What Is the African Potential Phenotypic IQ?

Jm8 writes:

It should not be assumed that the genetic potential IQ is ca 80. If a measured IQ of 75-77 (or 81 if Wincherts is correct, to say nothing of if Afro-Sapiens is correct, which I do not know) is suppressed by disease load and malnutrition by about 15 points (which even Lynn believed), potential IQ’s could generally be closer to 90, or the low-mid 90’s (in some cases).

Forget it. Wincherts is as bad as Lynn when it comes to throwing out studies. I think if you leave all the studies in and average them all together, African IQ is ~76. I forget the exact number. There is no way on Earth Africans have a potential phenotypic IQ of ~90-94, forget it.

In addition, we continue to regularly receive reports of IQ studies out of Africa where the Blacks are scoring ~70 or even lower. That is simply a catastrophically low IQ. Personally I feel that in any group that regularly turns back IQ scores of ~70 has horrible problems. There is no way that a group with potential phenotypic IQ of 92 is going to get scores ~70. It’s just not going to happen. Even in the catastrophic environment of South Asia (often regarded as worse than Black Africa in many ways) the horrific environment only depresses national IQ’s down to ~80. A group that continues to turn in IQ tests scoring ~70 has some very serious genetic IQ issues I am afraid.

I do believe that the Black African IQ is ~70 at the moment. The horribly failed and collapsed nature of the so-called states over there definitely makes sense if note that this is the sort of failed state a 70 IQ population may well produce.

The most intelligent natural Blacks nationwide populations in the whole world are in the US and the UK.

Black IQ in the US = ~85, though you can get 87 if you fiddle around and throw out studies.

Black IQ in the UK = 86.

US Blacks are 20% White. There’s 6 IQ points right there + 9 points for improved environment.
UK Blacks are 13% White. There’s 4 IQ points right there + 12 points for improved environment.

For pure US Blacks, 85 – 6 = 79 IQ.
For pure UK Blacks, 86 – 4 = 82 IQ.

It looks like pure Black phenotypic IQ in Africa is going to top out at 81.5 IQ.

However, if the Black African IQ could be raised from ~70 up to ~82, I think that would be cause for celebration. A 12 point IQ rise in a population is nothing to shake a stick at. And Africa would be a much better place for the Africans and for the rest of us for that matter as African failed states impact all of us.

In fact, I think the Africans might do better than the South Asians.



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18 responses to “What Is the African Potential Phenotypic IQ?

  1. A large population, no. A subgroup amongst a nation, possible. As Jm8 pointed out, some ethnic group particularly prevail in the continent, which could likely indicate them having a higher average though due to various factors such as ethnic clashes, environmental depressors, lower IQs of surrounding groups, etc they are hidden amongst the population.

  2. Jm8

    Do you believe the average is is (about) 76, or do you no longer believe this, and now believe it is closer to 70? 76+12-15 would be more than 82.

    Do you no longer agree with what you stated here?
    “US Blacks have a 15 point gap to close between Blacks and Whites. That is quite a bit more than the 8 points that separated Bermudian Blacks and Whites. However, if Bermudians could close the gap by 8 points, perhaps it is not beyond the capability of US Blacks to close the gap by a similar amount. US Blacks would certainly function a lot better at 93 IQ than at 85 IQ.”

    This would seem to imply a potential iq of Africans of about 90 or so.
    There is also the Bahamas score.

    I am not certain the 86 figure for UK blacks is reliable (at least for UK born blacks, and those arriving before adulthood). The achievement test data on g-lodes tests (which correlates with iq from the UK CAT at matched ages, and does not tend to show a widening with age) seems to suggest otherwise.

  3. Allison C.

    I don’t quite see your point, Lindsay, all the more since you define yourself a socialist/communist, and they are champions of cultural relativism.

    You are worried for 70-IQ living beings. Not only is the Western man (and by now, the intelligent Eastern as well) too intelligent to still be what it was intended to be by nature, and damned for turning its back on nature.

    So deeply has reason corrupted its nature, that, while well sunk into the sea of hopeless angst reason as granted it, it takes for granted everything else should follow the same path to the goal of anti-nature.

    They have a 60-70 IQ, and struggle to drive cars, “dress appropriately”, use cellphones. And you worry for them.

    Fish, porcupines, hawks can’t use cellphones, drive cars, nor do they dress, “appropriately” or not? And then? They all live better than the rational, techonologic, misshapen man. Or can you doubt that?
    Where are the highest suicide rates?
    Where are the people who need to use heavy drugs to escape what they presumptuosly name as “reality”?
    What about depression?
    Don’t you see that the more the human being goes away from its original condition, the more contradictory, self-conflicting, unable to survive to itself, a creature it gets?

    No wonder if all life in the world will disappear, or humanity will go extinct, it will be due to the most intellectually advanced.

    I mean, you symphatize for people who can’t use Internet and take degrees; what about the rulers of the Federal Reserve, and those remnants of men who stay at the trademarket in front of some ten monitors, keeping up their works through drugs? No pity for them?

    I remember an old post of yours where you underlined how African feel comfortable within their NATURAL, tribal societal structures.
    Today their countries, organisations, and social systems are disastrous, yes. But they were imported from other places, are models, and come from ideas, developed by different people. Normal they don’t work well there.

    I am sure there is no being as bitten by the yoke of despair as the intellectually, rationally advanced man; none else equally counter-natural.
    In facts, it tends to disappear… destroying itself.
    Isn’t it when they peak culturally that civilisations meet their fall?

    To me, it is a folly to mix different kinds of living beings in the same environment, or to decide we know what is their good and their bad, and have to “help” them. As if that “help” could do anything but saddle them with further pains and problems, when it comes – and it could not come differently – as a reshaping of what they are based on what we are.

    Ironical that the most violent, ultimate colonialism will come to them behind the, possibly best-intentioned, broad smile of 10, 100 Bill Gate’s: and their vaccines, their birth-control remote-controlled implanted under the skin, and later, the DNA improvements and fixes they are working at with alacrity.

    This will end the existence of the African (and, potentially, not only the African) human type. It will be “for the good of all”, as it has always been, whenever the more powerful have desired to do something, and impose their power on reality, moulding it.

    Of course, we’ll torment, ravage, misshape, every other kind of living being and animal species on the earth, yet more than we are doing already (which you wouldn’t believe could be exceeded).

    No, we should not worry for them. We should worry for ourselves, get aware of what we are heading to, our disappearance by self-erasure possibly, and stop tormenting all what’s alive on earth and doesn’t identify with us.
    There’s much of subconsciously equating ourselves to gods in our current practices and coming plans, to “make things as they should be”.
    This is the ultimate violence done by a species (or species subtype, it doesn’t matter) to all other species and the earth.

    Who knows if, eventually, the rational man, this hopeless slave what is nothing but its overgrown instinct overpowering it, Reason, will encounter retribution.
    It might be to be hoped, for the rest of what’s living on this planet.

  4. First of all, you cannot measure Black IQ, because you miss a key factor : most Blacks just physiologically hate tests, especially written and non-personal ones of the kind that are to be processed by a machine, their measured performance is always bound to be low, their natural energy being clipped. For anybody conceiving life as a kind of music as is the Black condition to do undergoing an IQ test is tantamount to deliberate disciplinary warlike din. You can encounter the same syndrome among many musically gifted Whites : in the non musical school disciplines they quite often plod miserably, being lower than average of about one standard deviation. Life is sometimes very stingy, some abilities, talents and joys in life prevent many others from arising. White intelligence and even more so East Asian intelligence is digital in nature, whereas Black intelligence is more like an analogue computer, it is less performant for things other than sounds and vibrations, but it is not to be dismissed as stupidity or disfunction. Analogue intelligence tends to involve all parts of the whole body, digital intelligence only a few very performant lobes, and that explained to most Blacks with due respect for what they are causes no offence.

    The thing to do with Blacks, as I have done as I was a teacher in the deep Haitian hillbilly countryside, is to submit them (together with non-Black witness subgroups for comparison, as can be found in Haiti) to an oral and person to person interactive version of the test, though with the same problems and riddles as regards the principles of geometrical or linguistic or numerical analogy deployed in them, actually they do happen to have such competition games of riddles strikingly resembling IQ problems in their own folklore. Of course, such a way of administering the test precludes a precise numerical assessment of IQ, you just cannot with due precision perform mathematical factor analysis of the overall results for large groups, but you definitely can make the difference between really handicapped persons, mere dullards and quick-wits, and there are far more quick-wits than you would expect, as many as among the few Whites that happen to live in Haitian villages (or work in Haiti in humanitarian organisations or churches) when submitted to the same way of personalized and oral way of testing (or to collective games of riddles of the same kind). One thing has been observed : those who behave in a way one would consider as most primitive and animalistic and are most happy with it, those who generally have no taste for school learning but quite often love amateurish self-teaching otherwise, are more often quick-witted when grossly assessed that way, whereas those who love to undergo school learning or church learning as a kind of role-play game to succeed in life happen to be fare more mediocre, below average, but the latter are generally the only ones that will bother to stay in school for years and get their full diplomas, and also to undergo formal IQ tests during their education. When you play the role of being let us say a Jewish genius, you may develop rapidly the same style and mannerisms as regards general talk and values, but your whole energy, being deployed in acting like some kind of Einstein, is longer there when it comes to solving real equations, because you are still thereby performing a literary and imitative exercise, not a scientific and creative one. If your real interest is mastering Einstein’s theory of relativity, not to play the Jewish genius, the best way for you is to be most like you love to be yourself, and if your natural taste is behaving like a dancer rather than like a scholar, you will think best about relativity while dancing : after all, Aristotle developed the most rigorous philosophical system of his time while pacing frantically together with his alumni as many contemporary Greeks are still wont to do, not sitting at a desk.

    • You seem I like this kind of teaching. Not disputing IQ test, but suggesting Blacks have a different scale of their own to measure and honestly I can appeal to that.

      I would like to comment on this further,

  5. Jason Y

    The environment in Africa is horrible. Is it no wonder the IQ would be so low?

    Yes, some smart Africans exist abroad, in fact, as I said in other posts, a whole group of African math graduate students are at my university.

  6. Jm8

    “Even in the catastrophic environment of South Asia (often regarded as worse than Black Africa in many ways)…”

    In terms of disease burden, it does not seem to worse than in Africa but rather the reverse (Africa’s is significantly worse.). (figure labelin the link below labeled “Global Infectious Disease Deaths by Region 2004” from the work of Christopher Eppig, near top,)

      • Jm8

        Interestingly (from second link):
        The Bahamas have a significant disease burden (3.47) despite being relatively wealthy for the Caribbean, but a higher measured iq score (93, according to the most up-to-date analysis from Jason Maloy) than India (81-82 if Lynn can be trusted) whose disease burden is only a tittle higher at 3.79 (but scores similarly in iq to some other South/South East Asian countries with similar disease burden scores (I speculate that this may relate to a relatively lower rate of malaria in particular in the Bahamas than elsewhere in the Caribbean, Africa, India etc, but I could be wrong.) (All/virtually all Africa’s disease burden scores are higher than S. Asia’s; being mostly about 4.30-40 and up).

        Jamaica’s (and a few other Caribbean countries’) disease score 3.22 and iq (81 according to Malloy’s more accurate analysis re-analys of Lynn’s data) correlation, however seem to (albeit) roughly parallel those of India and Pakistan also low 80’s.

        So the correlation (iq depressing disease to iq score) seems to be a reasonably good one (as Eppig contends) so far (as far as I can tell).

  7. Right now I have no strong position on the whole matter since I don’t think I’m quite knowledgeable enough yet to make a stance, but I found this article that at least seemed reliable at face value. Make of the information what you will.

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