How To Compliment Yourself Without Bragging

I have always thought I was very goodlooking since age 18 or so, but I never talked about it to anyone. Because if you look good, the compliments just start rolling in, and there’s no need to talk about yourself. Just let others talk for you. Besides, someone’s opinion of whether they are goodlooking or not doesn’t really matter because people cannot be objective about this. Ugly people think they look good, and beautiful people think they are ugly.

Besides it is very rude to go around telling people that you think or know you are goodlooking. You never say, “I am goodlooking/handsome/hot, etc.” even if you are. If you think you are, fine. Shut up about it, and let the world decide. If you really do look good and are not too weird, the world is going to start telling you about it on a regular basis.

Even if they don’t tell you to your face, sometimes you can overhear them. When I was around 17 in high school, I heard some girls below me in grade talking in the hall. They were talking about my brother who was closer to their age. He doesn’t read this site, and he doesn’t care what I think anyway. I have no idea if he is goodlooking or not. He’s a very macho guy and makes good money and that’s all that matters. He’s gotten hot girls and women his whole life, even though he’s an asshole.

These two cute girls were saying that no my brother was not goodlooking, but he has a brother who’s cute. Then they both looked right at me. That was around the time people first started telling me I looked good. I have no idea if I was a handsome little boy, but it seemed like no one ever told me so.

If you do look good, you are probably going to get told so a lot by the opposite sex if you are heterosexual. Actually a frightening number  of homosexuals and bisexuals are going to tell you also,  not that I care. I sometimes  think gay guys have thought I was hotter than females did. However, women tell me that this is a good thing as gay men are said to have very good taste in men, so if the guys are gushing after you, there’s a pretty good chance that you do look good.

You always say, “Women say I am goodlooking” or “A lot of people say I am very handsome” or something along those lines. Also it helps to act sort of shy or embarassed when you say that, as if you are bashful like a little boy. If you talk about your achievements or attributes as if you are embarassed by them, it is much less likely to come off as bragging. I refer to others’ praise of me fairly regularly, but I hardly ever toot my own horn about horn. I always say, “People always tell me I am very smart”, or “Women say I am sexy as Hell”, or “A lot of people think I am pretty funny” when it comes time to discuss such things.

But you should not go around tooting others’ praise of you too much either as that can come off like bragging too. And I have the shy little boy embarassed by the kind words thing down like a Hollywood actor. Bottom line is I almost never get told that I am bragging which is what you want to hear as being a braggart is one of the worst things a grown man can be. A braggart man is not even a man. He’s a teenager for the rest of his life. Boys brag, even teenage boys. A man doesn’t brag. Men who brag far into adulthood have simply never grown up, and immaturity like that looks terrible in a man.


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3 responses to “How To Compliment Yourself Without Bragging

  1. Satellite Navigated Kittens

    how much pussy did you get in hgih school sir?

  2. It’s better to be the arrogant prick than the self loather.

  3. Unfortunately it took me 30 plus years to finally realize I’m good looking. In my late 20’s I lived a hermit lifestyle and just gave up on life in general and wound up in a mental hospital.

    When I started socializing, working again, I noticed people looking my way. I got a job in a nursing home and many of the elderly residents said, “He’s handsome, very good looking.” Young female and male coworkers started eyeing me. Once a middle age straight black male said, “That’s a good looking guy”.

    If people keeping telling you you’re good looking, and middle age men say you’re handsome, boys and girls are eyeing you, then Doggone it, you’re attractive! No Ifs Ands or Buts About It!

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