For the Cultural Left, We Are Always Wrong No Matter How Hard We Try


Bottom line is White, cis, heterosexual men are never PC enough for these people. No matter what you do, it’s never enough. We are always racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic no matter what we do. It’s hopeless, and that’s why it’s insane for anyone who is White, male, heterosexual or normal (cis) to ever get on board with these clowns unless you are some sort of a masochist.


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10 responses to “For the Cultural Left, We Are Always Wrong No Matter How Hard We Try

  1. Stary Wylk

    We live in an interesting time when many inferior persons have allied to bring down their betters. The inferiors do not realize or do not care that their standards of living are dependent on the productivity and generosity of their betters. I say they do not care because these inferiors often strike me as suicidal; doing things that are bad for them, often the same things over and over.

    It’s very like grade school. More later.

  2. Subliminal Star

    It’s likely white, heterosexual men who have the worst time over anyone else trying to find decent employment here in the United States of America. Affirmative action gets everyone else hired and makes white, heterosexual men unemployable. If you notice that the amount of American citizens leaving our country and renouncing their citizenship to live abroad has increased dramatically since 2008, probably most of those expats were white, heterosexual men who left when they had a chance.

  3. Horatio

    This is why people join the far right.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If you’re going to be called “racist” even while you shut your mouth as jobs you apply for go to foreign H1B workers, while you speak in defence of other races, while you treat people with tolerance, while you look the other way at mass immigration, then you may as well join the far right group which will protect your interests, and get called racist.

    Same difference.

    Tell me, what advantage is there for a white person to be anti-racist these days? The only advantage is it MAY, repeat MAY, MIGHT hold off on accusations of racism against you.

    I learned years ago even being anti-racist the ‘wrong’ way got you called a racist and a bigot.

  4. Bay Area Guy

    As Ramzpaul once put it, at some point, you just decide to say “fuck it, I might as well become a shitlord.”

    Once you make it abundantly clear that their buzzwords, rhetoric, and other forms of attack have no effect on you, then SJWs have nothing.

  5. Jason Y

    I wouldn’t take the cultural left too seriously. Myself, I avoid sexually harassing women who obviously don’t deserve it, say at some family restaurant or something, but I wouldn’t apply the same standards to a Hooter’s girl.

  6. Ultra Cool

    What I hate the most about the cultural left and is how effective they are at turning White men away from the real left (true Marxism) and push them into the far right.

    It all happens because nowadays you can’t be even a very moderate socialist without having to be a PC whackjob as well, so many White men who were or could have been socialist are being forced to leave the left because it’s too hostile to them now, most of them migrating to the right or even far right.

    I used to be a leftist myself but I left the left because of PC, and I know some White men who did the same and the number of White men becoming hostile to socialism is growing because socialists allowed their turf to be taken over by PC lunatics.

    • Jason Y

      It depends on what you consider loon PC to be. For instance, I have no problem with racial integration or inter-racial marriage, but I don’t want gays leading a boy scout troop. Transsexuals? Have they really thought the decision thru good enough?

      • Ultra Cool

        Well, I meant PC is one the chief reasons White men are running away from socialism and joining the hyper-capitalist right, if socialists wish to increase their numbers they have to get rid of PC in their ranks, because as long as you have to be a PC clown to be accepted as a socialist, the number of socialists is only going to decline as White men join the far-right simply because the left is becoming too hostile against them.


    The cultural left is just the end point — or result — of where pure Marxist thinking can take you. There were probably numerous possibilities, but humans being human, will always go for the option that controls and subjugates others for their own sakes — in this case to protect their ideology.

    I support various leftist causes — such as welfare for the disabled and unemployed — but the current levels of unemployment benefit and other kinds of benefits paid to millions annually is undeserved. I’m of the opinion that the people who receive benefits should have to work on government-administered community service programs: in this way the recipients of benefits/welfare will “earn” the money they (supposedly) desperately need, instead of slacking off doing nothing. This idea is more marxist than what many supposed marxists desire.

    We need a “national” socialism that preserves what made the West what it (was) is while carrying out the myriad aims of socialist thought that actually brings some benefit and advancement in society. However, we don’t need the Nazi version of national socialism.

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