An Alternative Left Position on North Korea

Santoculto asks:

Why you defend the North Korean dictator?

I do not defend the North Korean regime. I think that the way that the regime treats dissidents is shameful. Many people on the Left want nothing to do with that country. Nevertheless, we need to end our constant warlike posture with this country and make a more peaceful accommodation with them.

I oppose sanctions on them, and I do not think we should be constantly threatening them with war, especially nuclear war. The US is still officially at war with North Korea. North Korea has a right to defend itself against the imperialist aggressor barbarians – the  Americans.

This is why I support the North Korean nuclear weapons program. I want them to keep making those nuclear missiles. We have been threatening them with nukes for 60 years now. They have a right to defend themselves. I support the right of the North Korean regime to defend themselves from the US aggressors and the South Korean puppets.

The principal problem in that whole region is the presence of the US. The North Koreans are completely defensive in nature. They see themselves as being attacked by the US and the South Koreans and they are fighting back. They are paranoid of a US and South Korean invasion.

The Pentagon has very detailed plans for the invasion and conquest of North Korea which are updated every year in official documents. The latest plans call for lightning strategic strikes to decapitate the North Korean leadership. The reason we are so upset about their nuclear weapons is because they throw a massive monkey wrench into our ongoing plans for the invasion and conquest of North Korea by armed force.

The latest sanctions on North Korea are insane. They are put on North Korea because North Korea has developed a nuclear weapons program. North Korea is not allowed to do that. Hence the sanctions. The sanctions will stay on until North Korea dismantles its nuclear weapons program and gets rid of all of its nuclear weapons. This is idiocy. We must recognize that North Korea is a already a nuclear weapons state. North Korea is a nuclear state, just like Pakistan and India. We need to accept it and move on. They will not get rid of their nuclear program, and they will never get rid of their nuclear weapons anymore than India or Pakistan will.

North Korea does not want to attack South Korea, conquer it and destroy it. This is the big lie. They are not an aggressive country. Anyway, if the North attacks the South, the North will be destroyed, and they will probably get attacked by nuclear weapons. South Korea in effect has nuclear defenses because we have been supplying them with nuclear defenses for 60 years. North Korea attacks, and they get nuked.

Another big lie is that the North Korean regime deliberately starves its people. This is just not true. The agricultural system collapsed in 1990 when the price of oil went up by 10 times overnight with the fall of the Soviet Union. If the price of gas at the pump suddenly went to $24/gallon what do you think this would do to the US economy?

From 1950-1990, a period of 40 years, the regime had no problems feeding their people. The problem is not the system. The problem is that the oil shock collapsed the entire agricultural and industrial system. The agricultural system had been dependent on machines running fuel and petroleum based fertilizers. They had to completely revamp their agricultural system to a more organic system.

The oil crisis caused an electricity crisis which people tried to solve by cutting down trees for firewood. This denuded a lot of the forested hills around the rural towns and consequently when the rains came, there were serious floods and erosion. It is now an environmental catastrophe. Denuded hills will continue to cause regular flooding which devastates the agricultural sector. You can see where this headed: a long term agricultural crisis. It’s a great big mess.

They never deliberately starved their people ever, and at the moment, no one in the country is starving to death, and most people appear well-fed, even in the rural areas.

We and most of the rest of the world have had sanctions on North Korea for 60 years. North Korea has been locked out of the world economy for 60 years. You wonder why they are so poor. They have literally no one to trade with.

We have been threatening this regime with extreme aggression and threats of invasion, destruction and annihilation for 60 years now. The purpose of this was regime change. Obviously it is not working. There are lousy regimes all over the world. Sometimes you just have to live with them.

As far as the regime itself, that is a matter for the North Koreans to sort out. Plenty of brutal Communist regimes have been taken down with relatively little bloodshed in recent years.

  • Declare an armistice with North Korea.
  • Remove the sanctions on North Korea.
  • Welcome North Korea back into the club of nations and open them up to international trade and even investment.
  • Stop the constant threats and war games against North Korea.
  • End the official position of the US, which is to take down the regime with armed force and invasion or through sanctions.
  • End the Western media war on North Korea which only serves to demonize them and promote a warlike posture towards them.


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14 responses to “An Alternative Left Position on North Korea

  1. Jason Y

    I don’t like the NK government, but the US supports the Saudi government which is just as bad, among others. NK is only demonized because it doesn’t have resources we need.

    • Punjabi Sardar

      No Nk is demonized because Philippines, South Vietnam & South Korea have fallen while Malaysia Indonesia are muslim.

      The abrahamic virus wants to expand & the dumbass mao only helped them by destroying 1000s of Buddhist Shrines, deracinating the population.

      I realize you may be a christian, however this will not be a problem for this conversation as like all christians you have 2 options for purification.

      Either through the Tulsi (basil) leaf whereby you renounce this abrahamic heresy & become one with your ancestors again; or by Agni fire via cremation.

      I realize Robert the christian cuck Lindsay will probably ban me.

      So I’ve said what has to be said.

  2. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    The US should also withdraw all its troops from the Korean Peninsula. South Korea has 45 million people and North Korea has 25 million. Moreover, South Korea has a far more productive economy. Why does South Korea need American military help? If the US is worried about nuclear arms in the hands of North Korea, all it has to do is to declare that it will consider a North Korean nuclear attack on South Korea and Japan as equivalent to a nuclear attack on the US itself.

    Kudos to Trump for stating that North Korea should be China’s problem. The US should have normal diplomatic and commercial relations with North Korea, but there is no good reason why the US should provide aid to North Korea. The Chinese can do that.

    Regards. James

    • Gay State Girl

      You’re one of my favorite commenters.

    • Punjabi Sardar

      South Korea lacks the air power to suppress the Nk artillery quickly.

      Also without a US presence, christianity would quickly die in Korea. 🙂

      The mother of Korea was actually the daughter of a Korean Princess married to an Indian Prince. 🙂

  3. RockT

    Guys, Che Guevara praised the DPRK.

    • Jason Y

      It’s kind of an enemy of my enemy is my friend thing. Why else would he praise a racist, anti-handicapped, pro-eugenics death machine which resembles Nazi Germany? Of course, again you also see Che refusing to paint non-whites as being racist, cause only evil whites can be that way. Right? lol

      Aside from the socialism and police state, I see no resemblence between multi-racial and progressive Cuba and North Korea.

  4. Jason Y

    Actually, as I noted probably in another post somewhere, South Koreans also want the bomb to defend themselves from Japan. Also, they praise North Korea’s bomb, cause they don’t think they will use it against them, but rather Japan. South Koreans nowadays see Japan as the big threat, not North Korea. Hence it explains why they aren’t gung-ho to like the USA.

    • Jason Y

      I mean the typical South Koreans on the street want the bomb. The official government position does not say anything about that stuff.

  5. Punjabi Sardar

    Sham democracy & 1000s years of war has made Bharat savage. It will return though this is the Hinduism you hate. The one you’ve lifted a Republican welfare state model off of. This is why Hindus have no problem with reservation for the poor but caste based reservation merely causes civil war on local level. You melechas can keep arguing about our country though. I myself don’t agree with the Indian Republic & majority of youth want military rule. We do support Bharat though,

    With weed everywhere, armed Sikhs, Polygamy & billions of muslims & christians liberated from Abrahamic tyranny. 🙂


    Wiping tears of distressed, the helpless, & the old, & inspiring them with joy, constitute the duty of the king. – Mahabharata 12.91, p200

    A king should protect his subjects just as a pregnant mother nurtures the foetus in her womb. – MBH 12.56, p116

    He should always maintain and protect the helpless, the masterless, and the old, and women that are widows. The king should always honour the ascetics and make unto them gifts, at proper seasons of cloths and vessels and food. – MBH 12.86, p188

    King shouldn’t levy oppressive taxes, follow eg. of flowerman & not coal miner. – Bheeshma, MBH12.70, p158

    No tax should be levied without ascertaining output & amount of labour put in. – Bheeshma, MBH 12.87, p190

    Even in times of calamity, subject must not be taxed beyond capacity.King returns what he takes after danger passes. – MBH 12.87, p190

    Wealth of dishonest & wicked can be forcibly confiscated by the king – MBH 12.69, page 152

    Taxes should be collected in small doses so that subjects do not feel adverse effects. – MBH 12.88, p192

    Corrupt tax officers who take more than what is due from subjects should be punished and replaced. – MBH 12.88, p193
    Agriculturalists & Traders should not be burdened with undue taxes. – MBH 12.89, page196


    King must be charitable to those who beg. Let there be no beggars or robbers in the kingdom – MBH 12.88, p193


    King should honor the rich & enjoin them to assist him in advancing the welfare of his subjects. – MBH 12.88,p193


    Don’t put financial matters in hands of greedy & foolish officials lest they oppress the subjects. – MBH 12.71, p157


    King must protect wealth of poor,old,minors,widows,disabled. Should not tax his subjects during drought-MBH 13.61,p67


    Fines and forfeitures are intended for striking alarm, and not for filling the king’s treasury. – MBH 12.122, p267

    Do not, O sire, while in enjoyment of Power, take wealth from those that are Weak. Take care that that the eyes of the Weak do not burn thee like a blazing fire. The tears shed by weeping men afflicted with falsehood slay the children and animals of those that have uttered those falsehoods. – MBH 12.91, p199


    Quotes taken from Kisari Mohan Ganguli translation of Mahabharata, mostly from Shanti Parva where Bheeshma expounds raj dharma to Yudhishthira.

    • Punjabi Sardar

      Also see what Fa-Hien & Megasthenes say on Bharat Varsh. That Buddhism created untouchables & that there was no slavery.

      You can’t be convinced Robert but, it’s ok you are a man & your women are very convinced. You have no problem with this, so you are on the side of justice.

      Good Bye

      Jai Hind

  6. EPGAH

    Regime change works, at least when done by Communists. Look at Cuba, South Africa, Venezuela, North Korea…

    All wonderful countries, overthrown by Communists, then they became places to flee FROM. Strangely, they flee TO our “Evil Capitalist Pig” countries. I am of course shocked that they would not stay there and have another revolution, or at least flee to their fellow Communist countries.

    Except of course, that Russia and China — the countries that STARTED the Communist problem — are turning to Capitalism, so No Hiding Place there, right?

  7. EPGAH

    PS, why are you in favor of North Korea continuing to EXIST, when it was just caused by China’s invasion into a formerly unified Korea?

    America had almost won the Korean War, when the Chinese butted in again and CAUSED North Korea.

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