High School Confidential: Cool Guy or Die

In junior high, I was not popular with girls or with much of anyone. But one nerdy girl seemed to worship me from afar. She would always nominate me for Class President or other accolades. I’d get maybe two votes, hers and mine, and that’s it, but it was interesting.

In ninth and tenth grade, I was an idiot. I was a nerd. I hung around with “the brains” a bunch of very smart guys who were complete nerds. I ate lunch in the Chess Club. That was all brilliant nerdy boys and zero girls. No girls like us or me either. None of those nerds could girl a girl with a million bucks and God’s help. And a lot of them were wimpy, feminine or even effeminate. I have no idea if anyone of them were gay, but a surprising number of those wimpy nerdy boys acted like effeminate faggots.

Bullies and neighborhood delinquents made fun of me. They would circle around me like vultures, call me gay and run in to hit me and then run away laughing. I would never fight back but instead I just stood my ground and took the abuse. I denied the charges and tried to slap them away, but I never ran away. Eventually they would quit and give me some of their pot they were smoking. Girls made fun of me for not having a girlfriend.
They openly mocked me. After a while of that, I decided I was going to be a cool guy. There were various tracks open to coolguyhood, but most were closed off to me.

But there was always stoner or better yet, drug dealer. So I turned into a drugger, a stoner. I grew my hair long, started listening to rock and roll, smoking weed and even taking LSD. Back then if you had short hair, you had “geek hair” and no girl would want you. If you wanted to get laid, you had to grow long hair like a hippie/surfer/doper/delinquent/bad boy. Pretty soon I was going to booze and pot parties. It wasn’t long before I was getting girls and having sex. And now a modicum of popularity opened up to me, and by my senior year in high school, I was at least somewhat popular. I was lost in a marijuana haze most of the time and my grades suffered, but I could care less. It was cool guy or die.

By this time I had turned  into a bit of a bad boy and delinquent myself and I had a few brushes with the law. So I tuned the bullied victim role completely around.


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  2. RockT

    See what this crap 60s culture did to you? Instead of growing out of your awkward phase and into a smart man, you’ve become a poor, marginally employed guy with no offspring. Smart people such as you and the “brains” should be exalted, given women (literally), status, big jobs, and reproduce your smartness a hundred times over- even on the taxpayers dime if need be. The kids picking on you should have, at least in school, been physically disciplined, shamed, and told that, since they are not as smart as you, that they have no business even looking at you.

    How different would your life have been had the above held sway? How different would society be now?

    Most of the nerdy kids are just lat bloomers, those ‘cool’ kids fizzle out early.
    Looking back now, I would do anything to have been a ‘nerd.’

    • Dave Mowers

      The United States’ culture and government throws away it’s best people.

      The disillusioned class is why people don’t vote; everything is corrupt and they know it. This is not a democracy. It is not a fair culture. It does not promote kindness towards others nor does it reinforce morals. America is a pop culture, ‘get-it’while’the’gettin’s-good’ because everyone knows capitalism will ultimately destroy the planet and the human race will die.

      People naturally understand that smarter people will have advantages over them in life so as you age the more social, less intelligent, do everything they can to marginalize smarter kids so they do not need to compete with them.

      Class systems reinforce this mentality.

      The “justice,” system reinforces it.

      Money in politics, money in general which is why you can have a billion dollar company fail and need taxpayer bail outs; the best and brightest are resigned to servant-level positions while money buys the top jobs.

      Even today you see the INSANE BUSINESS of celebrities or politicians hiring artists to do the artist’s work and then claiming that because they hired them it is in fact the celebrity’s or politician’s brilliance on display.


      Ghost writers? Ghost painters? Ghost directors? The banking industry and greed have ruined America. The rest of the world is going to clean our clocks because of amorality at all levels of society. We need to start punishing, financially, amoral behavior.

      We need a Meritocracy.

  3. Jason Y

    Possibly a lot of the rejection may have been due to physical weakness, not looks. If you can play sports, assuming you can actually make the team, which is nearly impossible due to all the kids playing since diapers, then that changes one’s image. However, you can always lift weights and then the physical look can get girls, regardless of hairstyle etc..

    In my case, I lived 10 miles out in the country away from a gym, and of course, kids can’t drive. So no gym, no nothing like that in jr. high, and hardly in high school.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly one can get girls by being a rebel, but a more healthy way is by simply lifting weights. See how much weight you can lift, rather than how much booze or pot you cam handle.

    • Jason Y

      I doubt if hairstyle is really the problem. Kids will pick on someone because of thier hair, but that isn’t the root of the hate. In reality, guys picked on for bad hair, are actually being bullied because they’re physically weak, other students are not afraid of them.

      • RockT

        That’s all nice and will work Jason, but the idea I put forth in my comment would be better.

        • Jason Y

          I seriously doubt school authorities will side with the unpopular. Anyhow, even if they did, the bullied who tell are labeled a nark. As In prison, since your forced to go to school everyday with no escape, life for a nark can be hell.

        • RockT

          That’s why I advocate making life impossible for a bully; the idea is to make it hard. The “nark” can pursue his studies, and move on to play the role in society he deserves, while the bully would be subject to hardships and even paddling until her stops. And if her doesn’t then he can just keep taking the hit. Discipline and order have to come first, if it doesn’t happen early, you”ll need a police state to control it later.

        • Jason Y

          Normally bullies run in a pack, and you’d have to go after all of them with equal force. Also, there are a lot of sympathizers for bullies causing as much trouble (spreading rumors etc..). It can be hard to find those, people and to convince authorities they’re just as much in on it.

          Yeah, usually in a school, and had some experience with this at a community college, silent terror seems to be the way they operate. A few would be very agressive, while the others would do name-calling, and even more would spread rumours and stuff.

        • Jason Y

          In fact the silent monsters are the ones causing the most trouble, often spreading the fire with thier gossip. Actually, they should get the worst punishment, cause a lot of the crap originates from them. How about hanging them from a tree? 😆

        • Jason Y

          Oddly enough, some of the worst bullies are on internet forums, especially math or music lesson ones.

        • RockT

          All very good points Jason. But if the ebb and flow of society is turned against them, culturally, this won’t be a problem. Schools need to reinstitute paddling and dunce corners for them. The pop culture must also be turned against them. In the recent past there were not so many movies decrying nerds and glorifying bullies, just see some “Billy Jack” movies, or any Western for that matter, where bullies are simply taken out by the though guys defending the week (i.e., nerds). This can be regained easily, as for the ‘talkers’ you’ve mentioned, these types are subject to blowing with the wind, and can be shamed easily. Parents too, used to corporally punish their kids if they knew them to be bullies.

        • Jason Y

          Parents will never admit thier kids are bullies. Normally, the bully suffers from narcissism, mainly caused by the parents. How do I know? I checked out one’s Facebook page.

        • Jason Y

          The biggest thing bullies want is an audience, again confirming narcissism. Many of them act like gigantic pussies when there is no one to laugh at thier antics.

        • Jason Y

          Narcissism and the resulting lack of empathy and love of cruel behavior seems to characterize bullies, many of which are also female.

  4. Dave Mowers

    It is a standard business practice taught in the best schools to always watch the one above you and the next one in line. Your role to be successful is to set your boss up for failure and cut the knees out of any rising stars.

    This is taught as the way to succeed. You must be ruthless, amoral, unethical and at times; criminal. You see at Ivy League schools, at frats and sororities, in high school, television, music, pop-culture and movies.

    He who is evil wins everything.

    • Jason Y

      I think nowadays that is less true as the internet gives people a different way to get famous or powerful. However, in the past, someone’s rising or falling depended so much on the opinions of superiors. For instance, if your were a musician, the opinion of a record company executive would make or break you, maybe even for life.

      • Jason Y

        Byt yeah, even on the net, you have to have good stuff, and you have to work very hard to get somewhere. But at least you don’t have to resort to being an “a hole” to get where you want to go.

    • Jason Y

      This is taught as the way to succeed. You must be ruthless, amoral, unethical and at times; criminal. You see at Ivy League schools, at frats and sororities, in high school, television, music, pop-culture and movies.

      He who is evil wins everything.

      But it can backfire and one can end up in prison for many years. As Gordon Gecko said in the movie Wall Street “Money Never Sleeps”. “Money isn’t the most valuable thing, time is”.

      • RockT

        It can only really backfire if it is punished. Not by “karma” but openly and conspicuously either by society or “The Man.”

  5. Rus

    I’ve heard hundreds of times about difficult life in American schools and it always surprised me. My schooling was in 1990s Russia and I have been always a nerd, one of the few “brains” of my class, but I never felt a sign of bullying. My class was a friendly collective. Of course, there were a couple of outcasts (but they were no “brains”) and one hooligan who bullied those outcasts, but nothing too serious. But I personally had a couple of close friends, and everybody else was friendly to me.
    Probably I was just lucky. I heard that there existed cases of bullying in Russian schools in that period. And I cannot say for sure about Russian schools now, as I also heard that children have become more aggressive than in my time. But in America bullying seems to be a traditional part of school life from time immemorial. Why are American schools so unfriendly and uneasy places?

    • Jason Y

      There is a lot of bullying against gays in Russia. In fact, a lot of it is videotaped and put on YouTube.

      • Rus

        It has as well always surprised me that Westerners are so utterly concerned about gays in Russia. I have never underestimated the propaganda power of Western MSM, but sometimes it becomes really funny. I’m sure any American, sincerely in his heart, could care less about those totalitarian Commie underhumans from the other side of the world, be they gay or not (damn ’em all), but MSM forces Americans to say the opposite. It is really funny.

        • Jason Y

          Probably most don’t care. I only saw an HBO (cable channel) which was talking about the viscous persecution and bullying of gays in Russia. I find it quite amazing considering in the US, the gays are more likely to fight back. Also, it made me wonder what abuse would be thrown against gays in the US, if they had no rights.

  6. Doesn’t surprise me that life in high school often mimics life after high school. Your personality is formed early in life, before high school. You can change your attitude, but not your personality.

    Unless you’re a special case. A MPD. Multiple Personality Disorder.

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