Indians and Pakistanis’ Attitudes Towards Each Other

hateindia writes:

I am an Indian, and I can easily say Pakistanis are a lot, lot, lot better. Sure, their Government sucks (which even they realize), but the people are good. They don’t have an inherent blackened, evil hatred for Indians as Indians do for Pakistanis. Indians hate everyone but Pakistanis are their Numero Uno targets. These delusional, dumb fucks have a collective IQ of a single digit…

I have known many Pakistanis, and for the most part they could give a flying fuck about India. You ask them about India, and their attitude is, “So what? Who cares about them?” They never talk about India, ever. They simply do not care anything about India. Now, the elites and the state may be different, and the people I know are not Islamist nuts, so the Islamists may well talk differently.

We have some Pakistanis around here, and with the exception of two Pakistani Christians (the most evil South Asians in my town!), they are pretty much good people. Most around here are Punjabi Muslims from Pakistan. They could care less about religion, politics or anything like that, and they work right alongside the Punjabi Sikhs from India! I ask them if they get along with each other and the Sikhs, “Say sure, we get along fine.”

I have talked to some of these Pakistanis about Pakistan, but most Pakistanis have this attitude of, “Pakistan is shit.” If you start putting down Pakistan, they just nod their heads and say, “Yes, we know our country blows. Anyone knows that.” They seem to be implying, “Why the Hell do you think we came over here?” Pakistanis are some of the least nationalistic people I have ever met. They all hate their country and think it sucks!

I do not think your average Pakistani is as religious as people think. The ones in the US are anything but Islamist nuts. They never talk about Islam for one second, and they never try to convert you, which most good Muslims will try to do.

Indian hatred for Pakistan is utterly off the charts! It is something weird and bizarre. I hate to invoke Godwin, but it almost reminds me of how Nazis talk about Jews. The Indian hate for Pakistan and all things Pakistani is extreme and feels unhinged and deranged. When Indians start talking about Pakistan, I feel like recoiling backwards in shock.It literally takes you aback like that. That’s the impression they give off.

As soon as you say the words, “Pakistan,” or “Kashmir,” almost all Indians start to flip out, get red in the face, raise their voices, start pounding on tables and act like they are going to hit someone. Their attitude about Pakistan is downright scary.

And some of the smarter or more Hindutva ones seem to have a tic about Pakistan the same way Nazis do about Jews. Every five minutes they are talking about Pakistan. Everyone who hates India is a secret Pakistani! I have been called a Pakistani so many times I cannot keep count. Every time someone criticizes India, they change the subject to, “Yeah, but what about Pakistan? Hey but what  about Islam?! Wait let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about Muslims instead.”

The only conclusion that I drew from talking to many Indians about Pakistan is that on this subject, most Indians are simply completely insane and cannot be reasoned with at all. They also seem brainwashed. If you try to talk facts with them about Kashmir for instance, it’s clear that 95% of Indians have no idea what they are talking about and apparently either know almost nothing about Kashmir or just about everything they have been told about it is some crazy lie. They all say that all Kashmiris love India and hate Pakistan and none of them want to secede. They all say this. They actually believe that!

In fact, according to them, there are no Kashmiris who want independence. None. 0%. The only problem in Kashmir is some Pakistani invaders who sneak in and try to start an insurgency in order to annex Kashmir to Pakistan. The problem with that theory is that only ~6% of Kashmiris want to join Pakistan. Support for independence was ~90% in the early 1990’s, but decades of repression has taken its toll. Nevertheless, ~50% or more Kashmiris are definitely pro independence.

These Indians didn’t pop out of the womb hating Pakistan like that. I assume that there must be some extreme and intense Pakistani hatred brainwashing that goes on in Indian society, probably via the schools, the media and God knows what else.


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10 responses to “Indians and Pakistanis’ Attitudes Towards Each Other

  1. SHI

    As soon as you say the words, “Pakistan,” or “Kashmir,” almost all Indians start to flip out, get red in the face, raise their voices, start pounding on tables and act like they are going to hit someone. Their attitude about Pakistan is downright scary.

    These Indians didn’t pop out of the womb hating Pakistan like that. I assume that there must be some extreme and intense Pakistani hatred brainwashing that goes on in Indian society, probably via the schools, the media and God knows what else.

    Now that you brought it up, I have to confess even that I’m a bit prejudiced against Pakistanis, fully aware it’s not a healthy attitude to have. Even as someone who prides himself for being an open minded, liberal person and actively distances himself from everything that Indian culture stands for, I’m afraid that I’m as brainwashed as the other Indians on the subject of Pakistanis. It’s very difficult for even me to get rid of the feelings of distrust and acrimony towards these people.

    There’s no smoke without fire. Of course, Indian media plays a huge role in why Indians perceive Pakistanis so negatively but Pakistan as a nation has been sponsoring terrorism on Indian soil at least for the last two decades. You can’t love a nation that sends terrorists across the border so that they can continue with their murderous rampage. The Mumbai attacks (also called 26/11) was shocking in ts depravity. 168 people were murdered in cold blood by ten Pakistani boys who crossed over in a fishing trawler. There were large numbers of Western expats in the casualty list. That was an outrageous attack and I knew someone very close to someone who died at Taj hotel.

    And it’s not just one incident that you can simply gloss over, forgive and forget easily. There are many more in living memory. Except for the Punjab insurgency, most of these incidents were perpetrated by Pakistanis

    Another incident that has stayed with us in living memory is the Indian Airlines flight 814 hijacking incident

    I was 18 at that time. A bunch of Pakistanis hijacked this airplane with nearly 200 passengers and took it for a joyride to Kandahar, Afghanistan which was under Taliban control at that time. This was before 9/11. The world at that time didn’t really think much of Islamic countries as a source of terrorism. India was bleeding left, right and centre. I remember watching television footage of hapless people surrounding by gun-toting Taliban terrorists. The entire nation was shocked and in despair.

    The Indian government had to release the big terrorist mastermind, Maulana Masood Azhar, in exchange for the lives of the 200 passengers. It was very depressing to watch India’s external affairs minister escort that motherfucker on his chartered plane. It was an incident which I remember had really traumatized Indians and caused the hatred against Pakistan to go off the charts.

    Maulana Masood Azhar is still safe in Pakistan and has since carried out many terrorist attacks on Indian soil including Mumbai 26/11 attacks.

    I’m sorry there is a limit after which you can no longer love a people. They’ve been trying to kill us all these years. Even today, most wanted fugitives of India like Dawood Ibrahim find safety in Pakistan. Well, that motherfucker called Osama Bin Laden was hiding there too before the US nabbed him, right?

    I have met LOTS of Pakistanis overseas. While each and everyone of them wanted to befriend me, I always had to politely decline them. I don’t feel a hatred towards the Pakistanis in Europe and other places who are only trying to make a living for themselves. But, it’s impossible to love them either. You can’t love someone whose relatives may have been trying to kill ordinary people you know.

    What is the future of Pakistan? I don’t know. Maybe once that entire region destabilizes completely and their nukes are in safe hands, India should simply go ahead and annex that country. Most Pakistanis would welcome that anyway as their own leaders have failed them. Either way I don’t care about that country at all. They could all go to Hell in a breadbasket.

    And yes, it’s nothing to do with their religion – Islam – or whatever. I know very well that most Pakistanis aren’t religious at all. They’re just evil motherfuckers.

  2. Optimus Prime

    The cold hearted fact that India suppresses the aspirations of millions of Kashmiris to go on their ways doesn’t sit well with the majority of Indians. Their culture blinds them in addition to the low IQ genetically, so its not surprising they are manipulated so easily. Thats the reason you see the insane hate. Even cricket teams aren’t spared. Every time India plays pakistan in a cricket match, the media portray it as if they have come to wage a war. The hatred is off the charts. Not giving a free pass to pakistan, Similar kinds of hate exists in Pakistan as well. Check out newspapers like Dawn and others. You dont see the level of malevolence and hate exhibited by these two degenerate nations towards eachother anywhere. Sadly we are not going to see any major changes in the foreseeable future. Here’s one good article about a westerners observations about Kashmir
    I have a hard time understanding why some politicians like Geelani are pushing for the whole territory to be annexed with a failed state like Pakistan. Individual Pakistanis may be good, may be even off-the charts. But once you have them in considerable numbers, they are going to cause trouble just like they are doing in the UK.

  3. Jason Y

    Islam has more human rights than Hinduism. At least, for men, there is equal rights, regardless of money, IQ, education etc.. So it’s now wonder Indians hate Pakistan, as they hate nations based on equal rights. Also, there is the Islamic terror threat.

    • Punjabi Sardar

      Really there’s an Islamic caste system & quran also says Arabs are to Non Arabs as Quresh are to Arabs & Beni Israel are to Quresh.

      Even christianity literally spawned a racial caste system everywhere it went, while all you guys can come up with is a false Ait that is reversed by genetic evidence.

      The r1a1a that so many of you hold comes from my Punjab, these are the newest findings.

      Also Robert go google muslim behavior by %
      Go talk to UK pakis who were celebrating in London in Brussels bombings.

      I know you’re a christian & like the british will always support muslims over pagans but don’t be so naive.

      Then again, your naivety helps us..

  4. Erik Sieven

    I think one aspect is that for the last 30-40 years religion has become more important for Sunni Muslims, they have had a kind of violent, religious awakening leading tho this demographic, political and military expansion on almost every front. So today for Sunni Muslims like Pakistanis nations and ethnicities in terms of cultural / linguistic groups are not really important. The categories “Pakistan” and “India” do not really make that much sense to them. They rather detest every non-Sunnis, which of course means they detest most Indians, but not for being Indian but for being Hindus. For Indians on the other side – like for most non-muslims in the world – the nationstate is important, so they do not like Pakistanis for being Pakistanis.

    • Punjabi Sardar

      No, the global jihad ceased for a bit due to collapse of ottoman caliphate this is the norm of Islam. Constant war & expansion on all fronts,

  5. Robert,

    At the risk of sounding like an apologist for Indian nationalism, let me quote Elie Wiesel and say that the opposite of love isn’t necessarily hatred; it’s indifference. For all we know, the Pakistanis you spoke to aren’t concerned with India because they have their eyes set on bigger fish, such as pan-Islamism. BTW, there had been a trend observed in Pakistani Urdu, which originated from the same linguistic pool as Indian Hindi, towards increasing use of Arabic and Persian terms; similar trends towards Sanskritization have been observed on the other side of the border. If there is one thing the Indian elites should be given credit for, it is their ability to prevent the regional conflict from boiling over into a full-fledged War on Terror thanks to trade ties with Gulf nations.

    • jason voorhees


      Urdu is not only “Pakistani” it is also spoken in the Punjab. As it happened the Partition drew a line through this country.

      Pakistan and India are at war over Kashmir which Pakistan invaded so they must have some concern with India to occupy its Northern State.

      Labor demand created the ties between India and the Gulf Arab countries. I would say that remissions from the Gulf to India did more to diffuse caste tensions then to prevent a war on terror.

  6. Arya

    “hateindia’s” full of BS.

    First, every single Pakistani news channel gives major coverage to what happens in India. Especially these days, as Trump and India engage in a lovefest. You can pull up any of this footage on Youtube and see for yourself. Every Pakistani knew Modi before he became PM, but ask any Indian to name one CM of a Pakistani state and I bet they will be unable to.

    Second, I can tell that, if “hateindia” is even Indian, he is a FOB (fresh off the boat). He has not spend any real time, years and years of socializing and growing up with Pakistani-Americans. If he did, he would see how they have changed and become increasingly sensitive of their religion and overly nationalistic (to the point of delusion). I have heard from educated, alcohol drinking “mainstream” Pakistani “Americans” that (“Muslims were not behind 9/11, it was the Jews). Of course, they would say this to me, and not a White American.

    Third, just watch any (all ISI controlled) Pakistani news channels coverage of ANYTHING Kashmir related. All it talks about is how bad the Indian army is in Kashmir. Completely unlike DEMOCRATIC Indian media that will point out the bad, along with the good (such as national defense, protection of ethnic minorities in Kashmir, etc.).

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