Welcome to Donald Trump’s America

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I live in Tennessee in an upper middle class neighborhood and some of my neighbors now have trump signs and confederate flags in their yards. Literally every house with a Trump sign has a confederate flag. I am blown away. They are no longer ashamed of their racism. They wear it like a badge of honor. Nothing good can come from empowering the crazies and that is what Trump is doing for his own selfish gain. I now feel uneasy in my own neighborhood…

The people next door actually told me that they are waiting on the rapture and that Trump is God’s deliverer.  They went on to explain that God destroyed Haiti because “it wasn’t a Godly country.”  He is a pastor of a church with about two thousand members…

…The confederate flags were out in swarm when South Carolina took their Confederate swastika down. But they went back into hiding after about 4 weeks here.

I’m in very rural east TN and the open hatred for people of color around here truly shocked me. A lady I thought was my friend said she didn’t want to sing from a certain hymnal book because it was nigger music. Another woman who I thought was smart said she couldn’t bear the thought of those little nigger girls playing on the White House lawn when Obama got elected. I hear racist crap like this just standing in the grocery line.

I’m from Baltimore and raised in a family that fought against racism. As a child we went to Martin Luther King’s funeral. And my mother went around posing as the wife of a black man to expose redlining. So, I am horrified by these disgusting bigots, if I could get my money out of my farm, I would move.

Trump has seemed to reinvigorate these hideous people. They seem to think Trump is their savior and will get rid of anybody different from them. They think they are Christian, they think they are so put upon, they want to turn the US into Nazi Germany…

…I don’t know where your from or where you reside but I live in NE, a solidly red state in the middle of the bible belt. I hail from OK. Even more conservative. I’ve listened to the racial rhetoric and experienced the hatred all my life. For a long time, society managed to tamp it down, but now it has a national voice and people by the millions are flocking to it. This will not go away after the General Election. It is here to stay until, and unless we find a way to stomp it out and force these miscreants back under their rocks.

This is really starting to get scary. Good God, what have we unleashed?


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21 responses to “Welcome to Donald Trump’s America

  1. I hope Trump doesn’t hold his breath until I welcome him!!

  2. Jason Y

    I’m from East TN, and I did tell you about the black man/white women mixed kids couple harassed out my mountain valley. There were cross burnings,racist leflets dropped in their yard, somebody flying a white power flag (Something that happened by chance? They aren’t flying it now.)

    • Jason Y

      A neighbor had thier white power flag ONLY when that couple was in the valley. Never seen it up at another time. Stuff burning that seemed like crosses burning ONLY when that couple was in the valley.

    • Jason Y

      Actually some places in East Tn are worse than others. In the major cities, there is a lot of tolerance, but certain rural areas seem radicalized, so to speak. Probably the right is full of hate they’d mock what I’m saying, and say the tolerant areas are pussified. Anyhow, I call hate for hate when I see it.

      Yeah in one area you see mixed raced couples at Wal-Mart and it’s no big deal, but just 30 miles out and the most vile idiots imaginable come out.

  3. Rolld

    Cross Burnings? Really? Such things would make 24/7 international news. Guys, let’s drop the played out 50s memes please. If we are referring to things and couples that don’t exist, or seeking be offended, then we deserve Trump. If we are to become ‘afraid’ over Confederate battle flags, or any other inanimate concoctions of woven together threads; then we are pussies and deserve whatever we get. Let’s not be wusses any more guys, c’mon, we can do it.

    • Jason Y

      Bullcrap Of course, I wouldn’t say there were actual cross burnings, but stuff was burning, there were white power flags waving, and all this stuff when the mixed couple was in my valley and at no other time.

      I think now the racists are resorting to smoke signals or something, not cross burnings. Nonetheless, the message gets across to anyone with half a brain.

      No, racism of the viscous variety is not dead in the least bit. That’s a lie WNs and Republicans are spreading. Of course, though you gotta be in a real backwoods area to find it.

      • Jason Y

        This whole “wussy bullshit” was the same stuff the Klan was saying in the 60s. In other words, you have to defend southern honor and be a real man, which means join them. How about a real man who says no to them ??

      • Jason Y

        Another lie by Republicans and the racists, is that all cross burnings and harassment of a racial variety are reported to cops. in reality, a lot of times the people involved don’t want attention, so they ignore the problem. Of course, once it becomes too extreme, these people will leave, but they won’t nark on anyone.

        Why they wouldn’t want attention? Perhaps cause it would cause more harassment from local redneck idiots, and also the people live in the area and such things could hurt thier employment (job chances, working environment etc..), and also the school environment of thier children.

  4. Punjabi Sardar

    Look, don’t insult the Swastik it’s an ancient symbol of Bharat Varsh. & tilted Swastik are not unique to hitler.

  5. Paul Letteri

    I have spoken to quite a few people down south on the confederate flag.
    The majority I have spoken of Southern pride and all the suffering and loyalty during the war between the dtstes,to them it was honor and over 90% of the
    Confederates fighting were just farmers or folks just trying to get by that Never owned a slave.As usual it was the rich who did not want to loose all 5 he free labor. That is the truth. The people were brain washed or convinced that if the slaves were free their would take their jobs ,and then take their homes many people did not have even a high school education in small communities. The southern people suffered dearly especially after 1862 the union had 10x the resources for most manufacturing was up north. Many southerners did not evrn have good footwear after 6 months .many were barely eating but still fought on for two more years in 1863. I am from the north and have read letters from soldiers ,families and life in general.
    It is more if a historical symbol of Remembering and pride .
    On thd negative side you will get a small percentage who have prejudice hearts that led to this talk and to remove the flag. It is part of your 1st amendment. Evrn up morph I see people with yhe stars and bars flag.
    Many have No clue what it means it just looks cool and represents their rebellious nature against the establishment.

    • Jason Y

      Usually the best call of action with that stuff (the Confederate flag) is just to ignore it. By banning it, the establishment is stirring trouble.

  6. EPGAH

    Hmm, a family in Baltimore that fought racism? You mean giving the thugs “Space To Destroy”? And trying to expose redlining, to what purpose? Forcing Black thugs into otherwise safe, white neighborhoods?
    This guy feels uneasy in his neighborhood, what about the rest of us seeking sanctuary in OURS? I mean, without the wherewithal to hide behind Gates, Gaps, and Goons? For the rich, it’s ALWAYS 1954, the rest of us have to live in what is increasingly resembling the start of some 80s movie/videogame–but without The Hero(es) to clean up the Scum of the Earth, and make it all nice, safe, and pretty again!

    Did they ever think that Trump’s popularity might be explicitly BECAUSE Americans have had OUR identity increasingly “tamped down”, to make room for the ever-expanding egos of these scum? Maybe when we see our cities becoming “collapsed hellholes full of dysfunction, disease, starvation, violence, crime, depravity, degeneracy, chaos and corruption.” we don’t want it, but if we speak out, we get labeled “racist” and we’re tired of being cast aside in favor of the scum that cause it?

    What have you unleashed? Or did you pull too hard on the leash and the leash finally snapped?

  7. EPGAH

    God didn’t have to destroy Haiti, the savages did enough of that on their own. The earthquake COULD have been the kick in the ass they needed to realize “This Isn’t Working”, BUT our tons of food, money, and of course, our Foreign Aid Workers to rape
    (Robert did an article on that: https://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2015/12/27/anti-racist-idiot-goes-to-haiti-gets-raped-is-thankful-for-the-experience/ )
    This prevented the savages from hitting Rock Bottom, and thus prevented them from WANTING to change! If the whole Civilized World couldn’t fix Africa after 400 years, what did the Foreign Aid Workers expect to accomplish in 1-2 years?

    Haiti is just what you’d expect from the “least intelligent people on the planet”, right? All we can do is try to contain it…but that’s “Redlining”, isn’t it?

  8. EPGAH

    PS, what’s so scary about the “World Of Stupid” being temporarily obstructed/delayed, even if Trump proves not up to the task of rolling it back?

  9. Jason Y

    These attacks on racism are interesting, but couldn’t someone say that it’s just constructive bullying as noted in some posts? In other words, the bullying is helping blacks or whoever else. Of course, I would disagree.

    • Constructive bullying is bullying someone to quit acting abnormal and start acting normal. It’s not constructive bullying to bully someone about something they cannot control. A Black person can hardly stop being Black.

      • Jason Y

        Yeah, but that’s what a lot of them do. Bully people for having curly hair. Bully people for being mentally retarded etc.. Look how they picked on GayStateGirl.

        Plus the line is thin between people being weird and just being exhibiting traits that are natural to them, so pride becomes an issue.

        • Jason Y

          Possibly it’s getting hard to bully those who deserve bullying (psychos, assholes etc..) because bullies have always insisted on bullying people for things of which they have no control (being handicapped, having certain inborn characteristics)

          Now you cannot bully anyone which can be a bad thing, cause I said, some people are punks, psychos, assholes and someone has to stand up to them.

        • Jason Y

          You can’t really say that a lot of punks etc.. are that way due to something they have no control over. That’s why it’s OK to bully them to put them in thier place.

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