Labour Party Member Suspended for Telling the Truth about the Jews

According to Jews, the definition of antisemitism means telling the truth about Jews or Israel.

Vicki Kirby, a Labour Party candidate for office, was suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation into a series of “antisemitic tweets.” With clickbait like that as a headline, how could I not go read the gruesome details? I was rather shocked that a Labour Party candidate would say something about Jewish people, as vulgar antisemitism of that variety has long been out of favor with the cocktail party classes in favor of the polite antisemitism along the lines of “that shitty little country.” I personally much prefer the polite variety of antisemitism over the vulgar Stormfront variety. It’s so much classier, you know?

Turns out she said nothing wrong at all. She didn’t even attack Jewish people. She attacked their shitty little country.

Here are the tweets:

“We invented Israel when saving them from Hitler, who now seems to be their teacher.”

“I will never forget and I will make sure my kids teach their children how evil Israel is!”

In other words, she told the truth about Israel. Israel is a National Socialist ethnic nationalist country, one of the most Nazi-like countries in that sense in the world today. Palestinians are forced to do just about all but wear gold stars, although I assume that’s coming soon. And if Israel isn’t evil, nothing is.

She also suggested that ISIS should attack Israel, which is a bit much, I agree.

I do not see any antisemitism here. I see some attacks on a vile little pustule on the face of the world called Israel, but attacking a shitty little country isn’t the same thing as attacking Jewish people.

The most annoying thing by far about Jewish people is their incessant screeching about “antisemitism,” 90% of which is hallucinated. Most so-called antisemitism is just people complaining about the horrific behavior of some awful Jewish person, and there are plenty of examples of that.

When Jews are good, they’re pretty damn good, but when they’re bad, they’re truly horrid. I don’t think Jewish scum are any worse than Gentile scum. A Jewish banker-slime is as loathsome as a Gentile banker-slime. It’s not like Gentile white collar crooks act better than Jewish white collar crooks. They’re all just ambulatory sewage.

I suppose the problem is that there are so many scummy Jewish people. Which begs the question of why? Is there something in the Jewish religion that says it’s ok to be a POS? That says it’s ok to lie, cheat and steal and do whatever it takes to get your hands on the grubby loot? Maybe so.

The Jewish religion can be interpreted many ways, but one popular interpretation is about as a moral as Hinduism,though it does not stoop quite that low. It’s a system of dual morality. Sure, Judaism has all sorts of moral rules – there are 13,000 pages of them in the Talmud for God’s sake! But guess what? All that stuff is a list of things you cannot do to other Jews. On the other hand, the list of moral rules when it comes to dealing with Gentiles is…nothing! There’s nothing you cannot do to a Gentile! So perhaps the awful, morally reprehensible behavior we see in so many Jewish people (the source of most antisemitism) is in fact rooted right there in that sleazy tribal religion of theirs.


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7 responses to “Labour Party Member Suspended for Telling the Truth about the Jews

  1. Jason Y

    So called Jews, just like tyrannical third world landowners only hold power over the weak. As education improves, more people can have a more equal piece of the pie. Jews, landowners etc.. are simply taking advantage of weakness, as that’s how business operates. For instance, if somebody can control anything for cheap, then they have a good thing going, at least for themselves.

  2. Jason Y

    White nationalists are hypocrites. The condemn Israel’s treatment of Palestine, but praise the Aparthied South Africa’s treatment of blacks. Doesn’t anyone else see the massive hypocrisy.

    Also the white nationalists claim to hate “mixed race” people, yet Palestinians are massively mixed.

    • Gay State Girl

      They’re so hypocritical on so many levels.

      They adopt the black nationalist line, yet they gloat about poverty and ethnic strife in countries in Africa. or gang violence (black on black) in black majority areas.

      They oppose any form of Jewish nationalism, yet don’t want jews in their countries.

      And not to mention the British Empire only encompassed 13 million square miles, compared to Israel (less than 10,000 square miles.) If Israel had been allowed to seize control of the lion’s share of the Middle East’s resources, they would have be able to subjugate and pacify the Palestinians (and others) without killing so many of them.

      There is so much legitimate criticism against Israel (what with creating a “safe haven” in the most turbulent region in the world, depending on financial and military support from the West, undermining the US relations with other mid east nations, and jeopardizing the economic situation for much of the world) but there is no comparison to the British Empire.

      I just wish Israel were located elsewhere.

      • Jason Y

        Good point. They bitch about how blacks cannot maintain a nation, yet demand blacks leave white nations and create or live in thier own nation. Of course, even if blacks do leave white nations, eventually they will come back as ethnic African natons are exploding in population.

        Utimately the real solution to blacks according white nationalists would be to reduce thier number, which could only come about via germ warfare (which would backfire and hurt whites) or warfare.

  3. Trutheller

    I certainly agree with you, Bob that “MOST Jews are subhuman scum”. These parasitical vermin are certainly disproportionately the cause of virtually all evil in the world today, not only their oppression of the Palestinian people – for which, by the way, ALL Jews are responsible. I agree with Gilad Atzmon that there is certainly no such thing as a genuinely “anti-Zionist Jew”; just competing forms of scheming kikes seeking to control and dispossess others. The only “good Jew” is a dead one!

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  5. Rus

    I never understand such a great concern about Jews, both from the right and from the left. By upper estimates Jews are about 20 millions or about 0.2% of the world’s population, why this 0.2% is so significant for everybody?

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