Israel Prefers Al Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas to Saddam, Assad and Arafat

The latter were heads of very powerful states, and the former are simply transnational terrorist groups with no state behind them. Sure, ISIS has a state of sorts, but it cannot exist like Iraq and Syria did. For years, those two states lived in peace with the world, and no one was waging war on them. As long as ISIS exists, much of the world will be attacking it.

The Israelis fear states and semi-states. They do not fear isolated non-state terrorist groups. Hezbollah is now so heavily armed that it is more or less the armed forces of Lebanon, so this state within a state is an Israeli enemy. Israel does not fear Al Qaeda and ISIS because they think they can handle them. Whereas states like Syria, Iraq and Iran and de facto states like Hezbollah pose a real threat.


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3 responses to “Israel Prefers Al Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas to Saddam, Assad and Arafat

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  2. Halal Butcher of Lhasa

    Its obvious Israel prefer ISIS,Al Qaeda over sadam,arafat…
    The present fuckup state of the arabs and muslims in M.E. are due to 3 causes IMO:
    1)The yanks and the west fuck them bocs of oil
    2)The arabs fuck themselves up with their tribal and sectarian wars
    3)They invite the west to fuck them up, like the arabs ganged up with the limeys and French to topple the ottoman empire.
    Supporting the ISIS, al qaeda sure help to destablise the M.E. I don’t think to Israelis and the americans, ‘terrorism’ is such a big deal. Something like 1 million Algerians were killed during their independence struggle.
    My conclusion is the present course of arab sunni islam is hopeless and increasingly so with the demise of the importance of oil. Allah has forsaken the arabs period. Unless if a new leader(to avoid Islamic rhetorics, just call him a reincarnation of an olden prophet) can come along and create a new religion or at least a new version of islam, arabs are doomed.

    • EPGAH

      They invite the West to fuck them up whenever they attack us, or “nationalize” the oil wells and refineries WE build. But that’s THEM fucking US, not US fucking THEM, right?

      As to the Algerians, how can you claim that’s anything like the same? They were not fighting for independence, they were fighting to overthrow the country France built up–then when they got their Wish, how many of them invaded France. What happened, they decided they liked living in Civilized World conditions even if it meant living under Civilized World rules? If so, why didn’t they think of THAT before overthrowing the country?
      More importantly, why did France let the savages in? If they overthrew ONE French country…What will stop them from overthrowing another?

      How are terrorists doomed exactly? I’d like to say the ONLY way the savages could save themselves is to stop attacking us, Now&Forever, to make a treaty and actually LIVE by it…BUT!
      We keep fighting them in this halfass manner. A war against an equal enemy (Fellow Europeans) took an alleged Hundred Years. More recently, WWII was over in 7.

      If we fought WWII as halfass as we fight the terrorists now, “Man In The Tall Castle” would be reality instead of a good book and an also-ran TV show.
      SO I don’t really see the terrorists as having much to fear, they keep hitting us and we keep kinda sorta hitting back, but not hard enough to make them stop hitting us!

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