IQ and Behavioral Outcomes in Mulatto Versus Pure Black Populations

jm8 writes:

Do you believe the average is is (about) 76, or do you no longer believe this, and now believe it is closer to 70? 76+12-15 would be more than 82.

Do you no longer agree with what you stated here?

“US Blacks have a 15 point gap to close between Blacks and Whites. That is quite a bit more than the 8 points that separated Bermudian Blacks and Whites. However, if Bermudians could close the gap by 8 points, perhaps it is not beyond the capability of US Blacks to close the gap by a similar amount. US Blacks would certainly function a lot better at 93 IQ than at 85 IQ.”

This would seem to imply a potential IQ of Africans of about 90 or so.

There is also the Bahamas score.

I am not certain the 86 figure for UK blacks is reliable (at least for UK born blacks, and those arriving before adulthood). The achievement test data on g-lodes tests (which correlates with IQ from the UK CAT at matched ages, and does not tend to show a widening with age) seems to suggest otherwise.

What was the Bahamas score again? ~90?

Those Bermudian Blacks are half-White. Obviously there will be some dramatic effects, mostly positive, on a Black population that becomes mixed to a 50% White level. Differences in achievement, drive, aggression, reactivity, impulsiveness, forward thinking, planing, time preference, responsibility, inhibition, and all sorts of things. Perhaps there is something special about Blacks who are half White that enables them to get jacked up enough to match Whites on an IQ test. A 50% White population of Blacks is going to be so different than a 100% Black population of Blacks that there is almost no comparing them.

On the other hand, the behavior of mulattized populations in Guyana, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia is not very impressive.

I am not sure that mulattization is a way forward for Black people, though there are clearly some benefits to Blacks in obtaining White admixture.


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22 responses to “IQ and Behavioral Outcomes in Mulatto Versus Pure Black Populations

  1. Jm8

    The Bahamas score was 93.

  2. Jason Y

    Despite the many advantages of race mixing, Nazis and the like still hate it and call mixed raced people ugly monsters, as shown on the link I gave awhile back.

    However, we can’t always say race mixing leads to an IQ increase. We have to factor in the incredibly negative environment of most blacks. Since the environment is so horrible, we can’t truly say how smart more “pure” blacks couild become.

  3. Jason Y

    Also, the environment in Bermuda is incredibly good. It’s not like the one in Jamaica, Haiti, or most African nations. Bermuda is incredibly small, small enough to effectively improve the environment without draining the economy. Perhaps, the improved environment, not race mixing, or perhaps a combo of both are responsible for the improved IQ score.

    • This is technically “true” but here’s the thing. This doesn’t occur necessarily through race mixing but mixing with people further from your immediate family.

      In other words, you could get the same benefits from two people who were significantly distant in genetic similarity but still within the same ethnic group and/or race.

      Overall, it’s inbreeding versus outbreeding.

      Actually, due to adapting to different types of diseases as well as other factors, race mixing on a population level may actually cause some biological problems.

      However, on a individual scale, this wouldn’t be significantly significant and of course not all mixed-race people would come out with issues.

      • Rowlii

        Thanks for your answer.

        Do you think that it’s the reason why people are more attracted by person form an other ethnic group ?

        • Well, I believe it’s really more in cases that people tend to select for people that have more progressive traits which in turn are correlated with better biology.

          In many cases it would be the case that another ethnic group would be more progressive, thus wanting to breed with them.

          Cultural standards of beauty sometimes corrupts this but on a innate level it’s very common.

          For example, on average, whites have more progressive traits than black, so in interacial marriages often you would see more blacks than whites mating outside their group.

          However, it’s worth noting that in either direction they are not common, populations on the most part still breed within their own and also that’s not to say ALL black women are unappealing.

          Reading many books on precolonial Africa and seeing pictures of women they sort of have a stylized sculpture look which, while not necessarily sexually attractive, is in a sense a poetic beauty.

  4. SHI

    Some mixed race people do look ugly but there are many good-looking ones out there. Do any of them self-identify as black. I think they are a category in themselves.

    Jennifer Lopez – She incredibly turns me on. She’s got a lot of African in her mixed Latina genes.

    Jennifer Beals – She’s an 80s actress that featured in “Flashdance” a famous musical. Half Black, Half Irish-American. Definitely gorgeous.

    Also, Irene Cara, the lead singer in Flashdance, happens to be black

    Natalia Kills – She’s the most beautiful woman ever. l i could literally kill shomeone to have her for myself. Well, she does have nice talent for music no doubt.

    The Pussycat Dolls members – Melody Thornton who’s of Mexican-African descent. I think she’s incredibly hot. Also Nicole Scherzinger, I’d fuck her in a heartbeat. There are two cave women in that band – Jessica Sutta and Ashley Roberts. I’m not turned on by them at all unlike the black girls.

    Also, I really love this band for their music alone.

  5. Chinedu

    For example, on average, whites have more progressive traits than black, so in interacial marriages often you would see more blacks than whites mating outside their group.

    The fake black man strikes again.

    An idea of “progressive traits” is in the eye of the beholder and depends very much on conditioning. I spent my early years in Africa before immigrating to the U.S. as a child. I recall seeing my very first white person (a woman). She seemed to me at the time to be the ugliest creature I’d ever encountered. Just ghastly, subhuman and frighting. That’s because my entire reference point for “progressive traits” were based on black African phenotypes.

  6. Chinedu

    There’s no evidence that white genetics does anything to enhance the intelligence of black people. All available evidence says the exact opposite.

  7. Chinedu


    White or Caucasian admixture does not enhance the intelligence of black people. Period!!!

    You are one of the most deeply delusional racist trolls I’ve ever encountered.

    • Well I gave you a source that lists both studies and results going into such possibilities. I even noted exceptions to the conclusion of mixed race or even Blacks and whites having a consisitent difference in IQ.

      With that all I said that the data doesn’t indeed assert the “exact opposite”.

      For example, we know that for climate reasons populations differ in cranial capacity, and sense races occupy different geographic reasons different averages would occur.

      As far as cranial capacity goes with IQ, here’s this

      I believe the correlation is discussed in the third table.

  8. Chinedu

    Based on this study prognathism tends to be more common in Sub Saharans and other populations blah blah blah

    Completely idiotic pseudoscience.

    Has it occurred to you that if indeed prognathism was more common in Africa, that that would be the ideal of beauty based on conditioning?

    And has it occurred to you that the people without Neanderthal lineage are less likely to have pronounced prognathism?

    I’ve always considered prognathism, a flat sloping forehead and deep brow ridges to be Caucasian traits.

    • You call it pseudoscience yet you didn’t even debunk it.

      Prognathism’s presence doesn’t mean that it prevailed due to sexual preference, because it could’ve been a useful adaptation in survival.

      If you compare African archaic Hominids and Neanderthals you would notice that the former had more prognathism.

      One of the reason why Modern humans didn’t could be due to selection based on how they breed. Human’s progressive features are partly due Neotony, the retaining of young traits like having a flat face.

      This could be achieved though selection based on mating style or development.

      African hunter gatherers, having the highest archaic ancestry in Africans,
      actually have fairly flat face concerning maxillary prognathism. This could likely be based on selection according to life style.

      As for you Neanderthal comment, based on the data that doesn’t seem to be the case.

      Your final comment is ironic. You accuse HBD’rs to be biased without presenting evidence however

    • I meant to mention that your last statement was merely a perception you had without evidence.

  9. mark bainter

    We are 2 completly different species. This video is propaganda. The out of Africa theory is a hoax. Sub suharan africans are not related any way to a pure icelandic person. Do your own research. Studies show more health and mental problems. More problems with donors for transplants. And 90 IQ would be the absolute highest IQ with maybe 15- 20 % of the mulottos being this high. 85 IQ is a more generally globally recognized number. That doesnt sound like improving human race it could even be destroying it.

    • TRASH 2


      “Pure Icelandic Person”

      Icelanders are the descendants of Norwegians, Native Americans (Female from the Micmac tribes of Labrador and Maine and Newfoundland that got kidnapped or maybe traded) and Irish.

      So you are talking about 3 different races forming a composite.

      • Hayve Bromier

        LOL, so Icelanders are really just “worse” Norwegians. Why would I ever choose an Icelandic bastard descendent, mixed with two “inferior” races (in terms of their contributions to civilization, etc) when I could choose a pure, unadulterated Norwegian?

        If the Germanics ever get their senses back, they should exterminate the entirety of Iceland and repopulate with pure, good, and sensible Norwegians, the rightful masters of the land.

    • Hayve Bromier

      A current IQ of 85 is the exact same absolute IQ as the average American white in the 1940s/1950s. If IQ were effective in the way you no doubt think it is, why aren’t current African Americans even nearly as successful as American whites were in the 1950s?

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