South Asians Are the Worst Civilizational Failures on Earth

With a 10 point IQ gain over Africans, South Asians still manage to somehow produce an even worse environment for their people. Even with a 10 point IQ deficit, Africans somehow manage to create a better environment than Indians.

Sure, there are serious issues with African genes in terms of IQ, but there are even worse problems with South Asians in terms of extra-IQ factors such as culture. I regard South Asians as among the worst civilizational failures on Earth (Hell, Africans create better civilizations than South Asians). South Asians seem to be culturally programmed to produce the worst depraved, degenerated,wrecked societies of them all. Worse, they refuse to take note of this and instead think that they create the finest societies on Earth. Because of their arrogant denial, South Asians are unusually stubborn in their mule-headed refusal to better their societies.

I blame the whole mess on Hinduism, an ancient amoral or even immoral pagan religion that has no place in a modern world.


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44 responses to “South Asians Are the Worst Civilizational Failures on Earth

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  2. SpamBy

    How come you didn’t list any reasons? This post was too short and would’ve been better with more depth

  3. Look around for all of the posts I have written on India. On many important markers such as access to toilets and malnutrition, India is even WORSE than Subsaharan Africa. Any time you are worse than the Africans, that is a pretty serious FAIL.

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      (Bob,you should be glad that your name didn’t appear on the hit list of the infamous Hindu Unity site before its demise)
      Caste system is the spiritual class system:
      When people hear about ‘doing spiritual practice as per the Bramhin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, or Shūdra spiritual classes,’ they often misunderstand and think that one is advocating the caste system as practiced in India a few decades ago. However, the context in which these words are used in spirituality is very different. Spiritual classes are a part of the system of spiritual practice. The spiritual class of an individual is based on his spiritual constitution or potential (gunas, i.e. Sattva, Raja, Tama) and actions (karma, i.e. what the individual offers to God).

      Unlike the caste system, the spiritual class system is independent of the individual’s birth, religion or social status. As the seeker progresses spiritually, he moves to the next higher spiritual class or method of spiritual practice. Caste is in reference to the social system; it is decided at birth and remains the same throughout one’s life.
      Essentially, a spiritual class is the method of spiritual practice for an individual, depending on his spiritual qualities, capabilities and needs. The four spiritual classes (varna) depict the four different methods of spiritual practice or the actions an individual is supposed to commit for spiritual growth

      Related Links
      • The four-fold spiritual class system – a system created by God for spiritual progress
      • Hindu caste system a myth, Hindu class system explained
      • Hinduism stages of life in attaining the four pursuits

      • You are right : what is advocated by Vedic lore as the varnadharma has nothing to do with caste as India has been knowing it for centuries, any more than The Dixieland American capitalist system has to do with Christian principles. Older Indian religions which referred to the varnadharma concept rather concluded to the duty for the religious elite to maintain an extensive social justice system.

    • I have to agree on this. Hinduism enslaved most indians except really high ruling castes and brahmins.

  4. Gay State Girl


    What do you think of the Central Asian Republics? I am of partial Bukharian ancestry.

    • Really? But you are a beautiful blue eyed blonde. I have seen photos of you.

      I like the Central Asian peoples. They create more or less functional societies that seem to run pretty well. They are Muslim but it seems to be under control. Like most Muslims, they do best when they are run by dictators and a lot of those places are run by dictators more or less.

      • Gay State Girl

        We’ll do face time soon. When I get this thing to work.

      • Gay State Girl

        I don’t know much about the motherland. My mother’s ancestors traveled to South Africa with the East India Company sometime during the 1700’s.

      • Gay State Girl

        Brown hair blue eyed, 5’2″.

        I’ve been told I’m kind of pretty…for a jewish girl.

        • Gay State Girl

          Would you date a short girl? A lot of Jewish guys told me they wouldn’t.

        • Oh Hell yeah! My last gf was really petite,. I think 5’2. She was a great fuck! She came and stayed with me for a while, flew in on an airplane. She stayed with me for a while and we took a vacation together. 51 years old. We had sex all the time, day and night lol.

        • Some Jewish chicks are HOT.

        • Gay State Girl

          Jewish guys don’t give us credit. I’m petite, mild mannered, soft spoken. All the women in my family are that way. I don’t know why Jewish women are stereotyped to be obnoxious.

        • I think I found photos of you. They were of a young woman in her mid 20’s who had what I believe your name to be and who lived in what I believed to be the town you were residing in while in Massachusetts. I think it mentioned that she had been in college too. What is weird is I remember her as a blond. She was totally hot though and she also looked really nice.

          If you are hot, I would date you in a New York minute! Especially because you are smart. I love smart chicks. Plus I sort of want to be a Jew. But I want to be one of those self-haters like Chomsky lol.

          One of my last girlfriends was Jewish. That relationship lasted 4.5 years. That’s my longest relationship ever. She was a natural redhead. She was pretty kind too; she had an almost Christian attitude towards others. And she was a real stand by your man loyal to the end life your life through your man type. I was shocked. I did not think a Jewish woman would be like that. Plus she was a really good fuck.

        • Gay State Girl

          I’ve never been blond. My hair was reddish when I was younger but niw it’s medium brown. My sister is blond and she’s got plenty of pictures online. And my paternal grandmother was a knockout even at seventy five.

        • I don’t know why Jewish women are stereotyped to be obnoxious.

          Blame Bernie’s cousin! =D

      • It is on the Contact page. Get in touch with me. I want to see a pic too dammit.

        Hell yeah I would definitely date you. You are smart, nice and supposedly cute. Dream come true.

  5. Punjabi Sardar

    Since robert is an admitted christian, I would just class this under missionary drivel.

    • Punjabi Sardar

      As in, when you can class the civilization as Immoral & pagan, plus ignore its achievements you’re left with nothing. Which is what you point out,

      Tomorrow if you cut off a man’s legs & then tell him why don’t you/why can’t you walk; you would be classified as mentally ill.

      This is why christianity, islam, marxism, judaism etc ie religions of the

      One who married his sister (Abraham) are entirely, really just mental illnesses.

      We do feel sorry for those who suffer, & we Sikhs will save them or put those few beyond hope of redemption, out of their misery. This is what is most beneficial for human civilization.

      Jai Hind

  6. The ugly offended indian has gotten a sniff…they are arriving. BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID!!!

  7. SpamBy

    Robert what religion are you ( if any ) and what do you think happens after we die?

  8. I am a Christian, and I am not sure what happens after we die.

    • Your ideas and ideals in life are definitely most contrary to Christianity (apart from the fact that Jesus would probably appreciate you and what you do far more than what most Christians do: first of all, he wasn’t himself a Christian) of any form worth of that name. You may and even very stringently must side with the poor rather than the rich to be a real Christian, but you cannot wish for their poverty to be remedied for as a whole here on earth by any contraption you might think of while remaining a Christian, all you can wish for is giving temporary relief to a few of them you know and love personally by your own charity, Christian charity cannot be industrialized in any way without turning into a Satanic, reverse imitation of it.

      Not only you cannot wish for any kind of redistributive state to proceed to such a task, but you are not entitled neither to make the prayer the poor get richer through their own virtues, resourcefulness and efforts and with the help of technology as per the American Dream of yore, that prayer is considered as most Satanic by all coherent Christian schools of thought, actually Jesus condemned it very explicitly in the official Gospels and even more so in the reliable apocryphal ones.

      Any set of so-called virtues and good habits capable of lifting up a large mass of poor people into relative affluence, or large mass of serfs or lifetime servants into dignified modern citizenship, is not composed of real virtues compatible with Christian salvation, make no mistake about it, and a so-called Christian religion extolling such prosperity-making virtues, as the American “Christian” sects have been generally and have traditionally gravitated around the Republican Party before the neocon era and even now where these American churches are trying to make inroads in Latin America, is a gross heresy, dangerous for both the soul and for the survival of any form of decent humanity as well of a livable planet.

      As a Christian, you have to consider both the socialist endeavors and the capitalistic ones to get common people out of poverty as a Satanic bargain as sinful as resorting to black magic to get rich, no matter they are meant to fail or to succeed actually, you even have to consider the success of too many of them, however partial and relative and limited to one third only of humanity it is, as a sure sign of impending apocalypse. As a Christian also, you must be opposed to any form of social upward mobility, like the Hindus, each one has to strive towards heaven in no other material, educational and professional condition than the one he was born in or called in at baptism lest he mars the order of things as established by the Creator.

      As a Christian you must know first that intellectual curiosity and desire for innovation is the greatest sin of all, and that there is a level of personal knowledge allotted to each one beyond which all supplementary knowledge can only result in sin.

      You must know this level to have been trespassed when the information you gather makes you logically conclude that revolt, or revolution, or utopia are the only solution, or just invariably puts you into anguish for right, reasonable and righteous reasons: you are then not informed as per God’s will, but Satanically possessed by some form of propaganda you cannot come out of by your own lights, and until you have been delivered from that purloined knowledge by God’s grace through exorcism or otherwise, you are a pure nuisance in any Godly endeavor as well as in any positive walk of life, the best you can do is to become a monk or a hermit.

      Wanting to over-tower the world as you are doing through encyclopedic knowledge about humanity, cultures, is most contrary to the virtue of Christian religion, even more than sexually possessing all girls you happen to see in the street. Last but not least, you are not allowed as a Christian to discuss of the problems encountered in a life of dating in any sympathizing way to the lover or the dreamer, the only prayer you are entitled to think of in that matter is wishing for all such love affairs to crash as miserably as possible, and to welcome all totalitarian states or fashions otherwise evil that curb such an even greater evil as free love is. You are not a Christian in any respect, so please don’t claim of that religious belonging.

      On the other hand, you are greatly entitled with all what you are, do and strive for as a progressive humanist to be a Jew, and a good one. All you have to sacrifice to become a nearly 100% perfect one is your foreskin, and Jesus would be the first to claim that it is far better for one to be a good Jew as you are, leading a modest life in order to pursue his intellectual and humanitarian goals, missing opportunities of success for being too honest, as a bad or very bad Christian as practically all modern Christians are.

      You will retort that you can less and less stand the arrogance and double standard of Jews as you feel it with the years passing as most of them go from left-wing to neo-con thought, that most Jews wouldn’t like you for being too sincere and rather call you an antisemite, as an antisemite is no longer now he who doesn’t like Jews but rather he whom Jews don’t like. It is just ripe time for you to be a faithful Jew as there remain too few as the neocon Jews of today will opt out of Judaism for good altogether the very day Jewry suddenly ceases to be an over-prosperous entity and falls back into economic oblivion, as has happened so many times in the past (just check for what happened to Sephardic Spain after their golden age experienced under benevolent Muslim rule).

      Anyway to be a good Jew and to earn your salvation as a Jew so as to have a part in the world to come you have to be dissident from your surrounding Jewish community, you must question all teaching submitted to you through Jewish scriptures or through worldly knowledge, so as to perform full individuation: this is the one and only fountainhead and explanation of Jewish genius. You have to get beyond highbrow.

  9. Hinduism as we know it, or better said Vaishnavism (the religion of Rama and Krishna, grouping about 90% of “Hindus”, a lump term coined by the Brits to denote all that is non-Abrahamic in origin in India) is a very recent invention in the history of world religion, even though it claims of texts a few of which (not all, far from it) are supposed to be of very early antiquity (officially: actually that is doubtful). The Western academia has just fallen prey to one of the most exquisite pieces of bullshit in the world by supposing the existence of an inalterable “perennial religion” handed down to us by the seers of Hinduism.

    Actually, Hinduism as we know it appeared in a recognizable form to us in the 15th century (at the same time as the Flemish mystics, who by a strange coincidence were Christians having very similar philosophical views — considered as heretical by Rome but having greatly impacted some more intimate forms of Protestantism — as Hinduism, and also logically concluding to the the same kind of acceptance of capitalistic social injustice as Hindus) under the guidance of a reformer of importance as paramount for this religion as Zoroaster was for the Avestan religion : Sri Caitanya.

    One strange thing is that this religion apart from being very nationalistic culturally, actually borrows more heavily from Ottoman Islam than from any other one as regards the prayers and other spiritual exercises supposed to be most conducive to divine grace and salvation, the trance-bringing mantra technique they use is a mere copy of the then very popular Allah Sufi prayer (it had never existed as such beforehand in non-Muslim India: Brahmans of older, mostly extinct Indic religions had exercises of piety far more resembling those of Judaism, of the kind only Brahmins were allowed to even know of, while the commoners had voodoo-like vernacular incantations most of whom have grown extinct for long and which never had had anything to do with Vedic culture, though there still exists the remnants of an older religion called Shaivism which groups about 5% of “Hindus” and is despised by the others like voodoo is by American Christians) and of the repetition of his many names (apart from the fact they are 108 instead of 99).

    Sri Caitanya is of an importance that cannot be overestimated, since it is only from his time that the “typically Hindu” way of believing in reincarnation and karma has gone mainstream : beforehand, it had characterized Indian minorities only, the oldest of which, which influenced most modern Hinduism as regards the mechanical workings of the law of karma, being Jainism.

    When the older religion of Shavism was preeminent in India, from the 6th century to about the 11th, belief in reincarnation was officially condemned as non-orthodox: you were about to go to heaven or hell depending on your behavior and divine grace, even though there was also a long purgatory comprising many intermediate worlds for the still imperfect albeit good souls, even though very exceptional souls did reincarnate here and now as special beings and even as intelligent animals such as singing birds to impart good teaching or perform good actions (that used to be also older Indian Buddhism’s point of view: only Bodhisattvas came back to reincarnate under human forms).

    Yoga as we know it is a Shaivite invention, and is despised or even condemned as dabbling into the occult by mainstream Hinduism with even more vigor than by American Evangelism. As for what existed before the advent of Buddhism, it was more unrecognizable and distant from all what was to come later on in India than the older Middle Empire Egyptian religion from what was to come later on in Egypt.

    To sum everything up, after a time called the Shaivite Renaissance which impacted arts in a very flourishing and positive way, from 6th to 11th century, there came a kind of Indian occult-based “new age” in the 12-13th century, which resulted into a social catastrophe, with everybody trying to resort to occult forces to arrange his life on earth and to exert political or financial power (while the Muslims were making conquest after conquest) until Caitanya came and among others installed a very stringent caste system where formal study and exercises to develop special powers were prohibited to most people as outside their duty in life.

    Imagine that the American Jews end up being a caste of Brahmans monopolizing by decree all formal knowledge as being their private property, imagine them composing a kind of new age religion partly based on Kabbalah and some parts of the Talmud together with the importation of many exotic magical disciplines for themselves, having no resemblance with early Judaism and medieval Talmudism, as asserting them as the only legitimate learned class of the whole world having existed and rules all events from time immemorial (no longer at some point in the future), and also asserting them as a caste to be possibly converted into only through reincarnation, imagine the Jewish banks turning into sacred institutions managing the karmic accounts of everybody as well as their finances proper (as most people, except for about 2-3%, and the country as a whole get impoverished and deprived of access to technology to the point of no longer being able to have a bank account except on the symbolical plane), imagine Jesus-Christ receding as a savior of importance as the various Evangelical sects, seeing that the great mass rapture will never come, morph into mere appendages of the Jewish religion for non-Jews with just a few do-gooder commands and a very latitudinarian outlook seeming very humanistic and universalistic in theory, but being most closed-minded and more Victorian than Protestantism ever was in practice, imagine the older far-fetched new age sects growing into caste religions for various well-to-do professions such as computer scientists or pharmacists; imagine America crumbling into feudal states and being partly occupied by China and by Muslim Empires while still imagining herself as the center of a globalized world having disappeared for good due to the still existing riches and high-tech level of its 1% living in gated communities, imagine the less rich and poor rest of America also forming their own gated communities subservient to the richer ones, imagine also the untouchable caste of such a system being so oppressed as to become en masse either Maoists warring for the Chinese-occupied States of the West, either radical Muslims warring for the Black Muslim States of the East, there you get Hinduism as we know it.

    I am not criticizing the Jews per se though by making such an hypothesis (I for one believe the Jews will actually never resolve as a whole to achieve anything like that as a religion or a mafia-like group despite the fact that a great plurality of them would be much tempted for such an outcome to happen and have been working for it indeed: if the Jews are to build a third temple in Jerusalem, which is no longer a remote possibility given the present state of Israeli politics, they will be dominated by a Saudi-like establishment so obscurantist — especially since they happen to believe their riches have come to them through easy magic and religion rather than through painstaking talent development — as to rapidly exclude them from all intellectually intensive pursuits, oust them out of world class prosperity as the Islanders of Nauru recently were, and get them back at the point they were in the Middle Ages) but all intellectual castes of the world when they get in control of the social process at large.

  10. The reality is that the VAST MAJORITY of “mighty indians” that are online posting about “superpower india” are early20-something hindu PUNKS that are OVERWHELMINGLY RSS-BRAINWASHED PUNKS.

    They have never been outside of their human-shit-filled neighborhoods and thus have no concept whatsoever of how backwards “mighty india” is in reality in comparison to the West and East Asia…..OR EVEN SOUTH AMERICA.

    All the 20-something RSS-BRAINWASHED hindu males “knows” is that, given the streets of the “mighty indian” cities are filled with roaming feral dogs and teeming with roaming cows and feral pigs and is filled with human shit and cow shit and dog shit and every other kind of shit, AND MASSIVE MOUNDS OF GARBAGE PILED EVERYWHERE; then surely the cities in Europe and North America and East Asia must surely also be filled with cows/dogs/pigs and excrement everywhere and massive mounds of garbage……. BECAUSE, AFTER ALL: “mighty indian” cities are like that so NON-INDIAN CITIES MUST BE LIKE IT TOO!

    • pepperroncini

      My impression of the internet Hindu nationalists is thatmany are living in the West. Hindu nationalists that disseminate their opinion in Western spheres come from the upper crusts of India and are well to do. Plently of them living here in the US and especially in Silicon Valley.

      Years ago when I occassionally visited some English speaking forums where South Asian congregated, I got the impression that many of the Sikh,Hindu,Muslim,Pathan nationalists spewing their opinion were living in the West.

  11. Rus

    It’s interesting that some time earlier you spoke out for the usage of the “all-inclusive” term “Caucasian”, but now you are describing the people of the Indian subcontinent as “South Asian”, thus excluding them from your own group. Have you revised your terminology or something?

    • Look Boris I am banning youur fucking ass! I have had it with you. You have been disagreeing with everything I say since you showed up here and furthermore, you have been slyly attacking me the whole time. You have finally gone too far and I am throwing you off the site! Back to the land of snow and vodka!

  12. Rus

    Robert, you wrote above: I like the Central Asian peoples. They create more or less functional societies that seem to run pretty well.

    Robert, you certainly know the life in the USA and you may know enough about India and the Indian people if you have met them many times in the USA and speak often about their country, but you know little about Central Asia and, that is most important, you have never either lived in Central Asia or at least lived amongst the people from Central Asia. But anybody who has had any experience with them, knows that the Central Asian republics are real s-holes, in fact, they are something close to slightly Sovietized (=Westernized) versions of Afghanistan. In fact, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in their living standards and development are similar with the worst and poorest countries in Central Africa. Do you imagine that there are Africa-like s-holes in the centre of Eurasia? If you dislike India and Africa, then you would certainty dislike Central Asia too, because they are no better. Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are a little better, but the former is only because it still has a significant proportion of European population (~25%, in 1989 it was ~50%) and some industry from the Soviet times, and the latter is because it has natural resources (namely, oil and gas) and a small (~5 mln) population to sustain.

  13. Rus

    An interesting video I’ve stumbled upon

    So there are at least people in India who admit the problems and are doing something to change, so India may not be so that hopeless, though it might take many generations for a real progress.

  14. Jason Y

    You don’t see human poop on the street in Africa.

  15. Sam

    Tick tock…tick tock…Robert time to wake up from your slumber.India is improving and soon India will overtake the US and the entire west in almost every sector.

  16. Jason Y

    Why pick on India? Much of the third world is practically the same way. You say India is dirty and whatnot, but actually most third world nations are dirty, with the exception of areas reserved for the rich.

    In other words, the rich live in areas comparable to Beverly Hills or at the least a nice USA suburb, while the poor on the outside rot in dirty hellish existence.

    • Jason Y

      However, then again, as in the Phillippines where I visited, the poor live decent lives. They have enough to take care of their needs etc.. and the weather is so warm that you don’t have to worry about a lot of shelter. However, the striking difference between the lifestyle of the poor majority and the small elite is eye popping.

  17. Oh Robert, can’t you give the poor Desi some credit? They do make some hilarious videos!

    (and yes, this is an actual video)

  18. Ultra Cool

    I suppose hinduism is the most evil religion on Earth, there seems to be nothing redeemable about it.

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