Teenage LSD Tripping, California 1974

I remember once my friends brought a huge batch of LSD to school. It was in a an empty cassette box that said, “Led Zeppelin and the Allman Brothers.” They brought ~400 hits of LSD to school in the morning, and by lunch they had sold the whole thing! There was that much of an LSD market at a high school of maybe 3,000 kids. This acid was called Brown Windowpane, and it looked like tiny slivers of glass almost too small to even see. That stuff was insanely powerful, much stronger than a lot of the blotter acid I saw later. You were not even supposed to take a whole hit. A half a hit was highly recommended.

There were a few flipouts from that batch. A good friend of mine, 15 year old kid, flipped hard on it and ended up in the hospital for 48 hours or so. He came back to school afterwards looking dazed, confused but in general just fine. He didn’t exactly flip. More like he started hallucinating in a very bad way and was running around in public reacting to his hallucinations.

He was tripping very hard near my friends’ apartments, and he walked up to some guy’s apartment door and rang the doorbell for no reason. He didn’t even know the guy. A man opened the door, looked at him and started talking, and then suddenly the man’s head caught on fire and turned into a ball of flames! My friend flipped out, screamed and ran down the sidewalk to the intersection screaming all the way.

He started walking across the crosswalk when the cars in front of him all turned into gigantic steel bulldogs! The headlights turned into eyes, the grills turned into mouths, and the whole front of the car was a dog’s face. The cars then started lurching up and barking at him very loudly.

The Car Bulldogs seemed to be attacking him. He flipped and started attacking the cars stopped at the intersection. He started defending himself against these metal dogs, and he would run up top the front of the cars and start kicking the headlights and especially the barking grills and pounding on the hoods while yelling and screaming. Well, people thought definitely that was pretty weird behavior, so they called the cops, and that’s why he got taken in on 48 hour hold.

Good times!


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5 responses to “Teenage LSD Tripping, California 1974

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  2. guy from Montréal

    I’ve always wanted to try LSD but a bad trip or really freaky hallucinations have always deterred me from trying the damn stuff, I once did try some mushrooms and got a buzz better than the best pot high I’ve ever had.

    • Dave Mowers

      I not only tried it I tried to take so much of it I never came back.

      Bad trips are rough but I do not think you can go insane without already being seriously chemically imbalanced like an undiagnosed schizophrenic.

      I’ve seen my head disappear in a mirror and watched my hands grasp the trunk of my neck without seeing my face or head at all.

      I’ve been grabbed by crab grass on a golf course in the moonlight and pulled to the ground then held for five hours by the grass as I struggled to get free crawling towards the lights on the house I came from.

      I saw and felt my hands melt into carpet and get stuck. Freaked out so much that people at my party picked me up and put me on a couch to make me stop.

      I dove into the ocean at night as the tide was going out completely naked and let the undertow drag me along the bottom and blacked out. I came to the next morning, naked, in the sand with no idea what happened after I went in the water. I walked back to may car to find the doors open, keys in the ignition, fourteen thousand dollars in cash in my center console with $25,000.00 more in merchandise in the trunk and no one noticed the car all night! I had to dig through a trash pile to find a towel to wrap myself in so the seats didn’t burn my a s s as I drove four hours home.

      I was beseeched by purple mist while on an ounce of mushrooms and fought my way through the colored cloud for hours until dawn came up and I realized I was in my cousin’s backyard all night alone while my cousin has passed out vomiting from ingesting too many mushrooms. I ate an ounce dry and we cooked another ounce in scrambled eggs; it was disgusting but man, oh, man, oh, man….fighting color all night?


      You don’t know yourself until you’ve lost yourself to madness.

      You cannot understand fear until you’ve felt the fear of losing your mind.

      You just have no idea how liberating it is afterwords to come down and realize it was not real.

    • Jari

      I have tried LSD and people generally speak of LSD as a cleaner and easier to handle Psychedelic, if you can handle Shrooms then I’m quite sure that you can handle LSD (It’s longer though), get yourself some benzos in case if it goes bad it will calm down the trip.

  3. RockT

    There is no need to try any of this crap, let alone the CIA’s own lsd.

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