We Are All Israelis Now, or the Israelization of the West

From Antiwar.com, a great site if you can get past the Libertarian bullshit ideology that permeates the entire site. In their defense though, I will acknowledge that in recent years, the site now has many leftwing and liberal commenters too. They seem to have moderated their views and are now willing to enter into an anti-intervention coalition made up of the Libertarian (and Trumpist) Right and the liberal-Left anti-interventionists and better yet anti-imperialists.

It’s a crazy coalition, but many coalitions are pretty nutty. Two winged movements representing two very different colored birds look at each other, find a small group of feathers that match and unite into one political avian species on that basis. As much as I hate Trump, he is correct when he says life itself is “the art of the deal.” If you can’t make deals in life, you will get nowhere. Even my own father, very much a hardline Cold War liberal ideologue something along Bernie Sanders lines, used to shrug his shoulders and say, “politics is the art of the possible.” I say let them flower. When it comes to coalitions that advance our cause, let a thousand coalitions bloom.

Israeli hawks prefer ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Hamas to Saddam, Assad, and Arafat, because the people of the West are less likely to be willing to co-exist with the former than the latter. Especially as terrorist attacks and refugee crises mount in the West, the rise and reign of the terrorists may finally overcome public opposition to troop commitment, and necessitate the Western invasion and permanent occupation of the Greater Middle East, followed, of course, by its perpetual exploitation by, among other Washington favorites, Israel and Israeli corporations.

The West may become a Global Israel, forever occupying, forever dispossessing, forever bombing, and forever insecure. And the Middle East may become a Global Palestine, forever occupied, forever dispossessed, forever bombed, and forever desperately violent. That is how war is realizing the Israelizing of the world.

Pretty interesting. All of the West will become “Global Israel,” forever occupying, dispossessing and bombing Arabs and in turn making itself forever insecure. The Arab World itself will become Global Palestine, forever occupied, dispossessed and bombed by the New Israel (the West) and in turn becoming itself desperately violent.

The first sentence in the quote is not really true though. Yes, Israel much prefers Hamas to the PLO because the PLO seems somewhat reasonable and foreigners might be inclined to work with them to try to force a deal on Israel. The one thing Israel does not want is a peace agreement. Instead of a peace agreement, the Israelis feel that they should just fight a war are against the Arabs forever or until the Arabs are finally defeated.

This mindset is nothing new.

And the reason Israelis prefer Al Qaeda and ISIS to Saddam and Assad is simple.

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