Nazis and Communists Fighting in the Streets of Sweden

Fascinating. The real violent people here are the Left, honestly. They are attacking the fascists and Nazis, and the fash are mostly just fighting back from what I can tell. However, some of the Revolutionary Front fighters say that they have gotten death threats from the fascists, so it looks like both sides are ramping up the violence.

It’s fascists/Nazis and Communists/socialists, the Right and the Left, fighting in the streets of Europe. In other words, it’s 1920’s and 1930’s Europe (Germany especially) all over again. History is once again repeating itself.

A Marxist analysis would say that this situation of Hard Right and Hard Left always arises in any capitalist system during a time when the capitalist system is in crisis. They would say that capitalism inevitably leads to oligarchy, the rich inevitably get richer and the poor inevitably get poorer until sooner or later extreme inequality leads to a crisis. In other words, it is inevitable that capitalism will experience periodic crises.

It’s not even a bug of the system. It is actually supposed to work that way! Every time we have an economic crisis in this country, listen to Ron or Rand Paul talk about what is happening. They will simply say that this is part of the natural (boom and bust) business cycle that will correct itself sooner or later, since capitalism is a self-regulating mechanism. Do you understand what they mean when they say that? When they talk like that, they are saying that periodic crises are an unavoidable fact of the capitalist system and that these crises are not bugs at all, but instead they are features!

And in the late 20’s, Herbert Hoover spoke exactly the same way. My father said Hoover advocated doing nothing about the Depression because he did not want to upset the natural rhythm of the business cycle. In other words, the Depression wasn’t awful, it meant the system was working as intended!

In other words, when capitalism is in crisis, that is “how the system is supposed to work” – well, part of the time anyway.

So capitalism inevitably leads to oligarchy and a crisis, and Marxists would add that capitalism inevitably leads to fascism at some point or another, as a fascist response is one of the unavoidable consequences of a capitalist economic crisis.

So capitalism inevitably leads to fascism sooner or later. However, I would also add, optimistically, that capitalism inevitably leads to some form of socialism too. The rich get richer and richer, and the poor get poorer and poorer, and in addition to  the fascist response, there is also an inevitable Left, socialist or Communist response, the consequences of which are often welded into society via legislation.

Note that the Depression led to both socialist/Communist and fascist responses in the US. The fascist response was rather muted, but Father Coughlin and Mr. Lindberg sure were popular there for a bit. My mother remembers Father Coughlin on the radio. She says that every time you turned on the radio, there he was.

The Left response was melded into society as the New Deal, aspects of which continue to be part of our somewhat socialist society to this very day.

So the situation in Sweden at the moment is replaying Germany of the 20’s and 30’s all over again. If you want to understand the current fighting, go back and study the street fighting during that era.

I do not have much more to add here except that my political development is finally to the point where I not only understand this fighting, but I realize that it is actually normal, natural and inevitable given the economic situation. I shrug my shoulders and say, “Well, of course.”

It sure feels nice to have that sort of understanding of political reality. There is a real sense of mastery that comes with that. Further, you end up a lot calmer because you realize that all of these things are happening for logical reasons.

Whereas before, the world seemed chaotic, unpredictable and irrational. So many things seemed to happen for no reason. This feeling causes fear, insecurity and anxiety.

But with a sense of mastery over political developments, comes instead a feeling of peace that things are not happening for no reason anymore.


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21 responses to “Nazis and Communists Fighting in the Streets of Sweden

  1. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    The misnamed extreme right may not have very pacifist ideas, but their behavior is usually quite orderly and peaceful. The same cannot be said of the extreme left. Their view is: “Fascism is not an opinion, it is a crime”. As a logical consequence, they feel completely justified in their attempt to disrupt demonstrations by the extreme right and attacking the demonstrators. After all, they are only combating crime.

    I say that the term extreme right is a misnomer because the extreme right is not a more extreme version of the ordinary right. The ordinary right is essentially plutocratic. The extreme right is a different breed altogether, not an even more plutocratic version of the ordinary right. The ordinary right is a class-based party party while the extreme right is a tribe-based party, with the tribe being the nation or the race. If there is one group that the extreme right should heartily detest, it is the neoliberal, global capitalists, whose sole loyalty is to the bottom line.

    Regards. James

  2. Santoculto

    Extreme left tend to be extremely dumb.

    You like or not, conservatism/ in-group tribalism is the basis of ALL social/tribal species. In other words, you just can’t deny the necessity to start any logical statement about human behavior without understand essential conservative psychology, first.

    leftism is based on matrifocal societies where the maternal narrative become dominant. Balance, ponderantion are unplace words.

    humans maybe don’t show greater loyalty to their own enlarged group, specially whites, but just look for human behavior about your direct family …

    micro-nepotism all the time.

    • Jason Y

      What your saying is an exxageration. It’s typical Nazi propoganda. People don’t always stick together based on race. For instance, a computer guy might have more in common with a computer guy of a different race, than some bozo from his own race.

      Also, when does it stop? Nazis saying mixed raced kids are “garbage pail Kids”? LOL Like on that link I posted on another thread.

  3. Santoculto

    the capacity to deny reality just to survive at very short time.

    conservatives are better to detect risks,
    liberals are better to defect conflict,

    how post-western induced-suicidal mode meta-politics are organized look very obvious about this neurobiological differences. divide people, induce that racism or tribalism (tribe/people unite) is a very bad thing…

    but class prejudice or nepotism,

    no, no


    no, no

    racism is a bad abstract and vague word-thing,

    real unequalities are not… caused by this evil shit elitz

    but by avg white people, one of the few people in the human history that conquer a reasonable living standard.

    risk = masse immigration, just a euphemism for long-term and implicit invasion

    the great european immigrations during XIX were to depopulate Europe of poor people.

  4. Santoculto

    detect and not defect, lol

  5. Jason Y

    The bust of the 30s in the US seemed to be caused, as in 2008, by people playing casino with the stock market. I’m sure World War I also had a role, as much of the world hadn’t recovered.

  6. Jason Y

    On both the far left and far right (Nazis, KKK) is a lot of scapegoating. Even thought I might sympathize with the far left, I have to be honest. Nowadays, there is so much free education and of high quality on YouTube and other parts of the net, how can be complain there is no social mobility?

    However, as we see, the far left continues to feed off working class resentment and also the far right which also adds resentment of immigrants, non-whites, mixed raced people, and homosexuals.

    • Jason Y

      If you look on YouTube, check out the popular math channels. You can practically get an unofficial masters degree. So given this case, could it be laziness, and a stubborn closed mindedness that is keeping the far left and far right down, or even just regular liberals or conservatives?

  7. Bert

    Sweden isn’t in an economic depression. The economy is actually doing pretty well. The crisis is the immigration. Immigrants do have higher crime rates than non-immigrants, and the Soldiers of Odin claim to walk the streets to protect people from criminals. I don’t know if the SoO are fascists, nor if they are as innocent as they claim, but even though immigration is a burden to the economy (immigrants have higher welfare rates as well) it’s not the economy that causes conflicts. In Sweden, “far right” doesn’t mean advocating a right-wing economic policy, but being for a strict immigration policy. Robert would probably be called an extreme right-winger in Sweden.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly higher welfare rates cause of inbreeding back home. Why should Europe allow people in who purposely inbreed? Is that hate to do so? I don’t think so, but rather common sense.

  8. Jason Y

    On a lighter side 😆 I’m not surprised a lot of American Facebook posters haven’t gotten death threats. Can you believe the political things some of them post?

  9. RockT

    Robert, fascism IS a form of socialism. And as for crapitalism- to hell with it.

    As for the violent leftists above, they are clearly the most violent. Most “hard” leftists are just impulsive, messianic vandals types. They thrive due to the taboo on violence, they can always refuse to play by the rules and draw the reaction: and then cry about violence. Folks, leftism is over, it is failed. The only hope for it is some alt-left types who are not retarded, otherwise it is time to pack it up.

    All things being equal, and if “fascists” wouldn’t be instantly arrested for fighting back, while communists commit 100 times the violence and are handled with kid gloves, if such were not the case- fascists would win. In outright violence, they would win every time. They are more disciplined, less nihilistic, physically stronger and are better at shooting. The ‘drama’ and street theatre though, that goes stop the leftists.

  10. DrC

    Ron and Rand Paul generally believe Austrian Economics is the right model for explaining economic behavior. In that model, economic fluctuations are normal, even economic downturns, but significant recessions are driven entirely by government meddling in the economy, especially the monetary system. According to the Austrians, booms and busts result from quasi-socialist policies within a system that is more or less capitalist.

    Other pro-market economic philosophies believe that busts can happen even in a free market, but not the philosophy that the Pauls adhere to.

  11. The present tensions between the ‘far right’ and the ‘anti fascists’ (in the language of the left and the media) explicitly results from disagreements about immigration and the refugee crisis. You might argue that inequality/ recession/ economic malaise are at the root of it and immigrants are being scapegoated. I think there is some truth to this but I don’t think its the entire truth…there are genuine concerns and issues raised by immigration of people from a different and more illiberal culture (that also has an extremist problem).

    • Jason Y

      It could again be just being lazy. All the Europeans are wasting away on the welfare state’s dime, having no kids. Now it’s coming back to haunt them as they need Arabs (or Mexicans in the USA’s case) to do the work, but now they’ve become a pest. However, there aren’t enough Europeans now to drive them off.

      I suppose that’s the dark side of the welfare state idea, note something that the third world for the most part has never had. It invites invasion because it tends to make people a bit limp wristed.

  12. Horatio

    History doesn’t repeat, but it sure does rhyme. Mark Twain made this erudite observation which I think is apropos here.

    What is happening today isn’t a repeat of the 20s, but a “re-imagining” of the divide amongst the working class when capitalism in crisis. The players are not the same.

    Cultural Marxists today are not the same as those of the 20s. The fascists are not the same as those of the 20s. In the 20s, these were new organisation, new manifestations. They were contemporary movements. Today, they try and mimic the past, poorly.

    I disagree that the fascists are on the street. The establishment are the fascists here. They fill the bill to a tee. Hillary is a fascist. David Cameron is a fascist. They adhere to the Mussolini vision of a strong corporate state, where allegiance to the state, not race, matters. The far right groups are for the most part quite anti-authoritarian. If they were fascists, they would love the establishment and its crackdown in freedoms and rebellions, but alas, they don’t.

    Also, immigration is a big issue. It is THE issue. The far right are motivated in part due to issues with capitalism, but the existential crisis facing European ethnic groups is the core issue. Capitalism is causing the issue, because global fascism requires the dismantling of ethnic, racial and religious allegiances to that of The Economy.

    The Marxist Left has long abandoned the spirit of Marxism, and long abandoned fighting for the working class. The anti-racists have devolved into Politically Correct thugs, useful idiots, people who are motivated into beating the heresy out of those who question Political Correctness. The far left have sworn to attack the West. They want us gone, assimilated out.

    The battle is between Globalists, which consists of an array of Big Media, Big Money, religion, the state and pseudo-intellectuals lined up against the nations they want to deconstruct, the ethnicities they want melded, the traditions they want overridden, so they can create a worldwide Globocorp. The nations are fighting back, and some are fighting for the nation, and the other for the current Globalist status-quo.

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