Teenage PCP Tripping, California 1974

My very first drug experience was actually with PCP an! I smoked PCP before I even smoked pot!

The PCP trip in 1974 was taken with my some of my more non-immediate family relatives, and it was one of the weirdest experiences I have ever had. It was like being on Mars.

We didn’t even know it was PCP. We were in my male relatives’ station wagon at the drive-in far away from my home. One of my female relatives, a 15 year old girl, whipped out a joint that she called a “crystal” joint. Well, “crystal” meant PCP, but we didn’t know that, and she didn’t exactly clue us in.

My two brothers aged 13 and 10 years old (!) both got totally blasted on PCP that night. I remember my 13 year old brother was in the back seat with this huge stupid smile on his face.

He kept leaning towards us in the second seat with this idiot grin. He would take out his finger and point it at us and say,”Suffer the little children to come unto me…” He was laughing like a moron the whole time. Well, he would get about that far into his Biblical spiel, and the whole car would erupt with “Shut up!,” and I (sometimes with some help) would grab him, yell, “Shut up!” and throw him really hard into the back of the car. He would go crashing back yelling in protest. We thought this violence was hilariously funny.

About 5 minutes later, he would be leaning over the second seat again with that moronic grin, shaking his finger at us, and saying, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, said the Lord.” We would all yell, “Shut up!” And then I would throw him hard crashing into the back of the car again. This insipid sequence repeated itself endlessly, maybe 30 times, for the duration of the movie.

The movie was The Hindenberg, and my relatives in the front seat kept yelling at everyone to shut up and watch the movie. I was so zoned out in another universe that I had no idea what the Hell the movie was about. I do remember a black and white image of a gigantic blimp on the screen though.

And one point, one of my female relatives, the 15 year old girl, started giggling in this idiotic teenage girl giggle, and the next thing I knew she had her face down in my lap. She kept rubbing her face into my cock beneath my pants while giggling idiotically. It seemed like she was trying to give me a blowjob right there in front of everyone. I had no idea what to do. I don’t like public sex, and I was practically a scared 16 year old virgin anyway, so that was as far as it went.

I remember the others kept saying, “Hey, why is (teenage girl’s name) trying to give Bob a blowjob?!” The others would shout, “I don’t know!” She would not answer. Instead she would keep giggling insipidly and while burrowing her face into my crotch and nibbling and slobbering on my pants like a terrier at a hole in the ground.

Anyway, I better stop now because these people are still alive, and if they read this and figure out I am talking about them, there will be Hell to pay.

I forgot to add…

Good times!


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5 responses to “Teenage PCP Tripping, California 1974

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  2. rockT

    This is why the dope culture needs to be ended at once. What an awful thing to read. The cousin deserved to be slapped.

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