An Indian Shopkeeper Throws Me Out of a Store

SHI writes:

RL: So yes, there are some nice Indians around here, but there are also some horrid ones. At age 57, I was actually thrown out of a store by Indian. I have only been banned from one other store in my life, and I was let back in by management who fired one of the guys who banned me.

Sorry to hear about your experience, mate. Were they Punjabis?

Yes, he was a Punjabi. He had been freaking out because I “threw money down” when I went to buy things at the counter. But that’s just how people pay for things here in the US. You throw the money down, but not in a mean or rude way, more in a casual way. No one cares. I have been throwing money down like this my whole life, and not even one single human being anywhere in America has said even one word about it, so I seriously doubt if Americans care.

But one time, a Punjabi storekeeper got very mad at me for throwing money down, and I thought that was very weird. Then with the guy who banned me, I did it maybe 3-4 times. He got mad at me every time, and I kicked myself and kept telling myself to stop doing it, and I did manage to stop doing it with him a lot of the time.

But I kept forgetting because it is a lifelong habit, and I do it thoughtlessly like breathing. Telling me to not throw money down is like telling me not to walk or breathe.

About the 4th time I did it, he completely flipped out and threw me out of his store. Whether I am permabanned I have no idea, but anyone who throws me out of a store like that ensures that I will never come back.


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6 responses to “An Indian Shopkeeper Throws Me Out of a Store

  1. Jm8

    How odd. How do Indians prefer to put money down I wonder (delicately I suppose).

  2. I understand you now. You have Narcissistic Personality Disorder and you make shit up.

  3. pepperroncini

    When I was in the MidEast, an Arab shopkeeper got mad at me for throwing money down on the table. It wasn’t really a throw, more of a toss and wasn’t meant to be insulting, just a casual quick meaningless tranportation of money.

    The thing with Arabs is they are dam quick to take a slight at everything . They perceive everthing as respect or insult and quick to look for sings of dissing. Whites are not like this at all

  4. S.D.

    Punjabis are genetically bred for war as oppose to intelligence so I am surprised the OWNED a store in North America. A few high-caste Jat Sikh groups are intelligent.

    They are emotionally fragile but fairly large people which is a bad combination that makes East Vancouver neighborhoods dangerous beyond belief.

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