representative sample of the country from which they came. The Irish that left Ireland during and shortly after the Potato Famine came disproportionately from the poorest half of the Catholic population of Ireland, although the poorest of the poor probably didn’t emigrate because they didn’t have the means to pay for the crossing. A disproportionately large number of emigrants from Britain were Scottish. Very few Dutchmen who emigrated after WWII belonged to the upper quintile.

    The same should apply to the Mexican immigrants in the US, legal as well as illegal. They come mainly from the lower economic half, and very few of them are members of the upper quintile. Mexico is a middle-income country with wide economic inequality. In such a country, the upper quintile does alright, thank you. If Mexico were much poorer, or if its income distribution were much less unequal, then the members of Mexico’s upper quintile would have more incentive to emigrate than they do now. A good consequence of high income inequality in a middle-income country is that it discourages the braindrain.

    Be that as it may, if all the Mexicans in your city were university graduates, you would have no reason to find them stupid, although on average they might be less bright than the university graduates of, say, Denmark.

    Regards. James

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Yes, that is a theme, for the vast majority of the U.S.’s immigration history, whether the “Coulterguist” wants to acknowledge it or not.

  2. Another William Playfair Web

    *Mexicans are not “stupid.” More like they are “not that smart.” When I think of the women, I think “not that smart.” They are pretty sweet though.

    The men are just ignorant. They’re not that smart either, but they are smarter than the women.*

    I’ve seen various web sources, and the consensus seems to be that the relationship between sexual hormones and intelligence is non-linear, now of course one would say both genders have sexual hormones (duh!) but, there is a legitimate opinion that there is a far higher proportion of black female geniuses than Black male geniuses, perhaps this is the same with Mexicans, but as mongoloids, they are on the other side, very low testosterone, and hence due to the non-linear relationship (once again), the men are smarter.

    • Ryan

      I would assume higher testosterone levels in blacks would be the cause of that.

      Perhaps black women are in the range where we can expect testosterone to complement IQ distribution. It could be that black men are experiencing too much testosterone.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        and my idea was that Amerind women are expereincing far, far too little, unlike the men, who Robert say are slightly smarter.

    • Perhaps, though I’m unaware of the specific correlation but a correlation does seem to exist.

    • Jm8

      The higher female iq pattern is was also seen in other poor low achieving groups. It may be (at least in part) environmental. Thomas Sowell also reported female iq’s being slightly higher in Mexican Americans(around the late 20th c. 70′s 80′s I think.), which he attributed to females being more resistant to environmental insult. A Sowell excerpt on female iq in Hispanics (probably Mexicans from the visible context).

      “Table 12 SEX DIFFERENCES IN LATIN I.Q.OS 0Sample size less than fifty. … However, direct comparisons between blacks and Mexican Americans are not possible from these data, which dictate a high-I.Q. cut -off score of 110 … It is striking that the female superiority pattern in I.Q.Os is found in male-dominant Latin groups, suggesting that a similar pattern among blacks …”


      “Essays and data on American ethnic groups” – Page 223

      Sowell may have also noted it in other poor(ca. early 20th c.) immigrants from Europe(If I remember).

    • Santoculto

      Just look for REAL intelligence and FAKE (religious) demagogy.

      ”So Santoculto, it’s nice to see you again but of course your time on this blog isn’t going to be long.”

      I like to read your comments, don’t waste time with lunatics.


      Well, if Lindsay write a post talking positively about brazilian ”socialist” government i will be banned here because i will be forced to talk truisms for him.

      African blacks have produced, what seems, a lot of first stages of civilizations. This AND tropical conditions explain why we have less vestigious of this past in Africa.

      I what a note NOW, intuition.

      Blacks tend to produce short term civilization,
      whites tend to produce average term civilization,
      east asians are the best to produce very long term civilization.

      Less anxiety, less explosive creativity, specially among elites.

      A enormous pyramid in the desert**

      Ok, same pyramid in tropical forest will be taken by vegetation.

      When i fight with Lindsay or others, sometimes or many times, i’m taken (also) by emotional state and say not what is right in any time and space, but what i think is right to say to win the nano-debate.

      So when i ”argue” that ”africans” no produce any environment, i use it emotionally, and not rationally, just to create a sentence game, call me childish, i’m too.

    • “African blacks have produced, what seems, a lot of first stages of civilizations. This AND tropical conditions explain why we have less vestigious of this past in Africa.”

      I what a note NOW, intuition.

      “Blacks tend to produce short term civilization,
      whites tend to produce average term civilization,
      east asians are the best to produce very long term civilization.”

      Brilliant analysis on your end. often i notice how many african settlements branch of from each other within a time span, with the other possibly withering away. (Oyo and Benin from Ife or Opobo from Bonny)

      With this in account though, it seems that it can be disadvantageous unless somesort of proxy for forsight is developed in blacks in terms of their progression from settlement to settlement.

      A possible solution could be to consider the behavioral diversity of blacks (exemplary extorts, violent extorts, conformers, more effeminate despondent types) to say make the settlement more preservative.

      Exemplary extorts are basically loud and some rude but not cruel, those types would be violent extorts. Both exemplary extorts and conformers may partake in actions that the violent ones would do however with less persistence or motivation (basically like a custom).

      despondent ones are those that basically “fail” to keep up in SSA competition and are often sold as slaves or beaten/killed. Know, this isn’t always the case but it seems like a familiar pattern


      here you would have violent extrovert (Quaws), despondent (eboes) Appas (not the Tarok) I would label conformers of effeminate

      same with the Fanti, who similar to women of the Eboe in regards to house cleaning, are very involved in body care and were described as less violent than the Ashanti.

      Effeminate ones, while not the brightest, are behaviorally more interesting and gentle.

    • Santoculto

      Yes, I think, you have some or even a lot of subsaharian populations with behavioral similarities with those found among East Asians and Caucasians. Then these people are in constant threat because of constant contact with the most aggressive ones.

      Equivalent to what is happening in Europe and the USA, among the most aggressive immigrants and tamer natives (or during America’s colonization).

      The success (and possible future problems) of a civilization depends on the distance that it is in relation to more aggressive and less intelligent people or the level of social control they exercise over this type.

      When you have a tamer population but also more civilized, the most intelligent that tend to also be more tamer, they will be more likely to compete only through psycho-cognitive attributes.

      intelligent and civilized (behaviorally smart) black men has no place in most of the black societies that are dominated by blacks with charismatic and dominant-aggressive personality.

      And what also happen everywhere, they are dominated by religious mattoid, high functioning and energic lunatics.

    • Jm8

      To Phil:
      “often i notice how many african settlements branch of from each other within a time span, with the other possibly withering away. (Oyo and Benin from Ife or Opobo from Bonny)”
      This is really not true of the first of these (and many centers in the Sahel esp. Mande areas, the Ashanti-spere, The Edo, Yoruba, Igbo regions)and did not whither away as they are still existing cities (and remained so and rather important) for centuries, though some declined/were damaged (due to Fulani raids in the early 19thc(Oyo and to a lesser extent Ife). Benin was heavily sacked and destroyed by the British(as was the Ashanti capital, Kumasi, which also survives and continues to house the Ashanti monarchy), though it still exists as a city (with a few old buildings remaining and the palace rebuilt in the traditional style.)
      Quite a few (esp. West) African kingdoms’ cities are quite longterm along with the ruling traditions/rites/ that go along with them.
      Benin does not really stem from Ife, but some political traditions there do.
      As a town Benin goes back to ca. 7-800 ad(but as a smaller settlement/group of settlements rather earlier, see archaeologists Patrick Darling and Graham Connah’s work), which is about as old as Ife, as are many other Yoruna towns(many are mid-medieval at least.)
      Bonny, Opopo and certain others on the coast were created(or became prominent) as a result of trade with Europeans and are not old or necessarily typical of towns in that zone.

    • Jm8

      I misspoke when I said “wither away”, I meant more along the lines of a shifted in power because, correct me if wrong, Benin eventually became more powerful then it’d predecessor Ife.

      And that what I meant in general with settlements, not really vanishing but eventually losing influencing compared to later/more advance ones like in standard history but at a faster rate.

    • You say that benin didn’t stem from Ife, my mistake again. I was under the impression that they were a subgroup that migrated.

    • Jm8

      The institutions of most African states (i.e. esp. most beyond the tribal village level) were not short-term at all, though at times (especially in the kingdoms/chiefdoms of Central Africa in particular) the physical structures(buildings, specific town sites of perishable materials, which would be recreated again e.g.: the centers of the Bakuba kings and the states of Uganda, Burundi, ..etc.) could be so, with the institutions, paraphernalia of state, and certain special buildings/sites/shrines preserved.
      Many polities/states though, were disrupted by political conflicts/disasters/conquest/colonialism and thus discontinued/whithered…..

      • Well then we should be specific in in terms of “short term”. What is your definition? I’m aware many existed well before European contact but what about say, since B.C?

      • Punjabi Sardar

        If we want to be anti christian (imperialist) instead of Bc we should use BV.

        The Bikrami calendar starts 57 years before jesus so it is not difficult to use/switch to.

        Jai Hind

      • Jm8

        “Well then we should be specific in in terms of “short term”. What is your definition? I’m aware many existed well before European contact but what about say, since B.C?”
        Without writing (in some) is is difficult to know. As mentioned, conquests(within Africa) disrupted many.
        The empire of Ghana (in modern Mali. The name of modern Ghana is a misnomer.), which led to the later (successor) empires of Mali and Songhai, was in part founded on the ancient, pre-Islamic city stated of the Niger valley(in Mali created by Mande, esp. Soninke speaking peoples) like Jenne-Jeno (founded ca 300 bc) and Dia Shoma (founded ca 6-900 bc). They are alluded to (albeit vaguely, sometimes allegorically also if I recall) in the bardic traditions of the local Mande-speaking peoples (specifically the Mandinka and Soninke). These in turn are predated by stone-walled towns from near the Mali Mauritania border (sites like this of Dhar Tichitt,), variously from about 1700-700 bc. attributed to early/ancestral Soninke peoples. Berber invasions (toward the later period, ca. 700 bc) contributed to the declines of some of them. Black Soninke-descended peoples (some of whom still speak forms of Soninke), like the Bafour of southern Mauritania, remain.

        Some polities and states date significantly before the “ad period” that seem to have lasted a long time, but many do not now survive (though some may have successors). This is true of some of the states of East Central Africa(Buganda, Bunyoro, BuHaya) deriving partly from/incorporating chiefdoms (and their cults/holy sites and some aristocratic lineages) that stretch possibly to the Urewe culture that began ca. 600 bc., But invasions profoundly changed these chiefdoms so they are maybe not the best example.

        The Nok culture of Central Nigeria built towns and had hereditary elites and large scale (fairly complex) craft specialization (its sculpture was mad in large centers from a specific synthesized ceramic material, which was standardized all over the Nok-culture area). Breunig and his colleague, Nicole Rupp believe their iron metallurgy to be from an independent West African invention. Recent studies in Igboland show evidence of iron metallurgy early than this, at ca. 2,000 bc(which would probably the world’s earliest iron metallurgy date, the other oldest worldwide being ca. 1000 bc), reinforcing the case for independent discovery.
        Nok is now thought to date to about 1300 bc, previously dated at 1000 or 900 bc( and possibly about 1600 according to new archaeological studies by Peter Breunig and his German team). The end of the Nok culture was around 200 ad. Rather than a single state the Nok culture was more likely a confederacy, or a group of allied, mutually influencing (probably etho-linguistically related) states. Some scholars think the Nok culture influenced the later Bini and Yoruba(maybe Igbo states) judging from the artistic similarities. The exact linguistic affiliation of Nok peoples is not quite Known. The modern tribes of the Jos Plateau speak a few language types (mostly within Niger-Congo) and are now relatively primitive (The Nok declined probably due to natural disasters ,and possible invasions.).

        The Gajiganna and Sao cultures of the Lake Chad area (towns exist by ca. 800 bc or so e.g.: a site called “Zilum”) created small states fairly early. These are considered predecessors of the Medieval(continuing to recent-modern times) states of the Chad basin e.g.: the Hausa states, and those of the (Nilo-Saharan speaking) Kanuri i.e. the kingdom/city state of Kanem (and similar groups). Breunig also has some work on that area.
        The histories of the Hausa also refer (albeit vaguely, semi mythologizingly) to earlier periods (before Islam, Some even list the names of the old gods.) and their heroic/semi-legendary kings.

        The institutions of the Igbo (eze Nri priest/kings( are at least as old as 900 ad, the date of Igbo Ukwu).

      • Many of those (early sahelian settlements, Nok, Sao, etc.) I’ve heard of but as far as I know there were fewer, say, “cultures” of a given region that lasted as long as the ones in Eurasia and granted it can be in part be explain with competition/invasions and much of the like.

        However, many areas have been occupied for a good deal with some sort of organized society however not quite the same culture (with that said, for course even with Eurasia this takes place, however again due to more specialized forces it took place relatively faster in Africa on average compared to Eurasia.)

    • Jm8

      “I misspoke when I said “wither away”, I meant more along the lines of a shifted in power because, correct me if wrong, Benin eventually became more powerful then it’d predecessor Ife.”

      This has also happened frequently in Eurasia. The capital of Japan used to be Kyoto (only a few centuries ago; changing to Tokyo/Edo in the 17-1600’s or so)

      The Bini people are linguistically related to the Yoruba but ethnically/linguistically distinct. They probably received a partly Yoruba(or Yoruba influenced dynasty(still partly continuous with old local ruling lineages sometimes around the 11-1200’s ad due to closer relations with nearby Yoruba city states(like Owo). This influenced aspect of the government structure, but continuities remained. The Uzama chiefs/or Uzama noble families, still have significant powers, balancing the king, and descend from the first kings/nobles of the less Yoruba influenced or “Ogiso” period. That period likely had leaned toward more toward a kind of aristocratic republicanism, with power held more by group of heirs from noble/chiefly families, and less centralization/kingly power. Though some Yoruba city states had elements of “aristocratic republicanism as well, combined with monarchy (A very rough parallel with Venice comes to mind.).

    • Jm8

      This has also happened frequently in Eurasia….
      not to mention the Americas. The Inca and Aztec empires didn’t last that long (about 100 years each, but of course they were conquered by Spain). But of course they were rooted in older states (some of which existed much longer). Mayan states had a tumultuous fluctuating history, as did the (besides the Aztec) Nahuatl speaking states of Central Mexico (Toltec empire about 500-1100 ad).
      The same can be found in Europe and parts of Asia.
      I will say that the Chinese civilization specifically (institutionally) seems to have been especially long lasting(though it had its disruptions; the warring states period, the cultural revolution, …etc)

    • The thing is though, while those like the Fanti were likely more behaviorally smart, in terms of “intellect” i think that would be handed over to their neighbors the Ashanti (state formation, etc.)

      A similar observation was made of the Bakete and the Bakuba

      The Bakuba, in comparison, were more violent.

      With said, on a commoner level, I don’t think the difference between Fanti and Ashanti intellect as is that great, but Ashantis were described to be less prognathus and more organized and the Fanti were noted to have less resources but had similar skills in crafts and ashantis (smithing, weaving).

      That link with the ideas of Hippocrates on the subjects states that those in higher elevation or mountainous were sharper and more warlike, while those lower with a gentle climate were sluggish yet calmer.

      The Fanti, living in a dryer climate, are likely more civilized than those who live in swamps over the course of centuries like those near Bonny

  3. Another William Playfair Web


  4. Another William Playfair Web

    The anti-intellectualism and deliberate ignorance of Mexicans is actually a much worse problem. Your average ghetto Black around here appears less ignorant and more intellectual, learned and politically engaged than these Mexicans

    If we are to accept the broadly general teachings of Phillipe J. Rushton, we would see blacks have higher verbal intelligences, relating to competing for the resources, not creating things (they lived in a more generous climate), while Mongoloids came from the fiercest climate and are better at spatial things, although East Asians-Americans do seem pretty well informed politically, so, just a thought….

  5. Mexican culture, if you had to sum it up briefly, is very extroverted and gregarious and emotional. Mexicans analyze through emotive levers. They judge on the grounds of the sensory nature of the stimuli and they do not spend great amounts of time analyzing. This lack of analysis is focused inwards, as well; there is a distinct lack of neurotic behavior in most Mexicans I’ve grown up with, including my own family. Strangely, my immediate family tends to be more neurotic than just about all Mexican families, and as such, we’ve always been sorta mildly ostracized within our own familial circles.

    Mexican intellectuals/neurotics are perhaps the loneliest ethnic cast-offs there are. Take it from one…

    • RockT

      Sorry to hear of your cast-off status, you have my sympathy. As for the Mexicans as you described them, it sounds like they are just basic campesinos, they don’t necessarily ‘need’ to know everything. I think such a society already has a tier of people who know stuff, so they figure “hey, ask that guy.”

      • The thing is, many Mexicans are interested in enough matters to carry discussions but it’s only insofar as it provide a communal subject that can bring a cohesive sense of conversation and bonding. I think it’s the “learning for the sake of learning” that is not strong in my culture, but frankly, it’s not strong in most cultures.

        • RockT

          Yeah, I know what you mean. I like to “learn for the sake of learning,” most folks look askance at that, even suspicion. So it seems Mexicans like to focus then on things related to their community then, or perhaps to music, that usually provides a collective context.

        • Tulio

          Could be that learning for the sake of learning is a privilege of the developed world. The average hourly wage in Mexico is less than $2.50/hr. Those people are struggling. They may have more immediate things to worry about than discussing Voltaire.

        • Tulio

          Or maybe what it is is that Latin cultures do not tend to foster introspective personality type. They seem more social and outward focused. They can be fun to talk to and very pleasant, but don’t expect a whole lot of deep conversation topics or critical reasoning.

    • Tulio

      Fascinating. I was recently in Mexico for a week on vacation. Every time I go down there I like the country and people more and more. I’m really interested in learning more about their society. I find Mexicans(from Mexico) to be a very likeable people on the whole. Which leaves me with a conundrum as to why people who seem at least superficially to me to be decent and hardworking people have such a corrupt and inefficient nation.

      One thing that strikes me is how different the Mexican is from the Mexican-American(Chicano).

  6. kareem

    Blacks have been in the U.S in large numbers for centuries longer than mexicans. Makes sense for them to be more politically savy and learned than the average mexican, regardless of IQ.

  7. Tulio

    “Like Tulio once said, ‘I have no respect for the intellects of the vast majority of whites AND blacks’”

    I said that?

    • Another William Playfair Web

      I only remembered because I agree with that thought a lot, I can’t find what page that was on………….it might have been the first thing you posted because Robert replied “I guess you don’t understand statistics” (he didn’t think you were joking)…I just have a good memory for things like this, I can’t find the source.

  8. Tulio

    As for Mexicans, they did have some pretty advanced civilizations pre-Columbus with math, written language, astronomy and accurate calendars and megalithic architecture. They can’t be that dumb to have had that.

    • EPGAH

      But what did they DO with it? Pretty much zilch. They were content dominating a few local savages, instead of like the Europeans did, kicking invading savages out, then dominating the savages to avoid being dominated (again) BY the savages!

      Has Mexico ever built another Ziggurat?

      Knowledge is useless if you don’t actually DO something with it.

      • rafaelborjas

        Jesus Christ, EPGAH, did you even read Tulio’s statement?;

        “they did have some pretty advanced civilizations pre-Columbus with math, written language, astronomy and accurate calendars and megalithic architecture. They can’t be that dumb to have had that”

        I think architecture is applying those creations. Anyway, does it matter? Intellect is intellect.

        Mongoloids are smarter.

  9. rafaelborjas

    EPGAh, did you even read Tulio’s statement?

    “As for Mexicans, they did have some pretty advanced civilizations pre-Columbus with math, written language, astronomy and accurate calendars and megalithic architecture. They can’t be that dumb to have had that.”

    Literally everything Tulio described is an application of intellect, or them being able to “actually DO something with it.”

  10. Lucien

    I’ve known many Mexican-Americans who are very intelligent. The smartest ones are the ones who are individualists who don’t buy into the whole family, gang, group bullshit. But to be that smart, they have to reject Mexican and Chicano culture to a large degree. Mexican and Mexican-American culture is very focused on groups and the family. So are Asian cultures for the most part. Asians are very intelligent, but look at places like Merced where Asian crime and gangs are a big problem. Asians tend to be very groupish too.

    I grew up around Mexicans and here’s what I observed. Most Mexicans really don’t like individualism. They feel threatened by it. Most define themselves in the context of their family or the groups that they identify with. Their meaning and purpose in life is defined by what they perceive is their role to play. I’ve known several very highly educated, supposedly “liberal” Chicanos who beat and cheat on their wives. And the women take it because their culture tells them to. Machismo is a huge part of all Mexican-influenced traditional cultures, both mainstream and gang. I actually think that people of Mexican descent have lots of potential, but their cultures hold them back from being free-thinking people. They get too caught up in living their lives for other people. They are very collectivist.

    I don’t like living around Mexicans, especially poor ones, but I’d rather be around them than blacks any day.

  11. S.D.

    Mexicans are a race of illegitimate people produced by Spanish soldiers exploiting Indian women. Why the talk about “family”?

    Mestizos were born of illegitimate sex-discouraged by the friars and Spanish administrators in fact-between white males and Amerindians.

    Pure Spanish Mexican whites in Mexico City probably do not abuse their wives or join gangs any more frequently that people in Seville or Madrid.

    Aztecs have been debauched by violence and homicide throughout their history.

  12. Max P

    The few Mexicans who are 100% European or near that are probably of average intelligence. Mestizos will vary quite a bit depending on how much old world ancestry they have, and the indigenous people are mostly not intelligent at all. Also, the fact that all levels of Mexical society are highly corrupt just makes the perfect recipe for chaos.

  13. SRD

    They are more than intelligent. To sum up simply, stupids

  14. María Jenna De Los Ángeles

    I am a female daughter of Mexican immigrants that grew up in the United States and I can assure you that I am highly intelligent. I speak four languages, graduated with two degrees from one of the top rated universities in California and have an IQ of 130. My story is not unique. I have many friends that were children of Mexican immigrants like myself who graduated from top universities and currently work as doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

    Neither of my parents spoke English when they immigrated to the United States, nor did they attain high levels of education in their home country; however, despite this, they taught themselves to read and speak English without any formal education. They learn quickly and are capable of complex thought. They are intelligent people and encouraged me and my siblings to seek higher education.

    The population of Mexico is extremely diverse, and you cannot generalize its citizens. There are intelligent people and non-intelligent people among its citizens, as you would find in any population. Likewise, the Mexican-American population is also very diverse.

    I cannot comprehend how you are generalizing an entire population based upon anecdotal information. Studies have revealed that access to proper nutrition and education are better indicators of intellectual performance than “race.” Deprive a child of any skin color from proper nutrition, brain stimulation, and education, and they will likely score low on an IQ test.

    I have read many of your posts, and while I respect and appreciate many of them, I will have to disagree with your conclusion that Mexican American people are dumb nor unintelligent. We are too diverse of a people to be generalized, and despite the stereotypes, many of us are intelligent, economically successful, and contributors to our communities in the USA. You just do not see us because we do not fit the stereotype.

  15. killer123ofs

    I am from mexico, and i can tell you that sadly, it is true. We are stupid in many ways/ The average mexican can’t think further and i can even compare mexicans with US people in terms of general culture. One thing i consider smart from my compatriots is that we always find a solution to everything. One example is when my father used to work in a jewerly store being 13 years old, and his boss was from an European country (i hardly remember, i just know he was from western Europe). The case is that the some kind of sink had a problem and it was that some pieces of jewerly used to get stuck in the sewer system and one job mate had to remove the drain pipes and grab the pieces. My father’s boss wanted to get a special system to avoid this to happen. The thing is that my father’s mate fixes the problem by putting a bucket under the drain pipes, modificated those by hand and the jewerly pieces just fell into the bucket and problem solved. My father’s boss didn’t have to spend a single dollar (this happened in the 70’s) to solve the problem.

    • Grizzly Fighter

      Sounds similar to redneck smarts. Really smart folks often lack common sense. I like Mexicans chill personalities. Mestizo & castizo Mexicans seem smarter than more pure Indios.

      • Hey Grizzly, love your comments, but now that you are a regular commenter, you have to donate. Minimum $10 and you can post here forever. All regular commenters have donated to the site. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s how we roll here. It takes up a lot of my time writing for this site and wading through all the comments and I want to be compensated for my labor.

        If that’s a hardship for you, let me know and we will try to work something out.

        Thanks for cooperating.

      • True. Smarts and Intelligence are two different things. Smarts means to be able to adjust and react to situation at hand based on previous experiences. Intelligence means to be able to process complex information to come up with new ideas and things. An intelligent professor would never survive ghetto Detroit by thinking about sociological reasons why it is in such a state. A smart person would have blend in, work with the locals and sell a few things for cash to boot.

        Smart and intelligent person. Now that is a sight to behold. Usually are successful entrepreneurs. Trump is smart and somewhat intelligent. Mostly smarts though. Mark Cuban..Very smart and very intelligent.

  16. TRASH 2

    I’d say a Castizo is like an Italian-American from New Jersey, more or less.

    Little macho, little sexist, Catholic that is about all.

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