ISIS Bombings in Brussels

Major attacks in two different places in Brussels – one at Maelbeek Metro Station and the other at Zavantem Airport. There are many dead and wounded. Is this revenge for the arrest of Abdeslam, mastermind of the Paris attacks?

34 dead, 187 wounded. Attacks hit at 8 AM Brussels time, or 11 PM last night my time. Weird that I heard nothing about it until this morning. ISIS just claimed responsibility.


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8 responses to “ISIS Bombings in Brussels

  1. Optimus Prime

    What else to expect after they sold their nations out in the name of embracing diversity.

  2. Revenge is probably the proximate cause. But do they even need a reason, other than that they are primitive moral midgets with delusions of adequacy?

  3. Jason Y

    All this stuff gives more power to Trump. However, Trump’s master plan would be worse than anything the Muslims can think of.

    • EPGAH

      Is that a bad thing? Whether you go by the last 1400 years, the last 14 years, or even the last 1.4, there is no punishment by God, Man, or beast that would be sufficient for the terrorists.

      BUT if we can rain sufficient Hell on them, MAYBE we can make them peaceful. It was not our superior negotiation that made the Indians, Mexicans, Nazis, and Japanese stop attacking us. We rained down Hell on them until they surrendered AND MEANT IT!
      We will have to do the same with the terrorists. There is no lack of firepower, merely lack of will to use it.

  4. pepperroncini

    I don’t think it is revenge, the amount of time between arresting Abdelsalam and the bombings is too short to plan the attack and acquire the necessary materials . EU security agencies have been telling us for months now that several attacks are being planned.

  5. Rus

    An unexpected drama:
    The chief of the Ukrainian Gestapo said that the bombings might be a plot by the Kremlin. The Russian Prime Minister answered that the chief is a dumbass.

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