North Koreans Versus Indians


Tell me why you hate so much zero empathy or even try to understand the “Indians” but not the north Korean.

You will banned me first or you will explain this contradiction??

You tell me why I should show empathy for monsters, wicked people, and sociopathic, morally depraved freaks? Sorry pal. I am on an empathy diet. I have plenty of empathy for good people. As far as bad people go, they can just burn. I have dealt with enough assholes for twenty lifetimes, and I don’t need to even speak to one more.

Why should I try to “understand” monsters? Everybody does everything for a reason, and it is usually a logical reason in some way. Even criminals are behaving logically in some according to some perverse system of logic, and many of them have frankly been created by awful environments.

It is very easy to “understand” the behavior of most human beings  who act horrible in the typical ways. We all know why people act this way. Good and evil and inborn in all of us, and when your heart dies, the Devil can capture your soul and turn you into his plaything for the rest of his life. It can happen to me, you or anyone because we all have evil inside of us.

We all have to guard against our evil tendencies at all times. Those of us who act good are not that different from those who act bad. I have a great deal of evil inside of me, but I have enough of a pure heart and warm soul left somehow that I am able to suppress my evil behaviors and temptations. Not that I do not feel them. I simply feel them, recognize them as evil intentions and vow to resist them. In this way, you can walk with Jesus and be a real Christian.

Sublimation is nothing new. Churchill could have been Hitler.

Greed, hatred, competitiveness, lack of empathy, treacherousness, backstabbing, murderousness, aggression, violence, rape, wife beating, torture, cruelty, sadism, sexism/racism/classism/casteism, corruption, bribery, covetousness, jealousy, envy, irritability, meanness, fraud, cheating, stealing, lying…all of these things are essential aspects of day to day Indian culture that no one even thinks twice about.

And of course they are present in all human societies to some extent. Of course I “understand” why people act bad in every single way that I listed above. Most people figure that stuff out sometime in childhood. It’s not hard to figure out the motives for evil behavior. Further, I work in mental health, so I understand  the motives for evil better than 90% of the population. But so what? Who cares if we “understand” why people act horrible? Big deal! Most everything is “understandable,” even if in some sick or awful way. Why should I let scumbags off the hook just because I have figured out why they are such dicks?

And one more thing. If Indians are characterized by any one thing, it is that there is a sheer and utter lack of empathy that pervades the entire society and attempts to infect everyone born into it. If you try to be a dissident and protest this callous mindset, you will be browbeaten, shunned, rejected and possibly even threatened. I get emails all the time from Indians who condemn their country to Hell but then beg me not to post their name anywhere to anyone. They are absolutely terrified of speaking out in their society. A lot of them told me that it is actually dangerous to speak out against Indian culture. You may get physically assaulted or worse, not to mention the emotional abuse.

Now how about if you tell me why I should show empathy towards people who have no empathy themselves? Forget it. No! If you want me to feel some empathy towards you, you need to retain a human soul and something left of a heart yourself. If you have burned and discarded those essential human parts of yourself, I have nothing to say to you, and I feel I should show you no kindness, remorse, sympathy or mourning. You simply do not deserve to receive those human feelings from me.

The North Korean people I think are very good people. I have seen a lot of reports from people who went there, and they said that the people they met were all fantastic. It is the regime that is terrible. Bad government, good people. The culture itself is not toxic or evil.

In India the culture itself is toxic and evil and promotes sociopathy and wickedness in all Indians from the day you are born. Of course the government is full of some of the worst of all of these people, but your average Indian often is a perfectly horrible human being in the way he lives his life and his values or lack thereof. Normal Indian culture is narcissistic, callous, sadistic, self-serving, selfish, backstabbing, treacherous, utterly dishonest and sociopathic. So you end up with a billion people who lie, cheat and steal as a matter of daily existence. A nation of monsters.

The people themselves are shitty.

In India, the government is shitty, and so are the people who have blackened hearts and burnt out souls.

In North Korea the government is shitty, but the people are generally decent people with something remaining of real hearts and genuine human souls.


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24 responses to “North Koreans Versus Indians

  1. Jason Y

    i sorta see what your saying. However, couldn’t you also argue the environment created East Indians, much as the environment created North Koreans? A crappy way of being is a product of what you were raised with, what you were indocrinated with.

    • Gay State Girl

      Do you go to college in Tennessee?

      • Jason Y

        Yes. Is this some trick to make fun of my spelling? It’s this keyboard.

        • Gay State Girl

          Not at all. You said there were Jewish and Asians in your Calculus class. I actually looked at two colleges in the Nashville area.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t think the girl I mentioned is Jewish, but my college is loaded with Asians. I don’t want to mention my exact college cause of stalkers and many of them are violent white nationalists.

        • Jason Y

          A lot of Chinese and Indians, some Saudis. However, I don’t think that’s different than other colleges.

        • Gay State Girl

          How do they fit in with the majority?

        • Jason Y

          I think they fit in well, but I’m sure they have to encounter a lot of racism outside the campus, which gets worse as the area gets more rural.

    • Jason Y

      In India the culture itself is toxic and evil and promotes sociopathy and wickedness in all Indians from the day you are born. Of course the government is full of some of the worst of all of these people, but your average Indian often is a perfectly horrible human being in the way he lives his life and his values or lack thereof. Normal Indian culture is narcissistic, callous, sadistic, self-serving, selfish, backstabbing, treacherous, utterly dishonest and sociopathic. So you end up with a billion people who lie, cheat and steal as a matter of daily existence. A nation of monsters.

      You could say middle and upper class Americans, Europeans, Japanese, Canadians etc.. can be much the same way, as well as the elite classes in the third world.

      Typical right wing politics fosters this attitude as the poor are blamed for their own condition, so why bother caring about them?

      • Jason Y

        Also, and sorry to ramble on, but you gotta realize many of the people of the world, including the poor are not idealistic. Probably they spend most of their time engaged in selfish concerns as the media caters to selfishness.

        For instance, they might worry about having the right hairstyle or fashionable clothes, not feeding kids in Africa etc.. Imagine how much money people spend on selfish toys, TV, movies, in comparison to charity.

        • Jason Y

          OK, here’s a whopper LOL Look how much Americans spend on porn, yet some people want to put down Indians as selfish.

  2. I thought the comparison and analogy between N Korea and India was concerning another factor: brainwashing: You have no idea how myopic, inward looking and brainwashed Indians are. These morons(1.2 billion of em) actually think they are the greatest most prosperous nation on the planet. Their heavily right winged media only shows what the nation wants to see: India the great. Their current Prime Minister tours the world and these idiots are shown live news feed of how he is received by foreign delegates and how India is shining(They even had a headline going “Global Indian takeover). They are fed these images day in and day out. And because Indians have always been sheeps with a herd mentality and like nothing more in life than petty gossip, the advent of social media(facebook and twitter) is like a boon to these 1.2 billion imbeciles. They follow their heroes, they worship them, and take the slightest of offence if anything “un-Indian; or anti patriotic is even slightly hinted at. This is modern Indian life.

    North korea is a fucked up regime and that is the end of discussion. Indians are fucked up in the mind. And they reproduce worse than rats, soon they will want the entire systems everywhere working their way. That is what they do. And the world will suffer. North Korea is NOTHING compared.

  3. Santoculto

    Emotionally average people, generally le masses, are not super or not super-empathetic, they are average and if government tell for them that is good the communism or hinduism so they are probably by one or two generations accept this, first because they are not unite, they don’t fight for their rights, rightfully speaking, far to be, second, they are average, they no have higher ideals, so they don’t fight for changes because they are better to conform to the current state of things or they have this apathic disposition for accept every imposed reality.

    Real good people are rare, most people are just average, their emotions and rationalization of their feelings are not or tend not be well structured.

    Most of very well intentioned people are not intellectually smart enough to avoid commit basic and dangerous mistakes in their good actions. Abstract thinking is basic the capacity to perceive sequentially the reality of events, cause and effect, most people think with their guts and in short term.

    Indians are just any other people with a culture with very bad and very good things. I have the theory that most of indians and chineses or, at least a higher proportion of them, who are immigrating to the western, tend to be more agressive, outgoing and pride than the average indian or chinese.

    You (seems) are just screaming that INDIANS (99% them**) are bad but you are not explaining with real-world examples why you think like that. Islam, Christianism and any other ”religion” have very bad perverted historical because most of all offficial ”religions” are connected with power, the social-pathic control. Criminality among indians, a nation with one billion people seems very lower, very different than their precious sacred-cow african blacks, specially the demographically prevalent groups.

    To me the ultimate of imoral attitudes is the violence and statistics and real world tell me that you are trying to create a very distorted image of indians, over-generalizing them, while on other hand, use african blacks, on average, as very relative counter-argument or counter-example.

    I ask for you why you are defending obvious dictatorship like north korea which is absolutely bad for north korean people.

    why i’m doing this comparison**

    because when you tell us that you have moral skills to over-generalize some people, read= enormous population, and on other side, you are defending your camarats like ”socialist” part throughout latin america, here in brazil or in any other nation, you are anulating at least in my eyes your moral skills, at least in this situation, of course.

    One of the most admirable thing about hinduism is the vegetarianism, that is contemplate, i know, by less indians that i may think, but still it’s a very good thing to note and virtually most big religion don’t practicize.

    the caste system there is in ALL complex human societies, the only difference is that in India this social aspect were emerged while visualizable part of their culture, in other nations this assymetry is implicit.

    Caste system is not a very bad thing at all, ”just” the dallit and the indian elite, on average, is just like any other, with sofisticated anti social skills, people who are immoral and clever have enormous advantage in our societies.

    Guilty people who don’t stop the population growing in India.

    Americans, on average, are nothing to judge indians as they are absolutely superior, specially those who defend communist party and again, i’m capitalist nor neo-liberal.

    • We have enldess articles on here whowing how the shitty Indian culture produces shitty human beings in everyone who adheres to that culture. I do not need to go into it over and over again. Also we have many Indian commenters on here who can enlighten you. See the man above.

      I do not “defend the North Korean regime.”

      What you are engaging in is the GARBAGE philosophy known as “cultural relativism.” You believe that no cultures are bad and no people can be criticized except Whites I guess, who are evil people with an evil culture. You are acting just like a PC SJW Cultural Left fool here.

      It is all because I am criticizing those PRECIOUS 3rd World people, who are always WONDERFUL and GLORIOUS because…well because are not those evil scummy White Westerners.

      There are shitty cultures all over the world. Shitty cultures shitty people because most people adhere to their culture and there are serious negative consequences with rejecting your culture and becoming in effect a society dropout.

      I do not think all Indians are evil people. I got to know some Indians. I am actually friends with some of the local Indians. However, I think most of the Indians I met in some ways, were quite shitty human beings.

      Merely practicing caste makes you a shitty person right there. As almost all Indians are strong practitioners of caste, they are somewhat lousy people right there.

      Even the Indians I knew who had shitty qualities had good qualities too. I have to admit that. But their shitty qualities were so strong that I think they should be shunned, condemned, avoided and shamed. We certainly do not need to be importing this cancerous Indian mindset into our country.

      Yes Brazil has a shitty culture that has produced a lot of shitty human beings. Favelas produce many people who are little more than gangsters, derelicts and street thugs. Brazilian political culture is 100% corrupt and you cannot get involved in politics without being infected by it. The Brazilian rich and upper middle class tend to be shits just like all over Latin America.

      But your average Brazilian person is probably ok and Brazilian culture is not so cancerous and horrible as to make living in that nation a nightmare trip to Hell.

      • Punjabi Sardar

        If merely practising practicing caste makes you shitty it means you hate all

        Sikhs, Buddhists Jains & Hindus.

        You should be upfront about the fact that evangelism is your primary motive.

        You used to try & at least make arguments now you pass this off as scientific lol

        the Devil can capture your soul and turn you into his plaything for the rest of his life. It can happen to me, you or anyone because we all have evil inside of us.

        Yes we should be scared of the jewish diety yahweh & his counterpart satan. Lol!

  4. Jason Y

    Iv’e not seen the USA culturally colonizes other nations, because nobody forces anyone to eat at McDonalds etc..

    Also, as far as India goes, the treatment of dalit (untouchables) is off the roof evil. In fact, so much that I take any relationship with an East Indian with a grain of salt, cause deep down I just picture them bullying untouchables. In fact, as with Koreans, I think they kiss the ass of whites because they’re white, hence, I don’t think any relationship with them is real and genuine.

    • Jason Y

      In fact, the East Indian view of whites is even more phony considering the more white and non-handicapped you are, then the more respect you get. What kind of bullshit is it when people see you as a fashion model and not a human being?

      • Jason Y

        It sort of reminds me of that movie Zoolander 😆

      • Punjabi Sardar

        Those are probably deracinated gujuratis. After the defeat of Alexander & marriage of his grand daughter to ChandrGupt Maurya, Acharya Chankya declared that one white is dirtier than 1000 untouchables & we stick by this.


  5. Punjabi Sardar

    North Koreans are simply defending their Buddhist Dharam from the mass evangelism that will infect their society should they be defeated.

    They have chosen to eat grass, instead of becoming melechas & should be respected.

    It is the same example of Dalits during the Madras famine of 1897 where half the Dalits died but not one drank the poisonous water of christ.

    Jai Hind Bharat Mata Ki Jai

  6. S.D.

    “Gora” obsessions are deeply ingrained in the North Indian psyche and this might date back to waves of Caucasoid looters and rapists including the Scythian peoples who descended upon India.

    South Indian Dravidian Nair, for example, regard anyone above the Hindi line as being from Afghanistan or Russia or Southeast Europe and wish they would return to those places-this is in part due to Delhi political domination and Persian high-culture.

    Some South Indians refer to Punjabi people as “wops” or “Arabs”.

    North Koreans have no real burning resentment for Caucasians.

    British colonization of India has left Indians with a love-hate feeling towards Anglo-Saxons.

    Bengali people from the East of India have some East Asian admixture and less of an antipathy towards English people.

  7. S.D.

    Untouchables and Dravidian people can be equally vicious towards towards higher-castes as was the case when the Brahmin were driven out of Kerela by the Nair people.

    Parsis are the market-dominant minority (Gujarati do business overseas) who claim to be pure Iranian but do possess minor Gujarati admixture …Jews from Armenia and Mesopotamia have been in India since the Torah but have had little influence. Arabs have had a cultural influence but most Muslim Indians are poor criminal types.

    I do business in India so I must remain discreet about who I am and my personal experiences here but they are extensive in this regard.

  8. S.D.

    Dalits turned to one of three major religions lonnnggg before Christian missionaries washed up in Goa or the “famine of 1897”.

    Arabs washed up on Western Indian shores about one thousand years before the Portuguese and by then vast swathes of Indians seeking some alternative religion had found it.

    Punjabis may have some Caucasian ancestry whether Greek or Russian that makes them larger and more aggressive than Dravidians.

    Indian obsessions with Jews is mostly a competition thing because among “Goras” Jews have a tremendous impact and they regard them (Perhaps accurately) as quite shrewd and intelligent.

    A Christian subset of Indians believe Brahmins to have sprung from the same gene pool in Central Asian as Khazar Jews to which they attribute some degree of shrewd intelligence.

    Portuguese transformed Goa into a Brazil of sorts and many of the people are mixed-blood Catholics.

    Bengalis are equally mixed with Mongoloid blood and in the very far East of India it is not impossible to see people who look Korean.

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