Why Indians Deserve to be Hated

Jason Y writes:

Why pick on India?

They deserve it. They deserve it 100 times over. Indians deserve to be hated. You know when your dog shits on the carpet, and you grab him and rub his nose in it to convince him not to do that anymore, to humiliate and browbeat him in to obedience and decent behavior? That’s what we need to do to Indians.  Shun them, condemn them, and reject them until they start acting even slightly decently.

Jason Y: Much of the third world is practically the same way. You say India is dirty and whatnot, but actually most third world nations are dirty, with the exception of areas reserved for the rich.

Not as dirty as India! Nowhere in the entire 3rd World is anywhere near as filthy as India. Show me one 3rd World country that even approaches the filth of that shithole called India, which doesn’t even really deserve to be called a part of Planet Earth if you ask me. Even Black Africa is far less filthy than India. Black Africa. Did you read that? I said Black Africa. Indians are worse than Black Africans, actually much worse*, and they have no excuse as they are 11-12 IQ points more intelligent.

Indians are filthier, more depraved, more evil, more sociopathic, more callous, more vicious and more uncaring even than Black Africans. Indians are worse than Somalis. Somalis are vastly better human beings than Indians.* Did you hear that? I said Somalis! Indians are so lousy that they are even more screwed up than Somalis.

How is that for FAIL?

India is the end of the world. That where human soul ends up at the end of the trail. India is where the human soul goes to die.

*If you want to press me on this, I will provide you with some examples that show how even Black Africans of all people are not only less screwed up but are actually much better human beings than Indians. Black Africans are just primitive. I do not think they are actually evil. Many of them still have a basic human core to their heart, and I will show you some ways that prove that in a future post.

Indians do not even have that essential human core to their hearts anymore. Obviously they had one at one time, and a few still do. Clearly they are born with one, but society burns every trace of goodness and decency out of them through mass pummeling and browbeating any dissension into submission, one of the world’s worst brainwashing systems rivaling even North Korea’s, and a prevalent attitude to “go evil or die;” in other words, the only way to even modestly survive in India is to turn evil, so logically most Indians do just that.

India is a place where it is actually normal to be evil, to be wicked. It’s so normal to be that way that no one even bats an eye when you behave that way, worse, it is actaully expected.


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36 responses to “Why Indians Deserve to be Hated

  1. Jason Y

    You might be right. However, the elites in the third world are pretty evil. Why? Cause they’re Nazis. Of course, that’s a generic put-down, but well deserved in the case of third world elites.

    In India you got a ,mixture of Nazi thinking combined with the hyper-racist Hindu faith. However, you can also twist Christianity, as it is done in the South USA or past South Africa, to accomidate racist beliefs.

    Ultimately the main goal of the far right is to become so tyrannical, that they would even resort to making God on their side, hence punishing anyone coming against them as going against mother nature. It’s the ultimate form of mind-fucking or brainwashing. You have to make the oppressed so oppressed that they even believe the racist garbage themselves, and accept it as truth.

    It’s just common bullying as you’d see anywhere. Tell the person he sucks if he dares go against the bully, and then brainwash him until he actually believes it, lol. It’s just an expanded “battered wife syndrome”.

    • Jason Y

      You see the racists are as much, if not more assholes than those pushing political correctness. In other words, forcing a dogma on people, and harshly punishing those going against them.

    • The WORD of GOD tells us not to hate people hate sin, or evil produced by Satan. Man that allows hate to control him should be prayed for and allow GOD to handle it.

      1John 3:15 Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

      • Jason Y

        Usually white nationalists will do a spin on that one and say only whites are my brother, or that the verse where he says “God made all one nation.” can’t be taken literally. They might say God made one nation, but there are still different nations, hence the need for ridiculous racism that they believe in so strongly.

        They are really big on the flood of Noah, obvioulsy, with one on a Bible forum even claiming God was trying to wipe out mixed raced people, not people mixed with demons (as the Bible actually says).

        Poverty in the world? Oh the white racist version would say most of the world has mixed so Jesus has to step in to wipe out the half breeds. You know that’s why there is so much poverty. LOL

        Liberation theologians, on the other hand, are also quite silly in thier twisting of the Bible.

  2. sujay

    Do your observations pertain to Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka too?

    Sujay Rao Mandavilli

    • I am an Indian and I can easily say Pakistanis are a lot lot lot better. Sure, their Government sucks(which even they realize) but the people are good. They don’t have an inherent blackened, evil hatred for Indians as Indians do for Pakistanis. Indians HATE everyone but PAKISTANIS are their numero Uno targets. These delusional, dumb fucks have a collective IQ of a single digit and they deserve to be nuclear annihilated. The whole 1.2 billion of them(us).

  3. Santoculto


    ”indians deserve to be hated”

    by a guy who defend North Korean dictator.

    • Why’d you make me ban you again, Santo?

      • Gay State Girl

        Send me some photos of your family.

      • Santoculto


        Tell me why you hate so much zero empathy or even try to understand the “Indians” but not the north Korean.

        You will banned me first or you will explain this contradiction??

      • Jason Y

        The North Korean regime is incredibly racist. Seems like santo would get along great there. In fact, you might even say the place isn’t Communist, but rather fascist as santo would be so pleased with.

      • Jason Y

        I have to say that Im cynical also about the NK regime, despite knowing that the US has played a dirty hand many times. I hope it doesn’t get me banned though. Actually a number of the far left are also cynical about NK, seeing that the place resembles Hitler’s Germany more than Cuba. It’s just a Korean thing, you know. LOL It’s them. They make a place like that.

        • You can bash North Korea all you want to. I don’t know about advocating that we invade the place though. That is going pretty overboard.

          I support the North Korean people. The regime sucks.

  4. Horatio

    That unholy turd of an Australian Prime Minister, John Howard ramped up immigration from India to Australia, and essentially introduced this much maligned group into this country, and for this he cannot be forgiven.

    As a result, I’ve had to work and live with many of these examples of multicultural enrichment, and I agree with this analysis completely. Indians have a concept of truth which is somewhat alien to us. Truth seems to be whatever is made up on the spot which they think you want to hear. I hear people who are anti-racist, pro-multiculturalist, etc admit even THEY hate Indians. There are quite a few Australians who have no issue with any race, but will tell you Indians just get to them. I’m not sure whether it’s the arrogance, the unjustified inflated sense of self worth, the dirtiness (rent a home to Indians, and there will be a smell which stays with the house which just can’t be removed. Real Estate agents can actually insure you against this), their cheapness or just abrasive character.

    A relative of mine went to India, and was astonished to see filthy, horrid squalid shanty houses build right up to the wall of a well to do neighbourhood. The wealthy lived literally directly next to areas of poverty and misery. Indians just don’t care. Indians will go on and on about how India is great, its got so many millionaires, is cutting, edge, is the future.

    Well, this link show otherwise (Warning: Graphic)


  5. Can anyone concur with Robert with his analysis of Black Africa Vs. India?
    I GUESS they are to a degree comparable but I never knew it was possible to say they are worst, though I suppose the IQ argument is convincing.

    Any other opinions?

  6. Jm8

    “…and they have no excuse as they are 11-12 IQ points more intelligent.”

    It may be more like 5-7 points more (76 vs 81, id Lynn’s 81 figure for India is reliable).

  7. Hinduism as we think we have been knowing it is something rather recent in the history of India, especially as regards the workings of the law of karma with the underlying idea most humans just deserve to be treated in an evil way by a ruling class recruited on the basis of the ability to fraud. Any society which howsoever massively relies upon the sayings of philosophers, gurus and visionaries basing their beliefs about karma and reincarnation end up producing exactly the same kind of society, Brazil is another perfect example wherever the middle class takes heed of the same kind of gurus and doctrines, no matter they claim of ancient Indian lore or not. In South America most gurus claim of occidental spiritism, not hinduism, but the result is the same : on should accept a world that goes from bad to worse as an ordained discipline for salvation. The sad thing is that whenever the people start doing each one their own religious shopping, the net resulting religion crystallizes around the dogmas of hindu-like spiritism, with unmitigated social evil as a result.

  8. Jm8

    I recall Indian caste barriers were not as strict according to a recent genetic study tracing the history of strict endogamy (in terms of intermarriage, being previously more like other ancient class societies) until about 800 bc or somewhat earlier (well after the Aryan invasion or migration and the Vedic period, and the early era of Hinduism).

    • Jm8

      edit: It should be: “…until about 800 bc or somewhat later…”

      • Jm8

        –which means that B. R. Ambedkar, great man and brilliant though he was, was probably wrong about caste being inherent to and at the root of Hinduism.

    • Jm8

      The genetic study below. The date when (licit) mixture stopped was much late than I remembered (a.d., not b.c.):

      “We have provided evidence that gene flow ended abruptly with the defining imposition of some social values and norms. The reign of the ardent Hindu Gupta rulers…:
      “…The evidence of more recent admixture among the Maratha (MRT) is in agreement with the known history of the post-Gupta Chalukya (543–753 CE) and the Rashtrakuta empires (753–982 CE) of western India, which established a clan of warriors (Kshatriyas) drawn from the local peasantry (15). In eastern and northeastern India, populations such as the West Bengal Brahmins (WBR) and the TB populations continued to admix until the emergence of the Buddhist Pala dynasty during the 8th to 12th centuries CE. “

  9. RockT

    Forgive my ignorance, but, I’ve always found Indians to be very nice and well behaved people. Granted, I do not know many and don’t regularly associate with them. I don’t know their culture. But I have a hard time thinking of them as evil sociopaths. I suppose I may be wrong.

  10. There is a north south divide in India. The north is filthy; the south is quite clean.


    • Optimus Prime

      Because the southern people have creating a functioning civilisation long back, way ahead of its time.they are a separate stock of people clinging on to their pagan faith. They are unfortunately included in the Hindu cult.

  11. Jm8

    “~76 vs…”

  12. Jason Y

    OK, can’t argue with that one. Perhaps though Indians have taken it to a new level of depravity.

  13. Jason Y

    Actually India is simply practicing the race realism that all the people on this board like so much. They should be the biggest fans of India ever. Of course, they never bother with charity to lower castes. My gosh, that might lead to breeding with them. AND you know what they would cause 😆

  14. DHL

    I know this blog is used to for a alter purpose, but I have to convey the Truth. Hindu Gods tell me all this show has to end very soon. Everybody is going to have an Life changing experience. Disinfo, Fake shit, Agenda and every other shit. What I say is the Truth, because I can only say the truth. and the real stuff. Be aware of it.

  15. Jason Y

    Most types of fascism serve the USA well, as it deters Communism. So it’s no surprise Indian nationalism would off the charts, as India was a treasured prize in the Cold War. Of course, the USA encouraged Indian, South Korean nationalism etc.. as well as Islamic fundementalism.

  16. I’ve liked your writings on Eskimo skull size and IQ as well as other topics, but perhaps I’m just out of the loop on this whole India thing. Really, who gives a shit? I mean, seriously, there’s a tribe in Papua New Guinea wherein it’s considered normal to force male children to perform fellatio on the older men of the tribe. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15287161

    But you’re not going to see me complaining. Making fun of them, sure. Using them as a debate point to irritate race creationists, sure. But not complaining. Perhaps you could argue that it’s more important in India due to their population size but, well, in that case we should just quarantine their apparent moral inferiority and be done with it. You couldn’t pay me to care what random low IQ people of a different subspecies do thousands of miles away from me and everyone I know.

    Furthermore, as I said earlier, you can’t write this stuff and then call that Richard Fuerle doofus- or anyone else- a racist in good faith. HBDers are literally old school 1800s racialists with better data.

    • Cultural critique is not racism. It’s in the best tradition of the Left. India sucks because of its horrid culture. They could change that anytime, like how about yesterday?

      I have already said that Indians that get outside their culture can act like halfway decent people.

      Richard Fuerle HATES Black people for what they are – for their race. He thinks their RACE is inferior. He doesn’t want to lift one finger to help Blacks because he hates them too much. Fuerle is also an explicit White Nationalist and White Supremacist, and I am not one.

      There is nothing wrong with the race of Indian people. There is nothing wrong with their genes. There is something wrong with their behavior. That is because they have decided of their own free will to act like shits. They could have decided not to. You can always criticize or even groups for having shit cultures and engaging in shitty behaviors of their own free will. Nothing racist about it. The only people who think that is “racist” are SJW’s. Are you an SJW?

      Further, you don’t get to call me racist on here. That’s a bannable offense. If you c all me racist, I ban you. That’s because I am not a racist.

      • Alright, so this argument depends entirely upon whether the Indians’ “Indian-ness” is cultural or racial. If it’s a matter of culture then have at, I still won’t care what they do in India but I’d support you if you started a movement to quarantine garbage people with irrefutably garbage ideas. If these societal problems are based on race, though, then either A) Indians are inherently immoral (which you do not believe on the grounds of racism I suppose, or because you’ve met decent Indians outside of the context of Indian culture) or B) there are biological differences between upper and lower caste Indians which influence them to act as they do. This only addresses the caste system but that seems to be a primary criticism of yours.

        I don’t even know how we’d definitively answer that question. But we do know that there are genetic differences between upper and lower caste Indians, and that those differences are racial in origin (http://genome.cshlp.org/content/11/6/994.short). We know that upper caste Indians living in the West probably have a high average IQ; Indian Americans are largely descended from the upper castes (http://www.voanews.com/content/hinds_most_educated_highest_earning_religion/1449355.html) and they score in the ballpark of 112 on a short IQ estimator (http://pumpkinperson.com/2014/09/29/the-incredible-intelligence-of-indian-americans/). We know that South African Indians are largely descended from indentured servants (wild guess: they probably weren’t Brahmins) and we know that their average IQ score is lower (http://philipperushton.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Jensen-Effects-and-African-Coloured-Indian-White-Differences-on-Ravens-Standard-Progressive-Matrices-in-South-Africa-2002-by-John-Philippe-Rushton.pdf). (Importantly, these populations are relatively isolated from Indian culture, the caste system, and so on, and they both live in roughly first world environments- my bet as to why South African Indians have higher IQs than the average Indian, but not as high as Indian Americans, is superior nutrition aka Flynn effect.)

        We’d need an adoption study to make the picture clearer. The question isn’t fully answered yet- but the data seem to suggest that there are significant biological differences between the various castes of India. Since we haven’t collected any data indicating that the biological differences between Indian castes are arbitrary (and we have collected some data to the contrary), we cannot rule out the possibility that upper caste Indians act as they do because of biological differences that are outside of their control.

        If you knew that most people living in your city had a low IQ, and that it was possible, for all anybody knows at this point, that their average IQ would never approach that of your own population, would you want to live in their neighborhoods? Would you want your daughter marrying one? And if you were enough of an odd bird to sincerely want that, would it be a rational expectation to expect all of the other high IQ people in that city to conform to that standard? The only way a rational person would have that expectation is if they were entirely confident that there were no significant biological differences between the two populations.

        And in order to be confident of that, you must be confident that A) the racial differences mentioned above could not possibly yield a significant difference in IQ or other important traits, and B) that it’s impossible for eugenic effects to achieve such effects. You’ve entertained the possibility that race can partially determine IQ (https://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2015/07/28/what-liberal-race-realism-is-and-what-it-is-not/) and that eugenics can work on other mammals (https://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2015/07/05/are-cats-and-dogs-genetically-domesticated/).

        This rant only addresses the alleged evils of the caste system, but then I can’t imagine totally ruling out the possibility that other “Indian evils” aren’t genetic as many HBDers believe the “Black evils” are.

        Either way, much of your criticism of India is that they’re guilty of flagrant inequality, but you haven’t ruled out the possibility that there is a massive IQ gap between castes and you further haven’t ruled out the possibility that this gap is partially genetic. I don’t think that we can say, with absolute confidence, that India could change anytime.

  17. I don’t believe Robert is racist. He wants India and Indians to behave better. It irritates him to see a subset of humanity that chooses to be so fucked up. Especially one that is as large as India and spreads its diaspora everywhere. (I fully sympathize. Being Indian myself I may feel the frustration even more strongly than he does).

    Whereas my experience with WNs and actual racists (at least on da interwebs) is that they don’t WANT other races to advance or improve. They exult over stories of black dysfunction or, at best, they are completely indifferent to it. They don’t care about culture, just ancestry and genes. Racism is taxidermy, whereas this blog is 1000 times broader than that.

    Criticism by the white West sometimes provokes positive changes in India. For example, the country has progressed (at least a bit) in awareness of its rape problem, because it became international news.

    I wish there were more white people like Robert bashing India.

  18. "Mohit"

    I’m an Indian, and I’m getting Hell from other Indians, absolute Hell, this place is full of Satanic races and religions. Being the fairest and whitest looking in a family of mongrels is really making them all slam me because most of my relatives are either Hindus, who hate whites, or Gurudwara goers who friggin worship Allah and trash you the first chance they get. Indians are mostly brown, severally incompetent and secretly gay. Esp many of the Bollywood actors.

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