Are Jewish Women Attractive?

It’s often said that Jewish women are not attractive, and they even think so themselves. Jewish women have long had neurotic hangups about their appearance, mostly because they tend to be dark haired and dark eyed, and they feel inferior to the blond, blue eyed Gentile woman. There is also a common notion that Jewish men avoid Jewish women like the plague because they remind these men of their mothers with whom they have a conflicted relationship. In addition, Jewish women tend to resent Jewish men as arrogant and narcissistic and obsessed with dating and marrying a blond Gentile woman. So the Jewish women with their hangups about Blond Gentile women are in a sense battling the competition.

I’ve certainly known my share of classically homely Jewish girls and women. In fact, I grew up and went to school with some of them. They were certainly pleasant enough – they were extremely nice people.

However, I have also seen quite a few attractive Jewish women. I had a Jewish girlfriend recently who I thought was beautiful. Well, beautiful for a woman in her 50’s anyway. A former Jewish commenter on this site said that when he was in college, Gentile men were always pretending to be Jewish so they could get into the local Hillel chapter because there were so many beautiful Jewish women in there.

I saw an Israeli dating site recently, and I was going through the women, and many of them were serious knockouts. Surprisingly, the Mizrachi women or Arab Jews were some of the most beautiful of all. They looked something like Arab women. However, many of them seemed moody and neurotic. A typical entry was a pouting, moody 23 year Mizrachi woman describing her stormy emotional life and her typically unsuccessful longing for love. Many of the Mizrachi women from age 20-25 were seriously hot, but then, I love Arab women, and I think they are seriously beautiful, so your mileage may vary.

There have been many famous Jewish porn stars. The men are quite well known, but you would be surprised at how many famous female porn stars were Jewish, including jailbait hottie Tracy Lords! Almost all of them have completely changed their names, and a number have blonde hair. There are Jewish women with blonde hair, but they are not common, and they tend to be bottle blonds. Many of the Jewish female porn stars were knockouts. Well, if you are into Jewish women, that is.


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  2. Dave

    Supposedly they are known for having round booties and have been the inspiration for many a R.L. Crumb comic.

  3. Ryan

    I knew a blonde hair, blue eyed Jewish chick that kind of looked like Sarah Silverman, but much more attractive.

    I can’t remember if it’s her father or mother who is a Jew, but one of them isn’t. So really she could only be half (or maybe not at all, if the mother isn’t a Jew).

  4. guy from Montréal

    A lot of Jewish women are hot, even the ones with big noses!

  5. I prefer Palestinian women:

  6. Dave

    I always found Lisa Edelstein to be especially attractive. Elaine from Seinfeld is a fave. The brunette from Two Broke Girls is cute. Are those fair examples of how Jewish women typically look?

  7. Pretty much everyone had a “thing” for Sarah Michelle Gellar back in the late 90’s…As of today, she is still very much 100% MILF material.

    • Buffy is a jewess?!?!?!?


      • Honest question…She is a pretty girl, yes? Why does her ethnic background matter to you?

      • Gay State Girl


        What ethnicity are you? Are you Indonesian by any chance?

        • I’m Brazilain catholic.

        • Gay State Girl

          We have a lot of Brazilians in Boston. I have been mistaken for Brazilian often especially as my name is commonly used in Portuguese.

        • Well, the Brazilians certainly got the “Gay” part of your name down.

        • Gay State Girl

          LOL. Both mine and one of my sisters have hebrew names that are commonly used in Lusophone cultures. The marrano legacy must be so deeply embedded in Portuguese culture.

        • GSG, you said you had Bukharian ancestry as well? I guess that makes us little “Mongol” cousins.

          If you ever have recurring dreams of shooting flaming errors into the backs of hapless Chinese and Russian peasant villagers, now you know why. 🙂

        • Gay State Girl

          Good to know. My maternal great great grandfather looked a little bit like a Buddha statue from few old photographs I’ve seen.

          You said you were part Irish as well?

        • Yup. My Grandad was 100% Boston Irish…Here is one of my infamous ancestors.

    • Tulio

      I was practically in love with Gellar when I was a teenager.

    • Gay State Girl

      What’s she doing these days?

      • @GSG:

        Making lots of money in LA. No joke. She is a brilliant business woman.

        Now, as a side note…Can someone tell me a thing about blondes? For instance is Gellar a natural blonde? What’s with the brown roots? My brother from another mother growing up was like that, and he is a sandy “blonde,” but do many blondes start out with darker roots or something?

        Honest question! I have pondered this for twenty-five years, and never asked anyone!

      • Gay State Girl

        I don’t think she is a natural blonde. Her facial features are look somewhat semitic (or armenoid) as well.

        • Bottle blonde, eh? Yah, I can see what you mean. I recently learned that Scully of beloved X-Files fame wasn’t a natural redhead, either.

          My world has been destroyed.

      • You can usually tell by pubic hair. The purest natural blonds actually have blond pubic hair. It is pretty trippy to see a completely blond colored hairy pussy? Ever seen one of those? I had sex with a woman once who had a blonde pussy and huge tits. It was a trip.

        I think some pure natural blonds may have more brown public hair. I am not a serious expert on that though. I hate to say but I just have not screwed that many blond chicks. Most of the women and girls I had sex with had brown to dark brown hair, which is most women really. True real natural blonds are just not that common.

        If you see a woman with blond hair and dark pubic hair, for sure she is a bottle blond.

        But the pubic hair method of making these determinations is becoming difficult as pubic hair is going extinct.

  8. Jason Y

    There is a big nosed girl in my math classes, and I think she’s Jewish. She’s pretty hot too. But why would I assume a Jewish looking face and a snart mind would equal a Jew?

    Of course, there is a also two Chinese girls in my Calc III class.

    • Dave

      Does she use terms like oy vey or kvetch? That’s a dead giveaway. Pretty much all people who use those terms are Jewish — except for me! I use those terms. But that’s because I’m trying to attract Jewish women.

  9. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    Why is that blondness is associated with Gentile whites? The majority of Europeans aren’t blond. Even in Northern Europe, blond people are a minority. My Dutch mother had very dark hair and darkbrown eyes. She wasn’t at all unusual. Some Jewish women are blond. To think in terms of black-haired Jews and blond Gentiles is almost totally inaccurate. What separates Jews from Gentile whites are the ideas in their heads, not the hair on their heads.

    Regards. James

  10. kareem

    Here’s a good example of a blond Jewish women.

  11. Tulio

    I tend to not find Askenazi Jewish women attractive. This woman really embodies what I’d consider to be a very typical Jewish American woman:

    No appeal to me whatsoever. On the other hand, I’ve seen tons of hot Israeli women, but maybe they are a different type of Jew.

  12. Tulio

    Even though I’m not an anti-semite, I don’t have any interest in dating a Jewish woman. Even if she’s attractive. I’m not sure why.

    • Tulio

      Maybe if I lived in Israel where there were hotter Jewish women I’d feel differently. But I’m used to the ones that look like the woman in that video. And they don’t appeal to me visually or in personality. I don’t associate Jewish women with being particularly feminine, graceful or sensual.

      Plus, if I ever did get serious with a Jewish woman, I don’t want to be associated with the culture and maybe have the chance of kids that must be considered Jewish and partake in those rituals, I have grown up around Jews and are quite familiar with them. I have nothing against their rituals and culture, it’s just not my culture and I don’t relate to it.

      • Gay State Girl

        That’s quite alright with me. It would be difficult for your (hypothetical) children to be accepted by jewish community even if they were of matrilineal descent.

        • I know I told you this before, but my cousin married a Jewish guy, and her two boys are like “super Jews.” They both even served in the Israeli army. From a religious stand point, are they still considered outsiders? The older one is/was very religious, last I saw him.

        • Gay State Girl

          Did she or her sons convert?

          I was saying that to Tulio because a Jewlatto, even with matrineal descent has difficulty finding acceptance in the Jewish community, including among Sephardim/Mizrahim.

        • I honestly am not sure, GSG. I think she converted, for whatever that entails, but I honestly never bothered to ask. I know very little about this whole subject. Been around her husband’s family plenty, but that’s just something I wouldn’t ask in polite company. None of my business.

          In her case, she is of little value to me anyways…Other than her late 1980’s/early90’s soft-core porn career that was pretty popular on late night Cinamax.

        • Gay State Girl

          They make it really hard to convert. Especially in the Orthodox. It takes about 3-4 years on average, and the Orthodox won’t convert you if you are romantically involved with a jew, for fear that you are converting for marriage. Except for Ivanka Trump. She got an Orthodox conver$ion within six months to marry her husband.

        • GAY STATE GIRL

          When the father is Jewish the kids are even less likely to be accepted, in my experience.

          Also a great deal of it depends upon the status of the father if the mother is Jewish. If Dad is a successful businessman of German descent like Trump they will probably tolerate the kids more than some children of white trash with an absentee Jewish thug father who is in prison.

      • Gay State Girl

        I’m a mild mannered, soft spoken, and semi attractive woman. I never had a problem attracting the interest of non jewish men and I’m comfortable about who I am. I don’t mind if a man out and says he doesn’t want to date jewish women, I just don’t understand why jewish men see the need to take their various inferiority complexes out and redirect them toward jewish women.

        • Dave

          Umm … have you not read Freud?

        • Gay State Girl

          Of course I have. It was just a rhetorical question.

        • Dave

          Semi attractive? So you have a good side and a bad? Women are lucky. They can have some quality about them that makes up for all the negatives. Women see us differently though. They see us as a whole. I’d rather I if we were judged the same way. A woman would be talking to her girlfriend and be like, yeah, he’s got small hands (I’m just saying that because it was recently in the news), but he makes up for it with with his broad shoulders.

        • GAY STATE GIRL Show me an Asian woman that wants to marry a street Jew of the Necro the rapper variety.

          Sorry but these Asian-American women don’t care what the white guys religion is and cannot differentiate between a Jew or other blue-eyed whites.

          I suspect Trump or even the less attractive Warren Buffet or Sam Walton are going to be more attractive to the average Asian-American woman.

          Jewish males in the Bronx have $40,000 to buy a ring after the first date. Please, GAY STATE GIRL.

          The stereotypes about Jews are wrong about HALF THE TIME truthfully.

      • Go on an Israeli or maybe even Jewish dating site. If you are on a Jewish dating site, look for the Israelis. I don’t know about the Ashkenazi chicks, but a lot of the Mizrachi babes are seriously hot. They look as good as Arab women or maybe even better. And they are just as sensual, feminine and graceful as any Arab woman. They did strike me as drama queens though, but most feminine women are pretty dramatic and turbulent. Sort of goes with the feminine character in its base form.

    • Gay State Girl

      I feel the same way about jewish men…

    • Gay State Girl

      I don’t go to jewish socials or singles events or jdate because I generally find jewish men annoying and wimpy.

      • Jason Y

        WOW! That’s a negative stereotype. Are you saying they’re all like Woody Allen? Isn’t the wimpiness though a bi-product of being smart. What smart guy can’t help but being sensitive?

        • Gay State Girl

          Ah don’t know. I grew up with them and view them as my little brothers, but not as potential mates. For some reason, jewish men are highly sought after, a status symbol among asian women in particular. But I don’t need a guy to buy me 40 karat diamonds, but who is incapable of fixing a lightbulb properly. I prefer a guy to take me on a motorcycle.

        • Dave

          Oh, I’m so tired of hearing you can’t be sensitive and brawny. Being sensitive is a strength all its own. It takes a lot of courage to get up and cry in front of other dudes.

        • Jason Y

          Oh, I’m so tired of hearing you can’t be sensitive and brawny. Being sensitive is a strength all its own. It takes a lot of courage to get up and cry in front of other dudes.

          I don’t like crying. It still seems wimpy to me. Nonetheless, where I live it’s so macho, that you can’t have a sensitive opinion about anything. As in tyrannical India that I mentioned, anyone going against the flow is heavily bullied.

          I think the problem is that if someone thinks you have a sensitive opinion, then they think you have an attitude or a chip on the shoulder about something. In other words, your really whining about yourself, hence making you a pussy. However, that’s not always the case.

        • Jason Y

          It is true that Mark Zuckerberg got him a Northeast Asian, hence confirming what Gay State Girl said.

        • Jason Y

          On the other hand, it could be they think your a pussy, but in reality, they just don’t like your opinion, so they bully you. For instance, you could cry in class or church and say you love God and Jesus, and probably nobody in Tennessee would give you a hard time, lol It’s just not cool though, to go against typical Republican beliefs around here.

        • Gay State Girl

          Also the most prominent Asian American women are married to Jewish men:
          Jeannie Suk
          Connie Chung
          Maya Lin
          even Amy Chua was not proud to marry within her race.

        • PreyingMantis

          I have an appreciation for Middle Eastern physical beauty. The most hate for jewish women I’ve seen was by jewish men on a porn forum, many of these men were in the industry. Many Roosh types claim jews and Persians are more work, master game players, gold diggers, and better off Westernized. My personal experience has been good but never serious, the horror stories I’ve heard come from the men who married them.

      • My last gf was Jewish, and she hated Jewish men with passion. She said when she was young, her Mom kept trying to fix her up with these nice Jewish boys, but she hated all of them. She has only dated Gentiles her whole life. She even had Gentile bf’s who were anti-Semitic Catholics lol.

        And she is a lot more Jewish than you might think for a secular Jew. That Jewish identity thing really gets under their skin.

        She told me once how she was talking to some Jewish guy in a bar and he was going on about how much Jewish women sucked and she blasted him good.


        I’ve met some Israeli guys and street Jews that were pretty tough hombres. I suspect you’d meet some in Russia too.

  13. DHL

    Are you Dated?

    • Jason Y

      White guys would do the same in prison.


        Blacks in Northern Midwest jails full of Aryan gangs are usually raped by another black for a few days and then a huge biker or Aryan gang member offers protection in exchange for a sexual relationship.

        These are the young blacks who stole a radio or car the third time.

  14. tristero

    On the issue of Jewish women, attractiveness, and pornography, here’s a fascinating website on Jewish nude models and porn actresses, with tons of photos and bio information:

    It strikes me as pretty hostile to Jews, and it’s not very well designed, but it’s a huge compilation of photos and information, going back decades, evidently based on someone’s fixation.

  15. GAY STATE GIRL I think this goes both ways as quite a few wealthy Asian-American males or even relatively successful ones are married to Jewish girls.

    Likewise many Jewish women are married to successful Irish-Catholic males in New York.

    Probably this is because of WHERE they meet. Asians and Jews and WASPS are going to be working in some tech-industry when they meet.

  16. Jewish women < Arab women. Jewish have this weird features like big noses, droopy eyes, big ears etc. Whereas Arab women have amazing curves and seductive aura about them.

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