Best of Friends


Best friends Billary Clinton and Donald Trump get together with Republicrat Rudy Giuliani and Dempublican Mayor Bloomberg for a friendly game of golf.

They’re all the same. I keep telling you all that the whole elite is all the same. Both parties are run by and for the 1% or at least the top 10% of America. The rest of us lower 90% can go pound sand.

And there is the reason for the Trump-Sanders phenomenon right there. Anytime there is a severe crisis in capitalism or if wealth starts getting too maldistributed, you almost always see a militant red or socialist-Communist challenge from the Left. There’s Sanders.

And at the same time, you often get a militant brown or fascist challenge from the Right. There’s Trump.

And then you start getting street fighting between the Left and Right mobs as in prewar Germany or present day Thailand, or an armed Right and an armed Left killing each other with weaponry as in Latin America, India, Ukraine and the Philippines.

Remember the 1930’s? Communists and fascists fighting in the streets (prewar Berlin and outside Trump rallies)? Vast fascist rallies (Hitler, Mussolini and Trump)? Rightwing goons attacking their enemies (Italian blackshirts, German brownshirts, Salvadoran death squads staffed by street thugs from the lower middle class, Trump’s lower middle class and lower class goons)?

Humans are basically stupid. They could learn from the past but they don’t, but they simply refuse to or else they are too stupid to draw an analogy between one era and another.


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2 responses to “Best of Friends

  1. Subliminal Star

    What’s so interesting about your article is that President Obama alongside the Democrats and the Republican Congresspeople are always bickering about how nobody wants to work across party lines to actually get something done on Capitol Hill. I begin to wonder if they’re all just taking unusually lengthy lunch breaks when they’re supposed to be working.

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