Why Is Punjab Better Than India?

RockT writes:

Forgive my ignorance, but, I’ve always found Indians to be very nice and well behaved people. Granted, I do not know many and don’t regularly associate with them. I don’t know their culture. But I have a hard time thinking of them as evil sociopaths. I suppose I may be wrong.

Simple answer is they are on good behavior. More on that below.

Indian culture in India is sociopathic.

Granted there are some who have bailed out of it, but if you refuse to be a sociopath in India the result often is that you have to settle for a much lower standard of living. One problem is that if you bail out of the sociopathy, you essentially have to either become a Leftist or simply more or less drop out of society. Anyone who dares to reject wicked Indian culture can count on being shunned by almost everyone they know. It’s lonely to try to be a decent person in India. It’s also painful due to all of the abuse and condemnation you will receive.

Most Indian Leftists have always despised the Indian state and Indian culture to boot. This is why the Marxists are so hated by the Hindutvadis as “anti-national people.” They have long called India out on its malign culture.

But yes, the ones here are on good behavior. Simply put, the ones over here often don’t act anything like the ones over in India. If that nice Indian you see over there here were in India, they may well behave completely differently.

I admit I don’t practice what I preach.

I am nice to some of the local Indians, and I am actually friendly with a couple of them who run a local store. And they are actually very nice to me, in a very un-Indian sort of way. Sometimes they give me free food! Or discounts on food! There is another guy who I buy my hard liquor from who I consider a friend also. He likes to drink whiskey! I wonder if other Sikhs drink alcohol?

So yes, there are some nice Indians around here, but there are also some horrid ones. At age 57, I was actually thrown out of a store by Indian. I have only been banned from one other store in my life, and I was let back in by management who fired one of the guys who banned me.

But you have to remember that these are Punjabi Sikhs. As fucked up as India is, it’s seems that Punjab, where the culture is Sikhism, is about 100% better than the rest of India.

Horrible things like malnutrition, stunting, maternal mortality, shitting outdoors, etc. are about 50% lower in Punjab.

An example: In Punjab 25% of the population is malnourished, and in India it is 50%. 25% is outrageous and shameful, but it’s a world better than 50%. Whatever the Sikhs are doing, they are doing something right, or at least better than the Hindus.

However, there is a problem with the Sikhs. Hardly any group in India is any good. The Christians, the Muslims, the Jains, they all act horrible in Hindu India.

The exceptions are in the east where the population is Buddhist and Christian, are not yet Hinduized or Indianized and were only conquered and made a part of India, typically by armed force,in the last 65 years. These people are Asiatics, have figured out what crap India as a state and as a culture is, hate the Indian state and Indian culture and completely reject both of them.

There are some Hindus over there, but the population is not large. Most are in Assam, which is not coincidentally the most screwed up state in the East.

Most of those Indian states had armed groups who actually took up arms against the Indian state and fought the state with guns for many years. In one eastern state, the Indian Airforce actually bombed their own city. They bombed a city in India! I think it was in Mizoram. This group has their own problems, namely tribalism, but the humans there have actual human souls, and they lack the blackened hearts of the typical Indian Hindus.

But just about everyone else in India – with the somewhat exception of Leftists – acts awful.

Indian Christians act horrible. They barely deserve to be called Christians. Indian Christians practice caste!

Muslims act awful. India has some of the worst Muslims on Earth. These are Hinduized Muslims who have glued the cancer of Hindu culture onto their own very problematic religion. Indian Muslims practice caste, which is antithetical to the religion of Islam.

The Jains are awful. Yes, they refuse to kill flies, but the Jains practice the most strict casteism in all of India.

The problem is that all groups is Hindu India with the exception of the east are “Hinduized.” They are Hinduized and they are also Indianized. At the end of the day, Sikhs are yet a very Hinduized people. Yes, the religion is much better than Hinduism, but it is still a Hindu offshoot, and most Sikhs get angry if you criticize Hinduism. The problems is that this much better religion becomes watered down and basically contaminated in India by the Hinduized culture.

To give you an example, all of the Sikh gurus, who were all very good men (Guru Nanak especially was very saintly and pure), condemned caste. They all explicitly stated, “there is no caste in Sikhism.” They basically said that if you practice caste, you are rejected from the Sikh religion.

Well it is 400 years since the last guru died, and guess what”? Almost all Sikhs practice caste! And if you bring up this contradiction to them, they often shrug their shoulders in a callous and somewhat sociopathic manner. Almost all Sikhs I have met locally have defended the caste system. I assume they must be benefiting from it as most local Sikhs are Jats, which are the Sikh equivalent of Brahmins. And a stunning number of local Sikhs are crazed, fanatical Indian nationalists who would put a Hindutvadi to shame.

And worse, they are Indianized. Sikhs are Indians, with all the good and mostly bad things that go along with that. My Sikh doctor told me that if you want to be a decent person in India, you need to leave the country, and that’s exactly what he did. He absolutely rejects Indian culture and “values,” which are more like anti-values. He came to the US because he hated his evil country, and he wanted to be a good person. He told me that yes, he could have practiced medicine in India, but he said you can’t practice medicine in India without turning into a complete shit. He has a human soul still and a decent heart, so he came to America which he felt better represented his values. He felt that American values were vastly superior to Indian values, and he is correct.


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21 responses to “Why Is Punjab Better Than India?

  1. Hindu untouchables should all become Jews. This would be the endgame for the Hindu mentality.

    • Jm8

      Many become Buddhists.

      • Jewishness gives far more social clout to groups that are part of it and allows for more honesty, though it doesn’t guarantee it of course. Buddhism, despite its rejection of caste, is based upon the same devaluation of all social and political consciousness as hinduism, and sees the pursuit of honesty in the world as ungodly : actually late hinduism as India suffers from borrowed heavily from buddhist philosophy. Jewishness has always encouraged belief in at least some form of progress, although it quite often enthuses about wrong forms of progress. Jewish mythological history, despite its being based upon resentful attitude, has the merit of starting with a pariah people that manages to achieve some grandeur once it behaves well, and that is the one and only one mythology Hindu untouchables need to say no. Contemporary Christianity is just a farce as regards what must be done in India, it falls prey to the acceptance of caste as God-given as it did of slavery in the past. Contemporary Christianity is moreover a colonial enterprise in India more than ever, and now more at the behest of World Zionism than Judaism proper. A Jewish ex-Hindu pariah caste would actually curtail the worst aspects of political Zionism as are now exerted on India although it would be beneficial to the building of a better Israel. A Jewish ex-Hindu pariah caste, preferably claiming of a very distant past before the Aryan invasion, would rapidly enjoy more prestige among Westerners than the Hindu gurus.

    • pepperroncini

      Even the Jews in India practicised untoucability.

      Low caste Hindus and untouchables had to show the same kind of difference towards Jews that they showed to upper caste Hindus. For example: just as with upper caste Hindus, Cochin Jews (South India) had their servants ring a bell to announce their presense on a path, this was to tell low caste Hindus to move out of the away.

      Indian Baghdadi Jews were racist towards South Indian Jews; South Indian Jews settled in South India before the start of the Jewish diaspora.

  2. Optimus Prime

    I wouldn’t rate punjabis as highly as you do but you are right they hold certain values that are unique probably due to Sikhism that makes them to act better than their Hindu brethren. On the flipside most of them are too loud and obnoxious such that you will eventually hate them inspite of the initial good impression.

    • pepperroncini

      Punjabis and Sikhs have the same shitty caste behavior as their Hindu counterparts. They just might be better at putting up a front.

      The difference between the overt caste mentality of the middle and working class Indian and the caste behavior of the upper caste/well educated Indian is just 1 of sophistication .

      In Britian it was the Sikh and Hindu councils that campainged against anti-Casteism activists who tried to get the Brits to recognize caste prejudice amongst South Asian Brits.

  3. SHI

    So yes, there are some nice Indians around here, but there are also some horrid ones. At age 57, I was actually thrown out of a store by Indian. I have only been banned from one other store in my life, and I was let back in by management who fired one of the guys who banned me.

    Sorry to hear about your experience, mate. Were they Punjabis?

    If I were you, I’d stay away from large groups of Indians. As a “group”, they tend to hate white Westerners, deep down, though they won’t admit it.

    But yes, on a 1:1 basis, many Indians are good people. The culture sucks, and being a dropout is very common nowadays.

    Some parts of India are more suitable to a Westerners sensibilities than others. The Western coastal region is the best. Mumbai has often been compared to New York City (the island city has a similar shape as Manhattan with everything running north-south.). Except it’s way more overcrowded. Most people in the city are very liberal and have a tolerance for many things. Lovers escape the threat of honor killings in their villages to make a new life in Mumbai.

    Like Mumbai, some other cities in India have become liberal bastions.Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and some other cities are liveable. I do see a lot of Western expats in these cities.

    Goa is also very liberal but lately, drug cartels have been running wild. Delhi isn’t a good place, all the scumbags in India call it home. It’s a very corrupt city. Although many decent people live there as well.

    Out there in the East, Kolkata is still considered a very liberal city. It used to be the capital of British India but has been going downhill since 1911! It is also the gateway to the Northeast (Assam, .Mizora. etc.). Bengali women are very pretty and easily approachable. If it weren’t for the reduced standard of living and wages, Kolkata would have been an ideal place.

    Down South, Chennai is city very friendly to westerners. Not to my liking much though but Chennai attracts Western expats.

    There are some more liberal pockets dotted all over India. Ooty down south, Chandigarh, Shimla and Dehradun in the North. Noida, which is a satellite city of Delhi, offers a much higher standard of living and the people are very decent in my experience.

    • pepperroncini

      Indians hate Arabs far more than Whites, though this might not be the case with Muslim Indians who have never lived/visited Arab countries. Muslim Indians/Pakistanis worship Arabs and try to emulate them. They think having an Arab ancestor makes them special.

      In my experience Pakistanis who have lived in Arab countries hate Arabs. Arabs from the Penninsula consider everyone inferior and especially hate South Asians and consider Africans and South East Asians as beneath them.

  4. Jason Y


    ndian Christians act horrible. They barely deserve to be called Christians. Indian Christians practice caste!

    In the USA, ironically, the worst customers at a store or restaurant are Christians. It’s a fact. Seems it should be the opposite.

  5. RockT

    Wow, I guess I really just don’t know these people very well at all then.

  6. SpamBy

    I’ve been pretty interested in the Mongoloid peoples of India. Most come from the Tibeto-Burman branch and can be found in Mizoram, Assam and Sikkim, with many of the areas bordering the northeastern part of India, straddling the border of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Many of these racial types can also be found in Myanmar as well, and you even have some Tai-Kradai speaking groups in Assam.

    Robert, have you ever heard of Sikkim? It was once a nation before India invaded it, it even had its own royal family and a monarchy, now they are a minority in their own state because of massive Indian/Nepali emigration.

    Robert, you should look into Sikkim and the northeast frontier, it’d be interesting if you did an article about it.

    • They have a pretty decent culture over there, just a typical East Asian or more like Southeast Asian culture with all of the good and bad that goes along with that. I hear that most of them hate India, hate Hinduism and hate Indian and Hindu culture with a passion. I think most of them would probably like to go independent.

      I know a bit about Sikkim. It’s really evil what India did that that nation. They invaded it conquered it and annexed it to India, just like fucking Nazis in World War 2. A war of aggression and national expansion and conquest…in the 1970’s! India sucks!

      • Gay State Girl

        Send me some photos of your family.

      • SpamBy

        How realistic is it that they would ever get any autonomy? I know the Chin people of Myanmar and the people of Mizoram are the same race and they were fighting for an independent state called Zomia. They were split by colonial powers between India and Myanmar, a people torn apart. Kind of sad actually.

      • Punjabi Sardar

        I asked a Sikkim Buddhist about this. India invaded because the west was trying to put a half christian on the throne like in Burma. Where the current pm kids are half melech anglo hidden in London.

  7. Punjabi Sardar

    To give you an example, all of the Sikh gurus, who were all very good men (Guru Nanak especially was very saintly and pure), condemned caste. They all explicitly stated, “there is no caste in Sikhism.” They basically said that if you practice caste, you are rejected from the Sikh religion.

    Except this is a common british myth about Jains & Buddhists as well.

    All Gurus were from the same caste down to two specific lineages tracing back to Ram Chandr Ji.

    Jains say only a Ksytria can be their Tirthankar.

    Buddha himself has said Arihants are only born in Ksytria or Brahmin families.

    Sociopath just means looking out for own family Vs suicidally altruistic like west.

    Good ahead, keep suiciding we enjoy it & India is developing.

    You can take West Up, Bihar or West Bengal as exception but that’s fine. Many other states are touching 0.7hdi or higher & country overall will in 5 years.

    Have fun in the Islamic Republic of America.

    Jai Bharat

    • Punjabi Sardar

      Gurus did end untouchability among Sikhs though which is the real problem in India.

      • Punjabi Sardar

        Dam I can’t edit comments but Punjab is better than UP Bihar or Bengal because we got rid of all the muslims.

        When they do the same, they will also prosper. Having to be a breadbasket has stalled its industrial development but we will just take back Pakistan.

        So w/e

  8. thinkingabout it

    Punjab and the North East have some of the highest drug addiction rates in India. Their youth are basically destroyed, they have no values, their egalitarianism has destroyed all transcendental meaning – and they find solace in opium.

  9. Marxism, Arya samaj, all were good concept, but problem is that they did not give importance to race, and still, did not do away the birth based caste, which is the real problem for majority of hindus. And still ,the caste, which arise due to the profession, long time back, survives. And this is why, we see that one caste tries to dominate other, thinking they are superior, but the fact is that no caste person is superior to each other, they just had higher or lower ranks, because all castes were created under the rule of imperialists, be it the vedic aryan known as brahmancial civilization, be it mongol/turk , be it peshwa, or be it british rule.

    And yes, you are right, the moment someone denounces this hindu structure, and starts showing the real racism, they are completely shunned. It is by design only. These people have jaded mindset. I think majority of these people still carry that shame that their ancestors were servants of all lords, and virtually, majestic races have ruled on them.

  10. Indian muslims are also not the real stocks of muslims, except for the nizam of hyderabad, who was actually turki, similar to the way indian hindus are not vedic race. Similarly, indian christians are not the real basque/portugal or roman catholic. And that’s why, we see them behaving them in a very different and confused manner.

    This applies to sikhs also. Sikhism was correct, when it started, but later on, again these same hindu fundamentalist, money minded people came into it, and it is no longer that majestic cult to follow.

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