Game/PUA: Get Two Females at Once!

Picking up or acquiring two hot women at once and especially interacting sexually with both of them at once in public is one of the hottest and greatest sexual achievements a male may ever hope to achieve. It’s so great that it’s almost as if once you do it even one time, you can pretty much die happy the next day with no regrets as you would have led a full enough life. One  achievement like that trumps decades of typical male heterosexual drudgery and routine.

I do not have the faintest idea how easy this is to do. I will say that it has only happened to me maybe 5 times in my life, and I can count those times on the fingers of one hand. Perhaps this is simple nowadays and most guys can do this easily. I have no idea.

But when I was doing this between the ages of 17-34, I virtually never saw or even heard of a guy picking up two hotties at once. My position is that getting two hotties at once is one of the most difficult things that any (non-swinger) heterosexual male can do in his life, and people say I have a good track record of success with females. If it was hard for me, I must be dead hard for your average guy.

I assume that it is still hard as Hell, but who knows.

One time I picked up two 15 year old girls at once on a church weekend outing about human sexuality (LOL!) and spent the whole weekend with both of them just about glued to me. I know that the youth minister was very angry at the fact that I had those two girls  with me. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and I was a mere lad of 17 years old. It’s a long story and I will elaborate later.

On two separate occasions, I picked up two women at once at rock concerts. These were punk rock concerts and this once in Summer 1982  and another time possibly in Summer 1983. I picked up two punk rock chicks at once each time! It was great!

The first time was in Summer 1982 when I was 24 years old. I had tickets for the punk rock show held 100 yards away. The two young punkers approached me and asked if if I had any tickets for sale. I told them I did not. They started chatting me up and pretty soon, they asked me to buy a ticket for each of them. I laughed and asked them why the Hell I should do that. One of them winked at me and said, “We will make it worth your while after the show. Both of us. Trust me when I say that.” The other woman nodded her head enthusiastically. So the deal with buy these two women tickets to the show and then I get a 3-way with them at the end!

I bought them tickets and then walked into the concert with my arms around both of them as they were locked to my sides. I had to walk a gauntlet of young punkers towards the entrance and most looked shocked. Some of them insulted me to their friends, saying, “Look at that guy. He’s a loser. An idiot. He doesn’t have his shit together.” Jealousy. It was still one of the greatest nights of my life!

Another time we left a punk rock concert in downtown LA where a punk band was playing. This must have been the summer of 1983 and I was 25 years old. I was sort of dating the lead singer of the band at that time who eventually turned somewhat famous and released a few albums. I was also dating most of her friends! That didn’t really bother me, and every time I nabbed one of her friends, she just got acted even hornier and more turned on by me.

A lot of us went to the Tokyo Cafe in downtown LA, a famous late night or even all night hangout for punks in the early to mid 1980’s. I picked up the two women, one 18 and the other 23, as the group was walking towards the restaurant. We then had dinner together which ended up being one of the dirtiest dinner conversations I have ever had. The women were openly asking me if I wanted to do a 3-way with them in earshot of other diners. Other diners could not believe their ears and were peering over their tables to look down at us in stunned shock. It was a blast! One of the greatest nights of my life!

There were three other times where both of the women were my friends, sort  of like best friends.

In one case I had known them for a bit as I had them in my junior college class. We were all 20 years old. I dated one of the hottest chicks in the class for a bit but then it ended abruptly and she dropped the class. The other two, a blonde and a brunette, heard about it and homed in on me.  The relationship was strictly friendship until one day they were walking on either side of me and I put my arms around both of them and walked through the campus with both women’s arms around me. People’s jaws dropped when they say that spectacle.

Another time was on a ski trip to Aspen Colorado in 1978. I made friends with these two hot young cuties a blond and a brunette once again. They were about 18 and I was 20. The bus had a keg on it and it turned into an insane drunken party. I picked up this woman at the bus party, literally grabbing her and pulling her out of some poor schmuck’s hands. We went back to our seat and messed around most of the night. It was fun but let’s face it you are limited as far as what you can do sexually in public places and I am not in favor of having sex on crowded buses surrounded  by strangers. It seems rude. One should not impose public sex on other people.

Anyway, morning rolled  around and my beer googles were gone and she looked a lot worse than the night before. I got very uncomfortable with her and she ditched me pretty quick. My two little friends saw this and liked me a whole lot more now after I nabbed that girl. I went to their seat and sat in between them smoking weed and goofing around for the rest of the bus trip. In a few hours, we were best friends. When we got  to the hotel, the next afternoon I was walking around the hotel with both women wrapped around my arms. A friend saw me and he demanded to take a pic of us like that. It was great!

The last time was in 1992 at a university. I was 34 years old and I had been assigned two hot partners for my project, a brunette Indian woman in her late 20’s and a brown haired woman in her early 30’s. Both were married with a couple of kids. We become best friends . Near the last day of the project, I was walking them out to their cars with me in the middle and them on either side of me. I reached out and grabbed both and them and put my arms around them. They locked onto me and we marched through campus a bit like that. Apparently neither woman was completely faithful to her husband!

Here is how to do it.

If you ever get a chance and you end up with two chicks at once, this is what you do:

There’s been times I got 2 girls at once and I would turn have one on one arm and one on the other walking around. It’s pretty hot and people don’t know what to think. A lot of guys get mad and try to insult you.

But if you ever get two girls, one on each side of you, and it seems ok, just reach over and put one arm around one and then put the other arm around the other, and now you got two girls, one one each arm! It’s such a great feeling! I have done it with maybe 10 different females, 5 different female pairs.

You know what’s even better than that? Turn your head, grab one girl’s head and start kissing her. She will probably let you do it, or if she doesn’t, she will just laugh it off kindly. So now you are kissing one girl on one side with another girl on the other side. The girl on the other side will probably start laughing or giggling. She might say, “Hey give me some of that. Equal time!” or something along those lines.

Kiss the one girl for a bit, and then turn your head to the other side and start kissing the other girl. If you already kissed the first girl, you can definitely kiss the second girl because females are insanely competitive and the second girl doesn’t want to feel like a prude. She’s still more or less competing with the other girl for you. Or at the very least, she doesn’t want to be a party pooper. Or better yet, if she doesn’t kiss you, she just lost you to the first girl, and females hate to lose a man to a competing female. They will anything to avoid that.

Now you are kissing the second girl. She probably started laughing when you started kissing her too. You can say something like, “Hey, equal time!” before you kiss the second girl. Make a joke out of it. She second girl will probably go for it hard because now she’s competing. In fact, she might try to kiss you even better than the first girl did. Yep. Females actually do try to out-slut each other! Isn’t post Sexual Revolution life grand?

Then you can turn it into a contest to see which one kisses better. Kiss one girl and then say, “Ah that was lousy! You call that a kiss?” But say it like a joke. You can actually get pretty far with females by accusing them of being prudes or lousy at sex. They take it as a direct affront and actually a challenge and most females will get this determined look on their faces and say, “Oh yeah. You think I’m a lousy lay? Just try me then. I’ll show you how good of a fuck I am!”

Anyway, kiss one girl, say it was lousy and ask the second girl if she can do better. Say, “Let’s have a kissing contest. Let’s see who’s better.” Then kiss the second girl. She will probably get really dirty and try to out-kiss the first girl and she might even take it further. Now you basically have the two of them locked into a Slut Contest and whenever you get two women in a Slut Contest, as a general rule, they will try to out-slut each other. Yay!

Now what’s even better is to do it in public. You have two girls, one on each arm. Everybody’s looking at you anyway. Most of the guys are looking at you like they want to kill you or else their faces are clouded with envy. A lot of the females are looking at you like they want to trade places with the girls on your arms! I am serious! Ok now turn around and kiss one girl, and then turn around and kiss the other girl, and then look out at the people who are gathered around you in your public space and smile and start laughing. I have actually done this before and it was one of the greatest feelings I ever had in my whole life! Good times!

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  1. Jason Y

    Two women at once? Not in a rich nation, and that’s assuming your a 1st world guy making at least 20,000 a year.

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