Eric Holder, the Banksters’ Inside Man

Found on the Net:

For example, Eric Holder watched the large banks steal trillions from the American people; his Department of Justice employees compiled at least 30 major lawsuits nailing the banks. Holder did not bring a single suit and destroyed all the evidence before he went back to officially working directly for the same banks he protected indirectly while in office.

I believe that all of this is completely true. Anyone else have any opinions on this statement? Is this the way it went down?

I do remember at the time that the FBI said that they were not going to prosecute anyone due to the scandal because there were just too many people to prosecute. The fraud was all encompassing and permeated the whole industry. The FBI stated that if they were going to go after everyone all of the criminals who broke the law leading to the market crash, they would have to put half of Wall Street in prison. Personally, I think that would be a great idea, but the FBI said it was just not doable.


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2 responses to “Eric Holder, the Banksters’ Inside Man

  1. Ed

    The Obama administration is historically notable for one thing and maybe for another.

    The first thing they are notable for is having the Justice Department state in public that some people in this country are above the law, that even if they committed crimes they would not be prosecuted. That was definitely not true of the preceding Bush administration, and the Clinton administration came very close to crossing this line but never exactly did. This is significant. It means we live in a very different society than before 2009.

    The second thing that might be true is that he may have actually scotched plans to get the US into wars with Iran, Russia, and/ or China, though this is not clear and we will find out more maybe sometime in the future.

    One conspiracy theory about LBJ is that he gave the establishment the war in Vietnam they wanted in return for their letting the Great Society go forward domestically. What I outlined could be the opposite bargain, giving the establishment everything they wanted domestically but keeping them from going insane on foreign policy.

  2. Gary

    The bankers captured the dept of justice.It is organized crime. Holder was a patsy, the bankers drove it. Here it is, chapter and verse, a must see :

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