There Are Good Ruling Classes and Bad Ruling Classes

William Playfair Web writes:


The ruling classes of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras leaves lower and middle income people few options but to leave

The ruling class is typically descended from the people of the European nation of Spain who are white or at least whiter than the native inhabitants of those countries. Hence, they are of higher IQs.

Do you believe higher IQ people rising to the top to become a ruling class is a good thing? I take it you are not a libertarian?

Yes, ruling classes exist all over the world. China, Iran, the Arab World, all of Europe including Norway, Sweden, Finland, etc. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have ruling classes. As do New Zealand and Australia.

The difference is that the ruling classes of Latin America are stone evil. Those are the most evil ruling classes on the face of the Earth. I am convinced that the only way to deal with them is simply to eliminate them altogether, to take them out. That’s what the Cubans did, and they did the right thing. They wiped the Cuban ruling class off the face of Earth. Yes, they went to Miami, where they are now the ruling class of Miami, but the ruling class of Cuba was simply exterminated. That’s the only way to deal with these monsters. You just need to flat out get rid of them.

I include the ruling classes of Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay in this category. However, the elites in Peru and Venezuela often ruled via fake “socialist” parties that were actually members of the Socialist International!

These people are just evil. They do not believe in democracy, much like our vile and despicable conservative ruling class. Whenever the Left comes into power, these ruling classes overthrow it in some way or another. They used to do it by military coup, and they still do (see Honduras) but now they have other methods (fake impeachment in Brazil and Paraguay, fake corruption scandal in Brazil, economic sabotage and street rioting in Venezuela and Brazil, fake claims of human rights abuses/dictatorship and assassinations in Venezuela).

So there is really no peaceful road to socialism (or even social democracy) in Latin America. Maybe Lenin was onto something with his talk of parliamentary cretins. The Leninists have always said that it would be nice if the Left could take power peacefully, but the ruling classes will not allow the Left to come to power peacefully because power does not give up without a fight. Therefore the ruling class has to be overthrown by force. I really do believe that they are correct. Look what happens when you try to do it peacefully: Allende, Chavez, Gaitan, Zelaya, Juan Bosch, Cheddi Jagan, Dilma Rouseff, Arbenz, Father Aristide. It doesn’t work.

I would put the ruling classes of Mexico and Costa Rica in a different category.

Mexico’s ruling class is actually part of a revolutionary party that is a member of the Socialist International. The reason Mexico did not have a Leftist revolution in the 1980’s was because, as my mother put it when I asked her why not, “They already had their revolution.” Mexico has long had great relations with Cuba and for the entirety of the war, the Marxist FMLN guerrillas of El Salvador had their head offices in Mexico City itself. They have national health care, free education to the university level and most of the rural land is owned by the state as “ejidos,” which are rented out for use by any peasants who wish to farm them.

However the elite did steal an election from a Left candidate in 1988, 25 years ago. The Mexican ruling class will only go so far with their shabby socialism.

The ruling class of Costa Rica for some reason made a class compromise and a social contract with the people sometime after WW2. They also decided to get rid of their military altogether. The fact that Costa Rica has historically been one of the Whitest countries in Latin America may have been one of the reasons that they were able to put in a social democracy. Reagan ordered them at gunpoint to destroy their social democracy in the 1980’s. I understand that they took much of it apart, but a lot of it still exists.

I have not heard a lot of bad things about the ruling classes of Panama, Belize, most of the Caribbean islands, the Guyanas and even Uruguay.


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14 responses to “There Are Good Ruling Classes and Bad Ruling Classes

  1. Ed

    Alot of this depends on the extent to which the ruling class thinks it might need the peasants and middle class technicians to fight wars for them against the ruling classes of other countries.

    European countries have constantly been at at war, and the European ruling classes were actually willing to share power. Interesting, after the Cold War and with the EU, with the threat of war lifted from Europe, the European ruling class started screwing the peasants, dismantling some of their social democratic welfare state, and importing cheap labor from the Middle East.

    The US did not go as far as Europe. The US has fought wars in other parts of the world, but if the states had been in several smaller separate countries, such as after a CSA victory, there probably would have been more social democracy. Even the Confederates were recruiting Blacks into their army at the very end, so even they are not exempt from this rule.

    Mexico has to worry about having another go-round with the United States. But with a few exceptions, all the other Latin American countries have not fought wars with each other. They leave each other alone to exploit their peasants. Brazil is a partial exception and it has great power ambitions.

    • Punjabi Sardar

      Alot of this depends on the extent to which the ruling class thinks it might need the peasants and middle class technicians to fight wars for them against the ruling classes of other countries.

      So then rulers who fight wars for the benefit of the other 3 varn are divine.

    • Jason Y

      The US did not go as far as Europe. The US has fought wars in other parts of the world, but if the states had been in several smaller separate countries, such as after a CSA victory, there probably would have been more social democracy.

      Social democracy for African Americans ?? 😆 The black codes after the Civil War showed what locals had planned, stuff like whipping free black workers.

  2. Jason Y

    Robert may be on to something. Note that European feudalism didn’t die out until the black plague vastly reduced the peasant population, giving the remaining ones more power.

    • Jason Y

      Of course, as Robert noted, the explaination for so called “lack of democracy” in Cuba is very apparent. The ruling classes will not peacefully co-exist with a socialst government.

  3. Ed

    Via Naked Capitalism, two articles on Brazil:

    I repost these here because for various reasons, its close to impossible to get any English speaking information on Brazil that does not come from the Brazilian far right (as in even to the right of the PSDB). Brazil is a continental sized country with a high degree of social stratification. Pretty much no one speaks a language other than Portuguese. Internet access is difficult. Not alot of Americans work or live there, they are one of the few countries to impose a visa requirement on Americans, though its not that onerous, and its not particularly open to American investment, though there are efforts underway to fix that.

    So if you come across English speaking commentary on Brazil, its safe to assume that its coming from their 1%, either directly or indirectly. They are the only people in the country who can both speak English, have access to the internet, and if you see a blog post, have both the time and inclination to read English language blogs that are focused on American politics.

    Anyway, one thing I learned from the articles that I hadn’t considered before is that the Brazilian military is very much the dog that has not barked. And its not like they have some tradition of not interfering in domestic politics. There is hope, though its slim, that we will wind up with a 1930 situation instead of the more obvious 1964 situation.

  4. Another William Playfair Web

    Yes, they went to Miami, where they are now the ruling class of Miami, but the ruling class of Cuba was simply exterminated.

    So Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are remnants. They’re still around.

    I take it you would have preferred a different type of revolution. 🙂

  5. Jason Y

    They’re stone evil (The third world ruling classes) because they’re Nazis. See, I was pointing out how heartless and condescending the Latin American commenter santo-culto was. It’s because he’s a product of the ideology he professes, even if occassionaly he might favor some left wing idea.

    If want to see how crappy the far right is, just go on Stormfront. Look at the main commenters and what they say. Obviously any kind of ideology which ignores the environment totally, and is so much focused on genetics will produce that situation.

    Of course, the third world is tough, kind of like poor white neighborhoods in the US. The threat of being robbed is real, so it produces people with no compassion, much like some NYC neighborhood where being soft is frowned upon (from the movie Sleepers). Anyhow, siding with your own race and class and being hardass is high priority, hence all the enthusiasm for the far right.

    Liberalism has mainly evolved in the US cause some parts of it don’t have the brutality as we see in the third world. Isolated from bad members of certain ethnic groups or social classes, white people have developed more loving and civilized attitudes toward non-whites, not seeing them as a threat.

    • Jason Y

      What are we going to ignore about the environment? How about the millions of orphans from AIDS in Africa (No strong parental supervision and upbringing)? How about free trade? How about one parent homes in the US? However, if your rich and surrounded by poor peasants (as in the third world) you won’t care. Nor will you care if your in a US prison being threatened with rape. Nor will you care if your from some poor white neighborhood where indoctrination in hate is common.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah definitely the problem with many white nationalists and third world elites is that they are too tough for their own good. Of course, they may have real reasons for being that way Nonetheless, it’s blinded them to compassion and seeing thing with an unbiased perspective.

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