Lifelong Authority Figure Complex: So What?

Actually my lousy circumstances have gone on for such long periods that it is embarrassing to even discuss it in detail.

For one thing, I can hardly hold a job.

Sooner or later, usually sooner, I start to really piss off my superiors and I inevitably get canned. This despite my trying me hardest to suck up and do everything right. Part of the problem is that I do not take well to abuse. Various jobs have tried to abuse me as a worker and my response has been to give them the huge middle finger.

At one job, they two shifts of work on my one shift to save a capitalist nickel. They fired a good friend of mine, a Black woman, in the process. That pissed me off right there, but I started trying to see how fast I could do 16 hours of work. Pretty soon I was sleeping, eating, shitting, driving to work and working. I did have the weekends. I am a hedonist, not a masochist, so this was a huge drag.

Plus I was 23 years old at the peak of my life and my whole life consisted of work, sleep and little else. I did this for a bit and then I would work my eight hours and put in seven, then six, then five, then four, then three, then finally one or two hours of overtime. Of course I left a huge pile of work on my desk but so what. Incidentally, I was an hourly worker and it is 100% illegal to force hourly workers to work overtime. It’s against the labor code. You can offer workers overtime and if they take it, fine, but if they don’t want it, you can’t force them to work one minute more than 40 hours a week.

For some reason, everyone I tell this to gets outraged and tells me that employees should have the right to force overtime on workers. Anyway this went on for a bit and then they brutally fired me, just like that, a huge middle finger. I was also selling drugs all over the factory (pills) but they never caught me doing that. I had a great Valium business going. I knew people who acquired large quantities of the pills via thievery from pharmacies, and they would give them to me to sell, and we would split the profits.

Anyway, that’s one firing story and it’s not the only one. You don’t want to hear about the rest. I’ve never been able to understand why it happens at all except that people love me at first but after a while, at least some people start hating me more and more. I try to stop the process but I can’t. Then it’s over.

I have an authority complex since teenage years, and I can’t stand being told what to do by anyone, including bosses. If they are reasonable, it’s fine, but when are bosses reasonable. I just don’t suck up to anyone. So here I am, a permanent adolescent at 58 with a lifelong authority figure complex. Bosses, cops, fathers, even girlfriends, you name it, they try to tell me what to do, and get resentful, disobey them or just flip them off and walk away.

The thing is that I do not wish to solve this problem. I have decided instead that I should not work for others and instead if I work at all, it will be for myself.


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5 responses to “Lifelong Authority Figure Complex: So What?

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  2. ep

    In my line of work we like to say, “check your ego at the door”.

  3. Jason Y

    I have a relative that does that. However, a lot of times he isn’t successful and he whines about it. He puts on this BS image of being the humble working man like on some blues song. In reality, he’s just an arrogant douchebag. To top that off, he’s also a massive racist, again more people to blame his problems on.

    No offense though, that’s an exact replica of anyone on this website.

    • Jason Y

      Oh he loves to call out people and say thier lazy and mama’s boys, gays etc.. In reality though, his failure at working (due to arrogance) is as despicable as the “baby behavior” of some wussy guy.

      When will someone have the balls to tell that to his face??

  4. I’m the say way. My boss doesn’t talk to me anymore. I show up to work at 10:30 A.M,do nothing until 12:30 pm. It’s lunchtime, I order food with my family (siblings work with me) brother and sister. We play boardgames (Boardgame fanatic) until 2:00 pm. Then I wait another hour until the next bus arrives at 2:55pm then go home.

    I get paid for doing nothing. This past week I punched in shortly before 11am, ordered breakfast at cafe in nursing home, then just leave the building and go for hour plus walk listening to music on my iPod. I arrive back in time to have lunch with my siblings and coworkers.

    I don’t even call in sick. I told my coworkers about this, and they were shocked by this admission. But I only get paid if I show up to work. My sick days and vacation days are whenever I feel like it. Sometimes if I don’t get a good nights rest, I won’t bother showing up to work the next day.

    I have an additional income with a trust fund. We have some things in common Robert, including the same first name and taste in music. You have a much brighter bulb in your head.

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