Veddoids In Modern and Ancient Asia: A Predominant Type?

Pepperoncini writes:

I think when you say Australoid, you mean Veddoid, and Vedda people are distinct and different from Dravidians, including Tamils. Tamils have a range of phenotypes. Tamil-speaking groups can range from very dark with low nose bridge and broad noses to dark, normal nose bridge and average nasal index.

Whatever the Tamils may appear to be, when we put Tamil skulls on a graph, they plot with the Senoi, Negritos, Andaman Islanders, Papuans and similar groups.

The Senoi are an Australoid group that are best seen as Veddoids transplanted to Southern China and then to Thailand 5,000 YBP. From 5-15,000 YBP, Veddoid types may have been widespread throughout Asia. The pre-Jomon in Thailand 16,000 YBP have skulls that plot closely with the Jomonese later in Japan at 13,000 YBP. If you compare photos of modern day Ainu people with Veddoids from India, it is clear that the Ainu are a depigmented group of Northern Veddoids.

There are also traces of Veddoid types in the Philippines long ago where reports of oddly Caucasoid-looking people appear in the anthropological record. They may have been part of the group that moved from Thailand to southern Japan between 13-16,000 YBP because the Philippines would be along this route.

So also would be Australia.

And indeed, the first modern Aborigines appear in the form of a group called Murrayans that arrived between 15-20,000 YBP. The best guess is that the Murrayans were the same group of Veddoids that were present in Thailand at this time and the migration may have part of the same Thailand-Japan migration that the pre-Jomonese undertook.

This is probably not the only Veddoid migration to Australia. Between 10-15,000 YBP, a group called the Carpinterians arrived, apparently from Southern India. Consider that all people in India are termed “Australoid” before 8,000 YBP when the Australoid-Caucasoid transition begins possibly with the arrival of the first actual Dravidians, probably Elamites from western Iran. These pre-8,000 YBP Australoids in India then could probably best be called Veddoids.

Australoid types were present long before in India in India and Southeast Asia as skulls from India and Thailand 25,000 YBP are said to resemble Aborigines. Their relationship to the Australoid Veddoid group that shows up at least 16,000 YBP is not known.

The modern Aborigines are a mix between Carpinterians and Murrayans that arrived 13-17,000 YBP in the subcontinent and subsequently interbred.

Before that, some very different and even more archaic people lived in Australia.


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13 responses to “Veddoids In Modern and Ancient Asia: A Predominant Type?

  1. pepperroncini

    Here is the typical Dravidan look from the community I hail from.

    First off:
    Palaniappan Chidambaran was ex Finance Minister in India . He is a Tamil.

    Aziz Ansari

    Here is a well known Tamil lawyer and politician in Sri Lanka .

    George Alagiah. He is a Sri Lankan Tamil and a BBC newscaster.

    Here is Myuran Sukumaran, A Tamil from Sri Lanka. He along with Andrew Chang was executed by the Indonesians for drug running.

    In below picture you can see Myuran’s brother , sister and mother. Robert might feel the mother shows Veddoid traits. Her phenotype is not uncommon amongst Tamils.

    Pics of Myuran’s dad.

    Mindy Kaling .Her parents are Tamil and Bengali.

    Singapore Finance Minister, a Tamil from Sri Lanka.

    The picture where he (above Singapore minister) is dark is not atypical but the picture where he is quite light skinned does not make him look Tamil.

    Another Tamil politician from Sri Lanka.

    Well known Sri Lankan Tamil civil society campaigner

    Singer MIA is also typical Dravidian in looks.

    Sri Lankan Tamil politicians

    Tamils are made up of different communities and have somewhat a range of phenotypes, and I noticed in some communities the folks have especially low nose bridge. Some can also have noticeably broad noses and or a hue of dark skin that is different from other Tamil communities.

    • One Tamil told me that all Sri lankans are from Tamil/Dravidan ethnicity and that the Sinhalese are the creation of a Buddhist priesthood who spoke Indo-Aryan language.

      • pepperroncini

        Sinhalese are genetically very similar to Tamils. They are mixture of Bengalis and South Indians and some Vedda.

        Bengalis are just Dravidians and other Pre-Aryan people who lost their mother tongue, like how Egyptians and people from Turkey lost their mother tongue.

        Padma Patil ,who stars in the Harry Potter movies is Bengali. I thought she was Tamil when I saw her in the HP movies because there is a Tamil diapora in England and cause she has a classic Dravidian / Tamil face .

      • Punjabi Sardar

        Sinhalese descend from a boat of Buddha’s followers who went there with his blessing.

        Tamils went to sri lanka as british tea workers. That explains the lower character compared to mainland ones.

        • British regarded the Sinhalese as too laid-backed and fun-loving to be good accountants or administrators so Tamils were imported as a colonial group to run Ceylon therefore when Britis “quit India” the Sinhalese immediately marginalized the Tamil minority.

          Brits sort of did the same thing in Singapore with Tamils and Chinese.

      • Punjabi Sardar

        Sinhalese descend from a boat of Buddha’s followers who went there with his blessing.

        Tamils went to sri lanka as british tea workers, explains their lower character compared to mainland.

        Ait already discredited, you’re just peddling something that helps usa breaking India project.

        • SARDAR No U.S. Politician including Huma or Bobby Jindal gives a single shit about Ceylon. Not one. That’s why Tamil Tigers EVEN HAVE AN AIR FORCE.

          A few Tamils in Canada are involved in terrorism, but they do not make enough money to actually do much. Small-time.

  2. pepperroncini

    I typed out a long reply with links to picks of Tamils but it isn’t showing up??

  3. Ultra Cool

    Do Veddas have a lot of Caucasoid admixture? Some of them look a lot like somewhat robust Caucasians, just look at these images, specially the man on the left of the second image, as he looks Caucasoid as hell.

    • None whatsoever. Ever seen a photo of an Ainu? Look at that and then look at these guys and you will notice that they are the same race. The Ainu are always said to be Caucasian also. That’s not true.

      This is just a case of convergent evolution.

      • Ultra Cool

        The Ainu are related to the Japanese, I assume that makes Veddas Mongoloid by genes, Australoid by skull and Caucasoid by looks, correct?

  4. Vishwamitra

    I say Veddoids or Dravidians are the Desi race. There are only five races in this world and they are Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, and Desi. There is no if and or buts about it. Words like Caucasian or Caucasoid are controversial and are so maligned with the color of ones skin, namely the White color.

    The whole of the Indian subcontinent is a mix of Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Australoid, and Negroid genes. The race mixture is so unique that collectively we are known as the Desi race.

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